How to remove the passcode on your iPhone

How to reset an iPhone password without a computer

If you have access to the Apple ID account the locked iPhone is tied to, you can use the remote reset feature. There is a special tool in iCloud, which allows you to remove all the data from a locked device, while resetting the locking password. Generally, it is needed in case of iPhone loss, but in our case it will work without a hitch. Especially since you have access to your account.

Reset iPhone password via iCloud is very easy. But you must know the password from your Apple ID

Your iPhone password and all the data will be erased, too

Keep in mind that deleting a password from an iPhone this way is accompanied by the obligatory resetting of all the data stored in its memory. So in the output you will get a completely clean device, which you will have to re-fill with applications and necessary information. If necessary, you can restore the backup you saved earlier, but again, that’s assuming you have access to your Apple ID account.

How to disable the password on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Some users would prefer to disable the password on their iPhone or iPad. This is an easy thing to do but not recommended for security reasons so we recommend that you think carefully before you disable your password. By doing this, you’ll essentially remove protection from your device, and it can be accessed by anyone. Nevertheless, below we’ll tell you how to disable your iPhone or iPad password.

Note again that if you disable the password, you reveal all your personal data and may even jeopardize your security. Only disable the password if you really need it.

  • Tap the “Settings” [your name] “Password and Security” menu.
  • Tap on “Change Password”.
  • Enter your current password or code password for the device, then a new password and confirm the new password.
  • Tap “Change” or “Change Password”.
  • Open the “Settings” menu on your device
  • Once you are logged in you will need to enter the “Code-Password” or “Touch ID and Password.
  • Tap on “disable password” after that.

How to unlock iPhone 13/12 with Tenorshare 4uKey

A great way to unlock iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 quickly and efficiently without a password is to use professional software. This program is Tenorshare 4uKey. Designed directly to remove the screen lock password, it will allow you to regain access to your phone in no time. For a brief list of features of this program, see below.

  • Tenorshare 4uKey utility offers password-free iPhone or iPad screen unlock and Apple ID removal on iPhone and/or iPad (for versions no higher than iOS 11).
  • The program allows you to remove the lock screen password regardless of its type, whether it’s a 4 or 6-digit password, Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Tenorshare 4uKey works even with the latest models of iOS devices and supports the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS operating systems. It also provides versions for both Windows and Mac.
  • The screen lock password removal algorithm is quite simple, consists of 3 basic steps and takes minutes.
  • The user-friendly interface, prompts and useful information along the way help you get access to your locked phone in the most comfortable and secure way.
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So, to use this program to remove the iPhone 12 screen lock password, follow the included guide.

  • Download 4uKey and install it on your PC by following the Setup Wizard instructions.
  • Run the program after completing installation. Connect your iPhone 13 to your computer using the original USB cable.

After the software automatically recognizes your device, the main menu will appear with three available functions. Select the “Remove lock screen password” function in this menu.

In the new window, download the firmware package you need by pressing “Download” button.

Wait until the process of removing the screen lock password from your iPhone 12 is completed. You should not use your phone or disconnect it from PC during this time.

After that you can close the program, disconnect your phone from the computer and set it up as a new one.

How to unlock iPhone/iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus) if you forgot your password

Apple has taken care of the users of “apple” devices, offering reliable methods of blocking information. A password set on the lock screen protects your smartphone from unauthorized entry. This method of protection saves, but there are situations when the owner of the device forgets or can not enter the password. This happens most often in families with young children. kids love to play with their parents’ smartphones. To avoid such situations, it is important to know how to unlock the iPhone if you forget the screen lock password.

Why do you need an Apple ID?

An account is assigned by registering and activating it in the system. Apple ID is for:

  • authentication;
  • to enter the AppStore and iTunes, making purchases there;
  • Ordering goods from “apple” online stores;
  • to work with “cloud” files;
  • Contacting Apple Technical Support, consulting with experts on various issues.
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Another interesting article for you: How to find or track an iPhone via iCloud from a computer

The advantage of the “account” is its universality for different “Apple” devices. If you sign up once, your Apple ID will be the same for all the gadgets you use: computer, laptop, tablet, smart watch.

How to reset your password from Safenote

You can set a universal password that you can use for any Notes entry. You’ll need to enter your password or use Touch ID and Face ID to open it.

Please note: If you set a password to access your Notes notes on one device, it will automatically be used on all devices that are linked to your Apple ID account.

If you forget your password, you’ll be able to reset it and set a new one using these instructions. You won’t get access to your old secure notes, but you’ll be able to hide new ones.

Even after you reset your password, you can still use Touch ID and Face ID to access the records you protected with it. But you can’t use a new password to unlock them.

Locked notes can only be viewed on iOS 9 devices.3 or newer, and OS X 10.11.4 or newer macOS. They will not appear on others.

How to reset a Memo password on an iPhone or iPad

Step 4. Select “Reset Password.

Step 5. Enter the passcode from your iPhone or iPad.

You may also need to enter your Apple ID password.

Step 6. Confirm with “Reset Password”.

Step 7. Set a new password, re-enter it in the “Verification” field and add a hint so that you do not forget it.

Your device will show you a prompt if you entered the wrong password for “Notes” three times.

How to reset your Memo password on your Mac

Step 4. Click on the “Reset Password” button.

Step 5. Confirm by clicking on the “OK” button to reset the password.

Step 6. Enter your Apple ID password and click “OK.

Step 7. Complete a password reset with the “Reset Password” button.

remove, passcode, your, iphone

Step 8. Set a new password, re-enter it in the “Confirm” box and add a hint so you don’t forget it.

The device will show you a hint in case you entered the wrong password for Notes three times.

remove, passcode, your, iphone

How to remove a forgotten iPhone password

Did you know that many iPhone users like you have forgotten the screen lock password on your device and you need to remove the locked screen on it without losing your data? Here we list the many situations you need to remove a forgotten iPhone password:

  • When you’ve forgotten your iPhone password and you need to access your phone urgently.
  • Find ways to recover your password when your spouse or friend has changed your iPhone password.
  • Found a missing iPhone and want to know the rightful owner so you can return it to him or her.
  • Trying to access your device to clear it before giving it away.
  • Need to remove your loved one/family/friends code and access your device to check something.
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When you need to remove a password from an iPhone with a locked screen, most people can try to restore the device to factory settings using iTunes. Sounds good and may solve your problem. However, restoring your device to factory settings will delete all the data and settings on your device after bypassing the password on it. Actually, this is not the only way to unlock a locked iPhone screen using iTunes. Another solution to unlock iPhone password. Using a third party. Removing iPhone password tool. Let’s compare the usual method and another method that we present to you here in part 2 and part 3.

How To Turn Off The Passcode On iPhone

How to remove the lock in your iPhone settings

If a person doesn’t want to, they may as well not install protection on their iPhone. In such a case, anyone will have access to personal data when the mobile device falls into his or her hands. In turn, those who set a password or fingerprint on the iPhone periodically encounter problems when they can not unlock the gadget. This can be caused by a forgotten password or a faulty fingerprint scanner.

To prevent a possible problem, it is recommended to unlock your smartphone beforehand. Otherwise, a faulty scanner will not allow access to the device.

If you enter the wrong password several times, the iPhone will be locked. This situation often occurs when a user is given a gadget to children. After that, rebooting the smartphone will not help access it.

To unlock the smartphone in advance, do the following

  • Open the iPhone settings.
  • Go to “Touch ID and passcode“.
  • Specify current password or fingerprint.
  • In the window that appears, select the “Turn off password” option.

If you disable the password, not only will you put your smartphone at risk, but you will not be able to pay through Apple Pay. However, if contactless payments do not play an important role, and the device is always in hand, such a disadvantage can be turned a blind eye.