How to remove the SIM card from the Xiaomi

How to remove the SIM card from a Xiaomi smartphone

All Xiaomi smartphones come with a metal clip (key).

The paper clip has an oval shape with a long wire at one end.

  • Examine the smartphone. Usually the slot is located on the left side (sometimes on the right side).
  • Find the small hole next to the tray and carefully insert the paper clip into it.
  • Press on the paper clip with some force until you hear a click.
  • From the body of the phone for a few millimeters will extend the tray, which should be carefully pulled out with your fingers.

Then do what you need to do with the SIM or memory card and then simply insert the slot back in all the way.

It is not necessary to switch off the smartphone during these operations.

Installing the SIM card

When all the nuances are taken into account, and the Xiaomi smartphone is ready to install the SIM card, you can get to work.

Removing the tray

First you need to open the SIM card slot. To do this, you need to:

  • Find the tray on one of the sides of the gadget. It looks like a thin rectangular strip with rounded corners. There will be a small dot next to it. a hole for the key;
  • Insert the key or a paper clip into the lock and begin to press lightly. Press until you hear a click, which will open the tray. At the same time, you should not put pressure on the slot itself, otherwise you can damage the mechanism;
  • Pull out the SIM compartment with your fingers.

Now you need to put the key and the tray aside, in a prominent place so as not to lose or damage them.

Before removing the tray, it is advisable to turn off the smartphone. It is not necessary, but just in case it is worth it.

How To Insert Sim Card and Micro SD Card In Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

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Installing cards in the tray

Next, you need to properly insert the SIM cards in Xiaomi. They have a cut on one of the corners. Places on the tray will be the same shape, so you can not install the card wrong. In case the tray is through, you’ll need to be careful not to let the cards fall through. Before that, you need to determine in what slot what card will be installed if you plan to use two SIM at the same time. On some models, the second slot may not work 4G. It is also worth considering the habit and install the cards in the order they were in the previous phone.

Return the tray to the slot

Now you just need to insert the sim card tray back into the slot. Hold it horizontally and carefully so the cards do not fall out or get lost. The smartphone screen should be facing upwards.

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Xiaomi Mi 9 SIM Card How to Insert or Remove!

How to insert the SIM card in Xiaomi Redmi 9A?

After all, it will not always be easy to figure out which direction to place the SIM card. When you had to open this SIM and SD card slot of your Xiaomi Redmi 9A, you will need to insert the SIM card in the right place. Find out which SIM card corresponds to your Xiaomi Redmi 9A.

How to place the SIM card in the Xiaomi Redmi 9A

You will need to open the SIM card slot as described in the earlier chapter. The SIM card chip must touch the phone after closing the box. The easiest way to follow the shape of the slot designed for your Nano-SIM or Micro-SIM.

the way

Fix Redmi 9 on the edge of the table for security with one hand. Then insert the special paper clip for ejecting the tray into the hole with your other hand. Press until it slides out by 2-3 millimeters.

Next, use your fingernails to pick up the tray and pull it out.

Pay attention to the location of sim1 and sim2 (small inscriptions are on the tray itself). After that, install the SIM card, you can also insert the SD card.

Carefully insert the tray back, it is important that when you slide it into the slot, the tray is parallel to the body of the smartphone. This way you won’t damage the internal components of your phone. Now you can turn on the phone and use!

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The manufacturer specifies that the installation of flash drive and SIM-card must be performed when the smartphone is turned off.

How to remove the SIM card slot Xiaomi.

Sometimes users are faced with the situation that the standard paper clip for the SIM card tray is broken or lost. In this case it is necessary to improvise somehow, because it is impossible to replace the SIM card. Now we will tell you what other tools you can use to remove the slot on Xiaomi.

1 way

You can use a paper clip without the plastic sheath to remove it. It is enough to bend one of its edges, and then insert it into the hole in the side edge of the smartphone.

2 way

If you don’t have a paper clip around the house, you can use a sewing needle. Make sure its blunt end can easily pass through the hole. The sharp end you need to poke wood or any other wooden object.

3 way

Girls can use the locking mechanism of the earring to extract the slot. Many versions of this jewelry have an element in the form of a straight metal pin.

  • Turn off the power to your smartphone.
  • Look for a small hole on the left side edge of the device.
  • Insert the ratchet key that came with the phone into this slot.
  • Gently press the key and remove the tray.

Insert the special device that comes with your Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 phone into the hole near the SIM card tray. Remove the tray. Insert the SIM card and Micro SD card as shown. Read full: Instructions for using your Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 phone.

How to insert the SIM-card in Xiaomi

Insert the SIM card into the correct compartment corresponding to the size of the card. To match the size, you can use an adapter for the SIM-card, which comes with a sim card by your mobile operator. Take into account that it has a small cut in the corner.

You need to position it in the slot according to the scheme indicated on it. Insert the SIM card according to the location of the slice so that it fits perfectly.

In the horizontal position, slip the tray back into the smartphone, pressing down with your fingers and not letting the card fall out.

  • Remove the paper clip from the cardboard;
  • Put the phone on a soft surface for convenience;
  • Insert the paper clip into the hole on the tray and press it lightly;
  • The tray should come out of the compartment, then pull out the paper clip.
  • Pull gently on the lid of the tray and pull it out completely.

Its size makes it ideal as an alternative to a paper clip. No need to press down hard, just insert the sharp end into the hole on the SIM card tray and press down firmly until you hear a click.

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How to open the SIM card tray on Xiaomi (Redmi)

Xiaomi smartphone (Redmi) works without a SIM card, but in order for it to access the operator’s cellular network, it is necessary.

SIM-card provides subscriber identification on the mobile operator’s equipment, so he knows that a specific Xiaomi phone is responding to a specific mobile number, it allows you to make targeted calls, send messages and use the Internet.

Also inside the SIM-card there is its own memory, which records the service data necessary to work in networks, such as point of access to the Internet, the subscriber number and a lot of other service information.

It is also possible to save phone numbers so you do not lose them if you move the SIM card from one phone to another, although with some restrictions.

But before the SIM-card will work, it must be inserted into a special tray in the case Xiaomi and many first-time owners have a question: how to do this?

included with your new phone is a special tool to remove the SIM card tray from the case, it looks like a metal stylus 3 cm long. Take a look at the smartphone case, on one of the sides you will notice an oval-shaped part that is tightly recessed inside, next to which will be a hole. this is the tray for the SIM-card and from there it is pulled out.

Caution: there is no tray on the top and bottom edges, these are holes for microphones and speakers, do not insert the stylus into them, you will damage the sensors.

Gently insert the probe into the hole and gently press it, you will see that the SIM card tray is out of the case by a few millimeters. At this point remove the probe and open the tray all the way with your hands. If the SIM card tray won’t pull out, push a little harder. If this does not help, carefully examine the body, perhaps the tray is something obstructed, or you inserted the probe into the wrong hole. Insert it back in the orientation, usually so that the operator’s logo is on top, i.e.е. From the Xiaomi screen side.