How to remove the time limit on the iPhone

How to disable restrictions on iPhone (iOS 12/13/14)

In the first part we would like to show you the most common way to disable restrictions on the iPhone using the screen time password.

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Restrictions feature moved to Screen Time in iOS 12 and iOS 13/14. Before you disable restrictions on your iPhone, it is better to update iOS to the latest version.

You put parental controls and a time limit. But your child gets around that. Like?

I’ll be brief: My 9-year-old son is much smarter than I am. At least when it comes to using gadgets. Just yesterday I completely accidentally saw him quietly watching videos on YouTube, despite the prohibition to run it in the “Screen Time” settings.

Yeah, kids are smart. After the interrogation, I found out how these prodigies get around the ban on using this app.

To say I was surprised is nothing to say. I purposely gave my son an old iPhone 6S, because it is too convenient to control the time of use of all installed applications and games. There’s a huge hole in iOS 13 that lets you surf YouTube at your leisure and ignore the “screen time” tab.

I’m going to teach you how to do this, too, in a moment. After all, forewarned is forearmed.

And the standard iMessage app will help us in this hack.

How Kids Get Around Parental Screen Time Bans in iOS 12 on iPhones and iPads

The Screen Time feature (review) is positioned by Apple as one of the key innovations in iOS 12 (review). With it, you can set time limits on the use of individual apps, as well as the iPhone completely.

Parents whose children are “sitting” on their phones or tablets around the clock are especially excited about the new feature. For the first time, they have advanced parental controls. With Screen Time, parents can monitor activity, set limits on the use of certain apps only at certain times of the day or only during a set period of time, and even turn off the device completely at bedtime (in detail).

The idea of this control is a good one. it’s nice to be able to limit the amount of time our children (or ourselves) are in contact with the phone. However, the implementation of this idea is far from perfect.

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How the Screen Time works in iOS 12 and whether you need it

With the release of iOS 12 beta 2, the company fixed a bug that prevented the new Screen Time section from launching. Now you can use it to its full potential.

This section shows you the usage statistics for all apps on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Let’s see what the new section can do.

Where are the iPhone restrictions in iOS 12/13/14

If you’ve updated your iPhone from iOS 12 to iOS 13, iOS 14, or iOS 15, you may find that the Restrictions are gone and no longer in their original location. So where are the limitations on iPhone?

In fact, the restrictions have been moved to Screen Time in the Settings app. When you enter the Settings app, you can scroll down to select the Screen Time option. Then you can see the option with the name and privacy restrictions. You can click on it to use the Preview Restrictions feature.

This is a separate settings item, where you can select which services and applications will be allowed or blocked on the selected device. For example, one can easily restrict access to specific games, disable GPS, prohibit logging into the Apple Store without entering a password, use wireless networks, pay for purchases, and much more.

This item is rather for parents, whose children own appliances from Apple. This is a kind of control, which will be carried out automatically.

iPhone black screen what to do

The feature helps the owner to purposefully control his or her time. The main focus is on the activity panel, which graphically and tabularly shows the distribution of time spent on specific applications at different times of the day. The information is also given in the form of weekly and monthly reports.

An important point. “Screen Time” is set not only on your gadget, but also on a child’s device with iOS 12. Parents will then have access to detailed reports on their children’s activity, i.e. time spent in apps, number of SMS and “ups” on the device. Data for the feature is synchronized via iCloud by linking to the account.

“Downtime”. allows you to set a regular schedule, during which no one can disturb the owner by intruding on his attention. It could be the time of sleep or important work. You set the start and end time of the mode, which will be in effect every day as long as it is on. Exceptions will only be made for authorized apps and phone calls. There is an option to “Ignore Limit” in case you need to change that particular day’s schedule. You can also set a schedule for a child and determine until what time they can use their device. It will have access to calls, messages and favorite apps. If a child wants more time, they must ask their parents for permission.

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“App Limits”. (App Limit. restricts the use of certain applications during a specified time, not by time of day. Here there is a subtle difference with the previous mode, you can choose the most appropriate one. Certain categories of apps are also specified. Here also, after the message “Time limit reached”, it can be ignored. It is convenient for parents to determine the maximum daily time allowance for different types of children’s entertainment, for example, no more than 1 hour a day for games.

“Always Allowed”. defining the most important programs that have constant access to the user, self and child respectively. Initially phone and messaging are allowed, as well as FaceTime, but the latter two are still allowed to be blocked.

“Content and Privacy Restrictions” (Content Privacy Restrictions). the function was already present in past versions of iOS, sets a flexible option for banning any content, except programs of the previous item, of course. In iOS 12 is mainly used to implement Parental Controls, allows you to completely block access to music, news, games, and set Age restrictions, including for videos and books. Mandatory blocking of adult websites. By the way, it is possible to manually enter the names of allowed or prohibited websites directly in Safari. Apple has also included some controls to block Siri from unwanted Internet searches. Other restrictions include accounts, passwords, cellular data, limited-screen recording, multiplayer games and volume limits, etc.д. A password in Screen Time is set so that a child cannot change the settings on his or her own.

What to do if you forget the password for Screen Time on your iPhone

One of iOS 12 features allows you to set limits on the use of certain system functions, prohibit the use of certain programs longer than a set mode, and restrict visits to certain sites or services.

Screen Time is a logical development of the chip called Limits, which existed on our devices before the release of iOS 12.

When you enable screen time you set a four digit code and you need it to make changes to the settings of this block, to disable screen time or to extend the set limit on the use of programs or games.

This is a separate item in the settings that allows you to get full information about the usage statistics of each program on your smartphone, as well as, if necessary, limit access to any of them.

To put it simply, this option allows you to see detailed statistics about the use of each program on your iPad or iPhone. For example, the system will show that you spend 2 hours a day in social networks, listen to music 30 minutes a day, how many times you “pick up” your smartphone.

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Function activation

Since this option appeared relatively recently in iOS 12, you must have this version of the system to access the “Screen Time”.

Follow these steps to activate it:

  • Go to “Settings” on your smartphone and select the “Screen time” item;
  • Next, click on the tab “Enable screen time“, after which information with a detailed description of the option will appear. Press Next;
  • In the next step you will need to select whose device it is. In this option you can control the time of any program, so if the iPhone belongs to your child, select the appropriate item;
  • If the smartphone is yours. select “This is my iPhone”;
  • If the device is yours, then at this stage the setting will be completed and the option will be activated. If you’re setting it up for your child, we recommend reading on to learn all the nuances.

Statistics for the iPhone owner

The “screen time” item provides a lot of data that will help you understand how much time you spend with your smartphone, which applications you spend most of your time on, how many times you use “up”, and how often you receive notifications from various applications. Statistics is available for a day and for the last 7 days.

If you go to the Screen Time tab, on the start page you will see the statistics for the last day. To see the data for the past 7 days, click on this tab and more detailed statistics will appear, as shown in the screenshot below.

As you see, here the data is for “Today” and for the “Last 7 days.

The frequently used ones are highlighted, and each application has its own data.

6 Ways to Reduce Screen Time

The “Lifting” tab deserves special attention. this is the number of times you lifted your smartphone, i.e. picked it up and the phone screen lit up.

There is also another interesting tab “Notifications”. It shows the number of notifications from all applications. You can view the statistics for all programs and for each of them.

Attention! If you have multiple Apple devices, we recommend activating the “Account on all devices” option. In this case, the system will take into account the screen time for all devices and provide overall statistics.