How to reset Android Honor to factory settings

How to find a Hard reset on your phone

There are several ways to use the “Reset” feature on Android:

  • Via normal menu. Making a hard factory reset this way is easiest, in addition, the process will take a minimum of time and does not require any special knowledge or skills.
  • Using service codes. In most cases these are universal and will work with equal success for Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and other smartphone and tablet manufacturers.
  • Through pressing hotkeys in a certain combination. Suitable for all brands.
  • Using a computer (suitable for hardware resetting only by experienced users).

Before the procedure, it is recommended to read the instructions for each method: they will help you to understand how best to return to the factory settings of the Android gadget and avoid fatal errors, because of them the entire system can completely stop working.

“Hard Reset” on Huawei devices

Many users have faced a situation where after manipulating the system files, the mobile device began to slow down strongly or respond to some commands in a completely non-typical way.

In most cases, a so-called “Hard Reset” can help with these symptoms. It is nothing more than a system reset to factory settings.

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Of course it won’t reset or restore your deleted and modified files, but it will reset some system settings to a normal state and remove those garbage files that affect the performance.

Next, we’ll take a look at all the ways you can perform a factory reset on any Huawei device.

Important! Before performing a reset, make a backup copy of all important user data (contacts, photos, etc.).д.).

What is a factory reset on your Android device and what is it for?

A factory reset on your Android device or tablet is to delete all user data, namely, your phone book, call and message history, installed applications, photos, videos, and audio files from your mobile device or tablet. After such a resetting the smartphone returns to the state in which it was purchased.

Hard Reset Android or return to default settings is advisable in the following cases:

  • After a flash or an update of the system software components.
  • If the system periodically fails, from which the phone lags and other ways do not help to cope with the problem.
  • Before you sell your device.
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Honor 9 Light HARD RESET Restore to Factory Settings

It is also advisable to perform a hard reset in case the user has forgotten the graphic key or PIN code.

How to reset your Honor phone to factory settings from the system menu

This function on all smartphones is available in two ways. through the smartphone settings and through the so-called hotkeys.

Step-by-step instructions on how to reset Honor to factory settings from the menu:

  • open “Settings“;
  • scroll to the bottom and look for the “System” item;
  • open it;
  • Then in the menu that appears, find the tab “Restore and reset” or just “Reset” (depends on the model: 6a/7a/8x/9 lite/10);
  • There you click on the item “Restore factory settings”;
  • opens the system window of the operating software, warning the user that all information from the internal media will be deleted and can not be restored (this and accounts, and data, personal settings of the gadget and applications, installed software);
  • for a successful reset, you need to confirm the action and agree to the request;
  • Click in the area labeled “Reset phone settings”;
  • Wait for the settings to reset and reboot;
  • set up the phone again (time, date, language, theme, Wi-Fi, sounds, and more).

Tap on the Settings icon on your desktop.

Important! If you have a different system interface, use menu search on the word reset (without the quotes).

Tap Restore factory settings.

Read the information on this page and if you agree, click on the Reset phone settings button.

If the desktop protection is installed, you will be prompted to enter your password. After that, all that’s left to do is to confirm the reset.

The device will reboot and clear, then reboot again and you will get your smartphone like it came out of the factory. Remember not to reset it yourself during the reset, and make sure the battery is sufficiently charged so that the smartphone does not shut down during the reset.

Can I reset my smartphone via HiSuite?

Reset settings on Honor via PC is impossible. the program sees only folders with data stored on the device. But with the help of a proprietary application from Huawei you can quickly clear the internal memory of the smartphone from unnecessary files, for this:

  • Download HiSuite from the official website and install it on PC.
  • Connect the smartphone and the computer with the cable.
  • Open the contents of Honor.
  • In the left column of the menu select the category you want to clear.
  • Delete unnecessary files.
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This way you can remove all unnecessary photos, videos, screenshots, contacts or applications in a few clicks.

How to do a reset and restore factory settings on Huawei and Honor.

In this article you will find information on how to do a factory reset on Huawei Honor. This feature allows you to restore factory settings and return your phone to a new state as if you had just bought it. One of the disadvantages of a complete reset is that the smartphone will delete all your files, contacts, messages, installed apps and games and other information.

Why make a reset on your phone? Each user may have a different reason to do a Hard Reset. For example, if your phone lags, gets slow, shuts down, hangs, or displays errors in the Android operating system. Also, restoring to factory settings allows you to remove a virus from your Honor phone in most cases, but it’s not always possible to clear viruses even after a full factory reset.

Now let’s see how to perform a reset on Honor 9 and similar Android Devices. 1) Open the menu of quick access to useful features by pulling your finger from the top edge of the screen down and at the top of the screen click on the settings icon in the form of a gear. See attached screenshots below. In the settings that open, select “System” which is usually at the bottom and you may have to scroll down the list.

Then select “Reset” as shown in the picture below. Now we get to “Reset” menu where you can choose the reset option. Make sure to save contacts, important files and information before resetting! 1) Reset all settings. This will reset all settings. No data or documents will be deleted. All network settings, fingerprints and lock screen passwords will be reset. The SD card password will not be reset. 2) Reset network settings. Choose the SIM card settings, it will reset all the network settings including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth mobile data transfer. 3) Restore factory settings. This will delete data from internal memory including your accounts, data and settings of the system and applications, installed applications. You can check the “Clear internal memory” box at the bottom.

I hope you found the instructions on how to do a Hard Reset on Huawei Honor useful. Don’t forget to leave your feedback and specify a device model, to which the above information fits or doesn’t fit. If on your smartphone or tablet restoring factory settings is done differently, then please share the information below in your reviews, perhaps it is your review or advice that will be most helpful for many users of Android devices.

  • We will be glad if you leave feedback, helpful advice or additional information. information.
  • Thank you for your responsiveness, mutual help and helpful tips article.
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Reset to factory settings (hard reset) for Huawei Honor 7S phone

There are many reasons why you may need to perform a complete factory reset of your Huawei Honor 7S smartphone (Hard Reset). Usually this procedure is performed to restore the system functionality, which was broken by viruses, deleted system files, “buggy” firmware update and many other things. Hard Reset is very easy to perform on any smartphone, but you must be aware of the consequences of this action and be able to make a backup of the system and files. We’ll cover all of this in detail below.

How to reset a locked Huawei phone using Android Device Manager

If you are not sure about the recovery mode, Android Device Manager. Is another way to reset your Huawei phone without access. Android Device Manager. Is a web-based smartphone manager. The prerequisite is that you have installed your Google account on your phone.

How to Master/Hard Reset any Huawei Phone

Step 1. Access the Android Device Manager website ( in your browser and log in to the Google account associated with your Huawei phone.

The service will start searching and then display your phone on the map. It offers three options: “Call”, “Lock” and “Erase”. If you are ready, click “Erase” to restore your Huawei device to factory settings.

Hard Reset (Factory Reset). All Huawei phones with Android 8.0 (Mate, Honor, P10, P10 Lite)

Carefully read the warning message and press “Erase” again to start the process of restoring factory settings.

If your phone is connected to the network, it will immediately perform a reset. Otherwise, the action will be implemented after connecting your phone to the Internet.

Step 4. When the process is complete, your phone is ready to reboot and configure.

Like the Settings menu, the Android Device Manager will delete all your apps, music, custom settings saved in the internal memory. And Android Device Manager will no longer work after the reset.