How to reset iCloud on iPhone without password

Restore the ICloud and Apple ID password?

Before the recovery process, it is necessary to figure out in what situations it is necessary. If you purchase the gadget with your hands, and the former owner has not turned off the search function for the search for the device, now you will not be able to leave ICLUD, as the password is required.

The user could receive an iPhone as a gift with an already registered account. The gadget’s activation was not performed by you, but the necessary information was not provided. Or in the third situation, the user himself created an account, and the secret code simply does not remember.

You can restore Apple ID (forgotten password from iCloud) in different ways, for example, having given the answers to control questions or using a registered email address. You can return access in a situation where a two.Stage check is activated.

Apple ID password can be dropped only

First of all, what to do if you have forgotten the password from Apple ID right now and you can neither download the application nor iCloud normally use? There are only two publicly accessible ways to reset an Apple ID password. One of them will require a check for the acquisition of the iPhone, the other. Access to the phone number or knowledge of the response to the control questions specified during registration.

Restoration through “forgot the password”

If your phone number is tied to your account, then restore access to it by SMS. Go to ICLOD.Com, click the link “Forgot the Apple id or password?”And select a way to restore access by phone number. Next, you will receive an SMS with a check code that will need to be entered to the site to reset the password.

Also, the password to the Apple ID account can be restored by answering control questions. True, such an opportunity appears only on condition that the phone number is not tied to the account.

Ridden through Apple support on the official website

You only need to have a check on the purchase of a device from you. Not everyone retains checks, sometimes they are lost, but if he stayed, you are lucky, there is every chance to lose the Apple ID password. It is required to contact Apple with a request to reset the Apple ID password and provide the employee with support for the necessary documents in electronic form.

Important warning: Do not use the “IPhone Apple ID ID ID”. Numerous services promise the flexing in “new unique ways”, which Apple allegedly are supposedly unknown. In reality, these are scammers whose goal is only to cash in many users who have lost access to Apple ID or bought a flooded iPhone.

In addition to the above methods, the IPhone IPhone Distribution is possible exclusively by replacing the motherboard of the device. There is no great sense in this, since all data is deleted, and the cost of this procedure is great.

How to drop a password through a browser

What to do if you forgot the code and two.Factor authentication was not configured? In this case:

  • Go to the https page: // Appleid.Apple.Com/.
  • Also click on the “Forgot the Apple ID or Password” button and enter the login from your account.
  • After that, the service will offer to “reset the Apple ID password” or “answer control questions”.
  • In the first version, you will be invited to restore the code to enter by email or answer control questions (if you have access to the mail that is a login, then choose the first item).
  • In this case, an email will receive a link to discharge code. Cross it and enter a new.
  • If you do not have access to the mail, then use the second option. “answer control questions” (when creating your account, you were asked questions that you can enter the account).
  • Initially, the system will ask your date of birth and it will be very good if you specified the real data when registering. After, answer the questions, and if you introduced the right answers, the system will make it possible to reset the password for the entrance and create a new.

After you have restored the entrance to the account, do not forget to include two.Factor authentication, and you can also change the date of birth and mail in order to restore the entrance code faster and protect your account, how to do it in the article “How secure your account?””.

How to access ICLOUD, answering control questions

If for some reason you do not have access to e-mail, tied to your account in iCloud, then you can use the reset on control issues.

To use this option, you need to repeat the first four steps from the previous instruction, and then select the second option to restore access.

In this case, you will need to answer two control questions. You asked these questions and answers to them when registering. In addition, you will be asked to indicate the date of your birth (the one indicated in your profile).

If you introduce everything correctly, then you will appear in front of you to reset the old password and create a new. After that, just go to the new data account.

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Frequently asked questions about iPhone, iCloud and Apple ID

Is it realistic to drop the password from Apple ID? Restoring the account is real, even if you forgot the password and the login from Apple ID. How? Read our material. It is voluminous and reveals all methods. It will help in the most difficult cases when it would seem, I forgot the password from Apple ID and everything is lost.

What to do if I forgot the Apple ID password? If yours are your account or there is access to your other smartphones, then you can do this through the official website of Apple.

What to do if I forgot Apple id? Recall. Or ask Apple help. It is important to know the name, name of the owner and have access to e.Mail.

How to find out the password from Apple ID? Try to request help through the official website of Apple if you have evidence that Apple ID is your.

Is it possible to untie the iPhone from Apple ID? Quite. Passfab iPhone Unlocker utility to help.

Technologies are developing rapidly and provide us with a world of opportunities in all areas of life. Mobile devices (for example, iPhone) occupy perhaps the most noticeable place among all that modern technologies offer us. But you may well encounter a situation where your iPhone was blocked due to the fact that someone several times in a row incorrectly entered the password or PIN code, which is very unpleasant. It happens that a person himself forgot the password from his device and cannot remember it or the device screen has broken, which is why there is no way to enter a password, even if you know it.

There are several cases when it may be necessary to untie the Apple ID from the iPhone. For example, when you plan to sell or give a device. The new owner will be able to bind his account only after you display his own, otherwise he will not be able to use the gadget aroln. There are different ways to unlock the iPhone, it is important to choose the most optimal so as not to damage the device and not lose the data stored in it. In this article we will tell you how to unlock the iPhone most effectively.

Turning off the Apple ID account on the iPhone deleting iPhone from the iCloud account IPhone unlock using the 4ukey program (recommended method) ⦁ unlock iPhone through the Apple service center

Disconnecting the Apple ID account to iPhone

Launch the iTunes program and connect the smartphone to the computer using a cable. Through the menu in iTunes, select the smartphone recovery option and confirm this action. In the process of recovery, all data on the device, including Apple ID, will be deleted, it can be adjusted again.

Removing iPhone from the ICLOUD account

Open the “settings” on the iPhone, go to the Apple ID management, scroll the screen to the end, click “Exit” and select the option of exit from the App Store and ICLOUD. You need to enter a password, and if you forgot it, you need to go through the recovery procedure. You can restore the password through an email, to which your Apple ID is tied or using control questions. Password recovery can be performed both directly in the iPhone settings and through iTunes on a computer.

How to Unlock iPhone 6S without Apple ID/Activation Lock/iCloud Password

Unlock iPhone using the 4ukey program (recommended method)

Tenorshare 4ukey is a great option if you want to unlock the iPhone without entering a password. With this powerful solution, you can without much trouble with circumvent the need to enter a password. The screen has broken, you forgot the password or the system was blocked due to attempts to enter the wrong password-4ukey will help effectively in such situations. This software can delete six- or clear-valuable access code, Touch ID or Face ID from your iPhone. It supports the latest IOS version and instantly unlocks the password to enter the system. With this tool, the iPhone is also possible to reset to factory settings without using a password.

Download Tenorshare 4ukey to your computer from the official website and run it after installation. Connect the iPhone to the computer using Lightning cable and let 4ukey find your iPhone. Click the “Start unlock” button in the 4ukey interaction.

Now you need to click “download”. The latest iOS firmware is downloaded for your iPhone.

To unlock the iPhone, click “Start unlocking”. Wait for the process to end.

Now that everything is ready, you can drop a password for the iPhone, as for a new. It is necessary to re.Configure the Face ID, Touch ID and password settings. You can restore the iPhone using the icloud or iTunes backup.

After that, you can close the program, turn off the iPhone from the computer and configure it like new.

If you forgot your Apple ID, you can use 4ukey to remove the iPhone binding to Apple ID.

Unlock iPhone through the Apple service center

You can contact the service center, authorized by Apple, and ask specialists to unlock your iPhone without password, they should have a special tool that allows you to do this. Keep in mind that in this case you will have to confirm that this is your device, that is, you have to provide a check confirming the purchase, and other documents proving that you are the owner of this smartphone. This is a paid service, so the service center will ask you to pay for it (how much. Depends on the specific SC).

After careful reading of this article, you have any doubts that the iPhone can be unlocked without password. We introduced you in detail in some simple ways. In addition, we presented the most powerful and universal way. Tenorshare 4ukey. If you compare all the methods, 4ukey wins, because this program is rich in functions and ensures complete safety during operation. With its help, you can remove the password with a few clicks of the mouse.

Third.Party software

Delete the Apple ID account from the iPhone, the password of which could not be restored, can be using third.Party software. In the example, then we will use the 4ukey product from Tenorshare, which allows us to solve not only the problem of interest to us, but also remove the passwords of the screen lock and screen time.

  • Download the program at the link specified above, install it and run it.
  • Use the “Unlock Apple ID” in the main window.

Note: if the phone is not recognized by the program, click on the link “device connected but not recognized” located in its right corner. Follow all the proposed recommendations, then repeat the previous actions.

“Locator” disconnected

Tenorshare 4ukey software in automatic mode will unlock the iPhone, while your personal data will not be deleted.

The procedure will not take much time. After the notification shown below appears, click on the “complete” button, close the program and turn off the phone from PC.

“Locator” included

In the case when the indicated function is active, the further algorithm of action is determined by the IOS version.

To delete the account, you will need to reset iPhone settings. Instructions on how to do this will appear in the 4ukey integration, we will additionally duplicate it.

    Without disconnecting the phone from the computer, open its “Settings” and go to the “Basic” section.

The necessary conditions for deleting an account on old iPhones using the software in question is the availability of the shuttle password on the screen of the screen and two.Factor authentication. If these functions are inactive, first you need to configure them.

    Run the iPhone “settings” and go to the “Touch ID and Code-Parol” section.

Upon completion of this procedure, the Apple ID account will be removed from the device. Consistently use the points “Unlock using the password” and “Use the device password”, then enter the password from the lock screen that was installed and used earlier. 4ukey window can be closed by pressing the “Fully” button.

Ways to turn off

With iPhone

This is the easiest and most popular method. It is necessary for its implementation:

Everything is practically ready, but for sale, as many users note, this is not enough. It is necessary to make the device “as new”, for this you need to completely format the phone:

  • We go back to settings again;
  • We find the point “Basic” select it;
  • Next, select the “reset” carefully study the items that have surfaced after that, confirm our solution several times, select the “Wipe the Content and Settings” item;
  • It will be necessary to enter a password from Apple ID, and for the last time confirm your decision.

This step is enough for the iCloud to “forget” our device.

Through a computer

  • Transfer the device to aircraft mode. The transfer function to aircraft mode is available in the main settings;
  • Authorize on the icloud website.Com. You will see the desktop iCloud.
  • Launch the “Find iPhone” web application. If necessary, confirm the authorization.
  • Click on the icon “All devices”;
  • Select a device for deautorization;
  • Confirm the removal of the selected device (important: the device should be in “offline” mode). Confirm your decision.


Untie the device with the “Find” shut.Off function is quite easy, small sequences of actions are enough for this.

A device connected in ICLOUD to your Apple ID with an activated function “Find iPhone”, “Find iPad” or “Find Mac” can be untied from the cloud simply by entering a password from your account. To disconnect “Find the iPhone”, you must enter a password from Apple ID.

There may be problems related to the fact that you do not know this password.

Remove Apple ID From iPhone/iPad Without iCloud Password [FMI OFF] 2021

Perhaps you just forgot him, or not you installed it, asking someone, or maybe he remained from the former owner of the apparatus. It doesn’t matter, the main thing is that without a password from ICLOUD you can untie the iPhone, but it is already much more complicated:

If there is a specified address of the reserve mail and you can answer control questions, then it is necessary, answering these questions, reset the password from Apple ID. Taking advantage of the reserve mail create a new Apple ID, and indicate the password from it when you are requested when you unscrew the iCloud in the 2nd way (using a personal computer or laptop).

Let me remind you that if you do not have a password for the Apple ID of your phone, then the flashing or restoring it is strictly prohibited, otherwise you risk staying with the “brick”.

reset, icloud, iphone, password

On Mac

Separately, we will analyze how to disable iCloud in the Mac OS environment. Here, as in the iPhone, with the active function “Find Mac”, it will be necessary to enter the administrator password in the cloud storage.

reset, icloud, iphone, password

A little trick in order not to bother about two passwords. ICLOUD password and administrator password may match, and to install a single password, you must go to “System settings. Users and groups. Button “Change the password”, button “Use ICLOUD password”.

The algorithm of actions in order to get out of the account in ICLOUD in the Mac OS environment:

  • Go to “System settings. Icloud ”and click on the“ Release ”button. ICLOUD output to Mac
  • Solve the fate of files downloaded to MAC from iCloud. There is an opportunity to forever remove the ability to leave them on a computer. On the hard drive you can leave only contacts and bunch of safari keys. Documents from ICLOUD DRIVE, calendar, notes and reminders subject to restoration when connecting Mac to icloud.

In Windows via iTunes

Among Windows, an algorithm of actions is similar. Here we will withdraw the device from iCloud through iTunes:

When nothing helps

If you tried all the above recommendations, but you didn’t succeed, this may mean that 2-factor authentication is activated for your accounting. In order to solve this problem, you should go to the account page to the “forgot Apple ID” section, enter the key, select “Reset the password”, and then click on “Continue”. Here you can choose a suitable reset method by giving answers to control questions by receiving an electronic message or by going through a 2-factor verification procedure.

If you forgot data from the cloud storage, you do not need to panic. This problem can always be solved and there are a lot of options for this. You should just be careful and thoroughly study this issue.