How to reset iPhone settings using buttons

Reset iPhone to factory settings

Apple’s smartphones owners have repeatedly faced problems when the device began to slow down or failures appeared in the software. The right way to solve such a problem will be reset iPhone to factory settings. Apple developers specifically have introduced several ways to carry out hard discharge for the implementation of this function. All Hard Reset options will be described in detail below in the article.

To reset the iPhone to factory settings may be required for several reasons:

The operation allows you to restart the device and return it to all the factory parameters that were when released. The following versions of smartphones support the system rollback:

The iOS mobile OS allows you to reset the settings to the factory state not only on the iPhone, but also on the iPad. The developers have introduced several ways through which users can conduct an operation to reset the parameters of the system.

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Reset iPhone to factory through general discharge

Reset the iPhone, iPad, iPod settings without great effort can be using the device itself. This method can be considered the simplest and most affordable. For your convenience, we will prescribe a step.By.Step algorithm.

There will be 2 discharge options for you: “Reset all the settings” and “Reset content and settings”. The first resumes only the settings of the device, leaving personal data untouched; The second method. Full removal of all information.

This method is extremely simple, but the operation itself is irreversible. Remember this before the start of removal.

How to return the iPhone 12 to factory settings using iTunes

Since most of Apple users have an official ITUNES utility, you can use it to reset your phone settings. To do this, you will need an original USB cable and a computer with the ITUNES program updated to the latest version. So, then we attach a step.By.Step guide for resetting iPhone 12 via iTunes.

  • Launch the iTunes program on your computer. If you work on Mac with MacOS Catalina 10.15, use the Finder application instead.
  • Connect your iPhone 12 to the computer using the original USB cable and unlock its screen.
  • After recognizing the program of your device, click on its icon in the program window and go to the “review” tab.
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In the right top of the window of this menu, select the “Restore iPhone” option.

How to return the iPhone 11 to factory settings? (general way)

If you have to sell the phone and give it to someone, or your device “hung” and has stopped working, or you have to buy a new iPhone, then first of all you need to drop the phone to factory settings.If you have never had to perform such an action with your gadget, then you do not need to worry too much. We suggest you make out the methods of reset to factory settings.

Apple iPhone hard reset new trick 2021-2022 step by step.

Reset to factory settings on the IPhone 11 device itself

This method is easy and simple, since you do not need to install special programs to reset the device to factory settings. You just need to go into the settings of the device itself. The only thing you need is an Apple ID password.

Note: We draw your attention to the fact that before resetting your phone to factory settings, do not forget to make a preliminary backup copy.

Enter the settings of your device, following the next algorithm of action: Settings are the main discharge.

Next, select: “Wipe out content and settings”.

Then you will need to enter the password of your gadget, and then the password from the Apple ID account.

In the final step, you will need to confirm the discharge of data by clicking on “erase the iPhone”, and then wait for the end of the action.

How to reset iPhone settings using iTunes

The program from Apple —itunes will also help you to reset the iPhone to factory settings. In this method you will need your PC and the availability of the iTunes program. To start the discharge process, first of all, you need to perform phased steps:

Download and install on the PC ITUNES program and run. Connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and turn on the iTunes program.

reset, iphone, settings, using

In the window that appears, select the icon of your phone by clicking on it. Next in the “Settings” section, select “Review”, and then select “Restore the iPhone”.

Disconnect the “Find iPhone” function. To do this, enter the “Settings” section, then in ICLOUD, and then in “Find iPhone”. There will be a notification of the start of the launch of the action in front of you. You will need to click on “restore”. By choosing this item, all data stored on your smartphone will be deleted, and the latest version of the system will be installed.

Go to the site icloud.COM, which is a cloud storage. Next, specify the password from the Apple ID account. So that your device is no longer tied to Apple ID, go to the “Find iPhone” section and delete your device.

So, we analyzed several ways to drop your smartphone to factory settings. Before starting this action, we recommend making a backup, so as not to lose your photographs, contacts, messages, videos, music, etc.D. Also, be sure to check if the charging is enough on the phone before making a discharge. If you need for some reason to discharge the iPhone to factory settings, then we strongly recommend using the Reiboot program. Even if you forgot the password from your device, you can still reset the gadget to factory settings. This program will help get rid of any kind of freezing in just a couple of clicks. In addition, it is completely compatible with all iPhone/iPad/iPod (iPhone 11/11pro/xs/xr/iPad pro). If an error of 4013/4005 arises when IPhone restoration in iTunes, then the program can easily circumvent the errors of restoration or backup iTunes.

Iphone 8 and new models

Starting with the iPhone 8, the creators of the mobile device changed the emergency reset procedure. Now 3 physical keys are involved in this process. First you need to click the volume button. Immediately after that, click the volume reduction key once after. Then click the on/off button for a few seconds before the company logo appears.

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After the Apple logo appears, the phone will boot with the basic settings. In this case, the attached accounts and cloud storage will be preserved.

ICLOUD reset

Icloud cloud storage synchronizes information available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with Apple Corporation servers. Content from the Gallery, notes from the calendar, letters, contacts, notes and third.Party confidential information are synchronized. If you log in on the official icloud website, there will be a chance to view the synchronization files, and at the same time use additional tools, such as the set of office programs Pages, Numbers and Keynote, and the “Find iPhone” service, which allows you to track the location of the lost appliances on the global map and even remotely erase the containers devices.

To access the listed functions, you will need to undergo authorization using the login and password from Apple ID. After entering the area, the icon will be displayed to view Apple equipment available for editing.

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How to Reset iPhone To Factory Default

If you select the iPhone from the list, then a number of additional buttons will be displayed on the left: “reproduce the sound”, “activate the loss mode”, “erase the iPhone”. The last option is maximally radical as possible. Completely cleans the contents and dumps the need to enter a password. It is not recommended to carry out this procedure if the owner does not have the device. The attackers will have a chance to configure the iOS operating system from scratch and assign the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch found.

Reset via Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode is a special iOS or iPados download mode, designed to restore the operating system encountered with technical problems (cyclic reboot, hanging on the Apple logo). The method of transition to Recovery Mode depends on the iPhone version. It is enough to squeeze the Power and the volume button on models with Touch ID, and on models with Face ID. Power and the volume.Increase keys. Keep the buttons until the iTunes logo and the image of the Lightning cable appear on the screen.

After that, the device will need to be connected by wire to the computer and select the “Restore iPhone” item from the menu that appears.

How to enter dfu mode

To perform Hard Reset iPhone, use DFU mode. For entrance, connect the smartphone to the computer, click the “Home” and “Nutrition” buttons for 10 seconds. Release the power key. Apple icon appeared. They went the wrong way. Hold the “Home” button until the ITUNES program determines. Now the phone in DFU mode. Restore the firmware.

Iphone recovery using Home

First, put the gadget into a complete disconnection mode. Then follow the instructions.

  • Hold the “home” key.
  • Using Lighting, attach the iPhone to the computer, “home” should remain clamped.
  • On the display you will see the iTunes icon. Your device has plunged into the recovery mode.
  • Launch iTunes and click “Restore the iPhone”.