How to reset the TV to factory settings

Updating from USB flash drive

If there is no permanent connection to the Internet, the device is improved by downloading a new version from the manufacturer’s website. Initially find out the code of your TV and the firmware version installed. See at the beginning of the article how to do it. To proceed further, you need to use a PC or laptop.

  • Use your web browser to go to In the search box enter a code to locate the device and the suggested updates.
  • Look for it and download it.
  • Create a folder named LG_DTV on your flash drive. Unzip the downloaded archive.
  • Plug a USB flash drive into one of the LG Smart TV USB ports.
  • Turn on your TV, go to Support, Update Software, click Update Now.
  • Some models recognize the WebOS update on the drive itself. You will receive the prompt to install the update.
  • Confirm your actions by clicking on the button Start, wait for the updates to be completely installed.

Your system will ask you to confirm that installation was successful. You need to restart the TV system for the changes to take effect.


Failures in the software system of your TV can be caused by incorrect settings performed by the user. Let’s see what the result will be, if you remove all the manually entered parameters and reset your Samsung TV to the factory settings.

  • There will be a loss of brightness and contrast, sound, TV-channel order, screen image settings, malfunction of the Wi-Fi network, Google Play connection, and many other manually entered settings. After the reset procedure you will need to enter them again, probably this process will take quite a lot of your time. This is especially true for the color and contrast settings of the image.
  • All the TV channels you previously found will be lost, only the basic (minimum set) will remain. In addition, the list of blocked TV channels will be completely lost, and later it will have to be restored again, also manually.
  • When resetting to factory settings you should understand exactly the change of manually created settings, while the software firmware of the operating system the TV will remain the same.

If you can’t do without such drastic measures, and you are fully aware of the consequences of performing a reset of previously entered settings, it makes sense to perform this procedure.

What happens to your TV after a reset

After using the factory reset operation, all self-installed apps and widgets, system settings and the TV itself will be gone. The TV settings will be as they were when you bought the equipment from the store. After resetting all the settings, the cause of the software failure will also disappear (if this was the problem and not the hardware).

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A common problem with malfunctions is not knowing what you’ve done before. An example is the activity of a child who could “click” in the menu sections and change the existing settings. In most of these cases, resetting the settings will be the only way to return to normal functioning of the device.

Your Sony Bravia TV can also restart because of a bad power supply in the TV. This usually happens when the TV has been used a lot for an extended period of time, although it sometimes happens with a brand new TV as well. You can contact Sony for repairs. Bravia KDL-46XBR9 can also reboot due to incorrect settings on the TV.

Restore factory settings and Samsung TV self-diagnostic tools

  • Open Settings and select General.
  • Select Reset, enter your PIN (the default is 0000), and then select Reset.
  • Select OK to complete the reset. Your TV will automatically reboot.
  • If these steps do not work for your TV, go to Settings, select Support, and then select Self-diagnosis.

Reset different Smart TV series to factory settings

The procedure for resetting Samsung TVs to factory settings is about the same for all models, but different nuances may appear depending on the series.


Samsung D-Series TVs are reliable. However, even these are not immune to various malfunctions. And to get rid of them, you have to do a reset.

This can be done with the remote control. Before you start resetting, you must go to the main section of the TV. Now find the “Exit” button on the remote control and keep it pressed for about 10 seconds. A special window will appear in which the system will ask you once again to confirm the reset. Here you need to agree by pressing the “OK” button. Immediately after that the device will restart, deleting user settings and restoring factory settings.


In these TVs the reset is made through the settings menu. Procedure:

  • using the remote control to open the main menu;
  • Go to the “Settings” section by pressing the appropriate button;
  • In the “Support” tab you have to find the “Self-diagnosis” position;
  • A list of available operations aimed at restoring the operability of the device will appear;
  • Select “Reset” from the list.

After that, the rollback of user settings will begin. It is worth noting that to start the reset it is necessary to enter the PIN code. If the user has not changed it, then it is necessary to enter the combination “0000”.

J series

TVs of this series support resetting from the settings menu. To find the right command, the user will need to go to the “Menu/123” section. There in the tab “Support” press the section “Self-diagnosis”. You will need to click on the “Reset” button in the suggested list.

Here you also need an access code, which has been pre-selected by the owner of the TV. After entering the code and pressing “Yes” button the complete reset will start. Usually the operation takes a few seconds, the device will reboot and will be ready to use.

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H-series models allow you to reset your Samsung TV to the default Smart TV settings in a similar manner to the previous models. After going to the corresponding tab the user will have to enter the PIN-code and confirm his/her actions.


The reset procedure for the F-Series TVs:

  • on the main screen you select the “” button, which gives access to the main menu of the device;
  • You have to go to the directory “Menu”. “Support”. “Self-diagnosis”;
  • In the appearing list of actions select “Reset”.

Here you will also need to enter the access code and confirm your actions. The access code will not allow an outsider to tamper with the TV settings and will keep it running. After agreement, the system will restart the TV.

E series

The E series will not boast any unusual approach to resetting. This will still use the main settings menu and the available self-diagnostic interfaces. The order of moving through the menu items remains the same. Item names and remote control key configurations may vary slightly.

Once the “Reset” section is detected, the unit will ask you to enter an individual access code, without which you will not be able to perform a reset.

M, Q and LS series

M, Q and LS series Smart TV are very similar to each other. So their resetting methods follow the same principle. To reset the system you need to do the following:

  • Press “Home” button on the remote control;
  • Find item “Settings” in “Menu” section;
  • then in the tab “Support” click on “Self-diagnosis”;
  • it is now possible to implement a rollback using the “Reset” key.

Press “Input” button on the remote control to select ATV or DTV channels. Then press on the remote “Menu” the combination of digits “2008”, and to enter the service menu again, select “Upgrade”. Select “Upgrade Adjust”→ “Software Update”, the TV will automatically reboot and start the firmware update.

TV freezes on screen saver You need to use the control panel to enter the menu and perform a reset. Then TV turns off, disconnects all wires for an hour. If after that the problem remains, you will have to go to the professionals. Usually the first action of the wizard is to update the firmware.

  • Wire the TV and smartphone together
  • Select “Use as storage device (as USB)” in the notification window that appears on the smartphone screen.
  • From the TV remote control in the list of sources, select. USB (most often the Source button allows you to do this).
  • Activate Bluetooth on both gadgets as instructed.
  • Go into the TV settings.
  • Go to “System” item.
  • Enter Device Manager.
  • Go to “Add Bluetooth device” and find the keyboard.
  • Pair the gadgets according to the instructions on the screen.

Restart via Smart Hub

You can use an alternative method of rollback.

  • Press Smart key on the remote control.
  • In the menu that appears, select the cancel features section.
  • To confirm your actions, dial 0000 and press OK if the code has not been changed.
  • TV will reboot.
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After resetting the TV, all previously installed applications will be deleted, and the account will be reset and you will have to create it again. You can also do the same rollback on other models. Supra, Philips, Sony Brava, Toshiba.

If TV keeps rebooting, then most probably the software defect is the root of the problem. Malfunctions of this type occur due to system problems. There are several different ways to restore the correct operation of the device, but there is no doubt that the best option is a reset.

How to reset the Samsung TV? Directly the algorithm of rebooting the operating system of the equipment depends on the model and series of the device. Now let’s analyze the specifics of resetting basic settings on different models of Samsung TV, as well as analyze the consequences of such drastic measures.

Resetting TV via Smart Hub

Resetting via Smart Hub doesn’t result in complete rebooting of the receiver. This procedure only affects the Smart functions of the device and is used to remove all programs installed in the Smart Hub in addition to the existing ones, and to reset all user settings in the regular apps and in the entire Smart Menu of the TV. To reboot the Smart Hub, you need to press “Menu” on the remote control and then go to “Settings” and then to “Support”. Here you need to find “Self-diagnostics” and click “Reset Smart Hub”. In the new window on the screen you have to enter PIN code and confirm that you agree to perform the operation.

reset, factory, settings

Important! Before you perform a Smart Hub reset, you should make sure that your TV is regionally certified for the region you are using. For Russian Federation, the last letters of the model name must be “RU”. If the device is not certified, after resetting Smart Hub will be blocked on regional level.

After Smart Hub reload process is complete, it will be necessary to log in to the service, accept the terms of the license agreement and privacy policy, as well as reinstall all the necessary widgets.

So, if your Samsung TV hangs, shuts down or turns on on its own, arbitrarily closes apps, or otherwise shows its unstable operation, you can fix the problem by resetting the device to factory settings. After resetting your TV, unless it’s component related, the problems are usually solved. If this did not happen and the problem still appears, you will need to contact the representative of the service center to fix the failure.