How to reset your Windows 10 laptop password

Reset Windows 10 Password Free in Safe Mode

Safe Mode gives us an effective and free tool to reset the password in Windows 10. To use this tool, you need to know the password of any other administrator account. If not, try this method to reset your Windows 10 password without disk.

  • Press “F8” before loading the Windows 10 screen.
  • Select the option. Safe mode with the command line and press “Enter”.

How to break a Windows password on a computer or laptop?

In order to do this, you will have to follow the following sequence of steps:

  • Prepare a CD, or a flash drive, which must be written a special set of recovery programs designed to recover Windows. You will need to insert it into the drive or into the appropriate port during the subsequent reboot of the computer. This package of recovery programs can be prepared by yourself by loading programs that are intended for partitioning, saving and recovering data, or to download some, already ready, RBCD 10.0, for example;
  • While your PC is starting up, in order to enter the BIOS, press the DELETE button. There we will need to change the installation priority and assign the computer to boot from CD-ROM. After that we visit our boot disk in the drive and reboot the PC;
  • Going into I of the recovery disk, which we should have after the recovery package has been loaded, we have to select the copy of Windows to be edited and go to the System Restore mode, which you will find at the very bottom of the page;
  • Looking for a command line and typing there regedit (we look for it in the dialog box of the same window). Find and then highlight the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE section, where we have to select File and then Load hive;
  • Open SAM file and select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\bushname\SAM\Domains\Account\Users\000001F4. We double click on the F key placed there and go to the very first value in the line, which we will have to replace with the number 10;
  • In the same section, select File, and after that Load Hive. Click on Yes, in order to confirm the unloading of the bush. Close the registry editor, terminate the installation process in this way, remove the USB stick or disk and restart the computer.

Use the Reset Password Disk If You Forget Windows 10 Password Program

Use the disc to reset your password. This is the method recommended by Windows in case you forget your Windows 10 password. However, you must have your password reset disk in advance.

Here are instructions on how to use the password reset disk.

On the Windows 10 login screen, click your profile and enter the wrong password. After an unsuccessful login attempt, a link to reset your password will appear under the password field. Click the link.

After that, the Password Reset Wizard will start. Insert your password reset disk and press “Next”.

Select the password reset disk that contains the user key file. Click “Next” to continue.

Enter your new password and password hint and click “Next”.

If successful, you will receive a confirmation message. Complete the process by clicking “Done” if you forgot your Windows 10 password.

I forgot the administrator password in Windows 7/10/11. How to reset your password, help me, I can’t log in

Question from the user


My son sat on my laptop and didn’t “play” much. As it turned out, put a password on Windows (I have Windows 10 home installed). Now I can not turn on the laptop, and he forgot the password.

Help, I can not log in at all. Now I have to go to the service?

A common occurrence, many people often just forget their password. For the decision of similar question, you need a flash drive (it will suffice even on 8-16 GB) and the working computer to write down #x1f449; LiveCD on it (probably, you have one more notebook, or use the computer of neighbors, friends, relatives).

Actually in this article I will describe in detail and step by step all the actions to reset the password when logging into Windows. In principle, if you are not the first day familiar with the PC, then you can handle everything yourself, without going to the service center. #x1f44c;

Forgot your Windows10 login password. How to prevent these situations in the future?

Consider storing passwords in one of the specialized programs. Password Manager, which nowadays support the function of storing passwords in the cloud. This is convenient for logging in to frequently used web services from several of your devices at once. no need to keep passwords separately on each device, no need to remember them in principle (although desirable).

To store your Windows 10 account password. manually enter this password into the Password Manager. Thus, if at some point you forget your Windows password. you can immediately use another device (laptop, tablet, smartphone), which also has a program for storing and managing passwords, to quickly look up and recall this password.

Also, if you do not use a Microsoft account to log into Windows, you can use the option of logging into Windows by PIN, which can be set separately. This option has several advantages:

  • You don’t need to reveal your Microsoft account password
  • PIN-code is short, 4 digits, and therefore it is easier to remember, and easier to recall, especially if you associate these 4 digits with something, with some event, date, or any other logical connection.

So, to assign a PIN instead of a Windows 10 login password to your local account, do the following. Press Win I at the same time, open the options window. In it, select the Accounts section, go to it:

In the window that opens, click the Login Settings menu item on the left, and on it, scroll down the list to the Pin Code item.

Select this item and assign a PIN to sign in to Windows.

There is another option to protect yourself from losing your Windows password, which is to create a drive to reset your Windows 10 password.

To do this, click the Start button with your mouse and start typing the phrase Create a password reset floppy. The tooltip will display the necessary menu item, a link to the service, almost from the first letters.

All you need to do next is to plug a flash drive into a computer USB port and write a password reset program to it by one click in a new window. After that you are protected from similar mishaps with loss of passwords. if necessary, just insert the flash drive into your computer and reset the password. Of course, you should not abuse this option, but still try to make your password memorable.

How to reset the administrator password when logging into Windows 10 (also relevant for Windows 7, 8)

Love all the same, many users like to protect their computers passwords (even if there is nothing valuable on them). It is not uncommon that a password is simply forgotten (and even the hint, which Windows always recommends, does not help to recall the password). In such cases, some users reinstall Windows (those who know how to do it) and continue working, while others ask for help from the first.

In this article I want to show you an easy and (most importantly) quick way to reset the administrator password in Windows 10. No special skills to work with a PC, any complex programs, etc not required !

reset, your, windows, laptop, password

Just one thing. the installation flash drive (or disk) from which your Windows OS was installed. If you do not have it, you will need to record it (e.g. on your second computer, or on the computer of a friend, neighbor, etc.).).

At a moment’s notice! If your OS is Windows 10. and you need a bootable Windows 10 USB flash drive!

In order not to describe here a lengthy guide on how to create bootable rescue media, I will provide links to my previous articles, which discussed the most popular options. If you do not have such an installation flash drive (disk). I recommend to get it, you will need it from time to time (and not only to reset the password)!).

Throw the administrator password in Windows 10 (step by step)

1) Booting from an installation flash drive (disk)

reset, your, windows, laptop, password

To do this you may need to enter BIOS and make the appropriate settings. Usually you just need to specify what disk you want to boot from (picture 3 is an example). 1).

Here are a couple of links to my articles, in case anyone has problems.

2) Open System Restore partition

If you did everything correctly in the previous step. the Windows installation window should appear. You do not have to install anything, there is a link “System Restore” which you have to click on.

Next you just need to open Windows Diagnostic partition (see screenshot 4). Fig. 3).

4) Advanced Settings

Then open the advanced options section.

After that start a command line.

The essence of what you need to do now: copy the CMD (command line) file instead of the file responsible for key jamming (Keyboard key jamming is useful for people who for some reason can not press several keys at the same time). By default you have to press the Shift key 5 times to open it. Many users 99.9% do not need this feature).

In order to do that. you just have to enter one command (see. Figure. 7): copy D:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe D:\Windows\system32\sethc.exe /Y

Note: The drive letter “D” will be valid if you have Windows installed on drive “C” (i.e.е. the most common default installation). If all went well, you will see a message that “Files copied: 1”.

After that you have to reboot the computer (you do not need the USB stick anymore, just take it out of the USB port).

7) Create second administrator

The easiest way to remove the password is to create a second administrator, then log in to Windows and you can do whatever you want.

After restarting your PC, Windows will ask you for the password again, instead of this, press the Shift key 5-6 times. you should see a command line window (if you have done everything correctly before).

Then enter the command to create a user: net user admin2 /add (where admin2 is the name of your account, it can be anything you like).

Next, make this user admin, to do this type: net localgroup Admin admin2 /add (that’s it, our new user is now an admin!).

Note: after each command, you must see “Command completed successfully”. After entering these 2 commands. you need to restart your computer.

After restarting your computer. in the lower left corner (in Windows 10), you will see a new user created, under this user you must log in!

Actually, this completes the mission to logon to Windows, from which you have lost the password! There is just one last detail, see below.

How to remove the password from the old administrator account

Simple enough! First you need to open the Windows Control Panel. go to “Administration” (to see the link, turn on the small icons in the Control Panel, see “How to make two screens on iPad”). Fig. 9) and open the “Computer Management” section.

Then open the “Utilities/local users/users” tab. Then right-click on the account and select “Change password” in the menu (see pic. Figure. 10).

Actually, after that you set a password that you won’t forget and use your Windows in peace without reinstalling.

Resetting the password for the Administrator account in Windows 10

By default the password for logging in to this account has a zero value, that is, it is empty. If it has been changed (set) and then lost, problems may arise with some operations. For example, the tasks in “Scheduler”, which must be run as Administrator, will not work. Of course, this user will also be locked out of the system. Here are the ways you can reset the password for your Administrator account.

System snap-in

There is an account management section in Windows, where you can quickly change some settings, including password. In order to use its functions, you must have administrator rights (you must be logged in to the “account” with appropriate rights).

You can now log in as “Administrator” without a password. It is worth mentioning that in some cases lacking this data may lead to the error “Empty password not allowed” and similar errors. If this is your situation, enter a value in the input fields (just don’t forget it afterwards).

“Command line

From the “Command line” (console) you can perform some operations with system parameters and files without using a graphical interface.

    Launch the console with administrative privileges.

If you want to set a password (not blank), enter it between quotation marks.

Booting from installation media

In order to use this method, we need a disk or flash drive with the same version of Windows as installed on our computer.

    Boot up the PC from the created drive and click “Next” in the start window.

reset, your, windows, laptop, password

Open the “File” menu at the top of the interface and select the “Load Bunch” item.

The recovery environment changes drive letters using an unknown algorithm, that is why the system partition is usually assigned the letter D.

Then expand the newly created partition and click on the “Setup” folder.

After booting we will see a “Command Prompt” window instead of a lock screen.

    Run a familiar command to reset our password in the console

Use the above procedure to erase the key value (it must be blank)

With these steps we have reset the administrator password. You can also specify your own value for it (between the quotes).

When changing or resetting the password for the “Administrator” account, you should keep in mind that this user is almost a “god” in the system. If its rights are used by intruders, they will not have any restrictions on changing files and settings. That is why it is recommended to disable this “account” in the corresponding snap-in after use (see the. article at the link above).

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How to reset password windows 10 If you forget it. Easy

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Resetting account password in Windows 10

The method of resetting the code sequence in “10” depends on two factors: the OS build number and the account type (local or Microsoft account).

Local account

The solution of this problem for local accounts is different for builds 1803-1809 or older. The reason is the changes that these updates bring.

Buildings 1803 and 1809 In this variant developers made it easier to reset system offline password. This has been achieved by adding the option “Secret questions”, without setting them, it is not possible to set a password during the installation of the operating system.

After these steps, you will be able to log in as usual. If you experience problems at any of the described stages, please refer to the following method.

Universal variant For older builds of Windows 10, resetting the local account password is a difficult task. you will need to get a boot disk with the system, and then use the “Command Line”. This option is very labor-intensive, but guarantees the result for both old and new revisions of “10.

Microsoft account

If you use a Microsoft account on your device, the task is greatly simplified. The algorithm of actions looks like this:

  • Use another device with Internet access to visit the Microsoft site: another computer, laptop, or even your phone will do.
  • Click on the avatar to access the reset code form.

There is nothing wrong with forgetting the password to log into Windows 10. restoring it for a local account, as for the Microsoft account, it is not very difficult.

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Forgot your Windows password. how to reset your account and unlock your login?

So, the problem appears in the following way: we turn on our computer, the splash screen of logging into our Windows account lights up, but we have forgotten our password. Of course, we won’t be able to get into the system in the usual way. There are two ways to recover your password:

  • With built-in tools without an installation disk
  • from the disk or flash drive from which the system is installed
  • With the help of a recovery disk with a set of special programs to reset the password

I assume that most readers do not have a flash drive with a system recovery software package, although I would strongly recommend to have it in the house, that is called “just in case” (I have already told you how to do it in detail).

So let’s start with the more realistic options.