How to reset your Xiaomi to factory settings

Reset via recovery: Mi PC Suite

There are situations when resetting Hard Reset through the main menu shows a picture of the phone, which must be connected to a computer via USB. This means that your phone has a locked bootloader, which it is advisable to unlock when you turn it on. In this case we have to use the Chinese version of the manager Mi PC Suite.

  • Download the program from the link;
  • Install it on your computer, confirming everything as you go along;
  • Go to Main Menu on the phone and enter recovery mode, then you should see the above picture;

reset, your, xiaomi, factory

  • Connect your phone to your computer;
  • On your computer, open the program you just downloaded;
  • In the window that appears, click the appropriate button;

When performing any method of resetting, you must be very careful not to damage the system, and with your own hands do not knock out the settings.

Before resetting, perform the following steps:

  • Create backup files. Do it with cloud storage.
  • Transfer the necessary objects to the memory card or computer.
  • Save the information on third-party media and remove account passwords. If you do not disable the need to enter the code, the combination of characters will have to be set at each stage of rebooting. After the reset, the system will not allow you to use the phone, typing the old password.

Preparing for reset

If the smartphone Xiaomi or Redmi is in normal working condition. do not hurry to turn it off immediately and proceed to reset system settings. If you do not perform preparatory operations. you can lose absolutely all the data stored on the device.

  • Backup file creation via system settings or Mi PC Suite.
  • Transfer all photos, videos and documents to your computer.
  • Check access to connected Mi and Google accounts. After the reset, during the first power-on, the system will ask for their password.
  • Remove the SD-card, if you have one.
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Instructions for resetting to factory settings Xiaomi Mi and Redmi

Reset to default settings Xiaomi is usually used after the smartphone is glitchy and clearing the memory did not help. Hard Reset of the Xiaomi smartphone is also useful if you want to prepare it for sale.

It’s pretty rare to write about using a factory reset after the system fails. This situation occurred to me including, and not only on the smartphones Xiaomi. You’ve probably faced the situation when phone just refuses to turn on. In this case there is a high probability that the reset can help.

How to get back the stock recovery

After you install the flash files, get ROOT rights and other similar actions the stock recovers on the device will be replaced by the custom one. In order to return the stock one will need to flash the device in Fastboot mode using the program MiFlashPro.

Hard Reset XIAOMI MI 9/9T

How to return the stock recovers instead of TWRP:

Download the firmware archive and extract the content to your PC. Start MiFlashPro, go to the Mi Flash tab. When you run the program for the first time, you will be prompted to install the drivers. Press Install button. After installing drivers press the Selest button and select the folder with the unpacked firmware in the window. Turn off your device and then press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously to enter Fastboot mode. Connect your device to PC with USB cable. In the program window click Refresh. Click on the Flash button.

If you also want to lock the bootloader, please check the option Flash all and lock at the bottom right of the window before clicking on the Flash button. Flashing process will take about 10 minutes. Afterwards you get the stock repo.

Warning! In some cases you need to install additional ADB drivers before using MiFlashPro. For some smartphones the same drivers offered by the program may not work. After installing the drivers it is desirable to reboot the PC and only then proceed to flashing.

As you see it’s not so difficult to uninstall the customized recovers and flash the stock one.

There is a utility called Xiomi ADB Fastboot Tools, which is a command line with a graphical interface. Flashing the device through it is easy.

Why do you need a factory reset on Xiaomi

The need to reset the phone to the factory settings occurs in the following cases:

  • Low operating system performance.Smartphone begins to work incorrectly due to prolonged use, firmware obsolescence, viruses. Hard reset allows you to restore the functionality of the phone by completely updating the software.
  • When installing new firmware or selling the smartphone.This gives the new owner the opportunity to download their own applications and data, protects the information of the previous user.
  • The device freezes on booting stage.Resetting the settings using a special menu, the user brings the gadget back to working order.
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How to reset the Android settings on Xiaomi

There are many reasons why you have to do a Hard Reset on Xiaomi: smartphone needs to be cleared before sale, Android began to slow down or you forgot the password or graphical lock. Any of these situations will help with the Reset Settings.

Performing a Hard Reset clears your phone’s internal memory, which means it removes your tethered accounts, contacts, settings, games, and apps. Files on your SD card, like photos, videos, downloaded tracks, will remain untouched. If SD card was used as the internal memory (such option is available in many firmware versions, starting from Android 6.0 Marshmallow). it will be cleared. So don’t forget to perform backups in order not to lose any important data!

The standard way of resetting Xiaomi settings

Go to Settings and under System and Device select Advanced Settings.

Go to Restore and reset.

At the very bottom, select Reset Settings.

Press the Reset Settings button.

If a pattern or password is set, you need to enter it.

Then the system will warn you twice that the data will be deleted. If you are ok with that, hit Next and OK.

How to reset Android on Xiaomi through Recovery

Every smartphone or tablet has a recovery mode. Recovery Mode. To get to it on Xiaomi, turn off the device, then press and hold the following key combination until the Mi logo appears:

Wait for Xiaomi to load the engineering menu and change the language to English by clicking on the button as shown on the picture.

Xiaomi will restart in Recovery. Use Volume button to move and ON to confirm.

Reset Settings (the Pattern Key will be removed along with it) will take a while. at the end you’ll see Data wiped Successfully. Press Back to Main Menu.

You need to select Reboot in Mi Recovery to boot the system.

Hard Reset via Google Find Device

If your Xiaomi phone or tablet has previously logged into your Google Account, you can reset it remotely using the Find Device service. To do this, go to and authorize.

It will search for devices which are linked to the account. Once the process is complete, options will become available, among which the Erase Data option is interesting. Click on it.

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Then confirm again by clicking on the Erase data button.

And finally accept by selecting Clear.

At the end you will see a notice Your device has been erased and the reset will start. If the device is offline, Hard Reset will be performed the first time it is connected to the web.

Doing a Hard Reset on Xiaomi using Mi PC Suite

Owners of Xiaomi phones, in which instead of Recovery opens the firmware mode, to reset the settings (of course, and the graphics key or password) should use the Chinese version of the utility Mi PC Suite (English recognizes not every device).

Download the file from Yandex.Follow the link to your computer, run it, and install it, agreeing to all the prompts.

Switch the phone to the firmware mode, by pressing the power and volume buttons. On PC, run the Chinese version of Mi PC Suite.

Connect Xiaomi via USB. A new window will pop up on top of Mi PC Suite, but if this does not happen, click as shown in the screenshot.

In the opened window choose the following option.

Then click on the left button (Yes in English).

The system and password will be reset, deleting data from internal memory. To reset the device to the Android system, you need to click on the last item.

How to do a factory reset on Xiaomi? Hard Reset on MIUI

Sometimes there comes a time when you have to reset to factory settings on your favorite smartphone Xiaomi or Redmi, for example, if it began to slow down, malfunction, a virus appeared, etc.д. In general, the reason in this context is not so important. importantly, how to properly reset the settings, so we decided to prepare for you an instruction.

Reset to factory settings Xiaomi Redmi 4x

Hard reset or factory reset Xiaomi Redmi 4x/4a. the procedure that cancels the changes made in the memory of the device by the user: applications, contacts, files, accounts. This article will tell you in which cases you should use it, and 4 detailed instructions on how to do it.