How to resize photos on your computer

How to resize photo in IrfanView

With the free image viewer IrfanView, the user has the ability to reduce or increase the size of an image. In IrfanView you can resize photos in centimeters or inches, not only in pixels or percentages like in the majority of similar programs.

  • The “Resize Image” window has presets for standard sizes. Under “New Size Apparently,” under “Width:” or “Height:” enter the necessary values to change the size of the photo in cm, pixels, or inches. To change the size as a percentage, specify the necessary parameters in the option “New size as a percentage of the original”.

Editing images online

There are a lot of online services, using which you can edit images in a few seconds, without installing any additional applications on your computer. To do this, you need to drag and drop the picture in the window of the appropriate service and make adjustments. One such site is

Another online resource that can help you process photos is Its control panel looks like this:

There are many of these “helpers” on the Internet. You can choose the one you like. The principle of their work is almost the same:

  • Upload a photo in a window.
  • Using the control panel you set the necessary parameters.
  • Click “Create”.
  • Download the finished picture to your computer.

How to compress photos without loss of quality

Often you need to reduce the size of photos before uploading them to social networks. To compress an image, you need to change its resolution or format.

You can do this in a special program on your PC, or with a variety of online services. Both methods have their pros and cons.

How Easily to Resize Pictures in Windows 10

For example, the program must be pre-installed on the computer. Web platforms do not have this disadvantage, and allow you to quickly reduce the size of photos, but they are dependent on the network and often do not contain other tools for processing.

You are the one to decide which method to choose. Below we will describe each of them in more detail.

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A photo is a set of pixels (the smallest logical two-dimensional element in a digital image). Modern cameras have more than four thousand pixels horizontally and vertically. This increases the file size. It is possible to change this resolution (reduce the number of pixels) with virtually no loss of quality.

To reduce the weight, the following methods are used:

  • Edit the width and height. It is measured in pixels. For example 800X600;
  • Cropping the edges of a photo (cropping), or its non-informative part;
  • Reducing the quality. The editor uses a special slider for this. Depending on the picture, reducing the file weight by 10-30 percent will not make the image worse;
  • Changing the file format. For example, changing the format from BMP to JPG will reduce the size;
  • Combined method. Apply all of the above methods.

For JPG (JPEG) format resize it using any of the above methods. PNG, BMP, GIF formats can be changed only by reducing their resolution.


ImageCompression.SB is a utility for quick batch compression of graphic images. You can use a utility to reduce the size of a file without losing quality. The final result can be sent by e-mail. The application supports all major image formats: png, bmp, jpeg, gif, tiff, etc.д.

The utility is fully compatible with Windows XP and newer (32 and 64 bit) operating systems. For comfortable work with the program you need Windows XP or later. Russian version available for download. ImageCompression distribution model.SB is free.

After launching the utility you need to open the photo for editing. To do this, users should click “Select” in the selection line of the folder with the image.

Once the folder with the files is selected, you can start the editing process. The work with photos is performed in the “Compression settings” section. Here users should set the following parameters:

  • Maximum height/width.
  • Name of the folder where the source files will be placed.
  • Check the box next to the image formats, which will be processed by ImageCompression utility.SB.
  • Set the quality with the slider: best compression or best quality.

Once all the settings are complete, users can save the created profile. This allows you to apply these settings in the future. To do this, click “Compression settings profiles”. “Save current settings as a profile”. “New”.

After you finish setting the desired compression parameters and save the profile you need to start the workflow. To do this, click on “Start Processing” in the main window of the application ImageCompression.SB

  • a simple and easy to use interface with support for the Russian language;
  • the possibility of batch processing of files;
  • free distribution model;
  • Possibility to save the compression settings in a separate profile.

RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) is a handy application to optimize images. The program works with png, gif and jpg files. You can adjust the brightness, contrast and gamma. Supports batch processing of photos.

The app is fully compatible with Windows XP and higher (32 and 64 bit). The interface language is English, the Russian version is not supported. You can download and install the utility completely free of charge.

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After launching the RIOT application you need to open the graphic image for editing. To do this, use the “Open” function on the toolbar.

The loaded image will be displayed in the “Initial image” window. The “Optimized image” window displays the final result of the optimization of the photo. The toolbar at the bottom of the main window of the RIOT program is used for adjusting the file. While editing photos in PNG format you should perform basic settings: choose an external optimization tool, an algorithm to set the quality, color, compression type (low, medium, high or maximum).

When you work with JPEG files you make other adjustments: setting the quality in percent, the encoding format, etc.д.

Once all the settings are complete, you can see the size of the final file in the “Optimized image” line. Next, you need to save the resulting file. You can do that with the “Save” function in the upper toolbar.

Top 5 ways. How to reduce the size of a jpg file

If you want to increase the disk space of the device or just change the weight of the image, you need to know how to reduce the size of the jpg file.

This is the most common photo format.

jpg compression is supported by all devices and allows you to save the picture information without loss or distortion.

You can see the weight of the jpg file in the photo properties, and you can easily change the size of the picture with the help of editing programs and online services.

Using MS Office programs

Word 2010 and earlier versions include picture compression. The latest versions of the program have removed this feature.

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Add the picture to the document page, then select “Open with” in the tab that appears, and then select MS Picture Manager.

In the window that opens, click on the “Picture” tab and select the “Compress picture” item. The higher the compression ratio, the smaller the final file size will be.

Important! The quality of the picture may degrade after it has been compressed.

Resize image in Paint.NET

Paint is the simplest standard program for editing raster and vector images. Available for all “Windows” users.

The main tools available in the application:

After changing the width and height of the photo, the size.

Follow the instructions to reduce the size of the Paint image:

  • Right-click on the picture you want to edit and select Edit. The photo will automatically open in Paint in edit mode;
  • On the main toolbar, find the resize key and click on it. A dialog box will open. To decrease the size of the resulting file you need to resize it to a smaller size. You can edit an image using percentages or pixels. By saving, you will reduce the volume of the picture.

Remember! After you change the width parameter, you must also change the height proportionally. Otherwise the image may become too stretched and disproportional.

How to reduce the weight of a JPG file with FileOptimizer

FileOptimizer is a free program to optimize files of different types and a large number of image and text formats. The program works in Russian.

  • In the open FileOptimizer window drag and drop the files you want to optimize into the list, or use the File menu for that. The window shows the original size of the image.

With the default settings the application reduces the file size without losing quality. If you need a higher degree of compression, then you need to change the program settings to reduce the quality of JPG.

Go to the “Optimize” menu and click on “Settings. In the “Preferences” window, open the tab with the name of the format, in our case “JPEG”. Check the “Allow lossy optimization” checkbox. Save changes to your settings.