How to restart the phone if the sensor does not work

What to do if the phone is hung with a fixed battery

The reason that the phone is hung and does not respond to commands, there may be a lack of memory, forced overload of the system during failure, weak resource intensity and others. If the phone is hung with a fixed battery, what to do in this case, the recommendations and practical tips of users will tell.

Many users are sure that freezing has no serious reason, but this assumption is not always true. The main causes of the failures:

  • Lack of free space;
  • Lack of RAM;
  • Automatic loading or updating of software;
  • Gadget damage;
  • System error;
  • A sharp temperature difference.

The principle of eliminating such problems is of a general nature. For example, you can try to restart the device or roll back its settings. Some phones modifications may have their own restart methods, which differ from standard. However, there are unique combinations that can return to life any device.

What does an ineffective battery mean on a smartphone

This means that the user will not be able to remove the battery, without a complete analysis of a mobile phone. And even the analysis process is laborious and differs depending on the manufacturer. Such models are called “monolithic”, that is, holistic.

The restriction on the free filming of the battery appeared for several reasons:

  • Ensuring protection against moisture according to global standards. The manufacturers needed to minimize the presence of gaps or removable elements so that water would not leak through them. According to the same principle, the device is protected from dust and other external factors.
  • Saving free space and reducing the thickness of the case. The trends of recent years. The creation of an external clamp with the mount obliged manufacturers to take into account individual ergonomic nuances. Because of this, in some cases, the body is a play-down or creaks when pressed.
  • Complication of the replacement of the battery. Replacing the power source, the user artificially extended his life to the smartphone. Thanks to this, some old models still show themselves perfectly in work.

Forced reboot (universal method)

There is a more stringent method of rebooting the smartphone, which was called forced. It is worth noting that this is a universal way to return the smartphone to a normal state.

Unlike the previous instructions, where it was necessary to choose certain parameters, here you need to simultaneously squeeze 3 buttons: volume, power adjustments and home key.

The last key will have to be clamped only on Samsung phones and tablets, in other cases this should not be done.

How to turn off a phone with a broken screen?

Press and hold the power button and volume reduction button. If at this moment a screenshot occurs, do not pay attention, continue to hold the buttons. 3. Release the buttons after 8-10 seconds, the smartphone will be turned off.

The main reasons for the non.Functioning of the sensor are polluted the surface of the screen: this happens due to the fact that the phone often has to take dirty hands. Fat spots can remain on the screen, which is why the sensor loses sensitivity. The protective film is incorrectly glued.

The second way to turn off and restart the phone if the sensor does not work. Use a computer mouse

If there is a computer mouse or keyboard near you (may be on Bluetooth), you need to purchase OTG cable for a penny.

Further, if, for example, connect the mouse, then a pointer will appear on the screen, as in the computer and it will completely replace your finger.

Conveniently. Yes, it’s convenient, only the cheapest phones are not supported, and everyone works on tablets.

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As you can see, and not everything is simple here. In addition to the fact that the Android or iPhone phone should still have support, you still need to purchase a cable.

The first method forcibly restart the Samsung A50 phone buttons without a sensor

The first method is easier and at the same time if the failure is strong, then sometimes there is a risk that the Samsung A50 will not work out to restart the Samsung A50.

There is another great way to eliminate problems on Android even if it does not turn on. I recommend remembering. Then say “thank you!””

Nevertheless, it should not be ignored. To do this, clamp and hold “turn on” and the “Reducing” button “(clamp together) until it goes out and does not begin to turn on from zero.

Such a combination of buttons was provided by the manufacturer, and the craftsmen did not come up with enthusiasts, so do not worry.

Click boldly, none of your data will disappear, but the system if it would be formed necessarily.

How to reload your smartphone?

On most Android devices, you need to simultaneously press the power buttons and reduce the volume for 5 seconds. This should work on any Android smartphones and tablets such as Google Nexus and Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy and LG phones.

  • Squeeze the “Food” button for a few seconds and wait for a pop.Up shutdown/reboot menu and restart the phone
  • Squeeze the “Nutrition” button and the volume reduction button for a few seconds, after that the phone will turn off and start a standard reboot.

Option 7

Reloading the device can also be through the “Recovery” menu. True, this option for most users (I suppose) will not be useful in the framework of this note, t.To. To call “recovery”. The device needs to be turned off (the link just in case below).


To help!

How to open the Recovery menu for rebooting a smartphone. Instruction

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Is it possible to see contacts on a hung phone

I will give several ways, it is possible that in some cases something will be able to pull out something.

Try to open the https page: // Contacts.Google.Com/ and enter your profile. If the phone was synchronizing with Google services. You will see all the contacts that you had in the notebook.

Part of the contacts could be preserved on the SIM card. Try to take out your card and insert it into another phone. Next, initiate import procedure and see which contacts will be able to transfer.

If your device at times “comes to life” (at least 1-2 min.). Try to make a backup of contacts and files (during this time, in principle, you can have time! ).

How to fix Android phone won’t turn on [2021]

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By the way, I described a couple of ways in his recent note (reference to it below).