How to restore WhatsApp label on the phone. Instruction is suitable for devices

Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to restore information data from a remote program. Remove applications for various reasons, in particular: buying a new smartphone, changing the device of the device, resetting parameters. After removing, not all programs are restored by data. The question surfaces: “Whether the lost Watsap files are restored and how to do it?””. How to restore WhatsApp on the phone further.

In the case when it is important to restore the data, first of all reload the messenger again. All subsequent steps are performed depending on the device of the device.


Apple devices owners to resume files have to perform the following:

As the iPhone is used, the data is saved in iCloud.

  • Open the loaded application.
  • A window will be displayed with a proposal to resume copies of files from the archive.
  • Confirm the action by pressing the corresponding button. Thus, information will be uploaded to both calls and dialogs.


On this type of devices, to resume the application is quite simple, which is the main difference from the rest.

If a Google disk, clouds were used earlier, and there is a backup copy of the lost files, then WhatsApp will offer to use the found copy. In this case, the entire dialogue, media files will be restored. To do this, you need to click on the recovery key. Now you can use the messenger again.

Is it possible to restore an account after removal

There are situations when the owner of the device is faced with the loss of the messenger from the phone. Despite the fact that recently the application was in place.

The reasons can be: a software failure of a device or program, random removal or concealment of a messenger label. To eliminate the malfunctions:

  • Go to the device parameters, check if the application is downloaded.
  • If there is a probability of a malfunctioning device, then turn off the device. Remove the battery and return to place, then turn on the device.
  • If the label of the application is gone, return back to the screen. To do this, go to the list of all programs, click on WhatsApp and hold until the icon on the desktop appears.

It is important not to forget that these conversations are saved on the smartphone from which authorization occurred. Therefore, when using another smartphone, SMS will be used. Save from such a situation may the presence of copies of data if the profile is tied to the Google account.

If the account was blocked, then restoration may also be required. When the device is stolen, it is worth blocking the SIM card, also turn to support and freeze the messenger account. If desired, at any time it is possible to restore the profile.

To do this, you must contact the technical support. Of course, you need a SIM card, since it is impossible to restore files in WhatsApp without a number.

SMS entering the frozen number are stored by the system for 30 days. As soon as you resume access, the accumulated messages will come.

Most users have a question about actions in case of loss of access of WhatsApp. Password recovery is performed according to the presented actions.

What does the notification “WhatsApp Web are currently active

Many users did not appreciate the practicality of the browser client due to the delayed release. In the desktop version, it is convenient to communicate on video communication and share large files. Having logged in in the account for the first time, the user sees an active session icon on the smartphone. It “freezes” on the screen and does not delete.

The current WhatsApp Web session is a static service notification reminiscent of the user of active sessions on related devices where the mobile client acts as a “key” of access to the browser version. When my reminder from the screen, I never managed to remove it

According to developers, the link to the screen is necessary to prevent hacking. The user sees an active session every time he is connected to his web account.

It remains incomprehensible. why, if after 30 minutes of inaction the client loses its connection with the device. In order not to spend the battery charge, it is enough to close the browser tab or update the mobile application, turning off unnecessary connections.

Wa Web activation icon with reference to the screen is not only an unaesthetic solution, but also a functional drawback. The size of the display is limited. The display of other pop.up notes can be blocked: the notification frame is static, scrolling events is not available on all OS. With silent mode, you just can’t see the news.

WhatsApp Web icon is not removed only for security reasons. If you never close the browser client, the appearance of the inscription will indicate an external connection.

If someone gets access to the tab, the user will immediately receive a notification of the active session. In this case, I immediately close the Web Client from the smartphone, activating the option “Exit from all devices”.

Notification “Current session of WhatsApp Web”.

Ways to turn off the icon about the current session on the phone

Since the WA mobile application is not disconnected in order to maintain correspondence, it is easier to get it. In situations where the user opens a web client from someone else’s computer, you can use the session later and even again.

If you forgot to remove the checkmark opposite the “Do not remember me” item, the active session will stop only manual reset.

In the case when you are confident in actions, delete a reminder of the status of a personal “web”. The fixed icon of the online sample is removed in the special section of the phone settings.

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On Android

To hide the icon about the current session WhatsApp Web, check the version of the OS “Android”. On old firmware, the notification is removed in the application manager. Starting with the Oreo version (Android 8.0), the option is available in the section with the notifications of the system.

  • Open the “Settings” utility on an unnecessary “Android”.
  • Go to the menu “Applications Management”.
  • From the list of active, select WhatsApp Messenger.
  • In the internal tab, slip through the parameter with notification.
  • Click the “Disable priority” button.

This method blocks the Notification of the messenger. If you can’t accept the call or answer the message, and the beeps go, just close the desktop client on PC.

To hide the record of an active synchronized session in the browser on the new Android, the priority of notification is established. Showing notification of sessions is deactivated.

  • Open the parameters by pressing the label with gears.
  • Find other settings.
  • Open “Notifications”.
  • In the “recently sent” select WhatsApp.
  • Click on the line “Other notifications”.
  • Sleep the slider to the “off” position.

The above methods do not affect the display of notifications from other applications and services. Only the connecting icon to WhatsApp Web is not shown.

The remaining updates are reported by default if the call is not set manually. To check important reminders, wait for the corresponding message. A pop.up fast view tab will appear on the screen.

On the iPhone

If this is not the first time you turn on WhatsApp web, how to remove the notification about the session, it is clear. However, on iOS devices for managing application and their parameters, a closed system is responsible for. Disconnecting notes manually will not work.

The user can configure the sound of notification, the frequency of the show, but this will not affect the WhatsApp Web service icon.

The solution is to turn off the tab in the browser and the messenger. For old Apple firmware, this is the only working way.

  • Disconnect notifications in the settings.
  • Go to the Web section with connected devices.
  • Stop unused sessions by leaving the application authorized on PC.
  • Confirm the action.

In new versions of iOS, warning is controlled using the dispatcher. To turn off the display of active web seans, call the settings with a swipe on the screen.

Find the option “Notifications”. Smuck down whatsApp and deactivate notifications. After leaving the desktop client, roll back the changes to watch updates configured by default.

To remove the unsteady WhatsApp Web icon from the smartphone screen, turn off its display in the smartphone settings. If there are no functions, close the web client and view the hidden messages of the system.

The WhatsApp icon on the phone desktop disappeared, what to do

The WhatsApp icon has disappeared on the phone, how to return it and why this is happening? An error appears on old and new devices, it may be associated with improper update, lack of free space or an internal error. To return the icon again, you will have to reinstall WhatsApp or just slip through the empty area of ​​the screen.

If the WhatsApp icon is gone on Android, you do not need to worry. Perhaps there was a temporary failure that can be solved by restarting a smartphone.

To reboot the device, hold the power key, then select the shutdown or restart.

If the reboot did not help, you will have to look for a decision manually. To do this, free 5-10 minutes of free time and proceed to check. Installation of additional applications is not required.

Tap an icon

You can restore WhatsApp icon in some smartphones using the transition to the messenger. The work algorithm is simple, you need to slip through the place where the icon used to be. If WhatsApp starts up, close it. The icon should recover.

note. The owners of the Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung devices faced such a problem. The icon disappears from the desktop, while the name of the messenger remains. After starting WhatsApp and turning it off, everything is restored.

If the Watsap icon on Android disappears, but there is no name of the messenger on the screen, look for the icon on other desktop or in folders. If the phone was accidentally unlocked in his. the badge could move to another place by chance or even retire.

If the phone is already old and in it, in addition to desktops, there is a menu with all applications, go into it, find WhatsApp, press it for a few seconds. After this, the menu will disappear, and the button can be transferred to any area of ​​the desktop.

Update the messenger to the latest version

If the WhatsApp icon disappears, but the messenger is definitely not deleted, it can be returned by updating to the latest version. This error rarely happens, usually on outdated devices with Android.

How to update WhatsApp and return the disappeared icon:

  • Open the Play Market store.
  • Go into your profile if it is required.
  • Find a messenger by name using a special line from above.
  • Log in the WhatsApp card, find the update key and slip it on it.
  • After a few seconds, download new files, the smartphone will do everything automatically.

If there are no keys for updating, then the last assembly of the messenger is already used and the error has appeared for another reason.

Reinstall WhatsApp

The WhatsApp icon has disappeared on the phone, how to return it? Just reinstall the messenger. You can delete it through a special menu with installed applications, and download a new version through an official store.

After installing a new version, you need to enter the profile and restore all messages for this:

If after some time the WhatsApp icon on the phone again disappeared and the messenger stopped working, you need to look for the reason further, it can lie in insufficient space in the repository.

Check the residue of memory on the phone

If the Vatsap icon is missing on the phone, perhaps the reason was the lack of space in the storage of the device. The error could appear during the update, the messenger did not have enough space to unpack all the files.

How to check the place in the storage of the smartphone:

To free up the place, you will have to erase unused applications and unnecessary multimedia files. To restore the work of the messenger, it will have to be removed, then install it again.

If the Watsap icon for Android disappears, but everything is fine with the place in the storage, an internal error may have arisen, which would not work out to fix.

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Error in the firmware of the device

What to do if WhatsApp is missing on the phone and how to return it? Perhaps the error is in the firmware of the device, usually this rarely happens. You can encounter a problem after updating the mobile phone operating system. If WhatsApp has disappeared, it may not be supported.

What to do if such an error appears and how to return the WhatsApp icon to the phone screen? It will not work to solve the problem yourself. Typically, developers will quickly learn about the problem and release the next updates.

Try to install WhatsApp again in a few hours, if a new assembly has already been released, it will be installed without problems and will work in normal mode.

be careful. Use only official WhatsApp. You can download it on the developers’ website or through a store. If the WhatsApp icon is missing on the smartphone screen and it is not possible to restore it, you will have to write in technical support.

How to restore WhatsApp on the phone if it disappears and does not start? First of all, restart the mobile phone. If this did not help, check the residue of the memory in the storage and reinstall the messenger. You can restore all correspondence using backup, the service will automatically offer to return all the chats after entering the profile.

If nothing is done and the WhatsApp icon disappears on the desktop. write to technical support. Describe in detail your problem, name the device model and type of operating system.

How to Backup & Restore WhatsApp Messages on iPhone (3 Ways)

How to add WhatsApp to your desktop?

Press the context menu button (three vertical points) in the upper right corner; Select the option “Add chat icon to the screen”; Turn whatsApp and return to your desktop: there you will see your interlocutor’s avatar; Click on it. this action will transfer you to a joint chat.

How to return WhatsApp to the iPhone screen?

At the same time, press the power buttons and “home” and hold both buttons until the iPhone screen is turned off.

How to return the application icon on the screen?

To return the link to the Android device, you need:

  • Open a complete list of applications. press on the icon with squares below;
  • Click on the application link and hold it;
  • a desktop will appear, to which we move the program icon and release.

How to remove WhatsApp label from desktop

You can set the WhatsApp link to your phone’s desktop in seconds. If the icon is no longer needed, it can be quickly removed, following the instructions:

  • Find the icon on the desktop of your smartphone.
  • Click for 2-3 seconds.
  • The basket / removal button will appear at the top or below the display.
  • Drain the link to the removal area.
  • If necessary, confirm the action.

The conversation in WhatsApp is not deleted. The icon will disappear only from the mobile phone screen. You can view it again through the messenger menu.

Copy and restore WhatsApp on iPhone

Now let’s find out how to restore WhatsApp on the iPhone phone. As you already know, there the data reserve is created in the ICLOUD storage. To do this, do this:

Here you can configure the automatic creation of a reserve. We talked in detail about transferring chats from iPhone to iPhone here.

When the copy on ICLoud is ready, you can restore WhatsApp on the phone after deleting. Remove the application on the old iPhone. And download the messenger from the App Store to install on a new phone.

Then the standard procedure for authorizing and confirming the number. The messenger will ask if you are going to restore the remote WotSAP. You just have to agree and wait until the backup is loading.

Difficulties and problems

Sometimes, when recovering, failures may occur and an incorrect action will occur, which will not allow the restoration in full. Let’s look at a few reasons:

  • Internet. If the connection is unstable and constantly interrupted, then you must connect to Wi-Fi to avoid difficulties.
  • Memory. Check if your storage is filled and there is a place to install past data. This is important because some fragments can not recover.
  • Authorization in Google disk or ICLOUD DRIVE. Since the backup is saved on cloud data, it is necessary to authorize in these services. Otherwise, there will be no data where it will get.

After that, you can say that you have successfully coped with the operation “Restore my WhatsApp”. All your data is safely transferred to a new phone. See further how the installation on the computer occurs.

How to display a WhatsApp chat on your desktop

WhatsApp chat shortcut can be placed on your desktop in a smartphone. With it, it will be possible to quickly go into dialogue, without opening the main screen of the messenger. In the leadership, we will figure out how to place the correspondence icon on the display of the mobile phone, whether it is possible to display a label on a computer.

You can add a conversation icon on a smartphone display for free using a menu. The option is available on Android and iPhone. The icon will appear on the desktop, with its help you can open the desired chat in one touch and start communication.

Attention. You can put the icon on the display for free. Special permits will be required to work, they will be requested at the time of configuration. If you refuse permissions, use the option will not work.

On the mobile phone

We will figure out how to put the label of Watsap on the desktop of a mobile phone. For this, act according to the instructions:

  • Launch WhatsApp.
  • Find the desired dialogue in the main window with the last correspondence.
  • Press the card until the panel appears from above.
  • Tap the button with dots.
  • Click on “Add chat icon to the screen”.
  • There will be a notification, click on “allow”.

The icon will appear on the screen. You can find it on one of the desktop. For a quick entrance to the dialogue or group, slip through the shortcut.

Attention. The icon will automatically take the form of an aurka that the interlocutor uses.

The mobile phones may differ. In the example, a mobile phone with Android 10 is considered. You can set the Watsap icon on the phone display on old and on new devices.

On PC or laptop

Displaying the WhatsApp correspondence icon on PC will not work. The option is not supported by the official client and WhatsApp Web, launched in the browser.

To find a subscriber, you will have to open the messenger and view the list with the latest correspondence. For convenience, the conversation can be fixed in the upper part of the list. You can do this through a smartphone or PC.

It is not possible to remove the icon

If it is not possible to set the icon with a chat of Watsap on a working display, you will have to check the resolutions. Smartphones can block the actions of installed applications to protect the device.

How to check the permits in WhatsApp on Android:

After setting, try to display WhatsApp correspondence again, everything should turn out.

How to display the icon of Watsap to the phone screen? The option is already built into the menu, it is enough to select the chat and click on the desired button for work. The mobile phone will ask for permission, provide it. The function on the computer, unfortunately, does not work.

The reasons for the disappearance of the Vatsapa icon

If the icon is not found on the screen of the device, there may have been a failure in the application of the application catalog.

In addition, the user could accidentally hide or remove the widget, for example, place it in a separate folder and forget about it. Another reason is damage to the system files, due to which part of the components of the intese disappears. You need to change the settings or restart the device.

Return the icon to the screen Android

There are several ways to help set the WhatsApp icon on Android.

Reinstalling the label

If the smartphone has an additional menu for applications, you need to remove the label manually.

  • Open a special menu. Looking for a messenger in the list of programs.
  • Hold the finger on the icon until the toolbar appears.
  • Shift the screen to the right to see what is happening on the “desktop”. Place the icon in the desired part of the display, remove the finger.

Cleaning the cache

The method is suitable for any mobile gadget. Cash memory must be cleaned regularly, since a large amount of temporary files negatively affects the operation of the operating system.

  • Open the section of the telephone settings. To do this, use the notification curtain or the main menu.
  • Go to the “Applications” tab. View the list. If the elements are located in alphabet, the desired is at the end.
  • In the drop.down menu of the program, select the action “Clean the cache”. Confirm the intention. Come out of the settings and reboot the smartphone.

Features for Samsung

If the Vatsap icon has disappeared on the phone, how to return it, the instruction will tell you:

  • Unlock the device. Go to the General Settlement section. Put on a gear icon.
  • Sprinkle the page until the item “Blocking of the screen” appears.
  • In the new window, touch the inscription “Labels”. Enable Chaton, find WhatsApp in the list of options.
  • Confirm actions.

This procedure is performed to add the icon to the main screen.

Other reasons for the lack of notifications in WhatsApp

Other reasons for the lack of notifications in the messenger include:

  • bad Internet connection;
  • wrong time and time zone;
  • incorrect settings;
  • the use of or energy saving programs;
  • crowded cache;
  • Program failures.

Before conducting diagnostics, just try to restart the smartphone. This helps to eliminate general malfunctions of the software that affects the incompatibility of applications, internal errors or overflow of RAM.

Messages may not come with the traffic saving mode on.

Check the Internet connection. If its quality is unstable or low, your device will simply be inaccessible to WhatsApp servers. For verification, you can go to different sites, measure the load speed on special resources, open other applications using traffic, and t. D.

If you suspect that the reason lies in the Internet connection, try changing the location. When using Wi-Fi, it is advisable to stay closer to the router. If you are connected to the operator’s network, go out to the open area. Check with the provider if emergency work is carried out on your line.

The wrong time and time zone

If WhatsApp notifications for a new smartphone or after resetting settings do not come, check the time and time zone. Another “symptom” that indicates this reason is multiple malfunctions in the work of other applications and the inability to load some pages in browsers.

If the time indicated on the phone does not coincide with the current, set it manually.

The function of showing the contents

Notifications may not be displayed on a blocked screen if you have disabled the contents of the contents.

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the category “Security”.
  • Find the point “Blocking screen”.
  • Put a checkmark or activate the toggle switch opposite the “notifications” line.

Night mode

Night mode turns off sound notifications, vibration, sometimes visual alerts. You can deactivate the option through settings in the “Using device” menu “. If you turned on sleep mode through a application, the instruction will differ depending on the brand on.

Energy saving

The path to the settings of energy saving on different smartphones is different. In most cases, you can change the parameters in the “Battery” section. In it, turn off the energy conservation mode and any of its modifications, activate the option of maximum performance.

The reason may be the on energy saving mode.

Crowded cache

Negatively affect the work of the messenger, his crowded cache may.

restore, whatsapp, label, phone, instruction
  • Open “Settings”.
  • Select “Applications” section
  • Find “WhatsApp” and open the menu with it.
  • Click on the “Storage” button.
  • Tap “Clean Kesh”.

Application Error

An unstable display of notifications or the absence of alerts may be due to the wrong application of the application. To eliminate the problem, try to update or reinstall WhatsApp through an official program store.

How to add a correspondence icon to the display

If you often use one site for communication, you can speed up the process of answering questions, as well as access to a private or group dialogue.

How to display a chat icon in WhatsApp to the screen:

  • We go to the “Chat” tab and open the desired correspondence.
  • In the dialog box, we activate the vertical icon in the upper right corner of the user window.

As a result, the icon appears on the desktop, and when it is activated, correspondence immediately opens without authorization in the WhatsApp messenger. An unlimited number of chats is added in a similar way, but the functionality is available only for owners of Android devices.

Change your desktop in iOS 14

Nevertheless, this does not stop many users. this is what some do with their desktop. What do you think it’s beautiful? Share the opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and in our chat in Telegram.

In addition to the aforementioned method with the “command” application to customize icons, they also use applications with widgets like Widgetsmith. With it, you can create your own widgets with different colors, fonts and design.

Widgetsmith allows you to make your own widgets

Here, for example, is one of these widgets. If you make all the icons in the orange style and choose the right wallpaper, everything will turn out in the same style.

A few more applications with widgets:

    Color Widgets. to create your own widgets;