How to return an old version of android

How to install an older version of an app on Android?

The application will be the way you launched it the first time.

  • Open Settings.
  • Select “Applications” or “App Manager.
  • Select the “App Manager” if your device has one
  • Find the application whose version you want to return to the factory
  • Click the “Uninstall updates” button.

When you can rollback an Android update

Almost all digital devices of the new generation manufacturers optimize for certain versions of the OS. For example, if your laptop is running Windows10, even an advanced user can hardly put Windows7 on it. You have to configure the BIOS for that.

The same happens in the manufacture of cell phones. They work normally only with certain versions of drivers. The manufacturers don’t want to make universal devices, able to work normally on any version of Android. Therefore, modern gadgets will not work on old Android 2, 3 and 4.

Accordingly, you can only rollback to the firmware that was updated on the smartphone. The truth is not all so rosy. It can be easily rolled back if the firmware copy is stored in the phone memory. After the upgrade the archive with the old firmware is erased from the phone memory, so you can’t restore it with the regular system tools. To put a previous version of OS on it you need to reflash it. You need to download the required firmware version and special firmware updater. It is worth noting that if this procedure is performed incorrectly, the cell phone can become a brick.

Preparation for rollback

If after all the warnings you still have a desire to use the previous version, you should not delay the process, but get down to business. Before proceeding to rollback you need to perform the following preparatory actions.


  • First of all you need to make a backup of your current operating system (Backup). If the new one turns out to be unsuitable, the device can be restored.
  • If your phone has personal data: contacts, photos, music, you must also save them, because after the rollback all the information will be automatically deleted. The backup file must be moved to the memory card, another device or to cloud storage.
  • Charge the battery of your smartphone (tablet) to 100%. During the procedure the energy consumption increases, and if the battery runs out, you will not be able to turn on the device.
  • If you have PC and laptop in the house it is better to choose the latter. During reflashing there can be some emergency situations (e.g. power outage), the battery will help to complete the process calmly.

And one more important point: before starting the procedure, the mobile device must be turned off.

Install an old version of the application from the APK file and turn off updates in Play Store

To be able to install APK files, you must enable this option.

To do this, go to “Security settings” and then check “Unknown sources” to be able to install files outside of Play Market (after installation you can disable this option again).

Once you have the APK file in your device memory, run any file manager (you can install without a manager if you know where it is and can open the folder without).

After browsing, locate the APK file and select it to start the installation process. Confirm the installation with the “Install” button.

The app in the old version will be installed and ready to use. Only, before you start using it, you need to do one more thing.

After installing it, turn off its automatic updates in Play Market, because if you don’t, after a while the latest version will be automatically downloaded again.

To do this, go to Play Market and then find the app in the store that has the older version installed.

Select it in Play Market and go to its details. You will notice that the update is available to the latest version. ignore it.

In the upper right corner you will find a button with three dots. Tap it to open the menu, and then uncheck the “Automatic update” box.

Now that application will no longer automatically update and will remain in the version you have installed.

It’s also important to be careful when updating other files manually in the Play Store. If you need to perform multiple updates, the “Update All” button is usually available.

Tapping it will also update an app that you just installed an older version of.

If you want to update other files on your phone, don’t use this button. instead, use the separate “Update” button next to each app. Good luck.

Uninstall the current version of the desired application

To start with, to get something back, you first need to uninstall the current version, such as classmates or instagram. You cannot downgrade when the system detects that the latest version is installed.

So the first step is to go to the Android settings and then to the “Applications” tab. There, find the app you want to uninstall in the list, and then click on it.

Select “Delete” from the list of details. If it is a system update, find the “Remove update” button to remove the latest update.

After uninstalling, you can go to the next step, which is to download the installer of the same app, but in an older version.

How to return the old design?

To install the old stable version of VK you need to follow a series of sequential steps described below:

To return the old version of Instagram, you need to : uninstall the version that you have now and install the previous one.

  • This is only for Android users.
  • To use Instagram, you need an Android version of at least 4.4, or better yet 5.0 и 6.0.
  • Now the minimum, working version of Instagram is 164.0.0.

How to update Android

To change the firmware, use three options: automatic, manual and update from your computer. Usually use the second way:

  • The necessary version of the OS is downloaded from the manufacturer’s official site.
  • The system is reset to the device, then the latter is switched to recovery.
  • At apply update from, choose SD card or Storage, depending on where the OS is loaded.
  • In the next window, select the desired file and start the installation.

At the end of the process the device will reboot.

How to update Android to 6

The sixth part of the OS is called Marshmallow. You can install it on any device, although most smartphones are released on the seventh. The sixth is used for outdated phones with a small amount of RAM, because the seventh is much more demanding, although it is more ergonomic. You can install it using the method proposed above or use your computer. Detailed description of how to install Android via PC is presented below.

How to update Android to 7

Most Chinese smartphones work on this version of the OS. It refers to Chinese companies, such as China Mobile. This is due to the quality of the operating system and its prevalence. Android 7.0 works on the vast majority of smartphones, although it’s demanding on RAM. Installing the seven is similar to the six and is done in two ways.

How to update Android to 8

There are two eight: Android 8.0 и 8.1. Both are only available for a limited number of phones:

  • Nexus, Pixel from Google.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8, S8, and all 2017 devices.
  • Sony XA1 and Xperia X series.
  • Xiaomi Mi 5S, Mi 6 series.
  • LG V10, 20; G6, 5; Q6.
  • HTC U series and number ten series.
  • Nokia 3, 5, 6, 8.

For most of these devices, the eighth version of Android has become the final, so to install it, just go to settings, open the software update and perform an automatic system update.

How to update Android to 9

The ninth version of Android is gradually becoming official on all devices, acting as the main operating system. To install it, just go to your phone settings, scroll down and open help. Usually, the software update item is listed first, but sometimes it is located below. Make sure that the 9th version of Android is released for your device, charge your smartphone and run the automatic update. Don’t forget to turn on Wi-Fi to download the operating system.

How to update Android to 10

The tenth numbered version of Android is in development and cannot be installed on your mobile device, because the current, ninth version of the software has not yet been distributed to all smartphones. Also, OS developers are busy creating patch 9.1, which will fix the shortcomings of 9.0.

If you still have questions. Let us know Ask a question

Testing of Android Q. the tenth part of the operating system is scheduled for spring 2021. If developers can reach API 29, maybe version 9.1 will be skipped because it can only support API 28. The release of stable system 10.0 should be expected in the summer or fall of 2021.

How to update to the latest version

The easiest way to update your Android device is to enter its settings:

  • Select About phone and go to the system update.
  • Check for updates by pressing the appropriate key. Make sure your smartphone is charged.
  • If a new version of the OS is detected, the device will start the installation procedure.

If an update came to one device and a similar device didn’t, check your settings:

This option leads to installing the latest version available.

How to rollback app updates on Android

Android has an auto-update feature for apps. This is how Google takes care of its OS users.

Only sometimes the opposite happens. instead of benefits, trouble. There is no need to uninstall them then. you can simply roll back the updated applications to the previous version.

For this you will need a program. “AppWereRabbit”. You can download it on Play Market. After installation the program will make backups of applications before the upgrade, then you can at any time rollback.

Once launched, click on any application and you will be presented with a list of actions. Then you can restore the old version.

In addition to rolling back applications the program can also clear the cache, search for installation files and a few other useful things.

There are some disadvantages. no Russian language and with versions below android 4.0 program does not work. Good luck.

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