How to return to factory settings for iPhone

How to reset iPhone settings to factory. Exhaustive instruction

Apple mobile technology rarely encounters errors and technical problems even with the most intensive work. But, if the operating system does not work too stable, problems regularly arise with the Internet, or the iPhone sometimes begins to reboot in random order, then the resetting of the settings will definitely not damage. It is enough to simply repeat certain instructions submitted below, and iOS will work, as before.

Reset of settings on iPhone, iPad and iPod leads to cleaning internal memory and loss of confidential information, and that is why Apple recommends preparing in advance for a similar procedure:

  • Download iTunes and update the software to the latest version (section “Help” Menus “Update”);
  • Prepare a backup with the help of iCloud (in the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch settings) or through iTunes (category “review”, item “Create a copy of now”;

How to proceed further depends on the tools used. We are realized by the IOS built.In tools, and through iTunes and even with the help of third.Party software.

To start

Prepare the gadget before the overall discharge, charging it.

The battery must be charged by at least 30%.

If the discharge occurs during rebooting and zeroing, this will lead to serious malfunctions in the software, up to turning into “brick”.

Be sure to check IMEI

Check the IMEI mobile device for the lack of locking. In any of the online services, for example, IMEIPRO.Info.

You will need to enter the number and go through the check “Recaptcha”, then click “Check”.

How to Backup & Reset your iPhone in 2022!

IMEI can be found on the iPhone itself, on the box or in the subparagraph “On the device”, in the settings of the gadget.

After you make sure that it has the status of “unlocked”, you can start the process of zeroing data.

Resetting configurations on the apparatus with Jailbreak will lead to a complete blocking.

Make a backup

Before deleting all the settings, make a backup copy of important information. There are two ways to create a backup:

Apple owners are completely available for 5 GB of free space in the “cloud”. For functioning, a stable connection of mobile Internet or Wi-Fi must.

In the “Settings” menu, find “iCloud” and activate the “Reserve Copy” function. Next, choose a “backup copy in iCloud” and the final action is “Create a backup”.

To do this, connect the device to the computer. After that, it remains only to start iTunes, select the “This computer” item and activate the creation of a copy.

Get out of all services

Before resting the gadget. Get out of all services and applications (vibrant):

  • Messengers (VK, FB, Instagram, Viber and others)
  • Imessage and Face Time. In the future to avoid problems with SMS delivery and connection;
  • Icloud, iTunes, App Store. To limit access to the user’s personal information, saved documents, photos and videos, configurations, accounts.

Fails to drop the iPhone

Both methods above mean that your iPhone is in working condition, t.E. Recognized in iTunes or you can go into the phone settings. What to do if the phone is hanging or none of the listed methods allows you to restore the iPhone?

First of all, try to restart the device. If the reboot did not give anything, use the instructions for restoration of iPhone firmware in DFU mode (links above).

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In this article, I showed how to drop the iPhone to factory settings in two ways. If you have any questions regarding the attached accounts, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Well, if you have learned something useful for yourself, be sure to like social.Networks (buttons below).

How to restore factory settings on iPhone without iTunes

If you want to delete all your data on the iPhone, but you do not have a computer with iTunes, you can drop a smartphone through its settings menu (but, of course, you will need a password):

  • Select “Settings” “Basic” “Reset” “Delete all contents and settings”.
  • Follow the instructions on the iPhone screen until the Apple logo and the execution indicator appear
  • After that, you can re.Configure the iPhone.

Reset iPhone

The solution to the problem set for us can be implemented in two ways. Through the ITUNES program for PC or in the “settings” of the mobile device itself. Below we will consider each of them, but first we will prepare for the implementation of this procedure.

Preparatory measures

Before proceeding to deleting data from the device, you need to disable the “Find iPhone” function, since otherwise nothing will work. About how this is done on the iPhone with iOS 12 and the previous versions we wrote in a separate article, the link to which is given below. Next, we will tell you what actions should be performed in iOS 13.

    Open the “settings” and slip by the name of your Apple ID profile.


Connect the iPhone to the computer through a complete USB cable and perform the following actions:


As we said above, you can dump on a mobile device, and this approach is faster and simply convenient.

    Open the “settings” of the iPhone and go to them to the “Basic” section.

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Solving possible problems

In some cases, an attempt to reset iPhone through the iTunes program may fail. There is a lot of reasons for such a problem, and it can manifest itself both in the form of a banal interruption or failure, and more specifically, expressing in a license plate error. In the latter case, the solution is much easier to find, in the rest you will have to try different ways. Fortunately, on our website there are separate articles on this topic, and if you could not erase the data from the phone, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them.

Creating a backup. Whether it is necessary?

Before dropping the iPhone to factory settings, it is worth making a backup copy of the data stored on the phone using iTunes. Then, if necessary, important information can be restored. You can create a backup in two ways:

In the AppStore context menu, we pass along the path “File”. “Devices”. “Create a backup”.

Click the device icon in the top panel and in the “review” section click “Create a copy now”.

All data is “resurrected” using a backup copy. It will only be available:

Factory Reset iPhone 13 Pro Erase Everything in 2021

  • Contacts.
  • The contents of the application “Notes”.
  • Photo.
  • Messages and call history.
  • Phone settings and network settings.

Games, applications and music will not be restored.

Recovery from a backup in iTunes

Why do: when you need to return the device to the operating condition with a minimum loss of data on it or upload a backup for a certain date.

What will be erased: only changes (contacts, settings, applications, content) will be earned, which were made within a while after the creation of a backup copy.

This is how the recovery is made from the backup through iTunes:

  • We connect the device to the computer on which the backup is saved;
  • In iTunes, select the file. Devices. Restore from a backup;
  • Select the most relevant backup and click on restore.

Iphone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and earlier models

In all iPhone models, starting from the first to the devices released in the spring of 2016 (iPhone SE) inclusive Hard Reset is carried out the same.

To reset, you need to clamp the home button and the Power key until Apple’s logo appears.

This method of rebooting works on all iPad and iPod Touch models.

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