How to run Windows via BIOS on a laptop

How to install Windows via BIOS: settings, step.By.Step guides, tips.

Determine the BIOS settings for a particular matkart, you can look at them in the passport of the motherboard. Important! Incorrect BIOS parameters can disable or reduce power indicator.

Information for management.

How to install Windows via BIOS, loading with DVD, USB, HDD depends on several Boot Menu keys:

What is needed to start recovery

It is impossible to make a “system restoration” through BIOS, so you will need an installation medium with the version of Windows that needs to be “reanimate”. It will have to run it through BIOS. You also need to make sure that there are special “recovery points” that will roll back to the working condition. Usually they are made by default system, but if there are no one, then the “restoration of the system” will become impossible.

You also need to understand that when carrying out the recovery procedure, there is a risk of losing some user files or violating the performance of the programs that were recently installed. In this case, everything will depend on the date of creation of the “recovery point” that you use.

Loading disk

This method is much more complicated than the previous one, but it guarantees the result. To fulfill it, you will need a carrier with the Windows installer. First you need to insert a flash drive and restart the computer.

If after rebooting you do not have a Windows installation master, then you need to make a distribution of download priorities in BIOS.

If you have an installer during the reboot, then you can go to the performance of steps from this instructions:

  • Initially, select the language, set up the date and time, after which we click “Next” and go through the window with the installation.
  • Since installing the system is not required again, you need to go to the “Restoration of the System” item. It is located in the lower corner of the window.

To enter the “safe mode” through BIOS is sometimes more difficult than it seems at first glance, so if there is such an opportunity, try to enter it directly from the operating system.

On our site you can find out how to launch a “safe mode” on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows XP operating systems.

On this topic:

Hello, I want to load into safe mode, and the team does not work in the console. Tell me what to do?

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Hello! You put an extra gap between Slesh (/) and SET, so the team does not work.

Hello I have a problem, I wanted to delete the file into the basket and the computer hovered at the same time, there were some counters in the systematic, and after rebooting, the computer does not load, the inscription microsoft corporate and there is a farther on the PC, while there is a counting in the systemswhat to do that

Not in ordinary, not safe, not in any other mode does not start, what to do?

Когда ком загружается пишет critical process died Windows 8 как исправить

When copying from a disk to a disk, an inconsistent occurred. PC when loading from a disk to which a copy is made, a greeting is being loaded and the Windows XP screensaver appears on the screen and has been hanging for more than a few hours. When connecting the disk from which a copy and launch of PC with a choice in the BIOS DISK was made to which a copy-release copy passes without problems and the programs and the documents are opened and the reason works and whether there is the possibility of correcting this jamb? Sincerely Anatoly

Hello, Anatoly. You mean a copy of the disk with the operating system? If so, then you can’t just take and copy this data, it is necessary to clone the disk using a special program, for example, Acronis True Image. Details in the article on the link below. /How-to-Clone-HDD-to-HDD/

windows, bios, laptop

The disk section with the installed system was fully copied (inclined) with the acronis program. According to the instructions on the method of attached to this program.

Anatoly, there is one option. It is necessary to create a backup copy of the entire original disk, and then expand (restore) it on the target. This is done in Acronis True Image. This method is more reliable in terms of saving data. If you need to explain in more detail, then write, help.

Hello, I stopped starting Windows 8.1 on the HP laptop.

Hello help me.

Valentine, hello. Please tell me, what is your motherboard model? Also specify to what point the system is loading? That the last you see on the screen before the computer begins to restart?

Hello, I can’t include safe mode via BIOS. When I press F8, a slightly different menu is displayed, you could not tell me what to do in this case?

Hello! Rebooted the computer and now it stopped working, the recovery parameters for the keys Ctrl Alt Del are not responding. After you make the restoration of the system again the same screen. In short, everything is repeated

Help I disabled the parameter in the scaling drivers of the GP and now at the entrance to Windu I write outside the range.F8 does not help me, when choosing a hard disk, Windows immediately starts.WHAT TO DO?Tell me pliz 🙂

Hello, Dima. If you use the Windows 10 operating system, you will not be able to enter the “safe mode” by pressing this functional key, you will need to perform the method 2 that is described in this article, namely, enter this mode through a boot flash drive or disk. In it you will need to independently set the resolution supported by the monitor or turn on the parameter of the scaling of the GP in the drivers.

In addition, I can advise connecting the cord from the monitor to the integrated video chip (to the motherboard), if before that it was connected to a discrete video card. Connecting to another monitor who supports higher resolution can also help, the best option would be a TV.

If none of the above helps, try to use the 2nd method, just choose the option of “restoration of the system” if you have a backup copy. Otherwise, you will have to reinstall Windows so that the settings are dropped automatically through the removal of all programs and drivers.

Install Windows 11 on (old) Legacy BIOS computer the hard (pro) way

Hm. I did not upload updates. Any mistakes, problems, problems were not observed. Upon completion of work with PC. As it should be turned off. The next day, the laptop categorically refuses to turn on. Bad System Config Info error code. OC. ​​Windows 10, of course, is not a license (Gori it with fire). F8 keys, combinations Shiftf8, FNF8. Do not work. Dancing with a tambourine. So far they do not help. Do you really have to kill time to create a “loading flash drive” ? Is there a faster solution to this problem.

Windows 7 launch from the installation disk

If the Windows installation page does not appear

If the Windows installation page does not appear and the request for pressing any key, perhaps the DVD-discord or USB flash memory must be installed as the first loading device. To do this, change the settings of the basic input-output system (BIOS) of the computer.

Note: Most new computers can be launched from USB devices, but old computers may not have such an opportunity. See additional information in the accompanying documentation of the computer or on the website of its manufacturer.

Loading from a flash drive/disk using boot menu

Why configure and change the upload line in BIOS when you can boot from the flash drive by clicking one button?

We are talking about boot menu. The loading menu, translated into Russian. If you call this menu, then you can choose where to download a computer/laptop: from a hard disk, from a CD/DVD, from a flash drive, from an SD card, and t.D.

windows, bios, laptop

The Boot Menu call button is usually indicated on the first screen that you see after turning on. An example in the photo below:


Buttons for calling a boot menu for various laptop manufacturers (PC). You can also find out in this article.

By calling a boot menu, you will appear all the devices from which you can download. Example in the photo below: you can download from a hard drive, flash drives and CD/DVD drive.

How to install Windows reinstall the system via BIOS

We were going to install Windows ? Install correctly. This is from the disk via BIOS. To do this, it is necessary to ensure that the download is made using CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. If you need to load with a USB flash, you need to select a USB HDD item.

To do this, we need to reboot the computer, get into the BIOS settings (Setup). The program providing the initial download of the computer. When loading the computer, a window will appear, the record is Press XXX to Enter Setup below, it will actually be written there how to get into BIOS. There are not many options. It can be a button: del, ESC, F1, F2, F3, F10, CTRLLTESC (simultaneously)

Also, to choose a download option C HDD, USB, DVD, you can use boot menu, entrance keys:

Samsung. Escdell. F12HP. F9 or ESC key, and then F9Toshiba. F12

If you could not go to BIOS, try to do everything again if so. We see the next window.

Loading is not made with DVD-ROM. Record the disc with Windows at minimum speed, at another disk (new), choose another distribution.

If in BIOS, UEFI there is no way to choose, add loading from the disk or USB flash, you need to turn off the Secure Boot or in the operating system start the installation from the disk.

One of the reasons why the load is not loaded with USB flash drives (black screen). This is included by UEFI, the flash drive is formatted in NTFS. Legacy BIOS supports download from the NTFS, UEFI section. FAT32

Windows XP is not placed on the hard drive SATA III (3)

It is worth fearing distributions with Windows auto starting, the answer file, the operating system may be installed on the wrong section and delete the data!

And so we are in the Ami BIOS settings. To change the settings, click the button “. “On the Boot tab

The “down” button select CD-ROM Drive, button “” transfer to the first place in the list. We have achieved the load to be made with CD \ DVD-ROM. Take a hurry to rejoice :). It is necessary to save these settings! You can do this by pressing F10 (save and exit), or button “. “Go to exit. Exit Saving Changes.

If you have Award (Phoenix) BIOS. Select the Advanced Bios Features item:

Next, select in FIRST BOOT DEVICE. Cdrom

Second Boot Device. HDD-0

After changing the load option, click ESC and save the settings at the Save Exit Setup item.

Gigabyte UEFI Dualbios in Russian

Select the functions of BIOS. Priority of loading devices. Download option. F10

When loading a computer, click any key.

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How to install windows xp? And so the load is made with DVD-ROM. The disk is inserted, we start! XP installation begins with the loading of files and rebooting the computer, then a window with three options will appear.

To install OS, click the entry key (Enter). If it offers a license agreement, of course we agree to the key F8;).

Choose section C. But it is advisable to verify the correct selection of the section. Sometimes, when installing, sections can be displayed differently. Therefore, we remember what size your disk was and select it!

What system to format with? Format. Means erase information. I hope you have saved all your necessary files from the disk from. Do not be alarmed until nothing has happened to your files if you press ESC (cancel), the installation of Windows will stop and you can save your files after rebooting. How to do this can be read here. For operating systems XP, 7 section C must format in NTFS. So. Choose NTFS (quick). After formatting, you can start installing Windows. In the process it will be proposed to select parameters that can be determined immediately: languages ​​and regional standards. The default input language, the name of the organization, the name of the computer, the administrator’s password, setting the time and date, the name of the network of the network. After some time, the installation will be completed!

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At this stage, you will have to choose the architecture of X86 or X64 BIT, x64 BIT should be chosen if you have above 4 GB of RAM.

Select a full installation for further formatting of the disk with

Click on. Windows 7 installation will begin:

We remove the daw to automatically activate Windows 7 when connecting to the Internet

I hope that the article How to install Windows 7 helped.

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Want to reinstall Windows? It is very important to reinstall the OS correctly. The process can be divided into three stages: the first stage. These are the actions performed before installation, the second. Installation of the operating system, the third stage. Settings.

You cannot reinstall the system via the Internet, you can reinstall Windows using DVD ROM or USB flash.

Before reinstalling Windows, you need to choose the right distribution that can be bought in a store or download on the Internet. The image of the disk can be recorded by Ultraiso. I recommend using clean assemblies in which the drivers, design topics are not preinstalled, there are no tweaks (changes in the registry parameters). To improve performance and security, the last service PAK and critical updates should be preinstalled. Such an operating system will last longer!

How to Reprogram a BIOS. The easy way to rewrite a bios on a Hp laptop

Then we take out the network cable (if any) from the network card. So that “evil spirits” do not climb from the network. We check the distribution and all sections of the hard drive (hard drive) for the presence of viruses with updated bases. Check all sections so that the virus after installing the operating system does not fall into it from sections different from C.

How to go to safe Windows 10 mode via msconfig

If you do not know how to go into the safe Windows 10 mode, then the easiest and most affordable way through the system configuration.

How to go to safe Windows 10:

  • Press the keys combination of the key
  • Enter msconfig in the input field
  • Click “OK”
  • In the window that opens, go to the “Loading” tab

Having selected the desired mode, click OK and confirm the reboot. After rebooting, the system will be loaded in safe mode.

In this way you can easily and simply go into a safe mode when turning on.


The outdated text intenses of the microprograms are now left only on old or budget PC or laptops, but they are still relevant.

    In this version there is a separate section “Boot”. Enter it using the arrows and Enter key.

    In this option, the necessary options are located in the “Advanced Bios Features” section, open it.

    This version of the BIOS is similar to the version from Ami, so use the “Boot” item too.

As you can see, the procedure for text BIOS is very simple.

How to choose from which device to load a laptop (boot menu)

In order not to climb in the BIOS settings and not choose (not to set) the download line, it is very convenient to use the boot menu, causing it only when it is necessary to load from the flash drive (for example). I will give here a reference article on this topic (link below).

To help!

Hot keys for entering the BIOS, Boot Menu menu, recovery from a hidden section.

By calling a boot menu, you will see a regular list of devices from which you can download. Most often there is on this list (an example in the photo below):

To select a loading device, use arrows and Enter key. In general, as with the usual configuration of BIOS.

I finish this article. For additions. Thank you in advance!