How to save photos from Instagram on a computer

How to save photos from Instagram on a computer?

Fashion that made a popular once. Live.Magazine, ICQ, found a new incarnation for herself. Instagram accounts even have dogs, every fifth has “personal blogs” in insta. Invested a billion dollars in the application five years ago, and continues to invest.

One of the chips of the entire platform is that you can upload a photo on Instagram only through the application, no web-intenses. Accordingly, if the creators of Instagram do not make the function of saving the photo, then unload the photo content back, it will also be quite difficult. But there is a couple of simple and convenient ways to download a photo from Instagram on a computer, you will find their selection in this article.

Ways to download photos from Instagram via phone

Instagram was created for mobile devices. The concept of the application itself involves the creation of photos and their instant download on the Internet. Therefore, for starters, let’s talk about how to get a photo on the phone.


If you need to create a publication as quickly as possible, you can just take a screenshot, cut off the excess and pour the image. Such a way, because the quality in this case will fall, but if you need to save the image, to quickly send it to someone, why not?

If you are too lazy to cut something or need better materials, leaf through below.


Everything can be much easier than it seems at first glance. You can use the INST integration. Suddenly, true?

  • Click on three points in the upper right corner of the post.
  • In the drop.Down menu, select copy.
  • We send URL to direct, other social networks or messenger. For example, I like to send such things to my “favorites” in telegram.
  • The post is automatically displayed as a photo. All that remains to do is to click on the image to open, and download from here.


Without applications in order to maintain content on your device, it was also not done. There are quite a lot of them, you just need to enter in the line of searching for a store of applications a request “Download photos from Instagram”. Fastsave and instasave good options. Consider the functionality on the example of Instasave.

photos, instagram, computer

Download the application from PlayMarket or AppStore, install it and start it.

  • After starting the application, click on the Instagram icon.
  • Choose a photo that we need and click three points in the upper right corner.
  • Copy the link to the Buffer of the exchange.
  • We return to the Instasave application and click on a green arrow in the lower right corner.
  • After this, the photo will be loaded into the gallery of your smartphone, you can also share the image on other social networks or posted on Instagram in the form of post, story or message in direct.

Telegram bot

Bots, in my opinion, are the best invention of social networks. They can work miracles with the functionality of services. For example, there are instruments in the Telegram messenger, it seems to me for everything. Including in order to copy the image online in a matter of minutes. For example, @anax_bot.

photos, instagram, computer

How does he work? Very simple. Copy on Instagram a link to the desired photo, open the window with a bot in telegram, insert a link in the field for introducing a message and send a messenger bottle. After that, the bot sends us a photo in high quality.

It remains to just save this photo on your device.

Conclusions and tips

Of course, if you just need to remember some kind of information from the picture, it’s easier to take a screenshot. But if you want to use your favorite image as wallpapers with a mobile device or computer, you will have to download it so that the quality does not suffer.

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How to download multiple photos from instagram on pc !! 4 easy way to download images part 1

Save on your phone. Throw it on a computer

Perhaps the longest and most incorrect way, but there are situations when he saves. By going on Instagram on the phone, you can make screenshots with the necessary photos or use applications for downloading photos, for example, Instasave. Loading takes 2 minutes.

You can also use this “bypass”. Go on Instagram from the phone, copy the image link, insert it into Telegram (you can make a closed chat where you will only be), the photo is automatically loaded and it can be saved to your device.

Readers suggested that you can save the same by making a post on

Photo on your phone, throw it to your computer. At this stage, I can’t give advice on how to do this, since the mechanics for iOS and Android, Windows and Mac are different. The most “artisan” way is to send yourself a letter by mail or download a disk to Google.

Download, but do not forget: photos of other users are their property. Copyright, all affairs. Use other people’s pictures without permission for their own purposes (even non.Profit) is prohibited.


Save photos of Instagram through the code in the browser

As many advanced users could notice, it is difficult to work with Instagram from a personal computer (post and carry out any actions to manage in the admin panel, promote publications and produce other manipulations). There are several reasons for this:

First, Instagram is designed to work through a smartphone;

How to Download ANY Instagram Picture INSTANTLY (Mac or PC)

Secondly, due to instagram problems, it does not allow you to upload photos of other people’s users either through the PC browser or on a mobile device, through iOS or Android browsers or Android.

However, there is a tricky bypass path that allows you to save photos from a desktop browser using code.

To download any image on PC on PC, open it in a new browser tab. Transfer the cursor to the image and click with the right mouse button. A pop.Up menu will appear. Select “View code”. Depending on the browser, the console with the HTML code at the bottom or side will open.

The search for the required code of the photo can be made in several ways:

The code of the photo that you opened will be highlighted in blue (the image will be presented in the content of the page in the form of a direct link to the photograph (“https: //. Jpg “);

Bring the mouse cursor to the open code, after which, if the photo is highlighted, it will be a piece of code for copying;

Click Ctrlf to call the search line. Enter the JPG or PNG extension in it. All references to these photos on the page will be displayed.

Copy the link. This is the path to the desired photo. And insert it into the new browser line. From here you can download it in the usual way in the usual format.

photos, instagram, computer

Paying a photo on a computer using the Instagrab online service

If for you the option described above seemed uncomfortable, then the task can be simplified thanks to the Instagrab online service. Minus service. It works exclusively with open user accounts.

These are the main and most convenient options for saving photographs from Instagram.

Ways to save photos from Instagram on a computer

Now let us consider in more detail each method.

We save the photo using a screenshot

That’s all. Photos from Instagram on your computer.

We save the photo on the computer through viewing the element code

Using third.Party resources, you risk infecting your computer with a virus. So that this does not happen, download the photo using the page code.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in saving a photo through viewing the element code.

Download photos from Instagram

Unlike other social networks, Instagram, first of all, is sharpened for use on smartphones and tablets operating on the basis of Android and iOS. Yes, this service has an official website, but in comparison with the applications its functionality is very limited, and therefore we will only consider how to download a photo in memory of our mobile device.

Note: None of the methods discussed further, in addition to creating a screen of the screen, provides the possibility of downloading photos from closed accounts on Instagram.

Question answer:

If we talk about copyright, then yes, this is a very ugly act. But we all understand that this does not stop anyone. In addition, to find out that you have retained a photo of a person, it will be almost impossible. And who will do this.

photos, instagram, computer

All of these methods are suitable for Windows 10. You can safely use.

Yes, of course, this method is suitable, but you must understand that the quality of the preserved photo in this way will be low.

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