How to save videos from IPhone

How to save a video from VK on the iPhone

Currently, almost every person has an account in any of the social networks. In Russia, one of the most popular sites is This social network contains a large amount of information, in its number included, audio recordings, text material. Most of Apple products are users. That is why this article reveals the topic of how to download a video from the social network we are considering.

There are several ways to download video from They include:

Each user can choose any of these options. But according to the author of the article, the first method is more reliable. This is due to the fact that most applications from the AppStore work uninterruptedly. But the online service can fail or be simply inaccessible due to any server problems.

How to massively save photos from the “messages” on the iPhone and iPad

Launch the message “Messages” and select the dialogue from which you need to massively save photos.

Click on the “i” button near the name of the contact.

On the opened page “Details”, click on any photo and click “”.

videos, iphone

Place all the photos that must be saved on the device.

Click “Save invents.””.

How to Save Instagram Photos and Videos in iPhone camera roll ����

In this simple way, on the iPhone and iPad, you can massively save photos that came in messages. It is especially convenient to use this method if the number of pictures that need to be kept truly large.

How to save a video from classmates to your phone: from android and iPhone

So far we have talked about ways to download videos from classmates to a computer. In one of them you need to use the mobile version of the site. But what if you only have to use a smartphone or similar devices to communicate in this social network? Is it possible in this case to find a simple recipe for how to save a video from classmates to the phone? The answer is positive. Despite the fact that the site itself does not give a single clue.

First, let’s figure out how to save a video from classmates from android. The first way. Install a special application. Different options are offered by Google Play store. Look for a suitable for you, read reviews and download.

But the second method for Android devices operates without additional installations. And keeping a video from classmates is quickly and simple. Try it yourself:

Download Videos On Iphone | How to Download ANY Videos on iPhone/iPad from Internet? (UPDATED 2022)

We go into our profile, select a video file for saving;

Click on the arrow to run the video;

videos, iphone

Stop playback by pressing the pause;

Then press the start again and hold the button for several seconds;

We wait for the command “Save Video” on the screen;

Click on it to start preserving the video;

It remains to find the plot in the files pumped into the phone memory and enable playing. You should also act to save a video from classmates to a tablet working on the basis of android.

Now we will talk about “apple” devices. Recently, it was impossible to save a video from classmates on them. There were no worthy applications. Now users are advising to look for a suitable service on the AppStore or install the Anytrans program.

We instruct how to save a video from classmates on the iPhone:

Open Video Download and activate this option;

Watch the sources for download, mark the link to the video from classmates and open it;

Make sure the link appeared in Anytrans;

Select a file for downloading the file on the iPhone (iPad);

Start saving by pressing the Download button.

The most profitable advertising in classmates is presented on this site. Cross and see personally to the low cost of all our services.

The administration of classmates categorically claims that the video is allowed to watch only on the site itself, but you can’t get it on a third.Party medium. However, users do not give up, but invent original and effective ways to download rollers. We examined the most convenient options for saving a video from classmates to a computer, a phone based on Android, iPhone, told how to simply save the plot from the message. And for sure, new life hacks for this operation will still appear or have already appeared. To agree with the prohibitions and restrictions is not in our opinion. And we are ready to share the secret how to enter the social network if it was blocked. And also explain why classmates do not work.

Transfer the video from Imessage to PC / Mac

We still have another way to transfer iMessage videos. As for the video transmission, no doubt is the best choice of Tenorshare icarefone. In addition, it is not only a file manager, but also a good tool to eliminate all problems with iOS.

Option 1. Imessage video management to a computer using a file manager

Open the message on the Apple device, tape and hold the video, and then save it from Imessage in the Photo application.

Download, install and start this software from the available PC. Connect the Apple device to this computer.

In the main integration, click the “file manager” and you will see the types of files supported by this program. Here you need to choose a “photo” and continue.

On the “Photos” screen, select “Camera Roll” or “Videos” and find out the video Imessage. Click “Export” and move the video from Imessage to the computer successfully.

Option 2. Use the “backup and restoration” function to save the video

videos, iphone

Click “Posts and Applications” and “Video Applications” in “Backup and Restoration” and click the “Reserve Copy” button.

Click the “Exports on PC” button and save the iMessage video on the computer.

How to save a video from VK to iPhone without iTunes

In a previous article, I wrote about how to save a video story from someone else’s Instagram on a computer. But what to do with this video next? If this is a long live broadcast or at least a video of one minute, then it can be poured on YouTube. And if not? Then he will want to put it on his Instagram (on tape or in history). And for this you have to throw the video from the computer to the iPhone.

Now I will make a small retreat. Because, as statistics shows at Yandex. People are looking for how to download to the gallery on the iPhone video from YouTube, VKontakt, and even classmates! Before downloading the video to the phone. It will have to download it to the computer (I don’t know how to). Here I always use the site http: // ru.Savefrom.Net. Copy a link to the page with the video, insert it into this site. And he issues links to download, or offers to install a plugin in a browser. This is a little more complicated, but subsequently saves a lot of time (but this is not exactly, t.To. The computer begins to slow down)))

So, let’s say that you have already downloaded the video to the computer. Then:

  • Open We go into messages.
  • We write a message to ourselves. Attach the desired video clip with the document.
  • While the video is loading. Download on the iPhone application Documents application. File manager (see. Photo above).
  • We open it and in the lower right corner click on the browser icon. And go to our
  • We go into messages, open our sent video file.
  • Click in the upper right corner on the “Save” button.
  • In the Documents application we go to the “Documents” tab, in the “loading” folder.
  • Your video is already lying there. He has three points below on the right. Click on them and select the command “move”.
  • Next, it is proposed to choose the place where we will move. Select “Documents \ Photol”.

That’s all. The video is now in your gallery on the iPhone. You can lay it out on Instagram or in steris. Yes, anywhere, at least back to VKontakt or YouTube)) Like if my instruction helped you. And, of course, order gifts only at the installation.RU.

How to save a video from YouTube, Instagram on the iPhone in the photo “Photo

Download the free Documents from the Readley from App Store.

Launch doCumbs and go to the built.In browser.

On the page opened, select the site from which you want to download the video, for example, YouTube.

Insert a link to the video with the Enter The Video Link field and click on the download button.

Sweet a new page to the Download Video with Sound section and click on the download button opposite the desired video resolution, for example, 720p.

On the page opened, click “Save”. Here you can give a downloaded video name.

Return to the main page of the Documents application and select the “download” folder.

Click on the icon with the image of three blue points in the lower right corner of the downloaded roller. Select “move”, indicate the path of preserving the video “Documents” → “All photos” and click “Move to“ All photos ””.

Ready! After performing these simple steps, you saved the video from YouTube directly to the Photo application. Finding a loaded video is easiest in the album “Video”.

Preservation of video with pressing and holding

Please note that you must press and hold the name of the video, not the video itself after it is opened. This is the main distinctive factor for saving films compared to preserving images, and this seems to cause a lot of confusion.

Again, you must save the video directly from the e.Mail itself, because as soon as the video is open, you cannot press and hold it in order to save it locally.

As shown in the screen below, after opening the film, it is impossible to save the file or share it for viewing from the postal application. Instead, you will only have a choice of playback and volume:

Whatever the method you use, the video will be saved in Camera Roll, so that the film will be available through the “Photos” application, as well as photos and other films. If access to the preserved video from the application dedicated to photographs is a little strange, then this is so, especially if you consider that there is no way to sort the video from the photos, but I hope the differentiation method will be corrected in the next IOS release, even just the video album The default will be enough.

What is it for if you send films to your mail to download them to the computer, you will find that the video is quite strong compressed. This is because the video is often huge without compression, and therefore, if you want to get a video in Full HD on a computer, you will need to manually connect the iOS device to Mac or PC via USB and copy it thus.

How to save photos from messages on iPhone / iPad

This approach to saving the image from message to iOS works with almost all versions of system software for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:

  • In the message application, open the conversation branch with the photo you want to save.
  • Click on the photo in the message to increase it on the screen

Any saved images appear in the “Photography” application on iOS. Usually the easiest way to find them in the view of the “picture of the camera”, where they will be displayed as recently added images.

After the image was maintained locally, you can do with it everything you want, whether it is sending it by e-mail to someone, installing it as wallpapers, it is published on a social network or something else. Remember that if you save the image in order to send it to someone in the message application, you can simply send a photo message to another contact without keeping it or without leaving the iOS message at all at all.

If desired, you can repeat this with other pictures. You can also use an alternative method to save images from messages on the iPhone or iPad, which we will discuss later.

Method 2

This method, which allows you to save the video from the mail on the iPhone, is a little more difficult. You will need to install an additional application.

To save space on the phone, you can download one of the cloud services, such as OneDrive, Google Disc and D.

  • Launch the application and create an account if you don’t have it yet.
  • Launch the “Mail” application, find a letter containing the necessary file and open it.
  • Click on the required file, the “share” window will appear.
  • In the highlighted menu in the lower line, select the storage in which you want to save the attachment.
  • Click “Save the binding”.

Now you have constant access to the required video. Thus, you can save any files located in the mail, whether it be a video, photo, document or any other file.

We hope that this article was useful to you, and you were able to learn something new from it.