How to save WhatsApp video on a computer. How to save a separate video from WhatsApp

Sometimes the subscriber of the messenger of Wottsap has a need to send images or rollers stored in the computer‘s memory, to the face from the list of contacts of the application. There are two simple ways how to send a file from a computer to WhatsApp.

To share multimedia files through the WhatsApp application, you can use the WotSAP web service or install the Bluestacks emulator on the computer.

WhatsApp Web service

By installing VOTSAP web, the user will be able to use his account in the messenger using a PC or laptop for this.

The use of this method gives the following advantages:

    Through a computer.

  • Sending documents Word, PDF, video and photo is more convenient than through a smartphone.
  • Messenger settings remain the same as in the mobile device.
  • Complete correspondence is preserved.
  • The user can edit the account while in the WTSAP web via the Internet.
  • Correspondence confidentiality is not threatened. only the owner of the account can go into the profile.
  • You can receive and view notifications from the messenger right on the computer screen.
  • Through the search line of the computer, find VotsAp web.
  • Download the program on PC.
  • Pass the installation process until QR appears on the code monitor.
  • Open a messenger on a smartphone.
  • Go to the service menu.
  • Execute the WhatsApp Web command.
  • Count the code using a smartphone camera.
  • After synchronizing the versions of the program, you can use WhatsApp from a computer in normal mode.

For sending multimedia (pictures, pdf, links, etc. D.) files should be opened with a chat with a subscriber who needs to send photos or clips and click on the “paper clips” icon. Next, select the type of files assigned to the shipment and find them on PC using the conductor. Multimedia files can be accompanied by a text message, then press the sending icon.

Bluestacks emulator

The Blue Stax program is used to install applications on PC, designed for use in mobile devices with Android platform. By tying the emulator to the profile of the phone, using this utility, the user will be able to create copies of any mobile services on the computer.

whatsapp, video, computer, separate

Before starting the installation, the user should make sure that the computer parameters meet the system requirements of the Blue Stax program.

To install and use the emulator, you need:

  • Through the search for a browser, find BlueStacks.
  • Download the program.
  • Sign a user agreement on the rules for the provision of services.
  • Poglive with data from a Google account.
  • After confirmation of the account, activate the Google Play icon inside the program and find VotsAP through the search line.
  • Start the installation procedure.
  • Enter the phone number to which the messenger account is tied.
  • Undergo WhatsApp authentication by sending a code combination of signs received in SMS.

If the Google user profile saves a list of contacts, the application will perform automatic synchronization and transfer to a computer online. In the absence of a copy, the user must enter information about the interlocutors manually, just as this happens on a smartphone.

To send the selected content to the interlocutor, you need to drag the files with a mouse to the window of the emulator program. After that, open the appropriate conversation in the messenger, click the “paper clips” symbol, see the desired file and send the addressee. Submitted materials can be equipped with a text signature.


Today, almost everyone knows what WhatsApp is. For many it is installed on a smartphone or tablet. This unique free application allows you to constantly be in touch with your friends, exchanging interesting information.

Messengers are one of the most convenient ways to communicate. Thanks to these applications, we can always remain in touch with our friends and relatives.

Instant messaging programs also help organize the workflow. Create a group chat, add colleagues there and keep up with any changes in the project.

The first version appeared in February 2009. After 5 years, the company redeemed the right to own software. At first, users had to pay 99 cents per year for communication in WhatsApp, but since 2016 you do not need to pay.

Already in 2012, the daily number of sent ones were more than 2 billion

  • Send SMS, emoticons, various files. video, graphic, audio.
  • The function of voice calls.
  • Recording and sending voice messages.
  • Communication in chat. group or personal.
  • Gather to communicate a group of interests.
  • Make a general sending message to several addressees.
  • See on the map your location and subscriber.
  • Block unwanted contacts.
  • Manage visual settings of messages. font, use wallpaper.
  • Notifications.
  • Setting status and much more.

Thanks to a simple intese, everyone can use the application. Management is sensory, and any action is accompanied by an auxiliary commentary.

How to download a video from Watsap to a computer

Using a modern WhatsApp messenger, users can exchange various materials and files, photos and rollers. You can watch them not only in the framework of correspondence in Vatsap, but also download for use from other devices

You can send video files from WhatsApp to a computer using the phone on which the messenger is installed.

First option. Send a video already saved in a smartphone gallery to a computer via Bluetooth. To do this, you need to find the desired video in the video files, highlight it and send it using Bluetooth.

The second method. Roller transmission from WhatsApp to a computer-use the gadget as a flash card. To do this, connect the smartphone to PC, and through the memory copy the necessary files.

If the device supports the memory card, then you can throw the video using a card reconer. To do this, copy the file on the memory card. Initially, all materials are downloaded to the WhatsApp folder. Next, connect the memory card to PC and transfer the video to the PC hard drive

How to throw a photo on a computer from Watsap

In WhatsApp correspondence, you can not only exchange text messages, but also send various media files, including photographs. And it happens that I would like to keep especially the picture you like not only on the phone, but also on PC. Is it possible to do it in the messenger itself? Let’s figure out how to throw a photo to a computer from Watsap.

There are several convenient ways to transfer photos from phone to PC:

  • Using the web version of the messenger.
  • File transfer using the “share” function;
  • Conjugation of a smartphone with a computer by means of a USB cable;

Web version of WhatsApp

The essence of this method is that you launch a special version of the messenger on your computer or laptop in the browser and connect through the mobile application to access all correspondence. This is very convenient, because you do not need to install or configure anything. And the main drawback is that the phone should be next to PC.

Instructions, how to quickly transfer the photo to the computer from Watsap:

If you did not choose a folder manually, then the picture should move to the “loading” directory on the system disk. His name will indicate WhatsApp Image with the date and time.

You can perform a similar procedure with the Vatsapa PC client if it is already installed on your computer. Otherwise, it is better to use a web version.

Internal shipping through “share”. how to make

It happens that the option proposed above, how to transfer information from Watsap to a computer, is not suitable for you. For example, it is not possible to synchronize with a web version and t. D. There is an alternative solution-to use one of the Internet services as a transshipment point. Send, for example, a picture by mail, and from there download by PC, or use for the same purpose of the application such as VK, classmates. The main condition is that access to them should be on the phone and on the computer. As an example, take a social network of. but any other application is suitable.

Instructions, how to download a photo from a Vatsap phone to a computer for dummies:

As an alternative application, you can use e.mail (conservation in drafts), other messenger and many other options.

Transfer via USB

Another option for how to download a photo from Watsap to a computer-use a wired USB-shield if your cable is at hand. This works only for Android, because on the iPhone closed file system.

whatsapp, video, computer, separate

Consider the entire procedure in format:

If the photo could not be found, then do the following:

  • Return to the internal memory of the mobile device.
  • This time, follow the path “WhatsApp \ Media \ WhatsAppimages”.
  • Select all folders (CTRL A combination), copy them and insert them into any catalog on the computer.
  • Study their contents, focusing on miniatures to find the desired picture.
  • Transfer it to a comfortable place, and rub all other files with PC.

How to upload a video from WhatsApp to Android device

For Android users, WhatsApp video is usually automatically saved on your device. If you cannot find your video in WhatsApp on your phone, this means that WhatsApp is not configured for their automatic download. In this case, you will have to download the video manually. This is how to do it.

Although the process described above works normally, knowledge of how to configure the phone for automatic download and save the WhatsApp video will save you from the need to miss important videos, especially if you have a lot of chats. Here’s how to configure the phone for automatic downloading video and multimedia to the gallery.

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  • Open WhatsApp on the Android device and go to “Settings.”
  • Click the “Storage and Data” button option.
  • Select “Automatic loading multimedia” preference. For example, your photos and videos can be loaded automatically when you connect to the Wi-Fi network or use mobile data.

If you do not see uploaded videos in your gallery, follow the following actions to eliminate the problem.

With the above settings, your videos should be visible in your gallery.

How to upload a video from WhatsApp to iPad

If you are an iPad user, the steps to download your WhatsApp video on your iPad are very similar to those designed for iPhone users. For convenience, steps are given below.

Although WhatsApp does not have a way of preserving your video calls, there are several techniques that will help you complete this task. For example, you can record your screen using software to record a screen or use a application if it is not on your phone.

If you use iPhone, that’s how to save your video calls in WhatsApp.

Errors and problems when moving video from WhatsApp

Errors while saving files are not so often, but still happen.

File downloading problems can appear if the smartphone memory is crowded and the file is simply nowhere to save. To complete the procedure, it is enough to free up space on the phone, deleting unused applications, cleaning the cache and deleting other garbage files.

If the phone is unstable Internet or the package megabytes ended, then the file may also not load into the smartphone memory.

Unsupported file type or it is “broken”. Ask the interlocutor to send you the correct video or perform a conversion if he sent you a video that is not supported by the WhatsApp application.

How to download audio from Watsap

We will analyze this procedure separately for Android devices, for iPhone and for a computer. We bring to your attention two detailed instructions.


In this case, there are two simple solutions: save audio from WhatsApp in the device’s memory, including a special function or send it to another application, for example, by e.mail.

First option

All media files sent through the messenger are stored in the memory of the phone or tablet. So, you can get to them using any file manager. This procedure can be divided into two stages:

Now you can only get to the place where the audio recordings of WhatsApp are stored. For this:

If the interlocutor sent you an audio file from another chat, then he can display along the path of Media. WhatsApp Audio. Shared.

The second option

If you want to not only download audio from Watsap, but also share it through another application (send it to e.mail, throw a friend in VK, etc. D.), then the approach will be slightly different. You can do this straight in the messenger, without all the steps described above.

  • Tap on the messenger icon on the desktop.
  • We go to the Chat tab.
  • We scroll through the page until the necessary correspondence is in.
  • Open it and squeeze the messages to the audio file.
  • Highlight the object with a long slippage, automatically opening the menu of additional actions.
  • We activate the button in the form of three connected points in the upper part of the user window.
  • In the “Send on” window (may be called a little differently) we slip along the icon of the desired application.
  • Indicate the recipient and confirm the sending.

Now let’s move on to the solution of this issue for the iPhone.


There are two approaches how to save music or an iPhone audio file from Watsap. First, you can download it as a file in the device memory. And secondly, you can send it through another application, for example, to another messenger, social network, etc. D.

For the convenience of perception, we will break the further narration into several logical blocks.

Download in the form of a separate file

To achieve the desired result, we perform the following steps:

It remains to reproduce a song or save in a cloud storage, add to iTunes for a PC version.

Sending through a application

So you can not only save the object for independent use, but also share with comrades, knowing the address of its mailbox. For the implementation of the conceived life:

  • We unlock the smartphone and open the messenger with a tap on the icon on the desktop.
  • We go to the Chat tab, go to the required dialogue.
  • We scroll through the page until the desired object is in.
  • Long tap, we highlight the composition.
  • Click on the “share” icon in the lower right corner.
  • Indicate the right application from the list that appears.
  • We complete the procedure by selecting the recipient and confirming the sending.

Similarly, you can share audio from WhatsApp in various social networks, instant messengers and other applications that are installed on the smartphone. And we are moving on.

How to download audio from vatsap to a computer

If you use the messenger PC version, you can download an audio file without any problems. For this:

  • We launch the program on our computer.
  • If necessary, we pass authorization through a mobile application.
  • Click on the desired dialogue in the left side of the user window.
  • We scroll over the correspondence until the desired track is found.
  • Call the context menu by click on the PKM object.
  • In the list we select the option “download”.
  • The conductor automatically opens.
  • Indicate through it the path for storing the file.
  • We confirm the seriousness of the intentions button “Save”.

How to save voice messages in WhatsApp

If you want to save a voice message from WhatsApp, then the methods described earlier are not quite suitable. The thing is that it cannot be immediately obtained in the form of an audio file, and because of this there are problems with sending in another application or listening to the device.

But you can still achieve the desired. We will figure out how this is done on Android devices and on the iPhone.

Ways for Android

In the article we will analyze a few simple ways:

Consider each of them in more detail.

Memory of the device

Before playing, the vocal message is first loaded to the device in a special catalog, and with a non.standard extension. So, if desired, you can get to it using any file manager. For this:

As a result, you will see all the received and sent voice messages in the form of audio files with the expansion of JSON (supported by almost all players). To find the right one, focus on the date of conservation or change. Now you can move the file to another directory or send it through the application using the “share” function.

It is also worth mentioning the function of auto loading. If you activate it, then voice messages will be stored in the WhatsApp Voice Notes catalog even without playback.

Automatic load

For configuration and practical use of auto loading:

In the future, gain access to audio messages will be released in the previous way, through the file manager, along the path of “WhatsApp. Media. WhatsApp Voice Notes”.

Sending through e.mail or other application

No one canceled the option with sending a voice message to the email address. For the implementation of the conceived life:

  • We go to the messenger to the Chat tab, we find the desired dialogue.
  • We scroll over the correspondence until the desired file is.
  • With a long tap, we call the menu of additional actions.
  • At the top of the user window, we activate the icon in the form of three connected points.
  • From the proposed list, select the right application. As an example, you can choose a mail client (gmail or any other), and indicate yourself as a recipient.
  • Select the recipient and confirm the sending.

The audio community will be sent to the video of the OPUS extension file. It can be reproduced through almost any player, so there will be no problems with this.

If everything is clear with Android settings, we proceed to the consideration of issues regarding the iPhone.

Methods for iPhone

As in the case of android, for the owners of the iPhone there are several options for saving audio from Watsap. Consider the characteristic features of each methodology.

For the convenience of perception, we will break the further narration into several logical blocks.

Email and other applications

The first method is to use services for sending voice messages from the messenger. For the implementation of the conceived life:

  • Unlock the smartphone and open the application.
  • Tap on the Chat tab, turn into the desired conversation.
  • We scroll through the page in search of voice message.
  • With a long slip, call the menu additional actions.
  • We highlight one or more objects by touching the finger, confirm the seriousness of the intentions of the button in the lower right corner of the user window.
  • In the context menu, select the option “Spend” (icon in the lower right corner).
  • In the window that appears, we slip through the “mail” icon or another application.
  • Indicate the recipient and confirm the sending.

If everything is clear with this, we proceed to the consideration of the following methodology.

whatsapp, video, computer, separate

Fanding “Files” folder

To save the audio community from WhatsApp in the form of a file on the iPhone, you need:

It is enough to check the contents of the iPhone internal storage through an analogue of the file manager to verify the performance of the methodology.

Automatic load

As in the case of Android, in the version of the messenger for “Yabloko” there is a car loading function. For its configuration and practical use:

Sign using USB port

When transmitting a photo through the USB cable, Internet traffic is not consumed. When sending large volumes of data, this method is preferable.

  • Connect a smartphone to a computer USB port using a cable.
  • Wait for PC to find a new device.
  • Select the option of viewing files through the “conductor”.
  • Go to the Device Device Catalog. Photos are usually stored inside the folder with the name “Media”, where you can find a section on WhatsApp.
  • Unsload copies of files with pictures in the exchange buffer. To do this, it is enough to simultaneously press the Ctrl and C key combination, or use the commands of the drop.down menu.
  • Create a folder for storing selected photos on a PC. You can drop files using a context menu or pressing the “Ctrl” and “V” buttons.

After the entire list of commands, the cable can be turned off. Copies of images or documents remaining on the PC, the user can edit at his discretion.

Sending by e.mail

You can transfer photos from phone to computer via e-mail. To do this, you need to find an image on a mobile phone and indicate the desired actions in the context menu. The sequence of actions for devices working on various platforms looks approximately the same:

  • Using a file manager or the Gallery application, open an image on a smartphone.
  • Activate the option “Share”. Depending on the device, this command can be executed through the menu or located among other icons.
  • From the proposed methods of sending files, highlight the symbol of the desired mail customer.
  • Choose the action “New Letter” or “Letter to yourself”. In the first case, you should dial in the line “Address” the email address, in the second-the letter will be delivered to the sender.
  • Send a message.

Upon completion of these actions, the user will receive a message with an invested image to his address. To save time, you can attach several photos to one letter.

How to save view once messages on Whatsapp. How to save only once view videos and images.

File recording setting for Android

For gadgets using the Android operating system, there are several alternative options for recording multimedia data from VOTSAP. The operation can be configured for auto recording or performed in mode.

Automatic saving settings algorithm:

In order to transfer the recorded files to another medium, you must find a folder with the name “WhatsApp” in the smartphone’s memory, then go to the “Media” item invested. After that, select the desired clip, mark and copy to another gadget.

In the absence of the installed bushing, the user can simply mark an interesting video in the chat and perform the saving command for this file.

Save the videos for iPhone

For devices using the iOS platform, the use of memory cards is not provided for. All information is stored in the internal memory of a smartphone or iPad. To record multimedia files, the following algorithm is used:

  • During the first installation of the messenger, you should give the application permission to access files inside the “gallery”.
  • Open the Messenger Parameters menu.
  • Enable the function “Preservation of media files”.
  • Confirm the installation of parameters.
whatsapp, video, computer, separate

Upon completion of the adjustment of image settings, and rollers will be stored in a separate folder at the application “Gallery”. If desired, the owner of the device will always be able to rewrite files to another gadget or send it by e-mail.

Background download from WhatsApp videos

WhatsApp does not allow you to save all the videos or selected videos on a mobile device or computer. This complicates the backup of the video in WhatsApp. Don’t worry! AISEESOFT WhatsApp Transfer for iOS can satisfy your needs.

  • Packing video from WhatsApp to a computer.
  • Let you encrypt private videos in WhatsApp.
  • Automatically transcode video format depending on your system.
  • Support for iPhone and iPad under the control of iOS 15 and earlier versions.

How to save a video in package mode from WhatsApp without loss of quality

We use the iPhone X as an example to show you the workflow. First, install the best WhatsApp screen saver on your computer and run it. Select WhatsApp Transfer for iOS on a home intese.

Connect the iPhone to the computer using Lightning cable, and the program will automatically find your device. Then click the recovery button for scanning the WhatsApp video, which you want to save from iPhone to a computer.

Functions: For iOS 13 and later versions, you need to enter a password to allow the connection.

Make sure your iPhone name is displayed in the source of the panel. If not, click the opening list and select the right device. Then go to the right panel and click on the badge folder if you want to change the destination catalog. If you want other users not to see your video in WhatsApp, install the flag next to the backup encryption for the source panel. Then leave your password in a pop.up dialog box. Finally, click start backup button at the bottom to start saving the WhatsApp video on a hard drive.

Attention: In addition to saving a video from WhatsApp to a computer, WhatsApp Transfer also allows you to restore a backup copy of the video on a mobile device at any time.

Frequently asked questions about WhatsApp Video Save

Why can’t I save the video from WhatsApp?

Firstly, in WhatsApp, the automatic loading function is disabled by default. If you want to save the video, you need to turn it on on the settings screen. over, you must save the video in accordance with your settings. If you set up video downloading via Wi-Fi, the video will not be stored in cellular data.

The answer depends on the status of the video. When you first get a video in WhatsApp, it is saved on the server, but not on your device. As soon as you download the video, it will go to your gallery on Android phone. For iPhone, you need to manually save the video in the “Photo” application.

How to restore a remote video in WhatsApp?

After deleting the story of the video or chat from WhatsApp, you will not be able to restore it without a backup. Fortunately, you can use the backup function in WhatsApp or save one video to your device before removing it.

This leadership said how to keep the video from WhatsApp. WhatsApp is popular as a mobile message exchange service, and many users share videos with friends and families. To keep video clips forever, you can save them on your mobile device or computer. If you carefully follow our leadership, you will not be difficult. We suggest you try AISEESOFT WhatsApp Transfer for iOS. It is not only easy to use, but also allows you to save the video in WhatsApp in package mode. In addition, this also allows you to save photos from WhatsApp. questions? Welcome to leave your message under this message.

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