How to see contacts SIM maps on iPhone

When changing the SIM card to iPhone

The SIM card contained in the connection set is not only an identification module, but also a repository of a telephone book record. In the latest models, the memory volume is 250 numbers. The SIM card provides convenient transfer of contacts from the device to the device, but this approach cannot be called modern. After all, the same iPhone can save not only numbers, but also other contact details. How to transfer contacts from SIM to iPhone and why it is needed?

In the late 90s and early 2000s, while the contacts were stored on SIM cards, there were no special problems with their transfer. It was enough to rearrange the card from one phone to another. And the case with the transfer of contacts ended. That is, there were no problems with the preservation of the records. Although there were other problems:

  • Limited number of stored records;
  • Limit for the number of letters in the name;
  • Lack of the ability to save additional data;
  • Possible breakdowns of SIM cards.

Indeed, for a business person who communicates a lot with clients and partners, 250 memory cells are very few. Yes, and any limits make the storage of contact information on the SIM card inconvenient. Therefore, subsequently contacts began to be stored in the memory of the phones. But this was not so convenient, since the problem with the transfer of data became even more acute. The incompatibility of mobile phones and the lack of normal tools for transfer.

The problem was solved when smartphones with support for cloud services appeared. One of these smartphones is Apple iPhone. Here, a special ICLOD service was created for contacts. After maintaining a new contact in the iPhone, the saved data is immediately sent via the Internet to the iCloud server so that they can work with them in remote mode or transferred to another device.

That is, when replacing one iPhone with another, all contacts can migrate to a new device using synchronization through iCloud. And if your contacts are still stored on a SIM card, then it is time to transfer them to a smartphone to enjoy new opportunities for working with a phone book. These opportunities:

  • Editing contacts on a smartphone and in the “cloud”;
  • Purpose of additional data (postal addresses, sites addresses, fax numbers, photos, etc. D.);
  • Quick backup of contacts;
  • Automatic synchronization of contacts between different devices from Apple (and not only from Apple).

If for some reason the SIM card fails, the contacts will not be lost, since they will be saved in a reliable cloud service.

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How to save contacts with iPhone in a backup

Another elementary way can be called the creation of a backup of all the information stored on the iPhone. You can do this through iTunes (contacts will remain on the PC hard drive) or through the icloud service.The second method is much faster and more convenient, in addition, the user has as much as 5 GB of a free cloud storage. The algorithm is as follows:

  • On the smartphone open the “settings” and click on the avatar in the upper part of the screen.
  • Scrolling the page down, select iCloud and log in to the service using Apple ID account identifiers.
  • Activate an Internet connection via Wi-Fi.
  • In the service tab, select “Contacts” and activate it by moving the slider to the right.
  • Когда появится уведомление выбрать команду «Объединить», запустив процесс резервного копирования контактов в iCloud.

To constantly update information, you should configure the function of creating copies in automatic mode.

How to make contacts on the iPhone?

To return the “Contacts” tab between the “recent” and “keys”, first go to the iPhone settings, select the iCloud and check if the toggle switch is included in the “Contacts”. If it is active, turn it off and turn it on again.

Transfer from hacked iPhone (jailbreak)

Direct transfer of contacts from iPhone to SIM card is not possible due to the closeness of the operating system. However, if you have a jailbreak installed, then this restriction of iOS is removed, and you can copy and save data on SIM.

To record information, use the Simanager tweak from the Beyoip repository. Versions from 1 are considered stable.7 and above.

  • Install the utility for hackled iPhone and run it;
  • At the bottom of the main screen, press the “Write to Sim” button;
  • In the window that opens, select “Copy iPhone to Sim”;
  • After that, all phone numbers will be signed up on a SIM card.

How to create contacts on iPhone?

Create contacts, which can then be synchronized with the iOS deck can be in several ways:

How to create contact for iPhone on a computer?

As you know, using the iTunes media.Combine, you can synchronize the contacts between the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with a computer based on Windows or Mac OS X. After synchronization, all available contacts on PC are imported into the IPhone address book (also contacts) and become available from the device directly.

Itunes allows you to synchronize contacts in the iPhone with Microsoft Outlook and Windows contacts. Consider the creation of contact for the iPhone in the internal component OS Windows. Windows Contacts.

  • In the main “Start” menu with the left mouse button, click on the name of your Windows account. The “Computer” application window with the contents of the “Users” system folder for your account will open. Universal method: In the Windows conductor (aka computer), follow the path: \ Users \ (name of the_Poller) \ Contacts \.
  • In the main menu of the program, click on “Create” and fill out the necessary fields for contact and click on OK. A separate file with the extension will be created.Contact.

Contacts created in this way in the “Contacts” folder to PC can easily be transferred to iPhone via iTunes.

There is a simpler way to create contacts that can subsequently be imported into the IPhone address book. Via the Internet. Using the web applications interaction from Google and Apple, you can create and synchronize contacts with the iPhone online.

How to create contacts for iPhone in gmail?

Google’s web application allows you to create, manage, delete and synchronize contacts with Android smartphones or iPhone online. The application allows you to transfer contacts from one smartphone to another on a full machine, and various platforms, Android OS and iOS are supported.

In order to gain access to work with contacts in Gmail, you need to have a Google account and we will assume that you have it.

  • On the starting page Google.Com, go to the “mail” application (it is Gmail) and enter your account.
  • In the Gmail opening list under the Google logo, select “Contacts“. Gmail address dispatcher will open.

MAC computers can export contacts created in Gmail to the address book Mac OS X in VCARD format (.VCF).

  • In the window that appears, select which contact group should be exported and in the list “What Export Format” select “VCARD Format” and click on “Export”. The contacts you have chosen will be exported to a file that will be available in the download folder.

Windows users can export contacts from Gmail to CSV format, which can then be imported into Microsoft Outlook or another program for working with contacts. The procedure is similar.

How to create contacts for iPhone in iCloud?

Creation of contacts and their management through the iCloud web application is completely similar to the creation of records in the IPhone address book (unification). In order to create a new contact in iCloud:

As a result of simple operations, a new entry will be created in the address book, which can subsequently easily be imported into the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

How to import Sim Contacts in iPhone ( sim contact not showing in iPhone)

Icloud capabilities are not limited only to the creation of records in the address book.

  • Change the procedure for sorting contacts by last name or name;
  • Change the form of display from “name, surname” to “surname, name”;
  • Change the format of presenting the mail address and phone number depending on the country;
  • Make contact as a personal card;
  • Import vcard contacts (upload files in format.VCF from a hard drive in iCloud);
  • Export VCARD contacts (download the selected contacts to the file in format.VCF from iCloud on a hard drive);
  • Update contacts.

All the features of the Contacts in ICLOD are available in the main menu.

Other ways to transfer contacts

Many will have a logical question. But how to copy contacts on SIM without a jailbreak with iPhone? If you do not risk breaking the system for the sake of posting records from the phone book, you will have to use Android device. Android has no problems with copying contacts on SIM, with SIM, to the memory card.

To transfer contacts from the iPhone 6 or 7 on Android, you can use any affordable way. The easiest method is to use the My Contacts Backup application.

  • Install the application on the iPhone. It is compatible with the latest versions of iOS, so without problems it will stand on the latest models of Apple smartphones.
  • Launch the program and allow access to the contact list. Wait until the list of records saved on the device is formed and click Backup.

In the sent letter, the VCF file will be sent, which can be easily downloaded on Android. When the file is opened, the system will offer to import contacts. Agree with this operation, and the record of the iPhone phone book will be in Android memory. To transfer contacts to SIM:

  • Go to the phone book.
  • Select the option “Export/Import”.
  • Click “Copy B” (or “Import”).
  • Select “SIM Map”.
  • Indicate which contacts should be transferred. You can highlight all the notes if you click “select everything”.
  • Click “Ready” to start the data copying procedure.

After a few seconds, the contacts will be on the SIM card. No jailbreak is needed, you just need an Android device used as an adapter.

You can do without applications by copying the contacts first on the computer, then on Android, and only then on the SIM card. For example, use syloud synchronization:

  • Open in the browser on the computer icloud.Com.
  • Log in using Apple id.
  • Go to the contacts “Contacts”. Highlight all the notes, click on an icon in the form of a hexagon and select “Export VCARD”.
  • Transfer the resulting file to Android, unpack it in the phone book and copy the contents on the SIM card.

Similarly, you can transfer contacts to the computer through iTunes. Synchronize the phone book with Windows Contacts or Outlook, and then transfer the received data to the Android memory and further to the SIM card.

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Contact synchronization in iCloud

So, the easiest and most convenient way to copy contacts on the iPhone (on the SIM card, as we have already found out, this cannot be done). This is allowed the phone regular synchronization with iCloud. To do this, check the iCloud settings in your iPhone or set it up if it was not done before. Go to the “Settings”, then iCloud and make sure that the service is turned on, and the switch near the word “contacts” is in the position on the side. Now daily when your smartphone is connected to the mains (t. E. Stands on charging) and is on the Wi-Fi network, synchronization with iCloud will occur. A backup copy of the device will be added to your Apple server, containing, in addition to other information, information from the address book. Access to the “cloud” can be obtained by going to the official website. To download the information to a new phone, you need to restore data from ICLUD when you first turn on, entering the system with your Apple ID. Of course, you can download all the information stored in this way only to smartphones with iOS, so it is not universal compared to other capabilities, how to copy contacts on the iPhone. It would be more convenient to save them on SIM.

Other methods of copying contacts on the SIM card

If you do not want to hack your iPhone, then you will have to copy all the notes manually or “hold dancing with tambourine”. “Dancing” means imports imports using third.Party services, such as Windows Adress Book or Google. After that, you will need to copy the already transferred contacts to any other phone (but not iPhone!) and in it already transfer them to the SIM card.

contacts, iphone

Copping the contacts is thus not very convenient, but the jailbreak does not need to be performed. Actually, in order to copy contacts on another phone in this way, you first need to carry out synchronization with a computer. So we consider this process.

Contact synchronization using iTunes

We open the iTunes application on the computer, and if you do not have it, we download this link. Next, connect our iPhone to the computer using a cable and select our device in the iTunes program. After that, go to the “Information” tab and expect the end of the synchronization process.

Now a window will appear in front of you, in which it is necessary to put a box opposite the inscription “Synchronize contacts with” the most preferable service for you. The best choice from the entire list will probably be Google Contacts, but the list will also have access options for Synchronization with Windows Contacts and Outlook Contacts and others.

At the end, select the service you need and in the lower right corner of the iTunes program, click the “Apply” button. Well, then all the recordings of the phone book can be easily synchronized with another device and then copy them to your SIM card.

Yes, the method is far from the most convenient, but it is the most preferable for copying records on the SIM card with iPhone.

Copying contacts to the computer manually

To use this copy method, you will need to conduct a jailbreak. Next, load the IFUNBOX file manager and start it. It is worth noting that for the operation of this application you need to have installed iTunes on a computer.

In the “Fasting Viewing” window, you need to follow the path of Raw File System Var. Mobile. Library. Adressbook. Actually, all your contacts will be in the last folder.

IMPORTANT! Data from this folder must be copied, not move. Otherwise, not a single contact will remain on your device after moving!

Well, by summing up, we cannot but note the recently opened Yandex move service, which allows you to copy contacts and many other data not only on the iPhone, but also on other phones. Perhaps in the near future we will describe the phased process of synchronization with this service, but not in this article.

If the proposed information is not enough for you, we complemented this article. You can read about other methods of safe transfer of contacts from iPhone to SIM here.

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