How to see how much memory is on your iPhone

How to see how many gb iPhone

When buying iPhone phones, the potential user is interested in the main technical characteristics, one of these parameters is the memory of the device. The iPhone’s permanent memory is for storing your files, and its size affects how much music, videos, apps, etc. can fit in the phone.д. Measured so far in Gigabytes (Gb).

Today I will show you the places where you can see the memory capacity of almost any model of Apple iPhone. The post will be useful for buyers of new or used (used) phones. Also find out how much memory is used, what it is occupied and how much free space is left to write.

How much memory is in the iPhone. box

The iPhone memory is listed on the box 32Gb and 16Gb

Let’s start with the box. When we go to the store to buy a new phone, it is sealed in a box. There are stickers on the bottom of any box that tell you how much total memory that model of iPhone has on board. Turn the box upside down, on some boxes the memory is listed at the top. 32Gb. If not at the top, look at the bottom, near the model, above Serial No. and Part No.

You read about physical memory, but many are also interested in the amount of RAM, which you can learn about here. How much RAM in the iPhone.

If you buy iPhone not in a trusted store or from the hands, then you should not be limited to the box, you need to see how much memory in the phone itself, in the iOS firmware, or in the program iTunes.

Free and occupied memory. iOS firmware

If the iPhone is activated and the first power up is done, go to the app:

Here you will see the total memory capacity and available (free to write). In the latest firmware, the iPhone Storage section appeared, it can be found here:

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Storage shows not only the total and used memory, here, you can see what is the occupied memory of your iPhone, and below that, which application takes up how much space. In this section you can immediately free up memory by deleting unneeded programs.

You can clean the memory of the iPhone completely, using. a full reset, or just uninstall apps that you can do without.

See iPhone memory in iTunes

You can view the memory capacity of your iPhone in iTunes

Another way to find out how much total memory you have is by using the computer program iTunes:

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer, using the cable provided, if the cable is not native, it is desirable a certified cable
  • On your computer run the iTunes program
  • In the program, click on the iPhone icon. Overview. see the memory capacity of iPhone

You have to round up in iTunes. for example if it says 29.8GB it is a 32GB model. Using these methods you can see how much memory is in your iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and other models. And also in iPod Touch and iPad tablets.

Unlike most Andro

Find out how much storage you have with the serial number

With the number you can find out the total size of the storage of your model.

Where to look up the serial number? It is indicated in iTunes, as well as on the box of the device. look at the sticker on the bottom. It is on it that you will find the inscription you are looking for. Then you must enter it on the site of the manufacturer in this section. Full information about the device, its warranty, other details will be displayed. This is one of the hardest methods to check the memory on your iPhone 6. In the settings section “About the device” also contains the necessary information.

What to do if there is not enough memory in the iPhone 7?

Many users are faced with the problem that the memory of the device gets full, and they can no longer download and install the applications they need. The way out of this situation is very simple: you need to remove unused applications.

Perhaps some users will be discouraged by the fact that you can not increase the memory of the iPhone with technical intervention. In fact, it is probably possible, but it is not rational for the average person. If you need a lot of memory, it is better to buy the appropriate version, or to ensure that the memory is not clogged with unnecessary games and applications.

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There are special programs that allow you to clean the memory of the device and keep it in a decent state. They are very easy to find in the App Store.

What else you can delete from your iPhone and iPad

First of all you need to clean the downloaded music. I listen to Apple Music, I have a family subscription for all members of our family. But, given the availability of WI-FI at home and at work, as well as a sufficient amount of mobile Internet traffic, I do not download tracks to the device, and listen to them online. In the settings, you can specify how much downloaded music should be left on the device. Go to Settings-Music-Optimize storage. Turn on the toggle switch and specify the desired size. You can get rid of music you’ve already downloaded for offline listening by going to Settings-Main-Iphone Storage. Here we find “Music”, enter and delete albums and songs.

For those who buy films from iTunes and watch them on their favorite gadget, you should periodically open the Apple TV app, go to Media Library and clear the contents. In the same way, you can delete podcasts you’ve listened to in the app of the same name. And in the podcast settings, you can also keep the “delete played” toggle switch turned on.

Quick way to check the built-in memory

You’ll need an activated iPhone, its lock code for this purpose. Procedure:

  • Unlock the device, open “Settings” by going to the “Basic” tab.
  • In the “About this device” menu item, view the information on the lines “Capacity”, “Available”.
  • “Capacity” will show ROM size, “Available”. free part.
much, memory, your, iphone

Important: Live Photos, other advanced iPhone features will require more memory.

That’s why Apple strongly suggests storing photos and videos on iCloud. Free storage size. only 5 GB, “upgrade” is available for additional funds. USB sticks and micro SD in iPhones do not apply.

Delete system data on your iPhone and iPad with ease

So, here’s how you can track and delete cryptic system data on your iPhone and iPad. Given that this part takes up a significant amount of storage space, we want Apple to consider this and offer a more centralized way to manage different data. Until that happens, use these effective ways to keep your iOS device from overloading.

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The iPhone’s Storage Space Problem

The fastest way to check the real size of the memory (used and available) is to use the settings of your smartphone.

  • Expand the settings of iPhone.
  • Then select the “Main” item there.
  • Then you need to open the “About this device” tab.
  • After that you need to find there the items “Memory capacity” and “Available
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The top picture says that the gadget has 16 GB of memory. The “Available” line shows the amount of free memory in the device (in our case it is 789 MB). Also, part of the iPhone memory is occupied by the iOS system, so the figures may differ from the manufacturer’s claims.

  • If you want detailed information about your gadget’s memory, you have to open “Main” and select the “iPhone storage” tab there.
  • After that in the upper part of the window you will see how much of the memory is occupied by certain types of files (software, pictures, messages, etc.).д.). This information lets you quickly see how much space is available on your gadget. If there is practically no free memory left, you need to clear it from garbage and unnecessary data.

See how much memory is in the settings of your iPhone

You can check the memory on your iPhone after the iPhone activation procedure. It is necessary to enter the settings. There you will find the “Main” menu which has an “About this device” section. In the information window that opens, you need to find the column “Memory Capacity”, where the total amount of memory of the device will be indicated. Below is the “Available” column, where the available memory of iPhone is displayed. Keep in mind that part of the device’s memory is initially allocated for system files required for the full functioning of the device, so do not be surprised if a brand new iPhone has less available memory than originally stated.

To find out what type of files is occupied by the memory of your iPhone, in the menu “Basic” you must select “iPhone Storage” where the necessary information will be provided in the form of a colored graph. From here you can also perform a cleanup of your device to delete unused files and applications.

How to find out how much memory is left on the iPhone?

This article will be useful for buyers of new or used iPhones, as unscrupulous sellers often provide buyers with misleading data, particularly in terms of phone memory.