How to see what video card is on your computer

Detecting your graphics card model using third-party applications

Compared to Windows tools, third-party tools for collecting and analyzing data on PC hardware display more useful information. For example, many of them show not only the model of the graphics chip, but also the brand of the final product (video card).

The free GPU-Z utility is one of the most informative analogues. You can find a detailed description of its functionality in the article on graphics card stability tests. Not to get bored with repetition, here’s just a screenshot of its main window:

As you can see, GPU-Z detects not only the model of the GPU, but also its version, release date, videoBIOS version, technical process, video memory type and size, bus bandwidth and much more. And, of course, the manufacturer of the video card. In this example it is MSI.

GPU-Z is available both in the installation and portable formats. Original interface of the application is in English, but you can find versions with Russian translation.

Windows 10. How to Check Which Graphics Card You Have


HWiNFO is a popular free tool for comprehensive analysis and monitoring of computer hardware, including video hardware. As well as GPU-Z, it has English interface, which does not decrease its advantages at all, and it is available both in portable and installation versions.

To find out which video card is installed on your computer, look in the upper left corner of the System Summary window that opens when you start HWiNFO. Contains basic and most important information about it: graphics chip model, final device manufacturer, PCIe interface version, video memory type and size, data bus width, information about ROP and shader processors and current frequency indicators.

You can find more detailed information about graphics subsystem in the main window of the program in the “Graphics” section.

By the way, HWiNFO is one of the few utilities that can correctly identify the name of the video device model: MSI GTX 1650 Super Aero ITX / VENTUS, etc

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AIDA64 is probably the user’s favorite program for collecting complex computer information. Unlike HWiNFO, it includes tools for testing hardware for performance and stability. And it’s commercial: the most budget-friendly AIDA64 Extreme package costs 39.95. However, to find out what kind of video card you have on your computer, a free trial is enough.

For information about video in AIDA64 Extreme see. Under “Display”.


Speccy is a product of Piriform, the developer of beloved CCleaner and Recuva, which many people associate with trustworthy quality. Its only purpose is to collect and display information on your computing devices.

Speccy displays video information in the “Graphics” section. These include GPU model and version, graphics card manufacturer brand, video memory capacity, PCIe version, video BIOS and driver. And also the current temperature of graphic processor.

Speccy is available in freeware and pro version. But there is practically no functional difference between them. Users of paid versions, as opposed to “freeloaders”, get automatic updates and can ask for technical support.

  • Click on “Start” menu, then “All Programs.
  • Go to: “Standard” = “Utilities.
  • Click on the System Information app, go to Components = Display.
  • The System Information window gives you information about the graphics card installed on your computer.
  • Press “Win” “R” on your keyboard simultaneously.
  • In the “Run” window, enter the command: “msinfo32” (without quotes), and then click “OK”.
  • In the “System Information” window, go to “Components”, then to “Display”.
  • After that, the application window will display information about the graphics card installed on your PC.

How to view your graphics card in Windows 10

In Windows 10 you can find out which graphics card is installed on your computer using the system’s built-in tool. The system tool provides detailed information about your system-hardware resources, components, and software environment.

  • Enter the “Start” menu, in the list of installed applications, enter “Administrative Tools”, and then launch the “System Information” application.
  • In the “System Information” window enter “Components” and then “Display”.
  • After updating information about hardware resources of the system, the window will display information about the video card installed on your computer.

For those who do not like to watch videos (but such are, as I do) in a nutshell tell the situation with the problem to determine the video card. You buy, as the author of the video (Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 is not a bad option, even by today’s standards). All of the above programs have defined it correctly and doubts about its authenticity can not be (even clever people who say look at what’s written vidyushka can not make any claims against it).

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However, comparing the performance with GTX 950 reference graphics card (which is weaker and lower in Nvidia’s product line) we found out that the Chinese GTX960 lost by all parameters, so we think that we were cheated somewhere. (by the way, if you want to know how to measure performance, read our note about programs to show FPS in games)

By means of GPU-Z we succeeded to find out that the given Chinese videocard is not what it presented in fact it is simply a strip with needed name for any other card. In general, to describe a very long recommended to look for yourself, there are all the details if you have any questions on this subject will always answer in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to know what video card is on your computer

Need to know how to find out what video card is on your computer or laptop?

In today’s review, I will demonstrate 10 ways to do this and see the model of video adapter. The previous post was about test USE online from mayl and foxford.

  • Device Manager
  • Screen Parameters
  • Software Manufacturer
  • msinfo32 utility
  • Program dxdiag
  • Using everest
  • Looking at aida64
  • Using GPU-Z
  • Visual inspection
  • Define by ID

How do I know what video card I have: Model Definition for Finding Drivers



Can you tell me how to find out what video card is installed on my computer?

The game just won’t load and gives an error, and I want to update the drivers. Tried to go into the Device Manager, but it says that the standard VGA video controller is installed.

The first thing that comes to our mind is to open the system unit and visually see what kind of video card is installed in your PC. #x1f440;

However, a number of complications may arise: not every user knows what it looks like (and therefore there may be additional. questions and doubts). not every computer can be disassembled (especially for the novice user, and even if it is a laptop. ).

Below in the article are a few ways, how, without opening and disassembling the system unit (laptop), you can learn the model of video card and to find drivers for it.

#x1f4cc; Help!

You will probably need the best programs for auto-updating drivers (including video card).

(they will automatically detect the model of your card, OS version, find and update the driver. Internet access is required)

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How can I find out which graphics card is installed in my computer in the Device Manager??

This is the fastest and easiest way to see information about the video card on a computer running Windows XP and later. Follow the instructions below:

  • Press Win R, bring up the command line, and type devmgmt.msc and click OK;
  • You can also get here by another method, right click on the “Computer” icon on your desktop and select “Properties”;
  • In the window that opens, select “Video adapters” section, here you can see the available information about our video card.

In recent versions of Windows 10 you can also get to the Manager by clicking on the Start button and select the appropriate item in the context menu that appears.

If it says “Standard VGA graphics controller” on the videocard name, then only the standard Windows driver is installed. Use the following method to identify the model and search for drivers.

How to find the card model through the manufacturer’s software

Graphics adapters are mainly produced by two manufacturers: Nvidia and AMD. With the installation of drivers the card loads also utilities (if not, they can be downloaded), where you can see the current state and configure the component.

How to find out which graphics card is installed with the software:

  • Right-click on the Desktop in the free space and select “Nvidia Control Panel”. This will open a new window. Look closely, at the bottom left there should be a System information option. it is marked in small print. Click on it and open the Components tab.
  • This is also the way to access AMD Radeon Settings. Here you need to go through: Overview. Hardware.

Determining what video card is installed on your computer or laptop without opening the case: 17 real ways to figure out the parameters

This will display information about your video card. ID code, model, description, driver, version, RAM, resolution, number of pixels, color table elements.

The second way to run the utility is to type msinfo32 at the command prompt.

Both ways work on laptop and PC.