How to see WI-FI password in iPhone

Situation 3. iPhone connected, no Mac connected

TASK: An iPhone is connected to a wireless network. You do not know the password, but there is a need to connect additional devices, and, consequently, you need to find out the most cherished combination of numbers and letters for wireless Wi-Fi network.

SOLUTION: The keychain Apple announced with the release of the mobile operating system iOS 7 back in 2013. In iOS 7, you could view all of your password information (including passwords to Wi-Fi networks) directly from your iPhone or iPad by going to the appropriate menu item. But the company decided to make things a little more complicated, so by opening the Safari Passwords settings, you can find passwords exclusively to web pages and accounts of web services you use.

Alas, it is impossible to find out the valid password to the connected Wi-Fi network using the regular iOS tools without Mac. A tweak that can be installed from the Cydia app store on a jailbroken device will help.

Attention! The administration of the resource is not responsible for the safety of data and performance of the device that has undergone the jailbreak procedure. Everything you do, you do at your own risk.

There is a tweak called WiFiPasswords in the standard repository set. Installing.

Restart Springboard, then open the installed utility and immediately get access to passwords from all Wi-Fi networks you have ever used.

How to view Wi-Fi password on iPhone?

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Friends came to you and asked for your wi-fi password, but you have absolutely no memory of where it is written. If you have an iPhone, the password can be viewed in a special menu. We tell you how to share a wi-fi password using iPhone, how to learn quickly the combination of characters to connect. This information will be useful to all iPhone owners and those who can’t live a day without wi-fi))

When the data is forgotten, the situation is not so bleak. You can always see the wi-fi password on your iPhone, regardless of the model used, iOS version. Let’s look at a few popular methods.

Description of the Keychain function in iCloud

The operating system of Apple devices is notable for the high level of security of user data. Keychain function was developed for their safety. You can enter all the necessary passwords into it automatically and view them later. However, the keychain has stopped saving Wi-Fi codes since iOS 8.

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It is enabled when the phone is updated to the latest software version:

  • Open Settings menu and go to iCloud.
  • Press “Keychain” option.
  • Move indicator to green zone to activate. iCloud Keychain service is on.
  • Enter password to confirm. If you click “Validate Later,” you’ll need to enter your old Apple ID password later or reset your end-to-end encrypted data.

Keychain function saves bankcard details (without security code), usernames, network passwords, browser accounts and other. No need to worry about the level of protection. the information is protected by end-to-end encryption, and the password is known only to the owner.

You may activate keychain in one click through Settings

If you need to erase stored data, you can do so by unchecking option. After that you will have a choice whether to disable and save the passwords or to delete them. Keychain does not have to be backed up. you can change it in the app settings.

See Connected WiFi Password on iPhone | Show WiFi Password on iPhone (Easy Way)

Important! It is better not to forget the password from entering the Keychain: after several unsuccessful attempts to enter it, the function is blocked. To restore access, you will have to confirm the identity of the owner. If access is not unlocked, all passwords will be lost.

Applications for iOS “iPhone” (iPad) without Mac

This situation implies that the iPhone already has a network connection, but the WI-FI code is still unknown. There is a need to enter it on a computer or other gadget. The solution to the “keychain” problem appeared for the iOS 7 operating system (OS) around 2013.

Earlier it was possible to see the code from WI-FI through “iPhone” from a special item in the settings. Access to sensitive data has now become more difficult. You can find out the codes to various web services from the settings: Safari section, “Passwords” item.

Unfortunately, to find out the key to “wifi” on the “iPhone” without having a Mac is unrealistic, which means that you have to use a special tweak, downloadable from Cydia, the app store.

Many apps have undergone the so-called iOS jailbreak procedure. This is a feature supported by Apple, allowing full access to the device. Jailbreak helps the user to extend the capabilities of a device not supported by the company to do so:

  • Find an application in the store, called WiFiPasswords, download it to the “iPhone.
  • Reboot Springboard, run the downloaded tool, then all the passwords of WI-FI networks will be available to the user.

Applying this tweak, the user is able to quickly view the saved passwords.

Using another device (iMac, MacBook)

On the phone itself you can not see access keys from networks you once connected to (this can only be done on very old phone models: 4, 5, 5s). But you can access passwords through your MacOS computer (like MacBook or iMac). This method is pretty simple. The main thing is to log in to your account on both devices and set up the iCloud Keychain utility. To synchronize your computer and mobile device, you must connect them to each other. Learn more about how to recover the Wi-Fi password on your iPhone: 1. Connect the “Keychain” utility on your computer. 2. In the submenu on the left, choose the “iCloud” line. 3. The password list opened should be sorted by type (an Internet password, an AirPort network password, a program password, etc.). д.). 4. Under the “AirPort network password” type there are the wireless network access keys to which the device has connected and memorized. Click on the line with the name we want to open the properties. 5. In the window that appears, the password is on the last line. To display it, you need to select the checkbox. Copy the password to the desired device and send it to the other device. This way lets you see the combinations you want on your iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices.

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CHALLENGE: Connect your Mac to the wireless network to which your iPhone was previously connected.

SOLUTION: All the user has to worry about is setting up Keychain. Find detailed instructions on how to set this up in the corresponding material.

Keychain (iCloud Keychain) lets you store up-to-date usernames, account passwords, card details, and information about wireless networks you’ve connected to previously.

If your smartphone has already connected to this wireless network, a Mac running under the same Apple account as your iPhone will automatically receive the password from the keychain.

Note: In order to synchronize passwords in Keychain, the laptop must first be connected to the network in order to download new data. You can do this by distributing the Internet from your smartphone (by turning on modem mode), or by connecting it to your Mac (Internet on your smartphone must work).

How to see saved passwords for sites in Safari and programs on iPhone and iPad

The Autofill feature in Safari iOS web browser is certainly useful, but it poses one danger. once you stop typing in your usernames and passwords, you tend to forget them completely. But the developers are ahead of the curve here, too. all saved data can be viewed in a special section of the iPhone and iPad Settings.

How to connect wifi without any password WORKING 100%

Indeed, the fight against the ubiquitous spammers and hackers begins to turn into a witch hunt, and passwords to access most resources must contain numbers, signs, capital letters, Hieroglyphs and rotunders is not so easy to remember, especially if you consider that for security purposes it is not recommended to use the same combination of login-password for multiple web-sites.

How to find out and view the Wi-Fi password on your iPhone

We all can be in a situation when we have forgotten our Wi-Fi password and we urgently need to connect a device to the wireless network. At the same time once before we connected our iPhone to the Wi-Fi network, which means that it is possible to find out the Wi-Fi password on the phone. In this article we’ll detail a few ways to see the Wi-Fi password on your iPhone.

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Use iCloud keychain

If you need to connect your MacBook to a Wi-Fi network to which your iPhone is already connected, you can use iCloud Keychain.

To do that, you must activate Keychain on your Mac and iOS device.

  • Go to the Apple menu.
  • Then go to the system settings.
  • Go to the Apple ID tab.
  • Then open the iCloud menu.
  • There you will see a menu called Keychain.
  • Check this box.
  • Use the instructions to set up the keychain: you will need to confirm the action once again and enter your Apple ID information, as well as (optionally) create a password for the keychain item.

Note: We advise you to create a password, if you are going to transfer important data and do not want to risk your security.

Then you must activate keychain on your iPhone:

  • Go to settings.
  • Open the passwords and accounts tab.
  • Then open the iCloud tab.
  • Activate keychain.
  • Enter required passwords.
  • Let’s set up a password for the keychain.

How to View WiFi Passwords on iPhone ? wifi password pata kare

After that you just need to reboot your Mac and arrange for it to connect to the network (you can give it away from your iPhone by going to modem mode in the settings), so that the Mac will pull up all the passwords.

When the information is updated, you need to go to the menu of utilities on your Mac and see the password of the network of interest/connect to it in the keychain app.

Note: the keychain password will only appear if you entered it on your iPhone or Mac (where the keychain is installed). You also need one iCloud account for this.

Important! To find the password you need:

  • You’ll see plenty of passwords with different types of passwords in the list. We are interested in the AirPort network password type. You just need to find this line in that big list.
  • When you find the line you want. Right-click on it and open the network properties menu.
  • Then you have to enter the network name and just click to show the password.