How to send a photo from iPhone to another


How to transmit photos from iPhone to iPhone

8 ways to transmit photos on the iPhone. Detailed instructions with step.By.Step illustrations.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

Gadget manufacturers equip almost every device with good cameras, thanks to this, users have the opportunity to take a lot of quality photos. After time, many owners of apple devices have a question of how to throw pictures from iPhone to iPhone. There are several working methods for this.

How to unload photos from iCloud to iPhone

The easiest way that provides the maximum speed of obtaining the desired personnel is to use the official site of the cloud service. This method is suitable for any devices, not only iPhone.

  • Go to the site icloud.COM, enter Apple ID data. Mail and password. If the “Key Broadway” is enabled, it will be enough to use the Touch ID or Face ID: the entrance will automatically occur.
  • If this is the first entrance to the site, you will need to accept conditions and provisions and a privacy policy.
  • Further on the home page of the service, select the “Photo” icon. The gallery of the media files loaded into the cloud will open.
  • Click on the desired object. When it opens, a circle with 3 points will appear in the lower right corner. The menu of additional actions.
  • Select it in it “Download”. After that, Safari will demand to confirm download, and the image will be in “loading”. An icon in the upper right corner.
  • Open the downloaded file, in the lower left corner, click on the “Share” icon and find the “Save the image” item. The picture will appear in the iPhone media text.
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The downside is that you have to unload one picture. If you need to get a lot at once, it will be difficult and difficult. It is better to configure automatic unloading.

To get all the pictures available in the cloud, you will need to go through the following stages:

  • Open the “settings” and finish to the line “Photo“.
  • Select “Conservation of Originals”.
  • Put the iPhone for charging and be sure to connect to Wi-Fi-through the cellular network, the load is bad. It is better to do this in the evening, if the media is large: by the morning all the photos will appear in the memory of the phone in excellent quality.
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Sending the message MMS

Sending images from “Gallery”

Perhaps the most familiar option for many:

  • We go to the Gallery.
  • Choose the right photo or video file.
  • Click on the icon in the lower left corner, then. “Messages”.
  • We fill in the field with the number or the name of the recipient, send.

In the same way, we send the photo just taken directly from the camera.


  • You can use the pre.Installed iCloud Drive. To do this, on both devices, ICLOD must be entered into one account;
  • You can send photos selectively. To do this, select the “share” function in the application, copy the link and send it in any available way. In this case, the presence of the same cloud storage in the receiving side is optional.
  • Go to the App Store and install one of the messengers. The choice is quite large, it can be Viber. Whatsapp. Telegram and others. Register and start dialogue with the interlocutor.

The possibilities of transmitting photographs and other files are not limited to this. You can also use the built.In customers “Post”, “Imessage” or personal message on social networks: Instagram and others. Each user of modern iPhone has the opportunity to choose any of these options, the simplest and most affordable. Using AirDrop.

How to transmit photos from jailbreak

In addition to the above methods, you can use an equally effective utility. Bigboss Repo. Of course, the application is also paid, but in many respects differs from previous options. First of all, it is worth noting the high speed of data processing. The application can save the transferred files to the standard gallery of the iOS smartphone.

Using this utility, the user can exchange objects with phones on any operating system. It is also possible to transfer files to a computer. The main thing is that the Bluetooth module is present in it. Another distinguishing feature of Bigboss Repo is to support almost all media content extensions.

How To Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android 2022

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How to convey a video from iPhone to Android

The difference between the video and the photo is in the volume of one file. Despite this, all the above methods can be used to transmit such information. They are as follows:

  • Using instant messengers to create a favorites folder.
  • Loading through special applications that are installed on both mobile applications.
  • Using PC as a temporary storage.
  • Sending through e.Mail.
  • Using cloud storage facilities to transfer files of any type.
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In some cases, there is a chance that the video will require an additional player that supports Apple form.

Everyone chooses the most suitable way for themselves. Problems often arise when a viral program appears or the operation of the operating system.

How to throw a photo from iPhone on iPhone without using a computer

No access to the computer, but I want to throw photos? Here are a few options for how to do it:

  • The first and easiest is to use AirDrop. Almost like Bluetooth, to which we are all used to, only much faster and works exclusively on Apple devices. It is quite simple to use. In the photomple you note your favorite photos (any quantity), then turn on the AirDrop and just choose to whom to send (read more about technology and its use here). We are waiting for a while and all the photos were transferred to another iPhone.
  • Mail and all kinds of communication services (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram). They will also allow you to share photos without using the computer, but it is no longer as simple as in the previous method. In the end, many files will not fit in one message, which means that to transmit a large volume of graphics, you need to repeat the operation several times. Plus the mail must first configure, and the programs are installed. Which also causes inconvenience.
  • Cloud storages. It is quite possible to use solutions from Yandex, Mail, Dropbox, etc.D. To transfer photos, we install the corresponding application on both devices from the App Store. On one of the iPhone we load everything you need in the cloud, and on the other we download them from there.


This method will help to quickly convey pictures from one device to another. The peculiarity is that Dropbox is available on several platforms, including Windows and Android. You can copy everything you need in the “cloud”, and then look at the photos on the laptop, ah mac and even move the pictures to the flash drive.

  • Run the installed application. To get started, you need to upload photos. To arrange them in a separate folder, you can click on the “Create” button in the center of the lower panel and select the “Create folder” column.
  • Designate the name for the folder and click on the “Create” button as shown in the screenshot.
  • We go into the folder and click on the “Create” button to throw the pictures.
  • Choose the column “upload photos”.
  • Mark the necessary content and confirm the choice by pressing the “Next” button in the upper right corner.
  • Select the folder for loading images, click the “Download” button in the upper right corner and expect the completion of the process. It can last different times depending on the size of the loaded material.
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In order to gain access to information on another device, you need to download Dropbox and go under your own name and password. The data will be available for viewing and editing.

We transfer through PC

In conclusion, we mention the old, known for many ways to transfer photos to the device through a computer.

  • First of all, we will make sure that all the necessary photos are copied from the iPhone to PC for the subsequent transfer of them to another iPhone. You can transfer photo files to PC using a USB connection. Connect the iPhone to the computer and copy files, following the instructions of the system. Or if your files are in any cloud storage (for example, Google.Photo, Yandex.Disk, etc.D.). Open the server on the computer and save files from there. Then we choose a way how to convey a photo via PC to another iPhone:
  • If the photo is posted in a cloud service, such as Yandex or Google. Just download the appropriate application on the new iPhone, and get access to the photo;
  • You can send files by e.Mail (see.Previous chapter);
  • It is possible to transfer files from PC to iPhone via iTunes (first the program should already be installed on the computer). One. To transmit photos, we create a separate folder on the computer, where we put all the necessary photos. Then we connect the iPhone to the PC via a USB connection and start iTunes on a computer. The synchronization process will start.
  • We click in the upper corner on the right in the iTunes application icon of our iPhone to gain access to its memory. Then, select the “Photo” tab in the program:

Click on iTunes tab “Photo” to transfer photos to iPhone

  • To convey the photo, we put a mark opposite “Synchronize photos from. “, After which you need to select the folder from which we will transfer the photo to the iPhone. After that, click “Ready” in the corner of the screen and wait for the completion of the synchronization process.

Choose where we will synchronize the photo, then we click ready

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