How to send an image from your phone to your laptop

Displaying an image from the phone screen on the PC and TV

In this age of high technology, when cars are controlled by computer, and external drives with a huge capacity fits in your hand, almost every family has a smartphone, computer or modern TV with various functions. Thanks to the availability of modern gadgets, the current population is characterized by a high level of technological literacy.

Nevertheless, many do not know how to display the image from the phone on the TV or computer screen, as evidenced by the large number of queries in search engines on this topic. If you don’t know how to do it either, read this article that reveals known ways to broadcast the image from your cell phone.


Multimedia transmission standard. Computers, TVs, monitors and Android smartphones use the same technology. Connects via Wi-Fi network established between two devices.

To activate the image transmission, you need to go into the settings of your smartphone. Display. Image Transmission/Broadcast/Wireless Display and turn on the.

Depending on your operating system version and device shell, the Miracast activation button may be behind the notification panel drop-down curtain.

The distinctive feature of this particular variant is that only two devices communicate via a secure channel, without requiring the use of additional equipment. Any content your smartphone opens can be streamed. Video transmission is possible in high resolution of Full HD format.


AirDroid service is also designed for remote access to Android devices from a computer or other mobile gadget. For this, as with TeamViewer, it is enough to install the application on both devices and connect them to the Internet in any way. However, if you create a connection without registering an AirDroid account, the way you access the Internet does matter: the program can find devices connected to the same access point and establish communication between them in a simplified way.

But it is not very convenient to use the service without registration, and the connection is quite unstable. It is easier and more reliable to create an AirDroid account or use existing Google accounts for authorization, or

With AirDroid, you will not only be able to display an image from your smartphone display to your computer screen, but also:

  • Take screenshots and record video from the display.
  • Manage your contacts and view your call history.
  • Send and receive SMS messages.
  • View system notifications.
  • Turn on the camera, take photos and videos.
  • Manage files and applications.
  • Use the “Find Phone” feature.
  • Create data backup.
  • Remotely control the device.

If desired, the user can enable or disable any of these features through the “Me” menu “Security and Remote Features” in the mobile version of the app.

How to create a connection

  • In the “My Devices” list of the AirDroid desktop client, select the phone to which you will connect. If this list is empty, go to “Nearby” and click the search button. To establish a connection, click on the selected device in the list.
  • Click on the binoculars icon in the left pane and select “View Mode”. it shows the phone screen in the program with mouse control, but no access to the root directory, or “AirMirror” remote control means.
  • To establish a connection, in the AirDroid app on your phone, press “Start”. If the connection is not established, make sure that “View Mode” and “Remote Control” are enabled in “Security & Remote Functions.
send, image, your, phone
  • Enjoy the view of the phone display. Below it there is a panel with buttons to rotate to the horizontal position, change the graphics quality, record video, refresh, take a screenshot and switch to full screen mode.
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Unfortunately, the free version of AirDroid has limitations on the number of connected devices (2 pieces) and the amount of monthly traffic. up to 200 Mb.

How to Send File From Phone to PC via Bluetooth. Transfer/Share Photo/Video Through Using Bluetooth

Using programs and applications

Above we have already looked at several applications, without which it would be impossible to connect the computer and the phone. And now, let’s give you a quick look at programs and apps that can help you get your phone‘s screen to your computer, too:

  • AIR DROiD. This app is also easy to install from Play Market. It can display the phone screen on your PC, transfer different files from your PC to your phone and vice versa (pictures, videos, music). To use it fully, you need to register in this application.
  • TEAM VIEWER. This is a program, not an app. It is free and multifunctional. To use it, first install the program on your phone, and then on your computer. Open this program in Android and write its ID. Then, in the same program on your computer, write your ID and press the “Connect” button.
  • MyPhoneExplorer. This program also allows you to connect to the remote control of the phone on your computer. It can connect the phone and the computer by USB cable, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IP address, auto-detection. So, the connection scheme: run the program on the computer and phone. Next, you connect the computer and the phone with a USB cord. Then, run the program, write the name and click on the “Connect” button. Lastly, go to the “Miscellaneous” section and click on the “Screen mirroring” function.
  • Screen Cast app. This is probably the most convenient and fastest way to display your phone screen on your computer. Above we have taken it apart in practice.

For example, if we go to Play Market (Screenshot 3).

You can see how many similar apps there are. They are all free and ready to use.

To display your screen you will need to download the Screen Cast application from Play Market. This utility gives you the ability to share your screen with devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the smartphone.

  • Download the Screen Cast app and launch it.
  • You will see a “Start” button in the main window, press it and confirm the system request (you may tick the “Don’t show me again” box to avoid the request to appear another time).
  • Now copy the link that appears in the application.
  • Open any browser on your computer, type this IP into the search box and press “Enter”.
  • After you click on the link, a window with the cell phone screen will open.

Screen Cast has options to help protect the connection and make it easier to use. To do this, go to the settings and activate the prompt for password. As a result of these manipulations, when you connect through a browser, the program will ask for a password, and only after confirmation the broadcast will open.

Broadcasting from Android to Windows 10 computer (connecting to a wireless monitor)

You can transfer an image to your Windows 10 computer or laptop from another similar device (including Windows 8.1) or from an Android phone/tablet.

To broadcast from Android, the following steps are usually sufficient:

  • If Wi-Fi is disabled on your phone (or tablet), turn it on.
  • Open the notification curtain, and then “pull” it again to open the quick action buttons.
  • Click on the “Broadcast” button or, for Samsung Galaxy phones, “Smart View” (on Galaxy you may also need to swipe the quick-action buttons to the right if they take up two screens). If you can not find the right item, I recommend to read the How to send an image from Android to TV instruction, this part is described there in more detail, but the essence is the same.
  • Wait a while until your computer name appears in the list, tap on it.
  • If you have connection requests or PIN enabled in the projection settings, give the appropriate permission on the computer you are connecting to or provide a pin code.
  • Wait for the connection. the image from your Android will be displayed on the computer.
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Here you may encounter the following nuances:

  • If the item “Broadcast” or similar is not among the buttons, try the actions from the first part of the instructions Transmit image from Android to TV. Perhaps the option is still somewhere in your smartphone’s settings (you can try using the settings search).
  • If on a “clean” Android after pressing the broadcast button available devices do not appear, try tapping “Settings”. in the next window they may initialize already without problems (noticed on Android 6 and 7).

To connect from another Windows 10 device, several methods are possible, the simplest being:

  • Press the WinP (Latin) keys on the keyboard of the computer from which you are connecting. Second option: press the “Connect” or “Transmit to screen” button in the notification center (beforehand, if you only have 4 buttons displayed, press “Expand”).
  • In the menu that opens to the right, select “Connect to wireless display”. If the item is not displayed, your Wi-Fi adapter or its driver does not support the function.
  • When the computer you are connecting to is displayed in the list, click on it and wait for the connection to be completed, you may need to confirm it on the computer you are connecting to. After that, the broadcast will begin.
  • When broadcasting between Windows 10 computers and laptops, you can also select an optimized connection mode for different types of content. watching videos, working or playing games (but you probably can not play, except for desktop games. insufficient speed).

If when connecting something does not work, pay attention to the last section of the instructions, some observations from it may be useful.

How to broadcast from a phone to a laptop: 5 simple ways

Quite often users need to broadcast a picture or a video image from a smartphone to a laptop, notebook or other PC device. This allows you to view photos or videos, play on a big screen.

The need for broadcasting also arises in the case of damage to the cell phone screen: cracks and chips make it difficult to view images with fine details. To get important system information from your phone’s OS, you may also need this connection. We tell you how you can quickly transfer a picture from your phone to a laptop.

How to broadcast Android screen to PC

To begin with, let’s look at what the user will need for a successful broadcast. The first and mandatory requirement is a working Wi-Fi network or USB cable. Bluetooth is also suitable, but not all phones support this type of connection for streaming.

via Wi-Fi

Here the application called Screen Cast is a good choice. It can be easily downloaded from Google Play and installed the standard way.

  • Next, open the program and see the white and blue background. You agree with the presented terms of use and scroll the page to the right. Now click on Wi-Fi Network.
  • The program prompts us to start the procedure. You get the brief instruction in English and click on the big red button Start Broadcasting. Now the utility will give you a special link that you will have to type in any browser on your PC. Note: You can perform detailed configuration of the broadcast using the left-side panel.
  • Type the received address into the search engine and press Enter. That’s it, the smartphone screen appears on the computer. Go to Gallery and select any video, or run the game.

via USB

Also a very simple method, suitable if you, for example, smashed the screen of the device. There is no need to install any additional utilities on your smartphone, all the key operations are performed on your computer.

First, enable USB debugging. We wrote about this procedure in detail in the article How to use Android as a webcam. We should mention beforehand that it is not possible to activate the debugging function if the developer mode is disabled.

Next, open the browser and go to Chrome web store. Type into the search engine an extension called Vysor.

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Go to the utility page and click Install.

Take your smartphone and connect it to PC via cable. Go back to the extension: the name of your device should be in the list of available connections. Agree to the pairing by pressing OK. Done, now your smartphone screen will be displayed on the monitor.

via operating system

The above methods have not helped you? You think they are too complicated? Don’t worry, Windows has a built in feature that allows you to connect devices and mess around with them.

  • Make sure the phone and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • In the lower right corner we find the picture of Internet, click there. Open the detailed settings, where we press Connect.
  • A new window called Project to this computer appears. Check the box that says Shared.
  • Let’s return to the phone. Go to Settings. Screen. Wireless Display. There is no such option on some models! Check the box. At the bottom we look at the list of available devices. We choose our computer.
  • Your PC receives a pairing notification. Agree. That’s it, the broadcast begins.

Hi. In this article we will consider, a question many users are interested in, how to display the phone screen on the computer. Having, two smart devices, you need to be able to sync them with each other. This comes in handy in a variety of situations: viewing images and videos, transferring files, controlling your smartphone from your computer, and so on.

To translate the image of the smartphone screen on the PC we will use the tools of the operating systems, the necessary programs, applications, web resources, anything that can help close the issue. Here we go.

Projecting to this computer in Windows 10. How to stream images from your phone, tablet, computer to your computer or laptop?

Windows 10 has one interesting feature called “Projecting to this computer”. In recent updates, it has been added to the system settings and the “Project” menu. Previously, it all worked through the “Connect” app. In principle, as now, but the function itself is already integrated into the system. What makes it more convenient to use. With this feature, you can broadcast an image to your desktop computer screen (monitor) or laptop from other devices. So you can broadcast to Windows 10 from your Android phone/tablet, or from another computer/laptop on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Using this feature, you can duplicate the screen from your computer to your computer, or from your phone to your computer over a Wi-Fi network. No wires. Uses Miracast technology. And that means that the devices should just be located close to each other (approximately within a small apartment or house). It is not necessary to connect the devices to the same Wi-Fi network. The devices are connected directly, the connection is not through a router. It is not necessary to be connected to the Internet at all.

Sound is transmitted along with the image. For example, if we display the picture from our phone on our Windows 10 computer or laptop, the sound will also play through the computer’s speakers. And one more trick. you can control the device from which we project an image from the computer to which we project. But in my case, this trick only worked when projecting an image from another computer onto the computer. When streaming a picture from the phone to the Android, I did not have the ability to control the phone from the computer. There appears some message with instructions, but it is not possible to execute it. I understand that the control is only possible when projecting from the computer to the computer. Devices with touch screens are unlikely to be supported.