How to send contacts from iPhone to iPhone

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone: icloud, iTunes, Bluetooth, App Store

Hello! Question: How to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone is interested in many users. There are several simple and effective ways. How to transfer the information block from one device to another. About everything in the article and in order.

Through iCloud it is very simple to transfer contacts. The use of iCloud is one of the basic tools for transmitting information from one device to another. Icloud. Is Apple’s cloud storage. All owners are provided with five gigabytes of memory in which quite a lot of different information can fit.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone

The ICLOUD application is favorably characterized by the simplicity of the device and the efficiency of functioning. To implement this method, only simultaneous Internet access to two devices is required. It will be necessary to log in from the new “apple” device so that from the old cloud account, data are transported to it.

To copy contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone, IPhone contacts should be synchronized with iCloud. You can do this according to the algorithm:

  • Find “Contacts”, check the switch. It must be activated.
  • To save all the information from the old device, you should go to the Directory “Reserve Copy” (to find it is easy in iCloud).

Do not forget that it is necessary to throw the iPhone iPhone contacts that the “ICLOD reserve copy” is constantly active. After the manipulations are completed, you can test the cloud storage using Apple or Desktop. They will definitely show whether it was possible to adequately transfer whether contacts or not.

Transfer via iCloud

You can transfer contacts from the iPhone through the cloud storage “icloud”. Create an account in this service. You will also need an “Apple ID”. An account that gives access to Apple products. And you can’t do without a computer. Procedure:

  • Further 2 options:
  • You need to move absolutely all the recordings of the phone book from the iPhone to Android. Then click Ctrl A combination.
  • If only some, then mark the necessary.

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To save contacts from one iPhone to another, you can send a card with data and through any messenger installed on both devices. To yourself or on another attached account. On the example of a telegram, this looks as follows:

Tip: instead of correspondence with another account, you can use the “Safe” folder. Then on the second iPhone you will need to log in under the same account as the first.

Computer programs for synchronizing the phone book between iPhone

In fact, computer programs designed to work with numbers in the address book there are a sufficient number. You can use the “standard” iTunes (installation instructions). However, he will need Outlook for this task, and not everyone has it.

Fortunately, you can do without iTunes, and if you use the computer to drop contacts from the iPhone on the iPhone, I suggest using Copytrans. You can download this link.

How to move contacts through iTunes?

To transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone is also quite simple:

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After connecting the gadget to the PC and the start of iTunes, click on the “device” icon.

Go to the “Information” tab (in some versions of iTunes. “Information”).

Put a box opposite “Synchronize contacts with:”. In the drop.Down menu we leave “Outlook”.

Stick down and make sure that in the “Addition” block, you should not check the opposite “Replace the next information on this iPhone: Contacts”. In the presence of such a show iTunes, all the contacts from the gadget’s memory will shine, as soon as the next synchronization occurs.

Click “Apply”. So you will run synchronization.

Next, you need to connect the second gadget with PC and repeat steps 2, 3 and 5 with it already.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to a computer via mail?

Rapting the recordings of the phone book through the mail for a long and inconvenient, however, telling about this method you need. It can be useful to people who do not want to deal with additional software and cloud storages.

Open the built.In “Contacts” application on the iPhone.

Find the record that you want to save on PC and click on it.

Below the phone number you will see the “Send Contact” button-you need it.

In the menu that appears, select the option “Mail”. The iPhone will transfer you to e.Mail.

send, contacts, iphone

Important: email should be configured on the gadget before the start of the copying procedure.

In the form of a letter, fill out the address of the recipient’s mailbox. It can be any box that you can check from the computer.

Next, go with PC to the mail and check the list of incoming letters. The topic of the contact you need will be the name of the contact (in our example. “Cartridge refueling”). An investment will be attached to the message. A document with an expansion.VCF, which can be opened in Outlook.

Through e.Mail, only one contact can be transferred. Which is why this method is considered the least convenient of the listed.

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How to create a local backup of contacts on a computer

If you want to create a more reliable local copy of the data, you can export contacts to the computer.

In the future, they can be imported to any other gadget or entered to any service that supports notes in VCARD format. In this case, the local backup will be relevant only at the time of creation and no automatic synchronization with any of the devices, of course, will not be.

Local backup of contacts can be created in one of the methods described below:

send, contacts, iphone

◉ To create a local copy of contacts on the Mac, you can start the contacts, go to parameters and activate the option of the default account. On my Mac. After that, you will need to transfer all the already created contacts from the iCloud section to the section on my Mac. All data will be stored locally on a computer.

◉ You can export all contacts from the storage application in a convenient place. To do this, start the contact application and select all the entries in the program (a combination of the Command a or the Edit menu. Select everything). After that, select the file. Export and indicate the appropriate format: separate VCARD files or one archive.

◉ there is an opportunity to transmit contacts from the iPhone to MAC by Airdrop, but at the same time it will not work to single out a few records. In this way, only the most important data can be saved. Just open the card of the desired contact in the application phone or contacts on the iPhone and select the item Share contact. In the menu, you can choose Airdrop or any other transmission method through third.Party applications.

There are other less convenient ways to create local or cloud copies of contacts. Such chips are sometimes present in the applications of mobile operators.

How to transfer contacts using airdrop?

Airdrop is a function that allows iOS users to exchange files via a wireless network. You can try it to transfer contacts to the new iPhone.

But this method has one significant drawback: Airdrop allows you to transmit only one contact at a time. If you want to move all the contacts from one iPhone to another through Airdrop, this may be rather tedious.

  • Call the “Control Center”. To do this, draw up from the bottom of the screen. If you have an iPhone with Face ID, spend down from the right upper angle of the screen.
  • Press and hold the wireless control field in the upper left part of the “control center”. Turn on the Airdrop (its icon should become blue).
  • On the old iPhone, open “Contacts” and find a number that you would like to copy to the new iPhone.
  • Click “Share contacts“, then. “Airdrop”. By name, find a device with which you are going to share. On the new iPhone click “Accept”. The number you transmitted should appear in the “Contacts“.