How to send SMS from your computer

SMS distribution in Ukraine and worldwide

Launch bulk SMS distribution in minutes, send messages online from our website or via API. Notify customers about promotions and discounts, automate the sending of messages from your app, CRM, website.

Availability. SMS can be sent to any mobile device independently of the Internet connection.

Readability. Phone is always on hand, users read text messages.

Interest. Customers don’t mind receiving promotional messages in exchange for a discount.

Average conversion of SMS broadcasts. Statistically twice as much as Email.

New Year campaign! Discounts up to.50% discount on all our services!

Inform your customers about promotions and discounts. Increase sales by SMS

Happy Birthday, Daria! Give you 500 bonus points when you shop with us.

Congratulations on holidays to the clients. Increase loyalty to your brand

Ivan, we are waiting for you tomorrow at 11:00. Your dentist.

Send reminders about an appointment or upcoming meeting

Ruslan, your order has arrived at the post office. TTN: 000111222333

Notify customers about orders and changes in their status

Olga, your account is replenished by 1000 UAH. Thank you for being with us!

Notify customers about the movement of funds in their account

Send confirmation codes, secure access to your customers’ information

SMS-mailing in automatic mode is appropriate in the following cases:

Sending out advertising (for business) Informing and Trigger Alerts (e.g. bank account notifications) Sending any text information to customers Personal notification (e.g. party invitations, formal events)

Sending SMS has the highest return rate of all other advertising messages. Ask yourself the questions: “How often do I read messages on my smartphone??”, “How quickly I open the message after receiving it?”. Personal experience will tell you how customers may behave with an offer they receive from you. The cost of the service depends on the recharge amount. The larger the recharge amount, the cheaper each SMS will cost you. You can learn the cost of sending to different countries after registration in the Calculator section. You can buy SMS before registration (in this case they will be charged to the balance of your automatically created personal account) or top up your account from your personal account after registration. The right timing is a very important factor when sending out SMS ads. That is why the balance is not burned, we give you the opportunity to use it at any time.

Choose a service for sending SMS-messages

To select the right resource, you must be guided by a number of criteria: Privacy Guarantee. When you sign a contract with the service, make sure that the subscriber numbers and other personal information will remain intact. It is advisable to devote a separate paragraph to this issue; Bandwidth. This indicator allows you to estimate the number of messages sent per second without errors or delays; Testing the service. Dependent companies allow their customers to evaluate the convenience and quality of their service for free. You should get a clear idea of how much the service will cost you. If it is difficult for you to estimate the final cost, then the resource is questionable; Ways to connect. There are several data transfer protocols: XML, HTTP, HTTPS, SMPP. Once you have selected the protocol that suits you, make sure that the resource in question supports it.

SMS Aero

Inteace of the system is quite simple. I need to enter the tab “SMS sending” and enter the text of the message. In the text field “Add numbers” you need to specify the numbers of recipients. This can be done manually or downloaded from an existing database. Then choose a mailing channel. The service offers the following channels: digital, service, advertising, international and infokanal. Each channel has its own tariff. Service advantages: Simple interface; Two types of mailing are available: Viber and SMS; Active support service. Operators themselves offer help to the registered user; Variety of rates. There are different mailing channels for different purposes; Text moderation of messages at any time of the day. Disadvantages: No other types of mailing (Voice, Email, etc.).д.).


The service also allows you to do SMS mailing quickly and easily. Just enter the required message in the “Mailing text” field, enter the required phone numbers in the “Numbers” field, and also specify the start time and number of repetitions. Service advantages: Variety of sending types (E-mail, Viber, SMS, ViberSMS); Efficient support service; Possibility of text moderation. Disadvantages: There is no option to preview messages.

SMS Center

All work is performed in the “Send messages” tab. In the presented form you have to indicate a phone list, a text, and the sender’s name. SMS sending to customers will start as soon as you press “Send” button. At the bottom of the form you can see the “Cost per message” detail. Advantages of the service: It is possible to preview what is being sent; Voice mailing is provided. Disadvantages: There is no ViberSMS option.

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How to send SMS from a computer

Through the use of SMS messages people around the world today exchange all kinds of information. But this uncomplicated service has expanded not only the horizons of communication. Using special SMS-messages everyone can now advertise their business, and skillfully manage the interest of the audience in their brand.

Many companies today offer services for the transmission of advertising text via SMS messages. Modern people carry phones with them everywhere. Therefore, SMS sending will reach absolutely each subscriber at the moment when you send it. This is the main idea of the service. Messages find their recipients within seconds after being sent, and there is a high probability that these SMS will be read and taken into account.

How does it work?? You may use the services of a company sending such messages, remembering to give them all the necessary details and pay the expenses. And you can download a program for sending SMS from your computer by yourself. The software is available on our site, and the proper way to download it and start sending SMS messages is given below. Now a little more about the benefits that will give you a program for mass mailing SMS:

  • The software allows you to send a variety of messages (SMS) to all known mobile operators;
  • To start the service you need access to the World Wide Web and the availability of numbers
  • Data processing and direct SMS sending is very fast.

There are situations when it is not necessary to send SMS to all available numbers or, for example, to prepare messages with a delayed start. These settings significantly improve the quality of service management. That’s why our SMS messaging software includes not only basic notification functions, but also allows you to customize it according to your needs. So, you can design your own schedule for sending short text messages at your discretion, making the necessary changes at any time. You yourself manage the numbers, sorting them for the subsequent sending of SMS computer and, if desired, break them into groups. You can also search for numbers you want by using the number search feature. If you plan to use the service to congratulate your clients on their birthdays, or, for example, to remind them to pay, there is an automatic SMS sending for this purpose on certain dates.

How to download this useful application? To download the SMS messaging software you will need to register on our website. This is a very simple procedure, and it will still be useful for you to use the many bonuses provided to registered customers. SMS messaging software is supported by all operating systems.

send, your, computer

As soon as the application appears in your computer, you need to recharge your account. You can use telephone (mobile transfers), Internet (WebMoney system) or any other familiar method. After that you can start sending SMS messages. In order to make sure how effective the SMS delivery via Internet is, each client is offered to test the service free of charge.

Applications of MIRSMS software.RU tm for sending messages

Programs for sending SMS via the Internet by MIRSMS.RU tm” is fully standalone software and only you have access to it.

The program and all databases with contacts are stored on your PC, Internet users can not see them or download them. You just need to upload your database of contacts and customize the settings of SMS sending by picking up the text of the message you want to send.

Different functions are available: sending messages via Internet at definite time, personalization of messages by substituting subscriber’s name in the text, delayed sending and many others.

Thus, SMS software is one of the best tools to organize effective and safe sending. You can download it absolutely from our website

Everyone can use SMS software to send SMS messages. only SMS traffic is paid. You get a free SMS package for testing.

To test the program for free, please contact our managers: you can find all contact information here.

Attention! This free SMS-to-SMS software is currently being redesigned, and unfortunately it is temporarily unavailable.

send, your, computer

Now you can register in the Web-version. The first SMS delivery through your personal cabinet is absolutely free!

Our customer reviews

We use and will continue to use SMS bulk SMS to inform you about special promotions, discounts.

In total sales the growth is insignificant, but in terms of investment/revenue of advertising funds, this tool is the most effective

As a result of using SMS informing tool we can note: increased memorability of the brand among customers who contacted us; increased convenience of using our services; positive image component of SMS mailings.

Pleased with the price and service features. Thank you for the bonus of 20%.

In the future we plan to use SMS sending to all online stores.