How to set a camera on Xiaomi Redmi Note

Photo photography modes on Xiaomi smartphones

The Xiaomi Redmi phones line received several photography options that are implemented in the Camera application. They received artificial intelligence technology, which allows you to automatically select optimal settings when creating photos.

Let’s get acquainted with the new modes that appeared in the firmware Miui 11. They help to significantly improve the quality of the pictures and bring it closer to the level of professional photo.

The built.In utility provides the user with the opportunity to use nine options with thoughtful settings.

Scanning QR code on Xiaomi

For two thousand twenty-second time I tell you-delete applications for scanning QR codes from your phone. Starting with Android 10, Google added the opportunity, thanks to which you can easily read the QR code directly from the camera. Usually this setting is activated by default, but it is better to check everything yourself:

  • Open the camera on Xiaomi.
  • Next, click on three piles in the right corner, click on the settings button.
  • Turn on the toggle switch opposite the point to scan QR codes.

Be sure to turn on the toggle switch opposite the point to scan Qr codes.


  • Determination of persons. When shooting the face will be released by square windows. To activate the function: In the camera settings, go down to the “Additionally” section and activate the “Definition of Faces” function. The slider will move to the right:
  • Age and gender. During shooting on the front camera, the face will stand out with a square and the gender and approximate age will be determined: click on this function and choose the desired mode:

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Click on the “reset of settings”:

Confirm the procedure:

For high.Quality photos

  • To improve the composition, turn on the mesh display. Now it is easy for us to observe the so.Called third rule.
  • The quality of the image is installed on the “high”.
  • The frame format select 4: 3 to achieve maximum resolution.
  • Exposition mode. Averaged.
  • Saturation and contrast. Average.
  • But clarity, we will put up to low to get a more realistic photo.

Setting quality of photos on Xiaomi

First of all, click on the “Photo Quality” button and select “High”. This will reduce compression while maintaining photos, which means it will make images with better and more detailed.

No less important is the point “Format of the frame”. Two options are offered to choose from:

There is no universal council here, which format to choose and everyone sets it at their discretion. The standard allows you to use the entire area of ​​the matrix to create a picture. Thus, having a 16 MP camera, you will receive a photo with an honest resolution of 16 megapixels, but the large.Format mode simply does not use the upper and lower part of the matrix, which leads to a decrease in size, but the photos fit perfectly into the resolution of modern smartphones and displays of laptops without the need for additional personnel.

At the very bottom of the settings menu there are 4 more points: exposure mode, contrast, saturation and sharpness.

Setting up the exposure can be averaged, central and point.

With averaged measurement, the brightness of all parts of the frame is taken into account equally.

The centralized mode implies the calculation of brightness based on the data at the focus point with smooth attenuation to the edges of the image.

Point mode-froze brightness of the frame at the rate of 1-5% of the size of the matrix.

The most popular are the last two options. Central and point.

As for contrast, saturation and sharpness. You need to try different options and dwell on the one that will suit you personally.

You can also translate the shooting from automatic to manual mode. This will allow you to independently set the balance of white, ISO and the excerpt of the camera.

This method is good during shooting in insufficient lighting, it can significantly improve the quality of photographs, but has several drawbacks:

  • By reducing ISO, you can get less noise in the photo, but the shutter speed will increase, which will lead to lubrication of the picture, if you use the camera without any support, for example, a tripod.
  • For each photo in various conditions, you will have to change the settings, which significantly slows down the shooting process. At the same time, so that there are no lubricated objects in the photographs, during the shooting they should be static, unless, of course, the artistic design of the photographer.

Experimental camera settings. What is it?

Today, the camera is one of the most important characteristics of the smartphone that most people pay attention to when buying a new device. It’s no secret that you can get good pictures even thanks to budget models of smartphones, provided that you can use software processing, as well as edit pictures in additional applications.

In order to save the time of processing photos, you can use experimental settings of the Xiaomi camera when creating a photo. They will significantly improve the quality of the picture, cope well with noise and automatically build exposure and sharpness. You can also install a grid and focus on the face, which will focus not against the background, but on a specific object or person. In portrait mode, a beauty transmission will be available, which will improve the quality of the skin, hide the flaws, set the right light and increase the brightness of the eyes.

Setting quality of photos

The first thing to start with is to set the quality of the camera to the maximum by going into the applications and by pressing the “Camera” button.

The quality of the quality of photographs is carried out as follows:

  • Photo quality select “High”. Cleaning the picture while maintaining, it will be reduced, the details of the photo will be better.
  • The frame format is chosen at will. 4: 3. The standard size uses the matrix completely to create a frame. The widespread frame 16: 9 excludes the lower and upper parts of the matrix, and accordingly the size of the photo decreases. They are ideal for resolution of smartphones and occupy less space.
  • The level of sharpness set “low” or “lowest”, since with these parameters the pictures will have a natural and good quality.
  • The level of contrast is “normal”.
  • Exposition mode. “averaged”. It evenly distributes brightness through the screen.
  • Clarity and saturation. Respectively high and medium.

The selected settings improve the quality of the received pictures. But in different points the parameters sometimes have to change. For example, the use of flash is extremely necessary in the dark, but with the bright sun it is not needed.

Features of the Xiaomi camera settings

In order to configure the video camera, you must first go into the pre.Installed “camera” application. In the lower part of the screen is information about the recording mode. You need to choose a “video” option, why click on the corresponding inscription.

In the upper part of the screen on the right is the image of three horizontal strips. Click on them, which leads to the opening of the menu. One of the points is “settings”, which are portrayed in the form.

Pay attention to the fact that the first function from the list is activated: “Save the shooting site”. This allows you to record the coordinates of the terrain in official information where the video is carried out. The advantage of such a solution is to sort video files through the Gallery application.

There is such a point as a “mirror mode” on Xiaomi. Its activation allows you to turn off automatic germination when photography of a selfie.

Thanks to the image stabilization function, the likelihood of a shutter of the frame is prevented. However, one should not hope much for this option, because it is able to remove only a small trembling. It is advisable to pay attention to smooth control and holding the camera with two hands.

Another important point is “Video Quality”. With it, it becomes possible to choose the number of frames per second and resolution. Depending on the model, the indicators will vary. When choosing parameters, it should be borne in mind that higher resolution guarantees an increase in the clarity of the image. With an increase in the frequency of personnel, the smoothness of the resulting video is ensured.

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If you are the owner of the Xiaomi smartphone, which supports 4K video, but you do not have a TV or other reproduction device with a similar resolution, then you should choose lower indicators, for example, FHD 1080p. If the volume of built.In memory is small, then the FPS parameter is better reduced from 60 to 30.

Video coder means an algorithm that encodes data. It is possible to use the codecs h.264 and h.265. The most common h.264, so if you need to view the video on other gadgets, it is recommended to turn it on.

The option “Interval in the“ Acceleration ”mode means that you can choose the duration of the shooting of the timelapse video. This allows you to shoot video with a length, for example, only 30 seconds, which will actually last half an hour.

To calculate the interval, think over the desired length of the roller. We suggest counting on this method: if you want to remove the solar sunset lasting 1 hour, and the length of the video file you have chosen will be 30 seconds. Let the frame rate be 24 FPS.

Then you need to multiply 30 seconds by 24 frames. The result is 720 video frames at half a minute. In one hour 3600 seconds. Now 3600 is required to divide by 720. It turns out that the interval is 5 seconds.

When choosing an “Elimination of flicker” option, the frame rate is adjusted in accordance with the flicker of lighting lamps in the room. This indicator may be 50 or 60 per second. The easiest way to set automatic definition.

It is worth paying attention to the exposition mode, which is described in detail here.

Here are the main settings that allows you to achieve the desired quality of video shooting on Xiaomi.

Basic chips and features

In order for experimental settings to be fully pronounced, it is necessary to rationally work out the settings of the main camera and manually bring the indicators to the maximum. First of all, it is necessary to work out the following:

  • Image quality and format. Open the camera settings, and find the point “Photo Quality”. Usually the standard indicator “normal”. But you need to choose “high”. For a more detailed study of the frame, select the format “4: 3”. Not “16: 9”. The latter is used to save space on the device, which affects the quality of the picture.
  • Sharpness. Many users complain about the noise that spoils the photos and lubricates the objects on it. In order to reduce it, go to the camera settings and select the “sharpness” item. Then put the “lowest”. As a rule, this indicator is put up for “medium”. Which spoils the quality of the frame.
  • Excerpt. This item is very important when creating frames of different types: if the object is in motion and you need clarity of the frame, then the exposure indicator is reduced; If you need to take a photo in the portrait mode, then the excerpt accordingly we increase. Better to do it manually. And do not put the basic indicator in the camera settings.
  • Contrast photo. The indicator affects light and color scheme in the frame. Go to the camera settings and correct the standard “low” point. On “medium”.
  • Exposition. For mobile devices, it is recommended to use the “centralized” mode. Which can be adjusted in the camera settings. Thus, the light will be evenly distributed along the frame, so there will be no lights or dark areas, from which it will be difficult to get rid of the correction and additional processing of the photo using the effects.
  • Saturation. It is recommended to adjust the indicator for “medium”. Too high and low indicators will affect the color scheme and affect the automatic adjustment of the balance of white.

Experimental camera settings work in video format. But in order to improve their quality, you need to go to the camera settings and set the indicator by 1080 r. The focus mode should be adjusted to the “Touch” format.