How to set a password on the Xiaomi app

Turning on the app launch protection by fingerprint

There are 2 ways to do it. For the first method, the procedure is as follows:

  • Perform the items. 3 from the previous method.
  • Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen in the list of protected apps.
    password, xiaomi
  • Move the slider to the right in the line Unlock with the fingerprint.
  • Put your finger on the scanner.
  • Open Settings → Lock screen and password → Password and fingerprint.
  • Move the slider in the AppLock line.
  • Return to the main settings menu and go to: Advanced → Privacy → Data Protection.→ Lock individual apps.
  • Select the desired programs and confirm the activation of security with your fingerprint.

Password on the Xiaomi smartphone for applications

For greater security, you have the option to set a password on your Xiaomi phone, which you will need to enter to gain access to individual apps. The following algorithm is provided for this:

  • Under “Settings”, find the “App Settings” subsection.
  • Click on “Application lock” and enter the password that the system asks for (picture key, password or PIN code).
  • Under “Application lock” select the applications that require a password to enter.
  • Tap “Set Password” and specify it.
  • Press “OK” to confirm.

Thus, with a few actions you can avoid unauthorized reading of your personal correspondence, stealing money from payment systems, and other illegal manipulations.

How to set a password on Xiaomi?

Photos, videos, short messages, as well as correspondence in social networks and any other personal data is something that should be definitely protected from any unauthorized access with the help of smartphone’s built-in security system. How to set a password and keep information in your mobile device from intruders?

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To set a password, open the settings of the Android operating system and go to the Screen lock and fingerprint section. In the window that appears, select the Lock screen.

Press the Enable Screen Lock button and select one of the locking methods. As a rule, there are three options:

In our case you should press the Password and go to enter the password you made up.

On the first page, enter the password and click the Continue button, and then enter the same password again and click OK. Password should be at least 4 characters long.

After that, when you press the power button on the display will appear a window for entering the password and until you enter it the system will not let you to the desktop, and therefore your data may be safe and sound.

There are also other ways to protect your information, such as setting a password for each application separately, as well as using a fingerprint scanner (if your smartphone has one). Read more about these options:

If you have a Mi Band or Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet, you can quickly unlock the password by being close to your mobile device. Otherwise, you’ll need to enter a password.

How to install the application lock?

To set a password on the program you want to protect from unauthorized access, you need to go into the settings of your smartphone and in the subsection “Application Settings” click on “Application Lock”. The system will ask for a password, a picture key or a pin code to unlock the smartphone.

Once inside, you need to select the programs that require a personal password.

Then you should set a personal password to access the protected programs, and press “OK”.

After that, each time you start the marked programs you will be prompted for an access password (a graphic key).

How to set a password on an Android app

Modern phones have a high level of security and security of personal data. This manifests itself in the installation of high-quality fingerprint scanners, as well as the development of special software that can protect the device from the hands of intruders. But sometimes these protection means are not enough, especially when you need to temporarily give your smartphone to a relative or a friend. Because of curiosity a friend can enter an important program, such as instant messenger. To avoid this, let’s figure out how to put a password on the Android app and what you need.

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Given the statistics and experience of our many customers, we recommend that you limit access on your device to:

  • Mobile banking (Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff, Webmoney, etc.) from intruders;
  • Notes and note-taking software, where important or working information can be stored;
  • The Gallery, if important or personal photos are stored there (the camera and file managers will also have to be locked, since they can be used to access photos);
  • Play Market, because an intruder can use third-party software to access the information.

Combinations of passwords to the lock screen and the software itself should be different.

What to do if I forgot the code

The ability to block apps is a good thing. But if sooner or later you forget your password, you will not be able to enter the. There are several ways to solve the problem:

How to Lock Apps With Password on XIAOMI Redmi Note 10 – Protect Apps

  • If your phone is tethered to a Mi account, you can quickly retrieve the code by tapping the corresponding inscription on the screen. After entering the new cipher, the app will be available for use again;
  • If the smartphone is not bound to Mi account, a full reset via Recovery will help to correct the situation. This option is inconvenient because the reset deletes all user data, so it is recommended to make a backup copy beforehand. To perform a reset, turn off your smartphone, then press the volume and power keys at the same time. The recovery menu will open, where you need to press Wipe Reset, then Wipe User Data;
  • Another way is just to delete a locked application via MiFlash or ADB driver, then download it again.
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Why do I need to turn on app protection?

First of all, let’s find out why we need to set a password on the applications in Xiaomi.

  • Payment services protection. In order to use mobile payment systems (Google Pay, WebMoney, Sberbank, etc.) in a secure way. д.), a strong password must be set on your smartphone. This way you protect your payment data from intruders and outsiders.
  • Installing from the app store. Often you give your phone to your child and are afraid that he will download a lot of unnecessary and resource-intensive applications from Google Play? You just need to lock the application store and the problem is solved.
  • Access to the file system. An inexperienced user can harm the operation of your smartphone by entering the “Explorer”, since it stores system files. This is especially true for smartphones with unlocked ROOT rights.
  • Messenger correspondence. If your messenger or social networking application is locked, you can stop worrying that strangers will read your correspondence.

To set a password on the program that you want to protect from unauthorized access, you need to go into the settings of your smartphone and in the subsection Application Settings click on the Application Lock. The system will ask for a password, a picture key or a pin code to unlock your smartphone.

Once inside, the programs that require a personal password must be marked.

Next, you should set a personal password to access the protected programs and click on OK.

After that, you will be prompted for your access password (graphic key) every time you start the marked programs.