How to set a ringtone on Huawei

How to put your ringtone on the first or second SIM card on Huawei Honor.

Do you want to put your own melody on the incoming calls to Huawei Honor, but you don’t know how?? On this page you will find detailed instructions on how to set your own melody on Huawei Honor and similar Android smartphones and tablets. There are several ways, you can put your ringtone on both the first SIM card and the second SIM card, which allows you to determine which SIM card the call came to. All methods are described and shown with attached screenshots, see which of the ways is the most convenient and suitable for your device and share it below in the reviews, so that others could get useful information from you. Also below will be a link to set your ringtone to contact. In our example we take the instructions for setting our own ringtone for incoming calls from the Honor 9 smartphone, this information should also fit most of the other models of Huawei Honor and similar Android smartphones and tablets.

1 way. To set a ring tone for SIM-1 or SIM-2 we open the pre-installed in the phone or tablet Huawei Honor application “Music”. In the application that opens, choose the desired song, that is, a melody, and click on the menu in the form of three vertical dots, as shown below in the attached picture. In the menu that appears, select “Set as ringtone”. Then we choose “SIM 1” or “SIM 2”. Finished, now with an incoming call will play your melody that you set.

2 way. The second method allows you to set the ringtone to the first or second SIM-card on Android smartphones, including Huawei Honor via settings. Open “Settings”. In the settings, find the item “Sound”. Next, select the SIM card to which you want to put your melody “SIM Ringtone 1″ or “SIM Ringtone 2. Choose a melody from the offered ones or set your own by clicking “Music (in memory)” where you choose a song and press “Tick” to confirm saving, as shown on the picture below.

3 way. The third way also allows you to set your own ringtone on the smartphone from the file manager, in the example we’ll see how to put a ringtone from the native installed on the Huawei Honor application “Files”. Open the “Files” application. In the application that will open, choose the “Audio” or “Phone memory” where you can find your own ringtone in the packages of internal memory or memory card. In the example we choose a ringtone by opening the “Audio” item. List of Ringtones will be opened, where you should press on a melody and hold it while there will be a tick in front of it, as on the picture below. Next, click on the button “menu in the form of three vertical dots”. In the menu that opens, select “Set as”. In the next menu select the desired item “SIM 1 ringtone” or “SIM 2 ringtone”.

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I hope that one of the ways helped you to put your melody of incoming call on the first or second SIM card. Do not forget to leave a review and specify the model of your device and method that suited you or is more convenient, so that others will leave useful information from you. If on your tablet or smartphone the ringtone is configured differently, then please share the information below in your reviews, perhaps it will be most useful for many owners of Android devices.

How to set the alarm clock on Huawei phone

In order not to oversleep at work or miss an important event should be set in advance sound. How to set the alarm clock on Huawei and Honor phones:

  • Go to “Menu” and click on “Clock”;
  • open the tab “Alarm Clock”, the turquoise color will mean that the application is active and it is possible to make changes;
  • We press at the bottom of the display and select the desired time, as well as the interval;
  • after personalization, save by clicking on the checkbox at the top of the screen.

The disadvantage of the built-in utility is the inability to set the alarm for certain dates. To set the alarm for a certain date is downloaded from the app store.

How to set a melody for Honor and Huawei ringtone?

There are 4 basic ways to choose and set your favorite song to your ringtone:

  • through the Android settings menu;
  • using the file manager;
  • using the folder with the audio recordings;
  • by personalizing the incoming calls through the “contacts” section.

All of the above methods are equally convenient, so that users are free to decide which approach to prefer. In this case, each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, which must be considered when choosing the optimal method of changing settings and melodies.


The easiest way to figure out how to put a melody on Honor and Huawei is to use phone settings menu. To customize your music, you’ll need to:

ringtone, huawei
  • Open the “settings” application of Android.
  • Switch to the “sounds” section.
  • Select an item related to the ringtone.
  • Specify a suitable song from the list of basic songs or select a song from audio downloads to your smartphone.

It is important to emphasize that the described approach differs from the following in that it allows you to set standard, basic melodies. Others do not provide such an opportunity (except the way via contacts), because they imply the use of tracks saved in the memory of the device.

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Appendix “Music”

To use the music app (player) you will need:

  • open the mentioned program;
  • go to the section with a list of all downloaded songs;
  • find a suitable one and click on the icon of three dots, located opposite;
  • Wait until the drop-down menu appears and select “Set as beep” from the proposed actions.

This approach will appeal to users who are not able to choose a suitable sound and want to preview all possible options. It also allows you to do without additional visits to the settings menu by going directly to the desired folder.

File manager

Using the file manager is very similar to installing music through the application of the same name. Owners of smartphones will have to:

  • Open folder “files”.
  • Separate audio recordings from other information stored on the phone by selecting the appropriate filter.
  • Find a song in the list and select it.
  • Open the drop-down menu and select the item that offers to change the sound of incoming calls.

The described method has two advantages:

The second advantage will be useful in case of finding a large number of songs, among which it is not easy to find the appropriate one.

How to Install Music on Huawei in the Contacts App

Sometimes there is a need to distinguish a certain contact from the rest by a special ringtone, so that it is immediately clear who the call comes from. You can customize a ringtone for a particular contact through the “Contacts” settings menu:

  • Launch the Contacts app and open the contact information page;
  • Scroll down until you see the “Ringtones” section. Tap on it, and a dialog box with three options will appear:
  • Use the default ringtone that is set by default;
  • Ringtones Select a ringtone for a specific contact;
  • Go to “My files” to select the ringtone file;

How to Set Ringtone from File in Huawei

  • Select “Go to My Files” and locate the desired MP3 file;
  • Select the MP3 file and tap Done.

Ringtone on Huawei (EMIU 5)?

To change the ringtone on your Huawei smartphone with EMIU 5 firmware, go to the settings menu and select Sound.

Go to SIM 1/SIM 2 ringtone (if your device is designed for two SIM cards). After selecting the appropriate card, a window pops up with the Tone and Music tabs.

In the list select a melody or a song you want, put a circle in front of it and press the tick mark in the upper right corner.

Standard player

It is possible to set a ringtone on Huawei smartphone using the native player.

Open the standard player, in our case it is the “Music” application. Go to the “Local” or “Recent” folder.

Huawei y6 how to setup ringtone for incoming calls

Choose the track you want and click on the menu (the three dots next to the song title).

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Here again we choose where we want to set the ringtone: to SIM 1 or SIM 2 calls, notifications or alarm clock.

How to set a melody to your ringtone by adding it to the Ringtones folder

If the installation of user melodies is not implemented in the firmware, then you will have to use a file manager to create the folder Ringtones and download the tracks into it. Once you’ve done this, the ring tones will appear in your ringtone list in your settings, from where they can be installed.

You will need an internal or third-party file manager, such as Solid Explorer, to do this. Go to it and create a Ringtones folder in your internal memory. in Solid Explorer click on. select New Folder, enter Ringtones and click OK.

Now drag and drop the song into the Ringtones folder you just created. If you’re using Solid Explorer, keep your finger on the track, from the options bar select Copy (second icon on the left), go to your Ringtones folder and click Paste.

The ringtone will be added to the list of default ringtones. To put it on your ringtone, go to Settings → Sound → Ringtone → Media Storage, find the song, select it and click OK.

The second way is also available: using the same file manager, create a folder media, in it the folder audio, and in it. the folder ringtones (all three with a small letter). Load the melody into ringtones, and then select it through the settings menu.

You can set music to your ringtone from the standard Huawei application “Music”.

How to Set a Downloaded Music as Ringtone on Huawei Y6P | Mp3 Ringtone

To do this, go to this application, open the track you want to put on the ringtone and open the action menu by pressing the two dots:

In the window that appears, you can select the desired piece from the song that you want to use as a Huawei ringtone and set it to your ringtone, notification or alarm clock.

This method is guaranteed to work with the native Huawei player. If you use third-party applications, this trick may not always work.

Go to Settings. Notifications. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a list of apps that send notifications. If not all apps are displayed, click on the “View All” button. Tap on the app whose notification sound you want to change.

So, the first thing we have to do is to go to SMS (Messages). The next action after logging in is to tap on the touch (mechanical) “Options” (Menu) and select one of the items, namely “Settings”. Next, go to “Notifications” and select “Ringtone” (Notification Sound).