How to set a screensaver on your TV

An unusual kind of fireplace. a virtual fireplace

Fire. this is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing spectacles. You want to look at it forever, because it calms and relaxes you. What to do if the conditions of a city apartment do not allow you to install it?? Install a virtual fireplace!

You only need a plasma screen or a big TV. This will create the illusion of a real fireplace. Looking at the flame will make you relax and forget about all the troubles you have in your life.

Set a custom image as the background of the new Edge tab page

Open a new tab in your Edge browser.

Click the settings/check mark icon in the upper right corner of the page to see the page layout pop-up menu.

NOTE. If the settings/pedestal does not appear, type edge://settings/newTabPage in the address bar and press Enter to open the new tab settings page. Click the “Customize” button here.

Finally, under “Background” select the “Your own image” radio button to reveal the hidden “Upload” button. Click the “Upload” button, select the image you want, and then click the “Open” button to set it as the background of the new tab page.

To restore the default background or set a different one, press the “Delete” button. Again, select the “Custom” switch, press the “Load” button, and then select an image if you want to set a different image.

Samsung F

On the Samsung F-series, creating a new user is more complicated than on other devices, so let’s take a closer look at this issue. So, to create an account under the name “Develop” you will need to:

  • Press the “Menu” or “Misc” button on the touchscreen remote and go to the menu using the arrows and the on-screen remote;
  • Go to “Smart Features”;
  • Now go to your account by selecting it from the list;
  • In “Al.п.Write “develop” and in the “password” field write sso1029dev!;
  • Check the box next to “Remember password”, click on login and exit the menu.
  • Click on SmartHub and go to advanced applications;
  • Go to settings and select “IP Settings”;
  • In the free field, write the IP address;
  • After that it is necessary to update the list of programs, for which you will need to click on “Start App Sync”;
  • If the downloaded programs don’t show up in the list afterwards, restart the TV.

What kind of art do you prefer?

For a television to be a picture, it has to be smart. In The Frame, the familiar Tizen in the latest version and a companion smartphone app are responsible for this. A great, smooth-running system got a few new features for the new series of televisions.

The operating system of the TV itself offers access to a huge number of apps and basic settings. The Picture mode through the shell, on the other hand, has limited capabilities. Without a special app, the maximum the user can do is select one or more consecutive images from the TV memory or picture store. You can also create your own set: up to 300 4K paintings can be saved to the TV memory from a USB memory stick.

The Picture Shop has become one of the main features of The Frame. He already has 100 digital copies of the world’s best paintings in his memory when purchased. If that’s not enough. Samsung offers access to the Art Shop with the best samples of paintings, drawings and photos from art museums of the world. A couple of clicks and they’re on the TV in your living room. High-resolution, by the way. No matter how hard I tried, I could not find something similar. the majority of the proposed Samsung options are not only highly artistic, but also digitized much better than free photostocks.

It is through the application Samsung SmartView can be adjusted the fine settings of the screensaver and the work of the light sensor. For example, here you can set a passepartout with blurred or sharp edges, combine several images on one screen. The width of the margins also changes, as does the background color (however, only 10 colors are available). If you want something special, you can also install your own images, either via SmartView or by downloading them from a USB memory stick. The only limitation is the size of photos or pictures, because they are not scalable.

How to enter LG TV settings without a remote control?

To turn on the TV without the remote control, you need to press the appropriate button on the body, provided by the manufacturer. Similarly, you can turn off the TV without the remote. On LG, Sony, Thomson, Samsung TVs, the button panel is usually located on the back wall next to the connectors.

Open webOS is an embedded open operating system based on the Linux kernel and designed for smart TVs. Used to be reserved for smartphones, Internet tablets and smart home appliances.

Gazer TV screensaver modes

Gazer’s arsenal includes 9 TV models in different resolutions and diagonals from 24 to 65 inches. Absolutely all mentioned splash screens modes are implemented only in 4K TVs, in HD and Full HD 24-43″ models slideshow and fireplace variants are available.

You can play with the settings yourself, you do not need to download or transfer something via USB.

Change screensavers according to your mood. And let your Gazer TV delight you 24/7.

Every year, household and other appliances are becoming more and more functional, simple and easy to use. This trend is also true for LG Smart TVs from the famous company.

The main feature of such a TV is that it runs on the WebOS operating system. This platform has quite a lot of different widgets, which are originally included in the firmware of LG TV. In addition, a huge number of third-party programs are developed for it that each user can independently install to his LG Smart TV and use them. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in our article today.

How to remove pop-up ads on your LG TV?

Press the “Settings” key on the remote control to enter the settings menu. Go to “Channels”, press “OK”, then “Auto search” and “OK” again. In the menu “Autodetect” when selecting the input source, check the box “Antenna” and “Cable TV”. Choose your operator from the list or press “Other operators”.