How to set a song to your Android ringtone

How to put a melody to call or contact on your Android phone

I want to tell you how to put a melody to ringtone on the Android. Because as the person who has only begun to use the phone with this OS can be difficult to understand this function, simply it is hidden a little in depth in options, and to go with a standard ringtone can be irritating, because some manufacturers have absolutely no taste, establishing ugly.

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So, the song on the call of the Android phone is set in several ways.

All ways to set your favorite ringtone to your Android smartphone’s incoming call.

You bought a modern smartphone on the Android OS, and of course you want to put your favorite melody for all incoming calls, and separately for certain phone numbers, as well as for events or alarm clock. Many visitors of our resource had problems with this. That’s why we wrote this detailed article with all sorts of methods. How to do it for different versions of this OS?

For owners of devices with OS version 4 (4 X.0.Х, 4.1.Х, 4.2.X and t. д.) is the easiest thing to do. to do this, go to the folder with the music on your phone, then press and hold your finger for a long time on the song you want to set to all calls at once. After the menu appears, release your finger and then select “set as ringtone”!

For owners of devices with OS version 2 and 3 (2.1.Х, 2.2.Х, 2.3.Х, 3.1.Х, 3.2.X’s and T’s. д.) the easiest way to install through the standard player.

  • To do this, run the standard player of the OS. Note: do not run the tune through the player, but the application called “music” first.
  • Use the player to find the desired ringtone.
  • Then click on the “menu” function button, where you select “Install as”, then “Ringtone”.

3 way. Create the following folders on the memory card with their subfolders:

  • /sdcard/media/audio/ringtones/ (to install on the call).
  • /sdcard/media/audio/notifications/ (to set to events).
  • If you want to set the alarm clock /sdcard/media/audio/alarms/ (to set the alarm clock).
  • /sdcard/media/audio/ui/ (for sounds of the interface).
song, your, android, ringtone

After that, copy the MP3 files to the appropriate folders and reboot the phone. After rebooting, our melodies will appear in the Android ringtone, from which you can install them on the phone. The same way we do for melodies of alarms, events, etc. д.

How to set a separate melody for a particular called party?

Immediately copy the contacts on which you will install photos and melodies, in phone memory. As with the contacts which are on SIM-card. it is impossible to make these actions!

  • Go to contacts and choose the necessary one which is in a telephone, instead of on a sim card.
  • Tap it with your finger and hold it until a menu pops up, where you select change.
  • Next “Ringtone” → “Choose a sound from the “My files” folder.
  • Specify the folder and select the MP3 file you want and confirm your choice by clicking “YES”.

In addition, quite a few created special Android applications for trimming music on the phone, which after the readiness of the file will immediately install it on the ringer!

I recommend to download ready, multi-genre, including the latest Hits trimmed ringtones for free to install on a ringer or alarm clock in the collection in our section: “Ringtones-Music”

Where are the SMS Sounds in Android?

To install your music on the notification of SMS, you need to create in the root of the sdcard folder “media”, in it. the folder “audio”, and in it. “notifications”. In the first case make “alarms” instead of “notifications” and in the second case make “ringtones”. Now each melody will have its own place.

  • Select Settings on the Home screen’s settings bar.
  • On the Device line, select Sounds.
  • Select System Sounds.
  • Select On./Off. To enable/disable system sounds.

Where are the ringtones on Android?

Inside it should be the “Audio” folder, and in its turn, the “Ringtones” folder. Thus, the full path to the folder of interest is as follows: MediaAudioRingtones. Here is where you should copy the melody you need.

Launch the Music application (or similar). Select the desired song, click on it and hold it until the context menu appears. In the menu select set as ringtone (or similar command).

How to add your own melody on Android

If you are not satisfied with the list of standard ringtones, and you want to set something more interesting to your ringtone, then you can add any other melody to this list. To do this you must copy the audio file with the melody to the phone memory, in the /media/audio/ringtones/ folder (if this folder does not exist, you must create it).

The easiest way to do this is as follows. Connect your Android smartphone to your computer, open the “My Computer” window and go to the smartphone that appears.

If your smartphone doesn’t appear, you need to change how it connects to your computer. To do this, open the top curtain on your smartphone, click on the connection notification and select “File transfer” in the menu that appears. After that the smartphone will appear in the “My Computer” window and you will be able to open it.

After opening your smartphone, you need to go to “Internal Storage”.

And then, open the /media/audio/ringtones/ folder. If you have the /media/audio/ folder, but it does not have the /ringtones/ folder, you can create it.

After opening the /media/audio/ringtones/ folder you need to copy the MP3 file with the melody you want to use as a ringtone. After that the copied melody will appear in the list of standard ring tones.

Using third-party apps

You can also use third-party utilities to change ringtones. They often make the process a bit more convenient. We recommend trying Rings Extended, GO SMS Pro and RingTone Slicer FX. All of them differ in their functionality, providing more advanced options for setting ringtones.

Google says Android phones are used by about 2.3 billion people in the world. In most cases, people quickly get used to the features of this operating system. But sometimes even trivial actions cause a lot of problems and difficulties. For example, many people don’t know how to set a new ringtone, or how to change the default ringtone to their own music.

Note: Learn how to download a movie to your phone.

Setting Your Own Ringtone Through Settings and File Manager

To put your favorite song on the call, first download it to the phone memory or SD card. If you download audio using the mobile browser, the file will be saved in the “Download” folder in the internal memory of the device. And to send an audio track that is on your computer to your smartphone, connect your device to your PC via USB, select “File Transfer” mode, and use Windows Explorer to transfer the file to your phone.

Now, by clicking on “Ringtone” under “Sound” select the file manager and use it to navigate to the folder with the loaded track. To put this track on a call, click on it. Done. the new ringtone is set.

On Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones

On Xiaomi this is done as follows: open “Settings” → “Sound and Vibration” → “Ringtone” and at the top click “Select ringtone on the device”. In MIUI you can put your track to the incoming call using the file manager, as well as the Audio and Music apps. To select the song using the last two programs, put a tick in the checkbox of the desired track and press “OK”.

On Huawei and Honor smartphones

Go to “Settings” → “Sounds” (or in the Phone app, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and click on “Settings” in the menu that appears) and select “Ringtone” for the desired SIM card. The “Sound selection” page will open, where you can change the ringtone to one of the preset ones, or proceed to install the downloaded song or video tune.

To install a downloaded track, open “Music on your device,” click the song you want to play and press the “Back” button.

On Huawei and Honor phones running EMUI 9 or newer, you can set a video ringtone as a ringtone. On the Select Audio page, click Video Tones, and then select the clip you want to set as the ringtone. A preview window will open. To display the video full screen when you receive a call, the video must be vertical. Click the checkmark in the lower right corner and the video tune will install.

On Android 8 Oreo and Android 9 Pie

On recent versions of Android, to add the downloaded song to the list of ringtones, open “Sound” → “Ringtone” → “Media storage”, go down to the end and click “Add ringtone”, after which the built-in file manager will open. Using Explorer, browse to the folder with the downloaded audio file and click on it. The track will be added to the ringtones list and becomes available for installation.

Using third-party applications

If you’ve already figured out how you can set a ringtone to a contact in Android using the built-in tools, but you can’t perform the procedure for some reason, then use third-party apps to change your ringtone. One of the proven solutions. the program Ringtone Maker.

This is a handy alarm app that lets you create and set a ringtone for all incoming calls or only certain calls.

  • Launch the application and find the song you wish to set to your ringtone.
  • Open the track management menu and select “Put on contact”.
  • Select the entry from the phone book and save the changes.

Another interesting feature of Ringtone Maker is the creation of a ringtone. You can select any track, use sliders to specify the fragment to be played, and then set it as a ringtone.

To install melodies on the phone you can use other programs, including a large number of music players, which have a context menu item. So if Android’s built-in tools fail, you can easily find an alternative way to solve the problem.