How to set a tablet after reset to factory

Method 1: Samsung Tablet Factory Reset for forgotten password

How to configure a tablet

A significant part of the tablet functions can be implemented only through the on the Internet on the device. There may be several accessories:

The last two connection options involve the receipt of Internet traffic from the operator.

For a built-in module, you will have to purchase a SIM card. Typically, connection settings come in automatic, and the user does not need to do something. But sometimes there is a need for manual setting parameters.

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Select the “Mobile Network” submenu, find the “Mobile Communication” item in it and turn on the “Data Transfer” parameter there.
  • In the “Mobile Communication” menu, select “Access point (APN)”
  • Enter the parameters provided by the mobile operator.

In the case of an external modem, the connection process is similar, but you first need to connect the modem to a regular computer and convert the device to the “only modem” mode.

Restoring settings after reset using a backup

Before resetting the parameters, the phone owner must carefully prepare for the operation. In particular, it is recommended for a while to transfer files to an external drive.

Another way to save information is to create a backup copy. As a rule, when you try to roll back, the system immediately offers the owner of the device to get a backup.

And, if he agreed, then you can restore the data and parameters of the gadget according to the following instructions:

Further, the user will be proposed to choose a backup source. This may be a backup file that you temporarily threw to another device, as well as Backup from the cloud storage. In the presence of these data, one hundred percent recovery will occur.

What to do to get around the error after resetting the phone to factory settings

The network presents several ways to circumvent the requirement of the Google account after resetting a mobile to factory settings. There is no 100% guarantee that any of these methods is suitable for you. Not only do they be artisanal in nature, but besides Google specialists regularly read such materials and eliminate holes in the program code that allow to bypass FRP protection.

Nevertheless, we will present a list of decisions that are currently relevant.

For Windows

If the gadget turns on and works, then rolling out the settings is easy. You need to go to the menu and select the PC parameters there, after “updating and recovery”. A window will appear with the inscription “Return the computer to its original state” or “Removing all data and reinstalling Windows” depending on the version of the OS. Click “Start” and reinstall the system.

If for some reason the previous methods have not worked, you can roll back the system through BIOS. To do this, you need to have a USB-keyboard for convenience, a bootable flash drive with Windows 10 OS, OTG adapter. You can open BIOS in several ways, for example, by combining power and volume keys (not on all models) or find the Reset button on the case (rarely on modern devices).

The main way is to enter through the start:

As a result of these manipulations, the gadget turns on with a blue display and the inscription “Choice of action”.

  • Click “Diagnostics of a computer restoration” and select the “built.In UEFI” parameters “.
  • We reload again and see BIOS, similar to PC.

On some tablets, the input system can be moved by a sensor or volume swings, but you may need a USB keyboard.

  • In the menu we find the Save Exit item, go there and select the load from the flash drive, after which Windows will be installed.
  • When the last reboot of your device ends, you need to indicate the parameters of the system, including translate the language from English to Russian, set the time zone, as well as prescribe a password from the account or activate it.

How to make hard reset on the phone?

As already mentioned above, you can drop the parameters in two ways. If the Android device starts, then Hard Reset is best done through the settings menu.

We use settings

First of all, you need to go to the settings, select “Restoration and Reset”. “Reset Settlements”, confirm the intentions with a special button, then familiarize yourself with the information message and start resetting the settings by means of the “Wipe everything” button ”. Next will be restored the Lenovo factory settings.

We use the Recovery menu

This method is as simple as the first. Step.By.Step algorithm of actions:

  • Turn off the smartphone. Extract microsd card and SIM card.
  • Set the power button and volume keys.
  • Select the 3rd item “Wipe Data” (switching is carried out using the buttons of sound change). Press the inclusion button to confirm.
  • Select the 2nd point “Delete All User Data”.
  • If the phone does not automatically reboot, then you need to select the “Reboot System Now” item. The next time the smartphone will turn on with factory settings.

Using the menu (if the tablet is turned on)

If the tablet is completely operational, the graphic key is not blocked, and you have the opportunity to get into the settings. Be sure to use this method to make Hard Reset (hard reset) and demolish user (user) settings to factory (factory).

All that needs to be done is to get into the settings, and find the recovery and discharge item.

Then you need to select the settings reset item.

tablet, reset, factory

Next, we read a warning that all data from the tablet will be erased. Choosing the option to reset the tablet PC.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 5SE Hard Reset & Bypass Google Account

As a result, Android will give out the last warning that you want to demolish everything, and you can no longer restore anything. If you didn’t change your mind, choose the command to erase everything.

The tablet will be rebooted, and to demonstrate the entire depth of the process to you, you will see the screensaver how atoms and molecules spin in the belly of the Android robot.

This is normal, after a couple of minutes the screensaver will disappear, the tablet will start with such factory (Factory) settings and applications, as if you had just brought it from the store.

Special applications

There are several utilities to restore and configure data after reset to factory configurations.


  • Launch of the program.
  • Connection of the phone to a computer via a USB cable.
  • Selection of backup mode and the required device.
  • Setting marks about data to save. Pressing “OK”.
  • Disconnecting the device and discharge.
  • Reloading phone and re.Connection to PC.
  • The choice in the program “Data Restoration”.
  • The choice of the required archive.
  • Click on the “Next” button and waiting for the completion of the procedure.

Android Data Recovery

“Strong” program that allows you to search and extract lost data on phones, up to factory.

  • Launch and installation on PC.
  • Connecting a gadget to a computer.
  • Activation of the developer mode in the phone.
  • Turning on USB debugging.
  • “Scan”.
  • Mark with flags of information for returning to the phone.
  • Pressing on the element “Recover”.
  • Ready!

In the article, we learned that you can restore and configure information in two ways: third.Party data for reviving data and extracting information from the cloud of Google’s cloud. For the second method, preliminary reservation must be performed before resetting the settings to factory. Select the most convenient and leave a comment.

Special code

Also, Android tablets support the reset of parameters using special codes. The user needs to enter the proposed USSD request into the numeroner, and then click on the call button. After that, the dialog box will open, where it remains to confirm the rollback. The following codes operate on most tablets:

If not one of the proposed combinations has come up, try to clarify information about the supported codes on the manufacturer’s website of your gadget. USSD queries may vary depending on the model.

tablet, reset, factory

Development Settings utility

The program provides access to tools for developers, among which you can find the “settings” and make a discharge of the account, was described in the second decision. Again, you need a flash drive with the Devsettings application and OTG cable. All manipulations are described by step in the video:

Another important point. Do not try to reflash the phone to fix the problem. This option has already been tried to no avail by many. The fact is that not the number of the OS (firmware) version is attached to the account, but the factory No. Of the apparatus itself. And no software changes will be able to change this information.

Now you know what to do if, after reset, the notification appears on the device restored the default settings to continue to enter the Google account ”. Maybe. You know other ways to bypass blocking. Share them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.