how to set background on iPhone. How to refresh the safari iOS 15 page

How to change the background of your iPhone or iPad

When you get your hands on a new Apple device, many users immediately try to figure out how to change the background of their iPhone or iPad.

The wallpaper on the lock screen or “Home” expresses the personality of the owner and makes the gadget a little more attractive. So there is nothing surprising in the desire to change the background. Fortunately the Apple specialists also understand this, so in iOS implemented convenient tools to change the wallpaper.

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The iPhone app loads low-resolution images first, and then loads high-resolution images in the background, and it gets better as the image loads. What is the process of doing something like this?

In iphone4 the images are not displayed in high resolution, it shows low resolution images. How to change high resolution images for iphone4 using css? To clarify, we develop in phonegap using high resolution html and jquery images.

It seems to me that the PPD Clinical Trials mobile app consists of the following elements:

modal view controller on top of the background;

The modal view controller has a frame smaller than the screen size;

The modal view controller contains a UINavigationController;

the transparency effect is achieved by setting the alpha property of the views within the modal view controller to a value below 1.0 (which means opacity).

As for the screenshot, I think you could execute its contents as follows:

Background: Static image created in Photoshop or similar ( as a great free online alternative)

Navigation bar: Override the default UINavigationBar value and set component frames differently.

Selection menu: Override default class objects again.

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If I create an iPhone tab style app in XCode (I use 4.2), what do I do after creating the project to adjust it to design for the iPhone 4 screen (high res) vs. the 3GS screen and lower.

According to the Apple iPhone Human Interface guidelines, I created the Default image.png that is displayed while waiting for the app to load. I created an image with the function.

The iPhone app first loads low-resolution images and then loads high-resolution images in the background, and it gets better when the image.

The iphone4 doesn’t display images in high resolution, it shows low resolution images. How to change high resolution images for iphone4 using css? To clarify.

I just have a 3gs to test (here in Romania, I still can’t get an iPhone 4) When I just create full-screen images for the iPhone 4. Will they display in the.

As many people complain, there seems to be a bug in the Apple SDK for Retina display, and imageWithContentsOfFile does not actually automatically load 2x images. I came across a good post about.

I am working on an app that is more like a photo gallery, where the user has high-resolution images and will zoom in and check every aspect of the image. I don’t have any.

I recently started playing with adaptive web design and did a basic test here: / It works fine in the desktop browser, but I’m a little confused about how to work with the.

Can someone with website design/development experience explain the method that Google, Microsoft and other websites use to create these high-resolution photo backgrounds.

Set a custom image as the background of a new Edge tab page

Open a new tab in the Edge browser.

Click the settings/pinch icon located in the top right corner of the page to see the page layout pop-up menu.

NOTE. If the settings/pedestal does not appear, type edge://settings/newTabPage in the address bar and press the Enter key to open the new tab settings page. Here, click the “Customize” button.

Finally, in the “Background” section, select the “Your own image” radio button to reveal a hidden “Upload” button. Click the “Upload” button, select the image you want, and then click the “Open” button to set it as the background of a new tab page.

To restore the default background or set a different one, press the “Delete” button. Select the “Custom” switch again, tap the “Upload” button and then select an image if you want to set a different image.

How to turn off all message notifications on your iPhone?

The main disadvantage of this method is that you turn off absolutely all messages you receive. Because of this, you can easily miss an important notification, which would be very unpleasant.

Scroll down to the “Messages” tab.

Disable the “Allow notifications” function.

Now, after you receive a message, you will not receive sound/vibro notifications and any visual information (e.g. red circle above the application icon) will be absent.

To find out if you have a new message, you need to open “Messages”. You will see a blue dot next to a specific box (By box, you mean contact, phone number, etc.п.), it means that you have unread messages.

Downloading an image

Before you replace the standard background of your Apple device, you need to select a picture. You may like the images you find in the default wallpaper, or you may want to put a picture of a loved one on your screen. But we’ll look at a more complicated option, in which you need to download the wallpaper to the device from a third-party source.

There are two basic ways to add an image to your iPhone memory:

Understandably, given the proliferation of wireless networks and the number of free Wi-Fi spots, it is much easier to go online from your iPhone/iPad and simply save the picture to memory. But we’re not looking for easy ways, so:

  • Download a photo to your computer.
  • Plug in your Apple device and start iTunes.
  • Select your device and open the “Photos” section.
  • Check “Synchronize photos from” and specify the folder on your computer where the images you like are stored.

Highlight the files you want to sync and click “Apply. All selected pictures will be in the memory of the device.

How to put a picture on the background of Safari OS 15

How to put a picture on the background of Safari OS 15

You can put a photo from your gallery or from those that Apple offers. You can’t put photos on tabs individually: just one photo for all the tabs.

How to clear the history of Safari on iOS 15

You can also copy the tab link by going to the tabs menu, clicking on a specific page, and selecting “Copy”.