How to set digital channels on BBK TV

NKTV: from digital format to high.Definition television

The appearance of digital television caused a kind of excitement, since the content in digital quality became available to a wide circle of users. Recently, it was this direction of television that has been developing very actively, a large number of offices have appeared that will provide for a fee for connecting and setting up digital television. The good news is that you can adjust digital television on your own yourself.

So in this article we will examine in detail all aspects of the settings, both in the general case and for TVs from specific manufacturers. It is worth noting that there are various types of digital television. All proposed schemes relate to the cable “numbers”.

First, consider the general scheme for setting digital television. In various TV models, the sequence of operations and the name of the points may differ in a slight degree. Do not worry, then we will consider the features of the settings for specific brands, all points will be illustrated.

Using the remote control, enter your TV menu. In the window that appears, select the item “Ogion”. In order to directly go to the setting, you need to select the “Auto.Authority” item. A window should appear on the screen in which it is proposed to choose one of the sources of the signal: cable or antenna. Choose the first option, then click the “Start” button.

After the operations performed, a window will appear in which you need to select the “digital” item as a signal source, then press the “Start” button again.

We are at the final stage of digital television settings. In the window that appears, we find the point “Search mode”, several options will appear, we need a “full” item. Click and fill out all the fields specified below.

It should be noted that some TV models support a network search. This means that it is not necessary to manually indicate the above parameters. Just after choosing the required search mode, click the “Search” button. How to make sure you configure digital television on TV is quite simple. For those who are confused, we read further illustrated instructions.

It is logical to assume that in various models of TVs from the LG manufacturer, its firmware and its menu are used. However, in the general case, the menu of all TVs has characteristic similarities. Find the “Menu” button on the remote control, click it and a window appears on the screen in which it is necessary to select the “Options” item.

In the Option tab you will see several parameters available to change. In the paragraph “Country” you need to indicate either Germany or Finland.

Первый Смарт ТВ от СБЕРА: дешевый 4K Телевизор BBK ��

After that, you need to go to the “Settings” menu, there select the “Avtopoisk” item in which indicate “cable” as a method of connection.

After the manipulations done, a window should be opened in which you need to select the “Settings” item and specify all values ​​as in the figure below.

If you correctly completed all the instructions, then after the search the TV will find all available channels, as well as radio stations.

Please note that the LG TVs use the function of automatic renewal of the channels, which with a certain frequency discards the existing list of channels and begins a new search. For convenience, it is advisable to turn off this function. To do this, go to the “Tuning of the Digital Cable” tab and turn off the automatic update. Thus, setting digital television on LG TVs is quite simple. It is enough to show a little attentiveness.

Setting digital television on TVsPhilips So, find the Menu button on the remote control and with it, go to the menu of your TV. Next, go to the “Configuration” section.

In the window that appears, click on the “Installation” item, after which a secondary menu will appear on the TV screen in which it is necessary to select the “Channel Settings” section. Another submenu will appear in which we select the item “Automatic. Installations “.If you correctly completed all transitions, a message must appear that warns about the upcoming update of the list of all channels. Click “Start”.

We go to the “Country” section and choose from the list either Finland or Germany.

As a connection method, select “Cable”.

Before you start the process of searching for the channels, go to the “installation” point and make settings according to the images below.

Now you managed to configure digital television on TVPhilips. You can start direct search for channels, for this we click “Start”.

Setting digital television on TVsMsung TVs on the remote control panel click the “Menu” button. The menu of your TV should appear on the screen. We go to the “Canal” section (depicted as a satellite antenna). Several tabs will appear on the right, select the “Antenna” item and as a type of connection, select “Cable”. Next, you need to go to the “Country” tab and specify the parameter “Other”. In this case, the TV should request a PIN code. If you did not change it yourself, then enter 0000 (default value).

We go to the “Auto Narrow” tab, as a signal source, select “Cable”.

Install all the parameters as in the image below, then click the “search”.

After all the operations, your TV will find all available channels.

Setting digital television on televisionToshiba TVs using the Menu button go to the TV menu and select Russian menu.

Manually enter all the parameters as in the image below.

After that, click OK, the search for channels will begin.

We analyzed in detail the scheme of how to correctly configure digital television on TV. We reinforced all sequences with images for better perception. If you have any questions, use the feedback form of our site or in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

If you want to listen to music in good sound on a computer (and for this there is no suitable acoustic system), you can connect a home theater to it.

Channel search modes

Philips TV owners are invited to set digital broadcasting. Avtopoisk allows you to find free channels in just 2-3 minutes. This option is suitable for users living in the zone of confident signal receiving. If the subscriber has connected an antenna with a powerful amplifier, then he can also use automatic search.

Manual search suggests that the user will introduce the frequency on which channels will be broadcast. All the necessary information about the location of the nearest broadcast and the frequency of its work can be found on the RTRS map. Channels are looking for hand in situations when Avtopoisk does not give the desired result.

Philips TVs offer users two search formats:

  • Full reinstall. Previously configured channels are replaced by new ones or deleted. Digital television channels are located at the beginning of the list, and analogue at the end of the list.
  • Update. The old channels will not disappear anywhere, and the new ones will simply appear at the end of the list. In the future, you can sort.

The process of configuring digital channels will change in accordance with the time when the technique was released.

Digital television receiver with a BBK SMP137HDT2 HD-mediaupleier function

Today we will consider the new digital etheric receiver SMP137HDT2, presented by the company. Thanks to the ongoing rapid development of microelectronics, there is a decrease in overall dimensions and the expansion of the functionality of increasingly budgetary models of household receivers. The presented model fully corresponds to this trend. Design and circuitry

The SMP137HDT2 receiver is placed in a plastic case with a height of 3.5 centimeters with dimensions of not more than 12 centimeters. The sample in a black body was studied, according to the manufacturer, there is also an option with a dark gray color color. There are no controls on the receiver case. There is only one two.Tone indicator of the working mode / waiting mode. In Standby mode, the LED shines red, in working mode and during loading. Green. The front panel also has a USB-intense nest. On the rear panel of the receiver are located: connector for connecting the antenna RF in; HDMI multimedia connector; RCA-exhibition of a composite video signal; RCA outputs of stereo sound.

The electrical circuit of the receiver and the power supply are placed on the shared board. The receiver is built on a new specialized processor Ali M3821. A small radiator is glued to the processor cover. The receiver’s system board has a DDR3-800 of the RAM Zentel A3R12E40CBF with a capacity of 512 Mbit. Elements of the input radio frequency part (Maxlinear MXL603 tuner and its “strapping”) are soldered directly on the system board and protected by the screen.

Smart TV BBK 32 LEX-5027/TC инструкция

The power supply is assembled on the chim-controller chip PN8136. The receiver chassis is equipped with a sufficient number of ventilation holes. The receiver is equipped with a remote control RC-SMP712.

The remote control is small, light, well balanced, comfortably lies in the hand. However, an adult man for intensive use is more convenient for the larger button and, accordingly, the larger size of the remote control. The remote control consists of 43 buttons, the inscriptions are well read. In the central part of the keyboard there are the most frequently used control buttons and colored buttons, the functions of which are determined by the context menu with the outline of the tips on the screen. Below are the control buttons record and media player. In the lower part of the remote control, the CH, CH and output buttons of information about the program taken (Info) are separately issued. The power remote control is carried out from two AAA batteries included in the delivery kit. The receiver is also included in the 3rca-3rca cable and operating manual in Russian with a warranty coupon.

When the receiver is first turned on or after reset to the factory installations, the rapid setup mode is launched. The user can choose: region (here in the meaning of “country”). The user can choose 16 countries from the proposed list. The default was selected by Russia. Menu language. Supported Russian, Turkish, Polish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. The default is used by Russian.

Image mode (here in the value of the parameters of its decomposition at the output of HDMI). The following installations are supported: 1080i_25, 1080i_30, 1080P_50, 1080P_60, 1080P_25, 1080P_30, 1080P_24, “source”, “on TV info”, 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p_50, 720p_60. The default uses 1080i_25.

Image format. The default is installed “Auto”. The formats are adapted mainly under the display with a ratio of sides 16: 9. The following formats are supported: 4: 3PS (Panscan). The image of the channel 16: 9 is cut on the screen on the left and right. Suitable for displays 4: 3. 4: 3LB (letterbox). The image of the 4: 3 channel is supplemented on the screen with black stripes on the left and right. Geometrically accurately displayed on a display of 16: 9. 16: 9 (Normal). Here is close to the 4: 3PS (Panscan) mode.

Often, various manufacturers of television setups and “smart” TVs interpret and implement various formats, and to obtain the optimal image, the selection of options is required on the prefix and on the display.

Search mode. The standard of the received signals is selected. The default is supported by the search for all available signals DVB-T DVB-T2. You can limit the search only by signals of one of the standards.

After choosing these parameters, the receiver goes into the automatic search mode for the selected digital air TV standard of the selected standard. Scanning is carried out along the frequency mesh of OIRT in the range of 178–226 MHz (channels 6-12) and 470–860 MHz (channels 21–69). In the process of searching for the screen, the standard, the frequency of settings and the names of the found TV- and radio channels are displayed. The duration of the auto.Pupe was less than 2 minutes. After the scan is completed, the receiver saves the found channels and goes into viewing the latter in the channel list. On the air of St. Petersburg, where the receiver was tested, at this moment two federal multiplexes in the DVB-T2/MPEG-4 standard were broadcasting. The first is on the 35th frequency channel, the Multiple PLP broadcasting mode, the channels are distributed through three PLP. The second-on the 45th, only one PLP is involved. The receiver discovered all the broadcasting channels. After the search was completed, the receiver retained in the list of 20 channels. There were no problems with displaying channels on Cyrillic.

All functions related to the search and editing of the lists of channels are successfully combined in the menu “Setting DVB-T/T2”. The receiver has a well.Designed manual search mode. In this mode, by default, the possibility of choosing the number of the DMV range of the pre.Installed frequency mesh frequency mesh is established. Search mode. “on the channel”, search strip. Uhf. But you can change the range or switch to the search mode “By frequency” and manually set the frequency and width of the canal strip (6, 7, 8 MHz). Other modulation parameters are not required. Their receiver determines independently. The receiver immediately determines the presence of a signal at a given frequency. In the lower lines of the manual search menu, the values ​​of the “signal level” and “signal quality” parameters are displayed as a percentage. In the channel viewing mode, according to the second pressing of the Info button, detailed parameters of the program taken with annoying inaccuracy of the translation into Russian of the “receiver” line, as well as graphic indicators of the presence of a signal on the selected channel. The “signal level” scale is quite linearly reflects reality. With a decrease in the level to values ​​of the order of 7 8%, the receiver is disrupted by decoding. The signal quality scale in the entire working range of signal level values ​​displays 100%. With a further decrease in the signal, although the receiver still recognizes its presence, the indications are abolishingly changing: “signal quality”. From zero to maximum, and “signal level”. From 0% to the measured values ​​of 1 7%. In this case, the receiver cannot detect channels. Successful scanning is possible only with stable indicators.


The modern standard of television broadcasting, capable of providing a high.Quality picture in Full HD format under any acceptance conditions. For viewing, it is necessary that the TV model has a built-in TV-t2 type tv-tuiner. If such an option is absent, you will need to buy a prefix with such an option.

Before setting up, study the instructions offered by the manufacturer, then:

  • Cross the “menu”. “settings”. “auto.Building”;
  • Select the source of the “digital” signal;
  • Next, enter the search parameters: frequency (KHC). 314,000 (314 MHz), speed. 6875 ks/, modulation. 256 QAM;
  • Click “Start”.
  • After a few minutes, a full list of channels found will appear on the screen, if desired, the user can manually edit the list.

Smart TV

The Smart TV function is an advanced technology that turns the TV into a multimedia center that opens access to the possibilities of the Internet. The user can sit on the network, make purchases, play games, use applications, view news, gain access to streaming services, where thousands of channels and original content are presented, for example Netflix.

There are several ways to configure the channels:

  • Installation of a corporate application with monthly payment of services (IVY, MeGOGO);
  • Using free media players where you need to register information about the playlist with TV channels.

The procedure for installing, setting up, viewing TV on Smart panels depends on the modification of the TV, the selected method, the features of the application.

Satellite signal

Owners of parabolic antennas are always interested in how to set up channels on TV? It is clear that the search for satellite channels is noticeably different from the setting of cable or digital ether.

Thus, you installed the satellite antenna and sent it in the required direction, now you should figure out the setting of television broadcasting. The receiver is connected to the plate, the cable is the link. As a result, the TV becomes the most ordinary monitor.

Only a small part of users knows that satellite plates over time change their original location. Antennas are spinning due to heavy rain, sometimes pouring rain and other weather conditions affects. Therefore, from time to time it is necessary to adjust the position of the plate so that a clear signal will come to the tuner without any distortion.

digital, channels

The basic package of the receiver includes a special remote control for remote control. Take it and open the main menu. Follow the tips popping up on the TV screen, they are also described in detail in the instructions. This is exactly what satellite TV sets up.

A huge number of different channels can be caught on the parabolic antenna, so save only the most necessary. In practice, it is confirmed that most often users view cognitive, sports and entertainment television channels. Therefore, you should not get carried away during the settings and save everything, because in the end you will only spend your free time.

Cable tv

Imagine that you have chosen a provider and a tariff plan, the cable will stretch, which means it’s time to start setting up TV channels.

To prevent any mistake, just adhere to a simple step-by-step instruction:

  • First, a potential client concludes an official agreement with a provider, which actually offers a choice of several tariff plans.
  • After starting the TV, the message “Digital channels are not set up” appears on the screen “.
  • You need to take the remote control of the TV and go to the menu, clicking on the corresponding button.
  • In the section “Channel Settings”, select the “Automatic Search” command, then click on the “OK” button. The device will begin to scan the signal coming through the cable and independently set up the television channels available for viewing. Both doubles and channels with incorrect image (stripes, ripples, interference) are recorded, sometimes users face a distorted sound or even its absence. Such channels should be removed manually. It is easy to do this, wait for the end of the scan, and then just delete low.Quality television channels.
  • In total, the automatic search lasts only a few minutes. There may be exceptions, it all depends on the number of television channels available for viewing. When the scan is completed, the device will show the saved channels.
  • TV channels can also be found and saved manually, but at the same time it is necessary to indicate the frequency. In general, manual search takes much more free time.

Now you know how to set up channels on TV. Of course, I will still be certain differences from the steps described in the instructions, but they are insignificant. The nuances are determined by the features of the brand and the TV device models. Also much depends on the provider. For example, tricolor offers a convenient system for searching for television channels.

Quite often, users ask about whether it is possible to configure television channels without using the remote control panel? This is real if there are appropriate buttons on the front panel.

Outdated TV models

On the old TVs that are still found in the houses of Russians, the search for programs is carried out using special regulators hidden behind the buttons. To gain access, you need to put forward the panel, then, twist the regulator up to the appearance of the image.

Considering that the etheric television switched to digital broadcasting, and only a few channels are available in the analogue, it is recommended to buy a digital console for outdated TV, which will open access to a complete list of channels, will allow you to switch programs remotely.

BBK DVBT2 console review

There is a TV in almost every house, but not all residents of our country know about digital broadcasting. DVBT2 channels became available to subscribers not so long ago, after the introduction of a federal standard involving a smooth transition.

The fleet of television receiver without digital support was more impressive, so many subscribers were faced with the need to purchase additional devices. A wide selection of equipment for receiving digital television can be introduced into a stupor of an uninterrupted user.

BBK was one of the first manufacturers to offer effective solutions to eliminate such problems. Reviews of BBK digital consoles will help to identify what the advantages and disadvantages of this equipment have. The advantages of receivers of this brand include:

  • For most devices, a USB port is provided. With it, the tuner can be turned into a multifunctional HD player and view content from external media.
  • Even with weak signals, the receiver accepts a large number of free channels. In large cities, their number varies on average from 20 to 30.
  • PVR function is available, thanks to which the air channels can be viewed at any convenient time.
  • The presence of the Timeshift function. She migrated to DVBT2 consoles from computer tuners. This option allows you to pause if necessary and continue viewing without missing anything.
  • Available cost is also one of the main advantages of the BBK cones. In terms of price and quality ratio, the equipment wins in many ways compared to similar models from competitors’ manufacturers.

BBK receivers are a good solution for those who want to view their favorite TV shows in better quality and use additional content management opportunities. Devices are great for domestic use, as they have a simple and understandable integration, and even an inexperienced user will cope with the configuration.

Digital television tuner Humax ND-1010C

If you were not able to configure the digital television tuner yourself, please contact the Akado subscriber service by phone (495) 231–44–44

What is digital television?

Before you configure it at home, let’s figure out what it is and how it works.

The essence of this TV is that the television image, as well as the sound, is transmitted to one or another device using the sound and video signal in certain channels. With this encoding, the signal is transmitted with minimal losses and has a much better quality than an analog signal that is influenced by external factors.

On the other hand, it should be said that with digital television, the TV channel will work either well or will not work absolutely. Such a TV has no interference or average state. The only thing is that if the signal is bad, then one of the 20 channels will turn off or slow down from time to time. To fix this, you will need to turn the television antenna, or directly to the TV, raise it above or replace it with another.

How to set up 20 digital television channels on TV

A national transition to this broadcast format forced many users to think. Is it possible to watch digital TV without a prefix? Yes, such an opportunity exists, but only if your television receiver already installed a receiver that works with the DVB T2 signal. Devices that support DVB C and DVB T will not provide such an opportunity. Therefore, first of all, make sure that the built.In digital tuner on the TV has the appropriate marking.

Let’s take a look at how to set the digital channels on the TV. First of all, it is necessary to connect the external antenna operating in the MV/DMV range. It can be an indoor or outer model, with or without an amplifier, working on the principle of a wave channel or log.Periodic. The choice depends on the stability and signal level in your area. But in any case, to connect digital television, the receiving equipment is connected using a coaxial cable with a wave of 75 Ohms to a standard antenna television connector. For such a nest, the designation “Ant in Air/Cable” is usually used.

Further setting up a TV without a prefix is ​​performed in automatic or manual mode. The second option is recommended only to experienced users who already have experience connecting such equipment. Any error in entering the necessary data will lead to the impossibility of viewing television programs in digital format.

Scheme for connecting digital channels through the prefix and to a TV with a built.In tuner

Useful adapters

There are often situations when there are no identical connectors between two devices, since connecting DVD to the TV in this case? Everything is very simple, you need to choose the appropriate adapters. Here is a list of the most common configurations:

  • Scart-RCA. In this version, it is necessary to connect only one adapter, since both plugs are able to transmit both sound and image;
  • Scart- S-Video2rca. Since S-Video does not transmit an audio signal, it is necessary to separately connect the 2RCA cable;
  • HDMI-RCA. Be prepared for the fact that the image quality will decrease much, even though the signal from the DVD player and exits through HDMI.