How to set digital television on Sony TV

Detailed instructions for setting digital television

Digital television is free throughout Russia. Let the choice are small, only 20 television channels, but relevant news about the whole world is always displayed here and entertainment programs are the first to come out. All that needs to be done to get to them is to set an antenna and configure a digital TV on a TV or prefix. We have already given advice on choosing the best antenna for receiving digital TV. Now we give instructions for setting up TVs and consoles on the example of popular brands of devices.

If the antenna is installed correctly and there is a DVB-T2 tuner in the TV, it remains only to set up. In general, the algorithm of action is similar on most TVs. Following the logic from the instructions below, you can set up on almost any device.

  • We go to the main menu of the TV, and from there. To “Settings”.
  • Choosing the item “Television”, “Television” or “Canals”.
  • We launch “Auto.Narrowing” and select the source of the “Cable” signal.
  • Click on the option “digital” if there is a choice.
  • We expect the TV to find the channels.

In some cases, the automatic detection of digital channels does not work. In this case, select the “manual” search mode and indicate manually search data. Part of the data can be found on the CET card map. The frequency (MGC) and the channel frequency is important. The speed (6875 ks/s) and modulation is usually useful. Usually 256 QAM. They are needed less often.

Sony Smart TV. Opportunities

After connecting Sony Bravia to the Internet and the subsequent configuration of the Smart reception of the television receiver, the user is available:

  • Online examination of TV shows and films;
  • Installation of applications for access to interactive television;
  • Seing web sites through a built-in browser;
  • Communication with loved ones and friends through social networks or Skype;
  • Weather data, fresh news;
  • Search for information on the Web and a television personnel management in a voice;
  • Numerous games;
  • Transmission of multimedia content from a mobile device to a large television screen;
  • Duplication of the smartphone display on the TV receiver and t.D.

This is only part of the possibilities that Sony‘s TV with Smart-TV function. It must be understood that none of the “smart” options will work if the device is not connected to the Internet.

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Additional capabilities of Bravia TV receivers

Bravia series TVs have many useful functions, one of which is a television. To open it, you need to activate the Guide key on the DU module. A window will open with a table where information data on channels will be presented. On the left side indicates the serial number of the television program, and in the right. Etheric time. By means of the Info button, you can open a brief description of the program, and with the help of arrows, their positions are controlled. Telegide function allows you to create an individual viewing scenario. Thanks to the recording or activation of the timer, the user can bring your favorite content into the memory of your TV receiver.

Another useful option is subtitles. Allows you to get a text translation in several languages. It is worth noting that not all television channels have subtitles. To activate it, a special button is used on the DU module, it may vary depending on the equipment model.

After the user performs all the settings and makes an automatic or manual search, he will notice that some channels are closed. Usually encrypted are paid programs. Owners of Sony Bravia receivers can decode paid content. This will require a special device in the form of a CAM module, which is inserted into a special nest on the rear panel of the TV. After connecting the module, it is recommended to go into sleep mode and use the Bravia function, and then the restrictions will disappear.

How To: Connect devices to your Sony BRAVIA TV

Automatic setting of digital channels on Sony Bravia

At the first connection of the Sony Bravia TV, after performing the initial installations, an automatic transition to auto.Wrecks will be performed. If the inclusion is performed for the first time, then for this you need to use the “Home” or “Menu” button on the remote control. The “Parameters” section selects “Automation of digital channels” and the action is confirmed.

After performing these manipulations, it is proposed to make a choice of the type of broadcast. If necessary, for the TV to search exclusively digital channels, then you need to select the “Digital TV” item. When choosing a “digital and analogue TV” item, both of them will be searched for both.

Then, in the “Connection Type” tab, you need to make a transition to the “cable” item. A window with settings parameters will appear:

Preliminary default values ​​are set here and there is no particular need to change them. It is possible to choose an operator from the specified list or leave “another”.

In the section “Type of scanning”, it is necessary to make the choice of “Full scan” mode. After choosing all the parameters, the “Start” button is pressed. Then you need to wait until the whole list of available television channels and radio stations will be displayed on Sony Bravia.

Then you need to sort the found digital programs. From the list that appears, you need to select the necessary ones and fix them using the arrows on the remote control. Unnecessary channels are removed.

After the setting of digital channels is completed, it is recommended to reload the Sony Bravia TV. If, when searching for channels, they are detected in insufficient quantities, it will require additional information to configure cable or satellite television.

Deserves attention to the lower section on the screen of the Sony Bravia TV menu. The lower menu panel contains tips for using the remote control buttons in relation to certain actions.

Setting digital channels on Sony TV

Users are interested in how to configure digital channels on the Sony Bravia TV. There is nothing complicated in this. Just follow the instructions and recommendations.

  • Enter the menu and select: “Home” → “Settings” → “Installations”.
  • Select the type of placement and location. It is logical that we choose Russia, the type of accommodation (if there is such an option) in accordance with how you have. Standing or in a state suspended to the wall on a stand.
  • Understand the PIN code. Click “Home”-“Settings” → “Personal” (Personal) → “Parental Control” ((TV show) (Parental Lock (BroadCast)) → “PIN CODE” (PIN CODE) and install the desired 4-digit Pin code.
  • Select the “Digital Configuration” item (if this is not the point, select “Automobe” and move on to action 5) → “Digital Settings” → “Auto.Osk numbers. Stations ”→ type of“ cable ”connection (if there is no such choice, indicate the country in the menu:“ installations ”→“ Settings ”→“ Avtopoisk ”).
  • Set up the search and update parameters:

Sony BRAVIA. How to control your TV with set-top box (cable box)

  • Car access (ID) access code;
  • The type of scanning is fast;
  • Symbolic speed 7000;
  • The final frequency is 354000;
  • Frequency (initial frequency) 306000;
  • Modulation 128 QAM.
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Not all of the listed parameters can be available for input, it depends on the country and model of the device. If you perform all the recommendations step by step, there are about 50 channels. In the case when everything is done correctly, the TV must find about 58 television channels.

After filling out the channel grid, you need to choose a time zone. For this on the menu:

If the TV is old, you must definitely turn off the automatic transition to the summer time.

Do not worry if you forgot the installed pin. Try to remember it or reset it according to the instructions:

  • Home button on the remote control.
  • Select “Settings” (settings)
  • We open the section “Apps (Apps)” in the category “TV” (TV).
  • Click on “direct transmission” (Live Channels).
  • Select “Delete Data” (Clear Data).
  • We complete the setting by pressing OK.

Automatic Sony Bravia settings

Many users are interested in how to configure digital channels on the Sony Bravia TV automatically. Often this happens after turning on. If this does not happen, then you need to make the following path:

  • “Home” or “Menu” → “Parameters” → “Automation of Digital Canals”.
  • You will be offered to choose the type of broadcasting:
  • Digital TV” if you want only digital channels to show
  • “Digital and analogue TV” if you want analogue TV channels to show.

In the connection type tab, select “Cable”. In a pop.Up window there will appear characteristics that have default properties. They are not necessary to change them. Finally, you need to choose a provider or leave “another”. Then click “Start” and wait until Sony Bravia will set up all television channels and radio.


If there are no channels, then you should go to the section:

  • “Parameters” → “Settings” → “Channel Settings” → “Digital”.
  • Here it is necessary to do everything according to the instructions of auto.Building exactly until the choice of parameters and instead of default values, select all values ​​manually. The values ​​are best clarified by the operator, they may differ in the regions and from different providers.

As you can see, setting digital channels on the Sony Bravia TV was not difficult. If for some reason you could not configure everything, repeat all the actions more carefully. If this did not help you contact the telemaster.

How to go on the Internet on Sony TV?

Before it is possible to use all the advantages of the Internet, you need to configure access to it. In the case of a cable network, everything is quite simple, it is enough to connect the wire with the corresponding port on the TV, and the network will become available (if you do not need to enter a password). Significant connection to configure a little more difficult.

  • Click on the Home key on the remote control.
  • Open “Settings”, and then. The “Network” tab.
  • Click on the option “Network Settings”.
  • We go to the “Wireless Settings” section. Here we can “configure the network connection” if you need additional parameters for working with a cable network.
  • Choose the mode “Easy”, “automatically” or click on the WPS key.
  • Follow the tips of the master in connection.

If you need to specify auxiliary settings of the network, then in the fifth step we select the mode “Expert” or “User”.

Preparation for setting

When using the TV, you need to specify a number of parameters. Among them:

  • Region, country;
  • The language to which you need to translate the menu and service messages;
  • The use mode, on which the image display parameters depend on the screen and the selection of energy consumption modes.

Advice! It is useful to specify and place the device. This is a floor option or installation on a stand. The format of digital television, in addition to an excellent picture, offers high.Quality sound. If you enable the type of placement corresponding to the real one, the device adjusts the parameters of the audio system, and the owner will receive the optimal sound.

Further, the TV will request a unique combination from the user to limit access to some parameters. It needs to be invented and introduced. It is rational and record a new pin, as sooner or later it will be required to configure the device. On this, the initial preparation is completed, you can connect the antenna to TV and configure cable television or broadcasting.

Support for digital broadcasting

Important! Before you transfer the TV to digital television, on the site of the company’s manufacturer or dealers of the company, it is necessary to clarify the information of its capabilities.

Definition of the TV model

Over all the years of existence, Sony has released a large number of devices of devices, not all of them work with the DVB-T2 standard. It is possible to set up channels on a TV only after determining the device model.

If the TV does not support digital TV

In a situation where the setting of digital channels is impossible, there are several exits from this situation.

It is necessary to buy a modern model, since old devices do not support many functions, for example, do not reproduce HD-pictures. Today, the new TV Sony Bravia models receive a signal directly without additional modules.

In other TVs, setting channels is possible when connecting a receiver, which also needs to be adjusted to the reception.

Setting digital channels on Sony TVs

Depending on the model, the integration and structure of the menu may vary, but the general meaning and procedure remains relevant.

Enter the main menu by pressing the [Home] button on the remote control. In the “Installations” section, select “Settings”

digital, television, sony

Attention! Some models at one of the stages of settings may request a PIN code. If you did not install your own, try to enter one of the standard ones: 0000, 1111, 1234

Select “Digital Configuration”

Attention! If your model does not have this item, you can select the “Automobe” item and proceed to action

Select the item “Avtopoisk numbers. Stations “.

Attention! If your TV does not offer you to make this choice, then either you need to indicate the country (this can be done in the “installation” menu “Settings” “Avto.Po.Rogue”)

Depending on the model of the TV and the selected country, some parameters do not need to be entered

If everything is done correctly, then the TV must find about 58 television channels

After searching for channels, you need to configure the internal watch of the TV, for this, return to the main menu and follow the following route:

“Installations” “Settings” “Digital Configuration” “those. Configuration”

In the menu that opens, install the time zone “GMT”

Attention! Depending on the year of release of the TV, you will need to turn on or off the automatic transition to the summer time