How to set the battery percentage on iPhone 11

  • Hold down the side button and volume up button at the same time.
  • Quickly release both buttons.
  • Once you take a photo, a thumbnail will temporarily appear in the lower left corner of the screen. Tap on a thumbnail to see the photo, swipe left to remove it.
  • Six new gorgeous colors
  • Anodized aluminum and 3D glass design
  • A13 Bionic processor.
  • The graphics processor
  • New primary camera
  • Super wide-angle camera
  • Shooting in night mode
  • 12MP front camera

iPhone 11 drains quickly due to constant app running in the background. If you don’t need this feature and want to keep your smartphone charged longer, you should turn it off. You need to go to the privacy settings and select the geolocation services section.

Go to Settings → Universal Access → Touch and turn on the Easy Access option. 2. Pull down (swipe from top to bottom) the bar (gesture bar) at the bottom edge of the screen in any open app, or under the Dock bar on the homescreen.

How to show the percentage of charge on iPhone 11?

On iPhone 11 you can find the battery charge percentage in the “Control Panel” menu. To do this, you need to perform a swiping motion with your hand on the phone’s display. The swiping should be done from top to bottom, starting from the upper right corner. You can display a picture of the battery in the status bar, which is at the top of the screen. In this case, such an image will visualize information about the battery charge level: the larger the fill area of the icon, the higher the charge.

How to remove the T9 on the iPhone 7?

The iPhone 7 does not have a full-featured T9 mode, as on the simplest cell phones. But there is a function of automatic word substitution, which can interfere with the rapid typing. To disable autoconfiguration, it is enough to enter the main settings of your smartphone and open the subsection keyboard. In the list of available options, turn off the autocorrect feature. Thus, no changes will be made while typing. On the display will remain what is typed by the owner.

How to enable the “home” button on the iPhone screen?

In order to display the “Home” button on the screen, you need to go through the following path:

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select “Universal Access” from the list.
  • Select the item “Touch” (the item is located under “Assistive. motor apparatus”).
  • Select the “Assistive Touch” interaction.
  • Turn on the “Assistive Touch” by moving the checkbox to the right. It will turn green.
  • This is it. The button appeared on the screen.

Left in this section, you will also be able to configure the “Home” button for yourself. For example: set commands that your gadget will execute at different button presses, set the button color intensity when the phone is not in use, etc.

How to enable macro photography on iPhone 11?

To turn on the macro mode, you will need to use the magnifying glass feature. To do this, go to the special features tab in the settings menu and turn on the magnifier. This will allow you to add the magnifier to the Control Center or display it on the Home screen. You need to go back to the Settings-Control Center menu to find the magnifier at the bottom of the list and add it to the home screen. Then you can click on the magnifying glass icon and point the camera at what you want to shoot in macro mode.

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iOS 14 customization tips and tricks! battery percentage on home screen

  • Open the toggle menu by swiping from the bottom edge to the middle of the screen.
  • Tap any app until the close icon appears.
  • Tap a new icon or swipe up.

How to turn on the flash on incoming calls and notifications on iPhone

  • Open the Settings app and go to Universal Access.
  • Select Audio Visualization.
  • Set the Alert Flash switch to On.
  • If necessary, also activate the Silent Mode option.

Battery charge in percent (%) and character count in messages on iPhone or iPad

We continue to introduce you to a little bit of iOS. For someone this information will already be familiar, and someone can learn something useful. In our previous article we talked about personalizing iPhone calls, and today we’re going to talk about two simple but very necessary features in iOS. battery percentage charge and character count in messages.

It is not clear why, but Apple initially turned off the mobile operating system display of battery charge in percentage. Such indication is much more evident than just a small battery and allows you to more accurately calculate the remaining time “life” of the gadget.

Fortunately, such a feature is still provided and does not require a jailbreak on the device.

By the way, we have a separate article on how to increase battery life.

battery, percentage, iphone

How to set the battery charge in percent (%) on iPhone and iPad

It’s enough to go into the standard iOS Settings app and go to the Basic section. Go to Statistics and at the very bottom we will see the Charge as a percentage.After activating the switch in the upper right corner of the iPhone or iPad status bar, the desired battery charge percentage will appear.

The second feature, which is originally disabled in iOS, is the display of the number of characters in a message. Such indication will help penpals save money. When writing a message, not only the number of characters entered is displayed, but also the limit for an SMS or MMS message. This way it is always clear how many messages the typed text will hold. You can remove a few letters or a word and fit in a smaller number of messages.

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How to turn on the character counter in messages on your iPhone or iPad

In order to activate this useful feature, you just need to go to the Settings section of Messaging and check the Numbers of characters radio button. The indication in the message will be visible after typing more than one line.I hope this information will be useful for you and help you use your iDevice more conveniently and productively.

How to know the percentage of battery charge on the iPhone 12, mini, 12 Pro

For a long time it was very easy to show the percentage of battery charge on the iPhone in the Settings app, there was just one little switch that turned on the percentage indicator in the upper right corner of the screen. With the iPhone 12 everything is a little bit more complicated. Here’s how you can view or show the battery percentage on the iPhone 12 mini, 12 and 12 Pro.

Case Charger

Users who care about their smartphone’s battery life and don’t care about looks, size, or weight will probably want to get a case with a built-in battery. This accessory is far from new and is available for other iOS and Android smartphones and of course the iPhone 10 charger case is also available. There are many different options from different brands.

The capacity of such a battery case can range from 3600 mAh to 6000 mAh. And of course this will affect the thickness and weight of the accessory.

An added bonus in this case is the presence of an integrated magnet that allows you to use the accessory with any magnetic holder in the car.

Is it possible to turn on the battery level as a percentage on the iPhone

All iPhone models, both old and new, allow you to know how much charge the battery has. The difference is that apple smartphones X, XR, XS XS Max will not be able to display data all the time. In the interest of ergonomics, so as not to clutter the space on the screen, the information was “hidden” in the control center curtain. The data in the new models can only be retrieved from there.

The user will have to invoke an additional menu through the control item, which disappears after use. In the settings it was enough to turn on the function “Active percentage”.

battery, percentage, iphone

The ability to see the charge level as a percentage has a psychological effect. As soon as the number becomes less than 50, the desire to find an outlet and a charger increases significantly. After all, this means that your smartphone has only a few hours of work left. According to the latest tests, 49% means about 5 hours of operation of the mobile device. Keep in mind that we are talking about a new phone with a battery that has not been damaged by careless use.

If the phone began to run out quickly and slowly charge, try to change the charger. It is necessary to use original products, otherwise there is a risk that the battery will quickly become unusable again. If replacing the charger did not help, you will have to change the battery. It is not a cheap procedure, but it is a better way to save your iPhone than buying a new one.

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What is a level in iPhone

Most likely, new and inexperienced users of iOS operating systems and smartphones iPhone do not know that their devices have a pre-installed application called “Roulette. You can use it in different ways, but in addition to the basic functionality of the tape measure, it also contains the option “Level”, which we will talk about next.

Roulette program allows you to measure the parameters of real objects of the surrounding world using the standard camera of the gadget. Measuring is based on the augmented reality technology. It not only captures a photo of an object, but also shows the value of its width, length, or height right on the screen.

Important! Before you use the app, you need to make sure you have iOS version 12 operating system installed on your phone. It is available on new smartphones, on iPhone SE and iPhone 6s devices, as well as on iPads of the fifth and later generations.

In addition to the basic functionality, Roulette has a tool that helps level vertical objects. For example, it could be a picture frame or a flat table surface. Initially, the function was available in the “COMPASS” application, where in addition to determining north, south, west and east, it was possible to determine the tilt level of an object using a built-in electronic type gyroscope. In the new updates, the developers transferred the functionality of the angle meter to the “Measuring tape” app.

Where is the level in the iPhone 7 and other models

As already mentioned, originally the function of measuring the curvature of the surface was located in the app “COMPASS”, but then it was moved to another place. the pre-installed program “Measuring tape”. On any iPhone or iPad, which suits the technical and software requirements for the installation of operating system iOS version 12, the program will work without problems and will be located only in one place. in “Roulette.

If we talk about the operation, things may not really be so smooth. If the built-in gyroscope of your smartphone was damaged when it hit the ground, or moisture once got into the phone, which did not seem to cause much damage to the device and its components, the module may not work properly.

Important! It is always necessary to treat your phone carefully and not to drop it even on soft surfaces. Otherwise, it may cause failure or malfunction of these or other modules.