How to set the camera on your Asus phone

How to configure the camera on Asus Zenfone 8

Asus Zenfone 8 smartphone is purchased not only to communicate with loved ones and colleagues, but also for mobile photography. The device is equipped with a pretty good camera that allows you to capture important moments of life. And to get high-quality pictures, you need to properly adjust the camera on Asus Zenfone 8.

For mobile photography and video on any Android smartphone, including Asus Zenfone 8, use the standard app “Camera”. Its icon is located on the main screen, and after clicking on it you get to the camera control interface.


Here are some tips on how to enable the front camera on the most common Android phones.

Samsung, Sony, HTC, Lenovo

Most Android phones have the same interface. The default is to turn on the rear camera during photo and video capture. In order to switch the camera, you need to go into the corresponding camera app. There will definitely be a camera icon on the screen with two arrows that circle the camera itself. When you press it, the camera switches. When you make a video call, the front camera turns on automatically. If this does not happen, you need to look for a similar icon on the phone screen.

Most LG phones switch cameras by the method described above. However, in the new smartphones (G3) there is an innovation: turn on the camera, hold out your hand, wait a bit and the front camera turns on automatically.

How to mute the camera on Android

Problems with Skype integration

Many people who first use a smartphone with a downloaded IP-telephony program, wonder why the camera does not work in Skype on Android. There can be several reasons for this.

The main version of the utility is still being finalized, or simply does not fit the current version of the operating shell.

Another case is that the camera settings are not configured to work with such programs. This option is activated in different phones in different ways.

So, from all of the above it can be understood that the work with the camera on Android has a number of features, which should be taken into account, then there will be no problems when using the module and the operating system.

How to configure the webcam

One of the most popular ways of communication today is video communication, which can be organized using the World Wide Web. However, to do this you will first need to configure a web camera on your computer. Honestly, to do this is very, very simple.

To make our tips as informative as possible, we’ll tell you how to set up webcams in a variety of situations. And it does not matter what brand you have: Genius, A4Tech, Logitech or any other.

How to set up a webcam

How to set up a webcam on a laptop

As a rule, webcams in laptops are already built in, so they do not require any special settings or installations. It is enough to install the operating system (preferably Windows 7) and connect your laptop to the Internet, and he will find all the necessary software. Please note that the camera itself does not switch on, but only works when you activate the corresponding application, e.g. Skype. If the camera doesn’t work, it means, it is necessary for you to establish drivers. You can either find them on the Internet by typing “webcam drivers for laptop” or (better) install them via the disk that comes with the laptop. Most of the problems cause notebooks Asus, MSI and Acer.

How to properly set up a web camera on your computer

Keep in mind that for a webcam to work properly, it is enough to connect it to your computer (via USB-outlet) and turn on the program that you need. As a rule, the computer itself installs the drivers and understands what kind of camera it is. If you want to adjust the clarity or quality of the video signal, you need to install the utility (program) that comes with your webcam. To do this, insert the disk into the drive, in the window that pops up, select “Install Webcam Software”.

In addition, many programs allow you to adjust the video quality in their interface. Also, take into account factors such as lighting conditions of the room and technical characteristics of your device.

How to configure a web camera in Skype (Skype)

To configure the camera in Skype is simple enough, just turn on the program Skype, enter your username and password (or register). Then go to the tab “Tools” and then select the item “Settings”, as shown in the screenshot:

The settings window will open in front of you, in the left menu, in the “Basic” section, click on the item “Video settings”. Then the following window will open, where you can enter the necessary settings for your webcam in Skype:

How to configure the web camera in classmates

To make calls in Odnoklassniki you only need to connect your webcam to your PC or laptop and point it at yourself (try to sit where the light falls on you, not on the webcam). Do not forget to check the sound in the speakers, and whether the microphone is connected. Of course you have to install all drivers for webcam, as we said before you can find them on the disk, which is delivered together with webcam.Sometimes absence of images is connected with the fact that you don’t have Flash-player, for this you need to install Adobe Flash Player program (it’s free). The rest will be simple: put your mouse over the photo in your friend’s profile, you will see a tooltip with the sentence “Call?!”. Click this button, and then allow the social network to access your camera and microphone.

If you still have questions about configuring the webcam, please ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, but it would be even better if you ask our consultant. We work with absolutely all PC users who live in Krasnoyarsk. Low for our services will pleasantly surprise you!

How to enable the built-in webcam on an Asus laptop

But then what to do with the video camera. To turn on a webcam on your laptop Asus, you can always, regardless of the operating system, but the keys may not work. What you need to do. Download the program and run.

Direct download link with a detailed description of the free laptop webcam program is here.

It is for this purpose in itself. Paste it into any “download manager. program for downloading files” or in the address bar of your browser, then install it, and run it from the shortcut on the desktop.

Also, you can admire yourself using programs Skype, Mail. agent, Miranda, QIP, Studio Windows Live or ICQ.

There are many other programs to enable the webcam on your Asus laptop, with much more functionality (a large number of effects).

For example “WebCamMax”. With its help you will be able to take photos at the beach, in the cinema, in 3D and much more. Special effects will not be enough.

I just want to tell you not to search anymore on the Internet: if you have a laptop (netbook) webcam program does not, you can not turn it on.

Download the application from the link above, it is free, and run it manually. Then you will no longer have to look for an answer, how to turn on the camera on your Asus laptop.

If you do not have drivers, then look at how to download them for bluetooth Asus. For camera. identical. Good luck, and if you have any problems write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to allow the application to access the Windows 7 camera?

Go to settings (Windows I key) Privacy Camera ‘Allow applications to use my camera hardware’ ON. You can then select which applications can access the webcam.

Haven’t installed the latest updates for Windows 7, 8 or 10 in a while. There was a minor software failure, you need to reboot (this happens especially often if you leave the app running and do not use it for a long time). Broken webcam. It’s time to update Zoom.

Switching to the front camera

You can shoot not only with the main camera, but also with the front camera. To switch to the front lens, press the arrow circle button to the right of the shutter button. Here you can also adjust the front camera for optimal shooting by selecting additional effects or activating AI.

Asus 8z camera helps you shoot not only photos, but also videos. Use the menu above the shutter button to switch between shooting modes. Here are the main modes, the number of which depends on the firmware version of your phone.

So, you can switch to Night mode to take brighter photos in the evening, or to Portrait mode to create photos with a blurred background effect (bokeh). Clicking on the “Video” tab takes you to the video window. Just press the red “Rec” button to start recording.

On the left you can see the “Pro” section, where the options for manual adjustment for photos are collected. Here the user can adjust settings such as white balance, focus, ISO and more.

Switching between lenses

If your version of Asus Zenfone 8 is equipped with multiple cameras, you can switch between not only the rear and front lenses. So, to switch to the wide-angle module, you need to tap on the mug with the value 0.6X.

If you need to turn on macro mode, however, you’ll have to climb into an additional menu, which is invoked by pressing the three-bar button.

Here the “Macro” mode and other parameters like horizon line or net activation are waiting for you. In addition, this window presents a button to go to the settings mode.