How to set the charging percentage on Samsung

How to set the percentage of charge on the Samsung a71?

On Samsung Galaxy phones there is a built-in function to enable the battery percentage display, but it is not in the most obvious location for beginners:

Go to the “Settings” “Battery” menu and turn on the “Charge Percentage” option. When you use the power saving mode on your iPhone SE (2nd generation) or iPhone 8 or earlier model, the battery percentage is always displayed in the status bar.

Battery percentage on Android built-in system tools (System UI Tuner)

The first method usually works on almost any Android device with current versions of the system, where the option to turn on the charge percentage in the settings is missing. And the method works even in cases where the manufacturer has installed its own luncher, different from the “pure” android.

The essence of the method. turn on the option “Show battery level in percents” in the hidden settings of System UI Tuner, having previously enabled these very settings. To do this, you will need to perform the following steps:

Done, now the status bar on your Android tablet or phone will show the charge percentage.

The way to set the charging percentage on your Samsung S7

As we said, different Samsung models may have different ways of changing the charging parameters. For owners of Samsung S7 and S8 cell phones, the process of displaying the charge level as a percentage is the same.

  • Go to the phone settings again. To do this, open the shortcut menu (swipe the Android “curtain”);
  • Select the gear button ;

Immediately after activating this option at the top of the screen, you’ll be able to see the percentages of your Samsung phone’s battery power.

The item “Show charging percentage” is off. Turn it on by clicking on the switch.

Look at the status bar, see the charge level in percentage and rejoice.

Instructions for when things don’t work. Open the section with settings, look at the top of the window. here you will see the search bar.

Click on it and specify the search word “percentage” (specify without quotes). And immediately the right menu item is shown.

How do you show the battery percentage on the Samsung Galaxy s8?

Scroll down to the Battery section. Click on the Battery section. Find the option labeled “Percentage in Status Bar”. it should be right below the “Remaining Battery Charge” category; Click the toggle next to “Percentage in Status Bar”.

First of all, activate the Samsung Galaxy A01 and go to Settings. Then select Notifications. After that, click the status bar. Now you need to click on the switch next to Show battery percentage.

How to increase the battery indicator on Xiaomi?

Setting the battery status indicator on your Xiaomi smartphone

  • Go to the “Settings” menu. “System and Device”.
  • Go to “Notification and status bar”.
  • The “Status Bar” tab has a “Battery Indicator” item. Here you can choose between graphical, percentage representation or as a bar across the entire screen at the top.

How to make a percentage charge on iPhone 11?

To view your battery level and usage over the past 24 hours and up to 10 days, go to Settings, Battery. By tapping one of the columns on the screen you can see which programs and in what ratio consumed the battery charge over a certain period of time.

Display percentages on the Samsung a10 and a01

To display how much battery power is left on your Samsung a01 or a10 phone, you will need to open “Settings”.

However, you can simply grab your smartphone from above and pull the screen down, they will also be displayed there.

Only if they are always in sight, it is much more convenient, because in the 21st century we have all become very lazy.

So after opening the settings, you will need to select the “Notifications” option, on any of the phones described.

Then go down a little bit and select “Status Bar” (the status bar is just what appears on the screen at the very top).

Then also rotate the screen down and notice the “Show Charge Percentage” option. There, simply move the switch (slider) to the right so that it turns from gray to blue.

All. You don’t need to do anything else. You are done. Congratulations. You can check it. now the percentages are always on your screen. Good luck.