How to set the default browser on Xiaomi

Setting up the home page

The basic points are solved, now we can talk about convenience. Opening the browser takes you to the home page. It is standard. You will see squares or tabs. Visited sites are displayed here. To change the page, proceed as follows:

  • Instructions for Xiaomi Redmi 4A
  • Open the control panel.
  • Select “Settings” and the section “Initial group”.
  • Here you can configure the quick access page,

Remove unnecessary tabs easily by moving them to the trash.

Replacing the default browser in Xiaomi devices

The only effective option is to use the “Settings” tool.

    Open the settings application in any convenient way. for example, from the icon on the desktop.

Note: On devices with MIUI 11 and newer versions of the proprietary shell, you need to select Apps first to access this section.

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Changing the default browser on Android devices

Android smartphones and tablets have at least one browser out-of-the-box. On some devices it is Google Chrome, on others. the manufacturer’s or partners’ own development. Those who are not satisfied with the default solution can always install any other web browser from Google Play Market. Just in those cases when you have two or more of such applications installed in your system and you need to install one of them as the default one. We’ll tell you how to do it in this article.

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Browser freezes

This does not indicate a system problem, but a trivial system load. Even after shutting down, there are still tabs hanging in the browser that are taking up resources. Tangible if you browse photos, pictures, download music. The first thing to do is to go to “Settings”, click on “All Applications”, select the “Browser” subitem and click on “Clear”.

The second point is to update the shell to the latest version. Check the alerts where the system notifies you of available improvements.

Incognito mode

It is not always necessary that traces of travel through the expanses of the Internet are stored in the history. Incognito mode does not automatically register the visited pages in the history or does not synchronize with the account. It’s easy to open it.

google chrome as default browser in mobile phone mi

At the bottom you will find a button to select the tab. Click on it, select the item: “Incognito mode”, then through the plus will open tabs that do not save history and cookies.

If everything is done correctly, then in the lower part will be displayed “spy” icon.

Incognito mode

It is not always necessary that traces of travel on the Internet are stored in the history. Incognito mode does not automatically record visited pages in the history, or does not synchronize with your account. To open it simply.

At the bottom you will find a tab selection button. Click on it, select the item: “Incognito mode”, then through the plus will open tabs that do not save history and cookies.

default, browser, xiaomi

If done correctly, you will see a “spy” icon at the bottom.

How to view the history of the browser Xiaomi?

To determine the list of the most recently visited sites for a specific time period is necessary in the lower right part of the interface of the search engine click on the image of three horizontal lines. Then select the option “History” in the menu that will open, and then you will be redirected to the department with a list of opened web pages during the last day, week or month.

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Next, to open a particular site it is necessary to hold for a couple of seconds the click on the desired option in the list, at the same time it is possible to create a background tab or a bookmark, as well as to copy the link or delete the entry from the history if necessary.

How to turn notifications on or off

Notifications are probably the main reason users decide to switch from their default browser to other search apps. However, many rush with this. After all, you can simply turn off browser notifications and go back to a comfortable internet surfing, from which nothing will distract.

To completely turn off all notifications, you will need to:

  • To get into the Xiaomi browser itself;
  • Open the item with the settings;
  • go to the “Notifications” tab, move the slider to the left so that it changes its color to gray;
  • Exit your browser and go into the settings on your smartphone itself;
  • go to the section “All apps”;
  • click on the application named “Browser”;
  • open the item called “Notifications”;
  • move the slider from the “Show notifications” line to the left side.

This ends the deactivation of notifications. To make them appear again, you need to move the appropriate sliders again, but in the opposite direction, in the desired sections. By the way, after going to the path “All applications”. “Browser”. “Notifications”, the user has access to fine-tune the notifications. Here you can disable them to make a sound when they appear, and allow them to appear only in the Xiaomi browser after opening it, but not directly in the notification bar.

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Determining which browser for the famous Xiaomi smartphones is the most suitable is very difficult. All of them work quite stably, and to make a choice in favor of a particular product, each owner of Xiaomi the right to independently.


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How to set the default browser on Xiaomi MIUI 12

Browser is the main program to work with the Internet. This is the program that deals with the display of pages on the Internet. Browsers for your phone in the Play Store app store quite a lot. By default, on any phone Xiaomi already installed a browser from the company itself, Mi Browser and Chrome. That said, I personally do not recommend using the Mi Browser. This browser collects a lot of statistics (although Chrome too) and is generally not very popular.

Some users set as default browser some program and don’t even notice that they use inconvenient and ugly program. On Xiaomi phones with the MIUI shell, this is pretty easy to do because when you open a link, Mi Browser is always first on the list. If you’ve been looking for how you can change your default browser, this article is for you.

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