How to set up a percentage charge on iPhone

How to make iPhone charging it with active on any model?

In the display line you see the time, the level of the mobile connection signal, the proximity of the Wi-Fi source, the icon of the remaining battery charge. There are simply no more places for displaying a percentage of battery on the iPhone x. In other models of Apple smartphones, this place is originally present. And here’s good news. In both cases you can set the percentage of charging on the iPhone.

Bell the curtain of the control center on the right side of the upper edge. Now the charge level is displayed as a percentage. 2. You can also ask Siri: “What is my percentage of battery?””. 3. When connecting the charger, the percentage level of the charge is displayed.

The status of the iPhone X bar, which shows and what is not?

Everything that can now be seen in the line of the state: time, the strength of the cell signal and Wi-Fi, as well as a strip of battery charge. In this case, the battery charge is displayed in the form of an icon in the form of an icon, without any details, so it is not possible to find out exactly how discharged the battery.

What else was removed? Now the user of the apple gadget is not visible the name of the operator, and some other status icons that appeared depending on the conditions have been lost.

How to find out the level of the iPhone charge in %?

To add a widget with display levels of the charge level, you need to brush the right and click on the “Change” button at the bottom of the screen. Then, in the upper left of the display, click on (image of the cross) and find the widget “Elements of power”.

How to show numeric battery percentage inside status bar for iPhone 11 ?

We can choose the orientation and dimensions of the widget: the square takes place four icons, the rectangular. Eight. The advantage of this method is that in addition to the iPhone charge, the widget displays the level of the battery of the Apple Watch, Airpods or other connected headphones.

How to Charge Your iPhone the RIGHT Way. MAXIMIZE Battery Life !

At the end, we will be sad that using iOS tools to return the battery charge icon to the upper part of the screen will not work. But you can use the tips described above. On the other hand, the charge of the battery as a percentage is not constant. The operating system shows a very approximate level in %. Roughly speaking, with different loads of different loads, the phone can devour 10% of the battery in 10 minutes, and for the remaining 1% live for half an hour.

Percentage charge and old iPhone

There are several ways to activate this possibility. As you know, when updating the operating system, developers often make changes to different menu, so we will list several ways that will allow you to set the function on the smartphone.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Select the “Basic” menu.
  • In the window that opens, fall down the list, find the item “Statistics”.
  • Click on this line, in the new tab, activate the “Bit” Paul Bit. Just pull the slider.

In the ninth iOS and the next modification of the activation menu is located along this path. First go to the settings, then open the “Battery” section, where you can enable the line of display of the charge degree of charge.

And if you suddenly are the owner of one of the first iPhone models (to the 3G version), unfortunately, you will not be able to use the function, since it is provided only in 3 for 3.1 and above. But we think, the probability that you have a similar old smartphone and you still use it, extremely low.

Why remove the percentage of charging

Of course, the main reason why you can’t see the exact level of charging now is the lack of free space due to the cutout. However, fans of the apple brand put forward their own theory. Since Apple always put the comfort of users at the forefront, they could deliberately hide the display of interest.

It’s all about psychology. Even when 49% of the battery is left, a person begins to be nervous. Suddenly there is not enough until the end of the day. In fact, in this state, a smartphone (with medium loads) will work for another six to eight hours. But discomfort has already appeared. Accordingly, if digital values ​​are not visible. A person is less worried about the battery charge.

How to display a battery charge as a percentage on the iPhone screen? There is a complex, but working method

Unfortunately, on the screen of the Apple smartphones-starting with the iPhone X-you can not display the battery display in percent using any settings. But you can use the crutches and significantly customize the iOS intese.

We study the unusual life hack from our colleagues from iPhones.Ru.

First of all, you need to download three applications. Everything is in the App Store: quick commands, files and showcuts. Then we download two teams. Showlive and Showlive Helper. Further, very carefully and sequentially follow the recommendations:

  • We launch the built.In “Files” application and create a showlive folder along the ICloud Drive/Shortcuts path
  • Then we run each of the teams in turn. You must definitely wait for the finish of the script. During the execution of commands, random wallpaper may appear on the screen. They can be changed
  • Next, select the topic. Open the APP Showcuts and find the right design. We need a topic with displaying the battery and weather indicator. We download the selected theme in the “Files” application. Through the “Share” menu, send it to Showlive Helper
  • We are waiting for the script to end

Now you need to configure the display and update of indicators:

  • We open the “Fast Teams” application on the “Automation” tab, create a new automation for ourselves
  • Choose the parameter “Time of Day”, indicate the time of the first data update. For example, 7, 8 or 9 o’clock in the morning
  • Indicate “Launch a quick command”, select the action showlive. Disconnect the option “Ask until the launch”
  • At the end we create similar commands so that the information is updated every 15, 30 or 60 minutes

As a result, we get about such indicators and design:

It looks very unusual! But the problem with the absence of the battery charge indicator on the blocked screen is solved.

You can also add to the iPhone screen screen or ask siri. We talked more about this in a separate material:

How to show the percentage of the charge of the iPhone 13 battery all all modern iPhones

The easiest way to always have an affordable percentage of battery charge is to use the battery widget on the main screen or on another application page. Press and hold the empty area on the main screen, then click in the upper left corner. Put your finger down and click the choice of batteries. Widget of the state of medium or large batteries

Speak on the main screen with a finger from left to right. Click and hold from scratch to enter the editing mode (or edit the main screen on the widget). Touch the upper left corner. Spend your finger down and touch the batteries. Select medium or large batteries. The status widget can now find out the percentage of the iPhone battery, conducting from left to right on the lock screen or on the main screen.

percentage, charge, iphone

Batter charge in percent on new iPhone

So, in order to put the percentage of charging on the iPhone, you need to open the iPhone settings and go to the “battery” section. This section should be slightly below the “Basic” section.

And then everything is very simple. In the “Battery” section there is a “percentage charge” switch. Transfer this switch to the “inclusive” position and in the status line, next to the battery icon, the charge values ​​will appear as a percentage.

This method works equally well on all iPhone models with new IOS versions, including iPhonex.

How to make a percentage charge on the iPhone x

Many users of smartphones and other mobile devices are used to evaluating the current charge of the battery on the indicator with interest, which is usually in the upper right corner of the screen. Such an opportunity was in all iPhone models. In the settings there was an option, after the inclusion of which next to the battery icon (in the upper right corner of the screen), the charge indicator appeared as a percentage, which reported how many percent of the battery left the user.

But, with the output of the iPhone x, this function simply disappeared from the settings. In this regard, many users are interested in how to make a percentage charge on the iPhone x.

Let’s say right away that this is impossible. Apple decided to abandon the option, which allowed to observe the battery charge as a percentage. This opportunity was removed from the settings and no tricks that would allow it to turn it on, there is simply no. Such a decision of Apple is most likely due to the fact that the new iPhone X simply has no place to display the battery charge as a percentage. The protrusion in the upper part of the screen eats most of the information panel.

But, if you are accustomed to focus precisely on the charge of the battery as a percentage, and not on the image of the battery icon, then you can open the “control point” and see how many percent remains. After all, while the “control point” is open on the screen, the battery charge is displayed precisely as a percentage. If you do not know how to open a “control point”, then do the following:

percentage, charge, iphone

Touch the right upper angle of the screen in which the battery icon is located.

Without releasing your finger, pull down until the “control point” opens.

percentage, charge, iphone

Pay attention to the upper part of the screen, an indicator should appear next to the battery icon, displaying its charge in a percentage.

Unfortunately, in order to see how many percent of the battery’s charge remain these actions must be performed every time.

Recall, earlier in order to enable the display of interest, it was necessary to open the “Settings” application and go to the “battery” section.

After that, the display of the percentage could be turned on using a “percentage charge” switch by the switch.

You can read more about this in our article “How to put the percentage of charging on the iPhone”. Most likely this instruction will also be relevant for the iPhone XR and iPhone XS.