How to set up a Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Tablet how to set it up

You just got your hands on a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is a universal tablet with the Android operating system. And before you start using it, we recommend 10 simple steps to set it up. These 10 steps will help you further work with your tablet device, and also help you make the most of your Samsung Galaxy Tab, improving its performance.

Customize the visual menu of your Samsung Galaxy Tab

The first rule of using not only the tablet, but any other item is proper distribution. Organization of the workspace makes work fast and efficient. This method is also worth using with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. You should immediately allocate menu icons and widgets on your desktops conveniently.

To set up your Samsung Galaxy Tab, you need to tap the home screen and hold your finger until the Add to Home screen menu appears. This menu is designed to help you add and properly allocate folders, screensavers, widgets and “hotkeys”. You will have at your disposal a number of animated and static screensavers. Later on, when you take a bunch of your own photos and add pictures, you can use them as wallpaper too.

Samsung Galaxy Tab: set up your email

Every active Internet user has several email accounts. The Samsung Galaxy Tab has special software which helps you to combine all your email addresses into a single interface. You can easily switch from one address to another.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has two email programs at once: Gmail for the Google mailbox and Email for all other mailboxes and corporate mail. And so, to add a new account, you just need to open Applications Gmail or Applications Email. Then you just need to keep your email address and password. Press Next and give the account a name that will appear in outgoing messages.

E-books with Samsung Galaxy Tab

Inside the Samsung Galaxy Tab fits an entire library. Read books, newspapers and magazines from your tablet. Apps give you access to thousands of eBooks. On top of that, the applications have a user-friendly design and library navigation.

In Android Market or Google Play there are a lot of readers. All you need is to download an application where you can not only read, but also download books.

Android Market service for the Samsung Galaxy Tab

than a hundred thousand apps available for Samsung Galaxy Tab only in Android Market. Games, geoservices, maps, GPS, clients for and VK and much more can be downloaded for free. You still have to pay for some programs. Although each paid program has a free counterpart.

Turn off the screen on your Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Orient Lock function is intended to fix the screen in landscape or portrait orientation. Without it, your tablet will swivel depending on the angle you hold your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

To disable screen rotation you need to open the quick access bar at the top. You can do this by touching the top of the screen and pulling it down. Then, keeping the screen in the correct orientation, you need to touch the Orient Lock button. Then you can not be afraid that the tablet will accidentally turn the image while you read a book or surf the Internet. The screen will be locked. To unlock the screen repeat the operation.

Stylish protection accessories for Samsung Galaxy Tab

You can achieve a spectacular look and bright personality by buying a case. This will not only make the tablet more attractive, but also protect it from unwanted bumps and drops.

Change the text input method on your Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has two methods of text input. You can use the familiar two-finger method, or you can resort to a method called Swype. Swype allows you to enter words by sliding your finger from letter to letter.

It is very easy to do. Press these buttons in menu, step by step: Applications Settings Locale and Text Select Input Method. Choose one of the keyboard options. Swype or Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Quick Access Panel

This is the most convenient function of the Samsung Galaxy Tab menu. Use it to quickly see new notifications and check wireless status. No need to switch between screens.

Some of the features of this panel have been described above. Call up the screen by swiping down from the top of the screen. And what do we see?? Notifications about new messages and emails, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth status, ringer modes, screen brightness, and more. To remove the screen, swipe in the opposite direction, that is, from bottom to top.

Many things to do at once

The Galaxy Tab with multitasking is the best friend for those who want to be on top of everything. This device allows you to work in several applications at once, easily switching between them.

You press and hold the backspace key to return to the Home screen to perform this function. Then a list of programs that you have used recently will appear on the screen. You can select any of these apps. It will open exactly where you last worked.

You must make a backup before you reset

Before you do a factory reset of your Samsung Galaxy, make a backup of all your important data, because it will be erased. It will erase applications, photos and videos, music, all settings. system and installed programs.

How to back up all your important data? On your Samsung phone, the Samsung Cloud service is for this.

Your backup will be uploaded to the cloud and will be available when you enter the login and password needed to authorize in the Samsung Cloud. You can do this after actually resetting the phone.

How to change the language on your Samsung Galaxy Tab keyboard?

Go to settings, find “Language and input”. Locate the active keyboard you are using for input, and tap its setting icon. Then click on “Input Languages”. In theory, you need to check the languages which you want to switch to at any time.

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the “Settings” application Google Account.
  • At the top of the screen click on Data and Personalization.
  • Under “General web interface settings” select Language.
  • Tap the “Change” icon.
  • Select a language
  • If you speak more than one language, tap Add Language.

How to set the keyboard on the tablet in Russian?

First, with the keyboard connected, go to your device settings and find “Language and Input” there. There find the section “Physical Keyboard” (if the keyboard is disabled, it will not appear in the settings), and in it the item “Select Keyboard Layout.

  • Login to the Zoom web portal and go to My Profile.
  • Next to the Language field, click “Change.
  • Choose a language from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Save Changes.

How to change the language on your Samsung Galaxy Tab keyboard?

Go to settings, find “Language and input”. Locate the active keyboard you are using for input and click on its settings icon. Next, click on “Input languages.”. In theory, you should check the boxes for the languages you want to switch to at any time.

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings app Google Account.
  • At the top of the screen, tap Data and personalization.
  • Under “General Web Interface Settings,” select Language.
  • Tap on the “Change” icon.
  • Select a language
  • If you speak more than one language, tap Add Language.

How to reset your Samsung A10 to factory settings?

To perform a reset on the Samsung A10 2019, you need to enter the recovery and perform a wipe. This is done according to the following algorithm: Turn off your phone. If it’s locked and won’t turn off, then hold down the “Volume.” and “Power on” for 8-9 seconds.May 22, 2019.

Now you can proceed directly to the factory reset. You’ll have to take eight small steps:

Connecting with the cable

First, you will need to boot the Galaxy Tab. After that open “Menu”, find there the item “Settings”, then select “Wireless and network settings. Click on “USB Settings,” and finally click on “High Capacity Memory.”.

Make sure that the USB cable is disconnected from the device!

Once you’ve completed these steps, connect your Galaxy Tab to your PC using the Kies app. at first glance, this might seem a bit complicated and confusing, but it’s not. Kies is used for transmitting various kinds of files to the device. it can be video, mp3 or photos.

To mount the tablet as a removable drive

You need to connect your tablet as a removable disk? It’s possible.

Many Android tablet users of the Galaxy Tab get extremely frustrated with the fact that after trying to transfer all kinds of files from their PC to the tablet, they fail. As a rule, the main problem they have is the banal lack of a clear way to mount and use the tablet as a removable drive.

Below we will try to briefly describe the whole process in the most accessible and simple language.