How to set up a scan from a printer to a computer

Scanning using the HP printer

Set scanning tasks from the printer or use the device camera for shooting documents and photos.

Set scanning tasks from the printer or use a computer camera to shoot documents and photos.

It is necessary to create an HP account or enter the existing account to gain access to all printer functions. If the HP Smart application does not work, download the HP Easy Start to your computer from the SI site and HP drivers website. Then install a full.Function driver.

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Installation of the HP Smart application (Windows, Mac)

Install the HP Smart application and configure the printer on the computer with Windows or MacOS OS.

To configure the printer operation in the Wi-Fi network, follow the following actions.

Place the printer and computer next to the Wi-Fi router.

Turn on Wi-Fi on the computer and connect to the network. If the computer is connected to the network using the Ethernet cable, temporarily disconnect the cable and use Wi-Fi connection during configuration.

Turn on the Bluetooth function on the computer so that the HP Smart application can detect the printer during tuning.

Download the HP Smart application from the HP Smart. Microsoft Store (Windows) or HP Smart. Mac App Store (MacOS).

In the case of withdrawing a request to the input to the system using the Microsoft account to use the application on different devices, you can enter or no, thank you, thanks. To continue.

Before loading, you should turn off the connection to the virtual private network (VPN; Virtual Private Network).

When setting up HP Smart, you need to create an HP account or enter an existing account to access all the printer functions.

To search for the printer, click add a printer or plus icon in the HP Smart application, then follow the instructions to complete the setting.

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If the printer is not detected during Wi-Fi settings, restore Wi-Fi settings on the printer, restart the printer, then re-open the HP Smart and repeat the attempt to add the printer.

Using the features of the HP Smart application scan

Save, send scanned documents or exchange them using the HP Smart application for Windows or Mac.

Scanning using the HP Smart application (OS Windows, Mac)

Perform scanning documents and photos using a printer, shooting objects using a computer camera or use scanning tools while saving files on a computer.

Press the tile scan on the initial screen of the HP Smart application.

If the screen “start work” opens, click start work.

The “start work” screen is displayed when choosing the options “scanner”, “import” or “camera” for the first time.

Scanner. Place the original on the glass of the scanner in the printer or load it into the device automatically submitting documents (APD). Select parameters such as scanning, size, color and resolution, then click scan in the lower right corner.

Import. Select photos saved on the computer to configure the boundaries, and then use settings for editing, printing and sending.

Camera. A computer camera or webcam camera is used for shooting, editing, printing or sending photos or document.

In the “Scanning” window, change the parameters such as the type of source, preset (type of document or photography), page format or scanning area, type of output and resolution, in accordance with the scanning task.

Select the automatic improvement icon. To enable or off the improvement functions.

Automatic improvements. Automatic increase in the brightness of colors and increasing the sharpness of the image.

Automatic orientation. Automatic turning of the image to the correct position.

A window for preliminary viewing the scanned document will open.

If the window opens, determine the boundaries. Set up the boundaries by choosing and dragging the blue points, then click apply.

Select the following options and parameters in the pre.Viewing window.

Add another page, clicking add.

Drag the images to change the order in multi.Page scanning tasks.

Click the “menu” icon. To edit, replace or remove the scanned elements.

Click the “turn” icon. To turn the element.

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In the window, edit configure or improve the file by cutting, changing color, turning or adding filters, text and marking, then press the finished.

Select the option to save, print, share or send a file with a scanned image by fax.

Seal. Sending a scanned image to a printer.

Save. The place of preservation of scanned documents by default is the Documents folder, and the scanned photographs are the library “Images”. Save the scanned image in the default folder or go to another folder.

Share. Send a scanned image by e.Mail, share it through accounts of social networks, such as. Either Instagram, or save the bounced image in the cloud storage account, such as Box or OneDrive. You can also find other applications in the Windows or Mac store.

Shortcuts: create a new one or use the existing label for printing, sending by e.Mail, or saving scanned files in the accounts of cloud services.

Fax machine. Send a scanned image by fax.

In the “Save or Share” window, change the file name, file type and compression parameters, then click the Save the button.

After preserving the scanned image, click OK. And then click the button back. To return to the initial screen.

Preservation of a scanned image in the form of a single-page or multi-page PDF file (Windows, Mac)

Use the HP Smart application to create a PDF file based on a scanned document.

Press the tile scan on the initial screen of the HP Smart application.

The “Start work” screen is displayed at the first choice “scan”. “Import” or “camera”.

Preparatory work

Before you start scanning or even a simple print, the device requires preparatory actions. How to make a photocopy on a printer?

The first steps are taken in a certain sequence:

  • Connection All-in-One Printer to a computer or checking the correct connection. Connect the printing device through the USB port. Modern technology named Plug and Play allow you to connect without the need to reload Windows.
  • Data-cable is not always present in the kit, so you should take care of its acquisition in advance
  • The next step is to include the device in the network or press the power button on the case.
  • If the connection is carried out for the first time, then first, for the correct operation of the device, it will be necessary to install the drivers. Despite the fact that the operating system in most cases independently determines which software should be installed for a particular model, most often the general sets of drivers are installed. This threatens that some important functions can incorrectly work.
  • The installation of drivers can be made from the disk that is included
  • In the absence of a disk, you can download the drivers directly from the official website of the manufacturer. As a rule, to obtain the desired software, you will need to enter the full name of the model and select a suitable installation file for downloading.

Brother Printer Scan To PC or Computer.

Very often, manufacturers do not equip the device with an accession of All-in-One Printer to a computer. Therefore, you should be in advance of this issue and buy a cord or clarify the completeness.

After the installation process is completed, the operating system recognizes the newly connected device, which will be displayed in the corresponding section of the conductor (the “Printers and fax” folder). As a name, the full name of the device is most often used, including a letter or digital index. Having installed the device, it is required to determine by what software product the process of interaction between the OS and All-In-One Printer will be carried out. You can simply use the built.In means of the operating system, which differ in the limited functionality. If there is a question of how to photocopy on the printer correctly and receive perfect scan-copies of documents or graphic files, then it is best to consider the possibility of using third-party software specially designed for scanning.

Each All-In-One Printer has a CD-Disk or a USB drive that is located on the necessary software from the manufacturer, specially designed for a specific printing device.

Installation of a new device can be carried out through the “control panel” according to the “Add new printer” item

How to connect a printer to a laptop: analysis of popular methods on different operating systems.In a special publication of our portal, we will talk in detail about how to connect a printer to a laptop. You will learn the main methods of connection, methods of installing software and get acquainted with the connection instructions for models of various manufacturers.

Preparation for work

After installing drivers, decide on which software you will work. Without a scanning program, to scan documents will be impossible.

To verify the capabilities of the scanner in the integrated any of the above programs, click. “File”. “Import”.

In the last branch you should see the name of the device, then it works properly.

How to scan to a computer through a printer: features of 7 and 10 versions of Windows

Now consider the scanning process relative to different versions of the Windows operating system.

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Scanning in Windows 7

In principle, the process has not many differences. Nevertheless, we will analyze each OS separately. The work algorithm will be as follows:

  • First of all, make sure that everything is connected correctly. It is also worth checking the printer, for this it is enough to clarify the presence of the necessary gadget drivers in the “Device Manager”. The driver for the scanner should be sought in the section “Devices of information processing”.
  • Then open the “Start” menu and through the search line find the system tool “Faxes and scanning”. It is by default in the list of available programs and there is easily at the relevant request. Launch the found program.
  • The software window of the software is opening for digitizing data. To start the scanning process, you need to press the “new” command in the upper panel of the working area.
  • Then the window will open in which it is necessary to set the scan parameters. It depends on what exactly needs to be copy. In addition, depending on the desired result, you need to establish the desired format, resolution, as well as brightness and contrast indicators. The settings can be left by default, but in this case the scanning result may disappoint.
  • After making adjustments to standard settings, you can first evaluate the result. To do this, click the “Pre.Viewing” command. If everything is normal, you can go to the main part and click the “scan” command.

After that, just wait until the scanner completes its work and save the file. Get an digitized image in the program itself or on PC in the section “Documents”. “digitized documents”.

Scanning in Windows 10

Now let’s figure out how to scan on a computer through a printer. In the tenth version of the operating system. In general, it differs little from the previous.

  • Through the “Start” menu, find the “Scanning and Faxes Windows” section. It can also have the English name Windows Fax and Scan.
  • Launch the program and find the New Scan command in the toolbar opened in the toolbar.
  • By analogy with the previous algorithm, the user will see the panel with scanning settings. As well as a team for pre.Viewing the result (Preview).
  • If during preliminary viewing everything is displayed correctly, you can start the process. To do this, click on the appropriate command.
  • If necessary, the process can be canceled.

Wait for the completion of the process and evaluate the result directly in the program or in the “Documents” section. Do not forget to save the result.

We want to give some more tips for those who, in general, have never used a scanner and have no idea how to do it. In order to make a digital copy of the document or image, raise the device cover. Check that there is nothing superfluous on the glass surface. If dust has accumulated, rub it with a dry soft cloth. Put a document requiring digitization with the front side on the glass and tightly cover the device with a lid.

The simplest way to scan a document from a printer (All-in-One Printer)

  • Go to the “control panel”, select the “Equipment and Sound”, “Devices and Prinaters” section. Activate the window with the display of the existing printer, choose the item “Start scanning”.
  • After the designation of the required parameters for copying, click the “Pre.Viewing” icon. If the final result suits, click “scan”. The information received is saved on PC or printed.

The easiest way to transfer files from a printer to PC to learn to use this program. Paint is a full.Time set of Windows operating base options. Step.By.Step instructions are given below:

  • You can launch the Paint program through “Start” or in another convenient way. An empty window with icons will be displayed on the display. You need to select a white rectangle placed in the left corner from above. In Windows 7, this window is called “File”.
  • Press the item “from the camera and scanner”. This makes it possible to transfer the material to the program base of the program using a single click.
  • Another window will come up, offering several opportunities to copy the document. The fastest and simplest way is to choose a color or black and white option without additional settings.
  • Included in the “scanning” or “viewing” section. If the presented version is satisfied with all the parameters, they activate the “scan” key.
  • The result will be loaded to the Paint work window, which will make it possible to quickly assess the quality of the work performed. To preserve the selected material, you must re.Click on the button in the upper left corner, select the position “Save as”.

This algorithm is relevant for “Windows 7”.

How to scan with

If you need to get a scan-copy that must be edited in the future, then the first option will not work. We recommend using special programs to scan texts and photos. They are on the Internet (for example, Finereader, Scan2pdf, Bullzip PDF Printer), as well as on the All-In-One Printer installation disk.

  • Launch the program on the computer and set the “scan” command.
  • Here you can choose a multi.Page scan with the ability to combine separate files into one PDF document, and you can also scan for subsequent editing.
  • Keep the scan copies in PNG or TIFF formats if you want to get the maximum image quality. JPEG choose if you need to save a place on the disk.
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Faxes and scanning Windows 10, 8.1, 7

  • First you need to attach the printer to the computer, and do not forget to turn it on. Then, we enter the word “dispatcher” in the “search” and cross the “dispatcher of the devices”;
  • In the dispatcher, your device will most likely be in the “Printers” section. The exclamation mark near your printer should not stand;
  • Next, we enter the word “faxes and scanning” into the “start” and cross the element that has appeared;
  • We will open a new window where we can see, which we sent or accepted from the fax before. Also, in the window you can see scanned files. In this window we are interested in the “New Scan” tab. Click on it so that the scan starts;
  • Now we can configure the parameters of our scanning. For example, we show the “file type” (image PDF, DOCX or other), resolution (in what quality there should be a picture. For example, from 200 to 1100 dpi), brightness force. This setting will make it possible to get a higher picture in quality. You need to turn the gaze to the printer model, which is shown at the top on the left side of the window. If your device can scan 2nd sides at once, we note this in the “feed” team;
  • After you have created the necessary parameters, it is advisable to first view the future result. You liked him? In this case, we begin scanning;
  • The settings that you made is possible to save in a separate profile (in this case, you will not have to configure them again);
  • Now scanning by time will take place depending on which settings you have chosen. For example, 20-30 seconds. The result will be preserved in daddy “on factory settings”. For the most part in the catalog “My Documents”.

Before scanning, let’s find out the compatibility of the scanner with software software. Interestingly, the drivers, the scanner’s creators you have been pumped from the resource, can come into conflict with the printer. For example, Corporation Canon advises to use older software software. Canon noted it as recommended. At the same time, scanning in the top ten sometimes does not work very correctly. You must take into account such moments.

If your device is an old.Style device, then the drivers may not be approaching it. In addition, errors that occur during scanning over the network may be observed. The system may simply not see them. From here, you need to connect through the USB cable. But, this also does not guarantee the correct functioning of the printer.

scan, printer, computer

Important: if you before, your All-in-One Printer has been used as a printer, and now you want to scan it, then you need to make sure that there are firewood not only for printing, but also scanning. For some devices, these are various drivers packages.

How to scan a document on a computer from a printer

Many people primitively use multifunctional printing devices without delving into deep functions. Sometimes the process of knowing the printer does not even reach the built.In scanner function. In fact, you can use it in several simple ways.

Software for scanning

The most popular among users are applications such as Vuescan or Cuneearm. They have the simplest functionality, and you can recognize any fragment quite simply. This function is also included in a more global comprehensive ABBYY FINEREADER software, but it is much more difficult to work with it and that a regular user can figure it out to read more than one review or training video.

It is clear that their foregoing, it becomes clear that using All-in-One Printer, as a scanner or individual device, is not so difficult, and there are many opportunities for this, both in the operating system itself and on the Internet in the form of a variety of software: paid from a large set of functions, more cut free and t.D.