How to set up a universal remote control for Supra TV

Setting a universal remote control for TV

A universal remote control for all TVs and other devices can be called a great invention and a dream that has come true for owners of a large number of household electronics. For example, if the house has several TVs connected to a satellite receiver, an audio system, DVD prefix and other devices that can be controlled remotely, this device will be indispensable. The convenience of using universal remote controls is that all electronics in the house can be controlled by one. In this case, there will be no confusion when looking for the desired PU to turn on or off any device. But no matter how good a universal remote control is, it should be configured first, since without this procedure this device cannot be applied to the TV or other units.

Any universal remote control in appearance and device is similar to a native TV of the TV, receiver and other remote control devices. There is:

  • A transmitter that creates a signal;
  • System board. Commands are sewn into it;
  • Place for batteries;
  • IR diode transmitting a signal;
  • Keys for entering commands User.

The principle of operation is as follows. In universal models in the microcircuit, commands are sewn for a large number of devices. By clicking on the buttons, the user sets the command that passes through the transmitter from the chip and gets to the LED. The LED broadcasts a given signal to the TV receiver or other equipment.

Despite the obvious ease of use, universal remote controls were not done without flaws.

  • The quality of execution is sufficiently mediocre.
  • Ergonomics and service life are significantly lower than that of branded.
  • After binding, a universal remote control may not perform a complete set of functions, as a rule, it is designed for general actions. Switching channels, volume adjustment, choosing a signal source, etc.
  • If the connection is carried out to the technique of little.Known brands, then the procedure may fail.
  • Many universal remarks have a huge number of buttons. If the device is initially simple, then extra keys can interfere and irritate, and the remote control itself has impressive dimensions. However, unnecessary buttons and plus have. You can assign additional functions, as well as tie to other devices. In this case, one universal remote control will control the air conditioner, TV and Smart prefix.

It is worth noting that before buying you should make sure of the compatibility of the remote control and the device, to which it will connect. Often the remote control is sold in a packaging of the Blister type, therefore, if he does not work, it will not work to return it within two weeks: the factory packaging is broken, and according to the law the seller has the right to refuse.

How to choose a universal remote control for Supra TV

If necessary, choose to replace a simple PDU of the question of how to choose a suitable remote control for the SUPRA TV does not arise. It is worth remembering that the majority of TVs released today are not Japanese products, which was originally. And today it is a Chinese assembly, respectively, sometimes the remarks of the same model, may not approach each other.

Important! When buying a new device to the TV to the TV, pay attention to the appearance, you need to make the buttons all coincide with the original remote control. So that the location of the buttons and all the inscriptions are one to one with a native.

If you can’t find an analogue, that is, an option to purchase a universal. Typically, this kind of remote control device is complete with digital or interactive television receivers. What universal remote control is suitable for your TV? Choose, you need to be guided by the goal. There is an opinion, since “universal”, it is suitable for the technique of any brand and model, regardless of technical characteristics. This opinion is misleading many. Not all PU can have certain functions. Therefore, do not rush to spend money into the wind.

In this video, you will learn more about this remote control:

Another opinion that sits in the subconscious of people that they can control all equipment in the house. This opinion justifies itself. But to connect all devices, first of all, you need to correctly and correctly configure it. PDU of this type on the shelves of the store and in the catalogs of the online store wide range.

Supra TV remote control can be purchased at any store, even via the Internet. Pay attention to the devices that in their assortment have an option that allows you to configure the new PU under the old one, which are used to using.

Choosing a universal remote control is among firms that specialize in their release and guarantee not only quality, but also functionality.

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If a person has chosen non.Original, but suitable compatibility of the remote control, first he should be connected. First you should select the necessary mode. To do this, click on the corresponding button, PVR, CD, DVD or audio. If everything is done correctly, the indicator blinks once. Next, the button should be held for several seconds, so that it starts to glow constantly. Now it is necessary to specify the three.Digit code specified in the instructions.

In this video, you will learn more about this remote control:

Note! At each input of a separate figure, the indicator must blink. After the number in Vedeno is completely, the button blinks twice. With the introduction of the permissible three.Digit code, the power of the device must be disconnected.

After that, press the OK key. This means that the setting will be completed. If after this the device does not turn off, you should repeat the steps again. If you do not enter the code in one minute, the usual mode is re.Turning on. Experts advise using and choosing different codes that provide the most functions.

How to set up a universal control panel

Each device is attached to an instruction that describes the setting process in detail. We will consider the configuration of models of popular manufacturers.


For its configuration you will need:

How to connect universal remote with your air conditioner | Split AC Universal Remote Set Code

  • Turn on the TV, direct it to it and squeeze the power button and “set” at the same time;
  • Follow the indicator carefully, it must burn all the time;
  • Using the volume adjustment, set the commands;
  • To remove the conjugation mode. Click the “SET” button.

Automatic adjustment:

  • Turn on TV, direct the remote control to it;
  • Hold the button indicating the type of device;
  • After the indicator is sunbathing. Let it go;
  • Click the power button on the UP, this will launch an automatic code search;
  • As soon as the TV is disconnected, you need to quickly press OK, this will save the code in memory.

Sometimes automatic search does not pass successfully, so you need to configure manually.

universal, remote, control, supra
  • After turning on the TV and holding the “TV” button, the indicator will light up;
  • By releasing it, enter the device code;
  • After the introduction of the fourth digit, the code will remain in the memory of the device, and the screen will go out.

Auto Setting occurs according to this algorithm:

  • Turn on the TV, direct it to it, press the button indicating the brand TV;
  • Close the SET button and hold until the indicator lights up;
  • Click on the overcoming of the channels, the automatic bulkhead of codes will begin;
  • As soon as the indicator goes out, immediately press the OK button to save the found code.

If the button is pressed late, you have to do everything again.

The plus is that using the overcoming channels, it is regulated which way to search.

Manual code input you need to start after pressing the SET button and the indicator sunbathing. Enter the found numbers and click “OK”. The remote control will remember the indicated combination.


Automatic settings algorithm:

  • Turn on the TV, direct the remote control at it and hold the power button “Power”, release after the indicator light up;
  • When successful tuning on the screen, a volume adjustment strip will appear
  • Turn off the device using the power button “Power”.
  • Find the code for your device in a previously specified article;
  • Turn on the TV, direct it to it, hold the power button “Power”, without releasing, enter the found code;
  • Only after the indicator blinked twice. Release the power button.

If the universal remote control has not earned after setting up. Contact the seller or to the service center, marriage may be present.

Previously, you need to double.Check the codes and repeat the manipulations, sometimes errors are made when setting up.

For the convenience of watching television on several screens, users purchase a universal control device. However, most are faced with the problem of its configuration. How to set up a universal remote control to the TV? The debugging of the device will not take much time, but it will allow you to conveniently and simply view a few TVs at the same time

What is a universal remote control

In order for a high.Quality image to Smart TV, you must use the digital television function. In most cases, a special prefix-remover is used to connect such equipment. In this case, the user has two devices for remote control at once.

Not many people like the presence of an additional remote control, and therefore users try to get rid of an unnecessary old so that he does not cllate the space inside the room. For this purpose, you need to purchase a special universal PU, which will replace two remote control at once. To control the TV and the prefix.

Despite the development of modern technologies, for many years it remains unchanged. It may differ slightly in forms, but the design remains the same. The electronic circuit, the presence of a large number of buttons and a plastic case with LEDs. Also, the equipment of the equipment must include a power source. Batteries.

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The universal PU has the same filling as the standard option, but it will have to be configured in such a way that unnecessary remote controls remain unweated.

?””. The answer is simple. No, not any Having bought a universal remote control, you need to look for codes for the necessary TV models and configure the PU for manipulations by several devices.

How to set up a universal remote control

To activate the universal PU, it is necessary to power it by putting the correct type of battery in the corresponding connector. In some remote control, batteries do not come in the kit, and you have to buy them. Useful advice: it is advisable to purchase not AAA batteries, battery elements that can be charged many times. It will save a lot of money. Together with a nutrient element, a special slot is sold, where they can be installed for reloading. To conduct the operation, you will need to connect the device to the electric network of the house.

As soon as the universal remote control is fed, you can proceed to the Smart TV television surgery. On the remote control, you need to select the suitable mode: TV, DVD or audio (there are other parameters on some models).

The setting of the remote control can be viewed on the video below, however, for each specific case, we will further consider the setting manually and in the machine.

To connect to TV, you need to use the “TV” button. To activate, you need to pinch the key for about 3 seconds and wait for the moment the indicator on the front control panel lights up.

Next, you should enter a specific code from the model of your TV equipment. To find out this parameter, you will need to study the operating instructions. There are several ways to configure the universal remote control to the TV. Manual and automatic.


As mentioned above, for each TV unit there is a certain conjugation code, which is necessary for the accurate configuration of the universal PU.

After its introduction, you need to perform a certain procedure.

Setting up a universal remote control for TV:

  • For the Supra remote control. Direct the PDA exactly to the TV and squeeze the Power button, after which the window will appear where you need to enter the code from the device. If the numbers are introduced correctly, the LED will blink several times. At this moment, the Power key can be released.
  • For a universal Huayu DNO, you need to clamp the SET and Power buttons simultaneously. You need to wait for the LED to blink. Next, you will need to enter a code of 4 digits. After the diode goes out, you need to press the SET button.
  • For universal PU Beeline, you should activate the “TV” button and at the same time press Setup and C.

After the installation is completed, the device blinks several times. This is a sign that the keys can be released. To check the performance of equipment, it is necessary to increase the volume of the TV. It is important to note that if you do not enter the code for a certain time (60 seconds), then all the settings will have to be re.Seized.


To configure the remote control in automatic mode, you need to press a combination of four nine on the button panel of the PDU, without removing the finger from the “9” key. If everything is done correctly, then the TV is deactivated.

Unboxing and Set up of ONE for all Contour TV Remote in 4K

After that, an automatic selection of channels will begin. The operation may take about 15 minutes. This option is used if the user does not have a code for setting up a universal remote control.

How to set up a universal TV remote control:

  • For the SUPRA remote control, you need to turn on the TV, direct the PDU directly to it, and clamp the Power button for 6 seconds. The LED should light up. If the TV device reacts to a decrease or increase in sound, then the setting in automatic mode was successful.
  • On the Huayu PU, you need to clamp the SET button and immediately after it Power. It is important to do the operation correctly. The keys are not activated at the same time, but with a small interval. After that, you can release digging. Squeeze Power again. Make sure that the volume level has appeared on the device screen of the device. To get out of the program, you will need to click on the SET key several times.
  • There is a third setting option that can be used for universal remote control. Television receiver, as in previous cases, should include. Next, press the “TV” button and keep it until the LED starts to burn (blinking may begin on some models). Click the Mute button to start the search. At the end of the process, it is necessary to activate any key of the universal PU and make sure that the TV unit reacts to commands.

What are remote control panels?

Conditionally, remote controls can be divided into 3 categories. Original, compatible with all devices of one particular brand and universal.

  • Original. These are devices for a specific brand TV model. Such a remote control is included with TV. These are usually the most modern models with added additional functions that are not supported by other TVs.
  • Compatible with the TV brand (in whole or in part). For example, on the remote control of Toshiba TVs, the same commands for initial settings are almost always used (turning on / off, channel change, volume change). Similar situation with TV Xiaomi and LG. But Samsung and Sony usually release a separate model of the remote control with a set of unique teams for each TV.
  • Universal. Such devices are sometimes called programmable. Their infrared sensor supports the entire spectrum of infrices used in remote controls. But at the same time you can use only one range (you can change as necessary). Sometimes they are able to help in managing other devices, for example, DVD players, kitchen systems, stereo systems, etc. D.
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Summing up, let’s say that the first two categories are control devices created for a specific type of technical device. An additional difference is that the first type is produced on its own manufacturer, where the TV itself is assembled, and the non-original remote control is made by another license company.

A universal control panel (UPDU) is a studying control device. You can choose its shape, size, color and design in accordance with your personal preferences. Inside such a device there is a special program and a library of codes that allows you to determine almost all TV signals.

There are also applications to smartphones with a universal remote control function. To correctly configure such a program, you must perform the following:

How to disassemble, open a remote control, elementary repair

If you remove the accumulated layers of dust and dirt from the device, then the chance will increase that the PU will work better than before. A step.By.Step method of cleaning the device:

  • Pull the PU from a plastic bag or cover.
  • Open the compartment with batteries and remove them.
  • See if there are any other mounts of the parts in the case. It can be screws or clamps.
  • Use one or two thin screwdrivers with a direct sting for disassembling PU.
  • Press your fingers on one and second part of the body. Thus, you can understand which part of the remote control is where it is built.
  • On the side, pry the screwdriver by the sting and draw up along the body. In this case, the fastenings should move away. If it doesn’t work out, then insert one screwdriver first, and then on the case on the same side. The second.
  • To cleanse parts and microcircuits, use varnish fluid, only it is important to read the composition of the product before use. Actual fluid with Aceton and without oil fats.

Not every purchased model of the remote control can approach a specific TV from the Supra brand. However, by purchasing a universal.Type remote control for the SUPRA TV, there is a guarantee that the device will work normally with the TV.

After all, such control options are suitable for almost all TV models. It is also much easier to use a smartphone instead of the remote control, downloading a universal application with simple settings.

Common mistakes and questions about UPDU work

Often users are faced with the problem of unlocking universal remote controls or the lack of reaction to any of the connection methods. If you have not checked the device in the store for maximum functionality, then you must do it at home if synchronization with household appliances has failed.

If you have no skills, do not repair the remote control yourself, and even more so the TV

Batterile malfunction is the most popular problem

Due to the long-term stay in the store, batteries in the remote control could leak over time or spontaneously discharge. In this case, you will have to replace them with a full.Fledged power resource.

If you plan to replace your native remote control with a mobile application, then download it only from official sources

The reason for the structural features of the remote control

To determine whether the console is frauding on the TV receiver, it is necessary to evaluate the performance of the IR radiation. For convenience, you can use a simple digital camera: bring the remote control to it at the moment when one of the buttons on it is clamped. If the light does not respond, then the remote control is required. A universal.Type remote control can also be controlled by a satellite prefix, but there may be your nuances of synchronization here

Minor factors

Narround objects that may be next to the TV can also influence the normal functionality of the universal remote control. For example, the placement of microwaves, radio receivers, Wi-Fi-Routers are unacceptable, since these devices emanate radio signals in the form of waves that can be perceived by an infrared emitter. Due to this, the signal from the remote control will be lost and not reach the receiver itself. Yandex.Story is a large market in which you can choose an application with specific functions: for TV, air conditioning, prefixes