How to set up contacts on your iPhone

How to merge / combine duplicate contacts on iPhone

Contacts makes it easy for you to communicate on your iPhone with a message or a call.

However, when you tell Siri to call Jack, it asks which Jack you’re calling because you have multiple contacts named Jack on your iPhone, you must have run into problems.

For those duplicate contacts on the iPhone, the best solution. Merge.

This post compiles simple ways 4 to help you merge your iPhone contacts by removing duplicates or merging several into one.

Make calls using Siri

Make a quick voice call, audio call, or video call over FaceTime, instead of searching through your phonebook or tapping widgets.

To do this, call Siri any way you can, and then ask to call the right person. If you have a large phone book, you may need to specify the name of the subscriber, but even here there is a little secret.

iOS can store data about family relationships between contacts. Just say “Siri, Kolya is my brother” or “Siri, Tanya is my sister” and the assistant will enter the relevant data into the system. In the future, you will not have to say the name of the caller to call, you just need to ask to call your father, mother, brother or grandmother.

You can manually add the necessary relatives in your card Settings. Siri and Search. My info. While editing, create a new field Add the name of a loved one, indicate the contact and the degree of relationship.

How to delete multiple contacts on the iPhone without a computer?

If you have decided to get rid of all contacts in your phonebook, you can do this easily. In Contacts, select the first contact, press the Shift key, and then click on the last contact. All contacts will be highlighted and you need to press Del to delete them, then confirm the action.

  • Go to Settings, Mail, Addresses, Calendars.
  • Find the item “Showing in the. Programs” (genius?).
  • Here you can choose to turn off the display of favorite contacts or recent calls. You can disable both.

Emergency contacts in the Phone app

You can easily add emergency contacts from the call list.

1) Open the Phone app and select the Recent or Favorites tab.

2) Next to the call from the desired contact, click the “i” icon.

3) Scroll down and select Add to Emergency Contacts.

4) If the contact has multiple numbers, select one.

5) Now select what kind of relationship you have with the contact.

Sort contacts on iPhone (first name, last name or last name, first name)

To change the sort order of your contacts on your Apple mobile device, open the Settings app and follow these steps:

Go to the settings of the Contacts app.

How to configure contact sorting on iPhone

Specify the necessary order for sorting contacts “First name, Last name” or “Last name, First name”.

Note. Regardless of the selected sorting method, the display of contacts in the address book may differ from the set. It directly depends on the setting of parameter “Display”.

Go back to the main settings menu of the “Contacts” application and enter the “Display” subsection.

Specify the desired order in which sorted contacts are displayed, “First Name, Last Name” or “Last Name, First Name”.

In other words, you can, for example, sort your contacts in the “First name, Last name” order, but display them in the list as “First name, Last name”, etc.д.

Example 1

Sorting “Last Name, First Name”, displaying “First Name, Last Name”.

Example 2

Sorting “Last Name, First Name”, displaying “Last Name, First Name”.

How to create groups of contacts on your iPhone

We know that you can add some contacts to the “Favorites” section on your iPhone to get the fastest access to them. But we can also create special groups of contacts based on different criteria, so you can stay in touch with the people you’re interested in without having to flip through your phone book.

Let’s say right away that you can’t create groups of contacts from the iPhone itself, and in order to do this you need to use a Mac or PC. First, go to iCloud.Go to “Contacts” and sign in to your account. Here we press the plus button at the bottom left of the screen and select “New Group”.

Then create a group and give it a name, such as “Work” or “School. Then go to the list of contacts, search for people of interest and simply drag and drop their names into the group you just created.

Finally, pick up your iPhone and check to see if our contacts are in sync with iCloud. To do this, go to the iCloud settings section and make sure the green slider is enabled next to the “Contacts” item.

Now open the application “Contacts” and in the upper left corner we see the button “Groups. This is where the group we created is located. Now you can keep only the necessary contacts in the list with a single tap on the screen and quickly communicate with them. I do not know about you, but for us this trick is very useful, because sometimes we have to spend too much time searching for the right person.

Via a third-party app

Note: this might not be a secure method.

  • Download the app from the App Store;
  • Give it access to Contacts;
  • The app reads your contacts;
  • Click on Backup and wait for it to download;
  • We send all of our contacts to the email account.

The file you receive can be opened on your iPhone | Android or PC. It will contain all of your imported iPhone contacts. You can save them on your new device.

We hope that in future releases of iOS 16 Apple will consider this step, but since the company wants to do away with SIM cards altogether, this is unlikely to happen at all. So keep our instructions and don’t lose.