How to Set Up Mail on iPad

How to set up email on your iPad?

Add an email account to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Go to “Settings” “Mail”, then click “Accounts”.
  • Tap “Add an account,” then select an email service provider.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Tap “Next” and wait for Mail to confirm your account.
  • Select information from your email account, such as Contacts or Calendars.
  • Tap Save.

How to set up rambler email on your iPhone?

To add a new mailbox, go to Settings. “Mail, Addresses, Calendars”. “Add an account”. Now you need to select “Other” and then “New account”. Since Russian email services are not included in iOS by default, you’ll have to add them manually.

How to set up email on your iPhone or iPad

  • Open the device settings and select Mail, Addresses, Calendars.
  • Select Add account.
  • Select Other.
  • Select New Account.
  • Enter your information and click Next.
  • 6.1 Select the mailbox type: IMAP or POP
  • 6.2
  • Click the radio button next to your email to turn it green and click Save.

What to do if Yandex mail is not added to the iPhone and iPad or does not work correctly

Go to the Yandex account management page at this link.


IMPORTANT! Check which account security tools are enabled. Yandex offers three methods of protection:

  • password. a permanent password specified by the user is used to log in;
  • Two-factor authentication. to log in uses a one-time password generated by the Yandex app.Key. When two-factor authentication is enabled, you cannot use the permanent password (details);
  • application passwords. to enter, you need to create a password, which must be specifically created for each third-party application, be it a mail client (for example, Mail on iOS and macOS), Yandex.Disk, etc.д. (in detail). With “app passwords” turned on, you cannot use a permanent password;

If you want to use a regular password to log into your iOS or macOS email, turn off the “two-factor authentication” and “app passwords” switches on this page.

If it is necessary to increase protection of your account by means of the above-stated tools, keep in mind that when setting up Yandex Mail on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you should also use the corresponding passwords.

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IMPORTANT! Check whether Yandex Mail is enabled for IMAP or POP3 protocols in its settings.

What’s the difference between IMAP or POP3 when setting up email on your iPhone or iPad and which protocol to choose?

IMAP (recommended)

If you use the IMAP protocol, Mail synchronizes with the Yandex mail server and saves your mailbox folder structure. Letters sent by you through the application Mail on iOS will be stored not only on the iPhone and iPad, but also on the server, and you can have access to them from different devices.

If you use POP3, all incoming mail will be saved to Inbox on your iOS Mail app. The emails you send will only be stored on your iOS device.

In most cases, you should prefer the IMAP protocol, in which case all the settings used in the service are transferred to your iOS device as well. Besides, messages sent via IMAP are stored both on the iOS-device and on the mail service server.

By default on iOS and macOS, Yandex mail is automatically set up through the IMAP protocol.

Yandex mail settings on iPhone or iPad via IMAP

Check that IMAP support is enabled in your Yandex account.Mail. To do this:

Click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner.

Turn on the From imap server for IMAP.

Save your changes, and follow the instructions above to set up your mail on your iPhone or iPad.

To set up Yandex mail on iPhone, iPad or Mac using the IMAP protocol, you must specify the following data:

The address of the mail server for incoming mail. or; The “Use SSL” switch in the Advanced section is enabled; The server port is 993.

The address of a mail server for outgoing mail. or; Use SSL switch in SMTP → Primary server. enabled; Server port. 465 or 587.

To access the mail server, specify your Yandex login and password (or application password if you have enabled two-factor authentication). If you set up to receive mail from the “”, a login is a part of the address before “@” sign. If you use Yandex.Mail for a domain, it is necessary to specify the full address of the mail box as a login.

Yandex mail settings on iPhone via POP3 protocol

Check whether POP3 protocol support is enabled in your Yandex account.Mail. To do this:

From your computer, go to Yandex.Mail. Tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner. Tap the All Settings link. Tap the Mail programs link. Switch on option From server over POP3. Save your changes and start setting up your mail on your iPhone or iPad according to the instructions above.

When using the POP3 protocol, all e-mails from the folders that you specify in your Yandex account settings (link) on the path Settings → All Settings → Mail Programs will be stored by the mail program on your computer in the Inbox folder. If necessary, you can configure filters in the mail program, to automatically move mails to the correct folders. The emails you send will only be stored on your device.

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Keep in mind that when downloading e-mails from the server using the POP3 protocol Yandex.Mail automatically saves copies of emails on the server, you can delete them only manually using the web interface. If you want to delete emails that are on the server directly from the Mail app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, use IMAP.

How to access your email?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device, go to [your name] iCloud’s Settings menu and make sure the Mail option is enabled.

Set up Outlook on your iPhone or iPad from the Mail app.

You can access your Outlook email address through the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad. You can also sync your email and manage your Outlook email directly in your iPhone or iPad email app. Let’s set up your Outlook email ID on your iPhone, iPad

  • Launch the Settings app from the home screen of your iPhone, iPad;
  • Now scroll down and click “Mail, Contacts, Calendar.”
  • Now click “Add an account.”
  • Select Hotmail;
  • Enter your Outlook email address (such as [email protected]) and password (XXXXXXXX);
  • Now choose what you want to sync.

You can also set up your Outlook email as an Exchange server. To do this:

That’s it. You have successfully set up Outlook email on your iPhone, iPad. You will receive Outlook emails in a single mailbox on your iPhone/iPad along with other emails from other added accounts. Setting up Outlook email on your iPhone/iPad will prevent you from using some of the web-based features that make Outlook email great and innovative. You can follow the steps below to access Outlook email from the Safari web browser on your iPhone and iPad.

How to organize emails by branch

Organize your email by branch. is something that can help clean up a busy mailbox, so if you want to turn it on, you’ll find this option in Mail Settings.

Under “Threading,” move the “Arrange by Thread” lever to the enabled position.

How to set up email on your iPhone and iPad?

First, consider the method of adding a Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, or Exchange account to Mail. This will require:

Go to Settings. Mail, Addresses, Calendars.

Click the Add account button.

Fill in the four required fields. Name, email address, password, and description.

Wait for address verification and confirmation of entered data.

If there is a need to synchronize contacts, calendars and notes.

Your new account will then be added and can be used in the Mail app.

Adding third-party mail:

In the case of popular Western email services, the standard Mail app gets all the settings automatically. But if you’re using mailers. Yandex and the like, then in most cases you will need to enter all the basic settings manually.

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Setting up Yandex mail:

To add your account from Yandexmail to Mail you need to:

Go to Settings. Mail, Addresses, Calendars.

Choose Add new account. Other.

Tap on the item New account.

After that it is necessary to find settings of Yandex mail servers. Usually you can find all the necessary information on the site of the service. In case of Yandex it can be found under the following link.

In settings of incoming and outgoing mail servers fill in all required fields (You may not need this point in case of Yandex. iOS should make all settings automatically).

After that, click Next and Save.

Mail Setup from :

Mailer is connected similarly to All necessary settings are in the Help section of the service website.

As for other mailers, and in particular and, then their settings are a little harder to find. So below we will just list them to make it easier for you. You can get all the information you need for the settings right here. For the rest rely on the configuration algorithm for Yandex mail.

Username: email address

Username: email address

Account settings (Mail, addresses, calendars. Account in Advanced):

Outgoing mail server (Mail, addresses, calendars. Ukr Outgoing mail server (SMTP). Primary server (

Username: email address

User name: email address

Account settings (Mail, addresses, calendars. Account in Advanced):

Outgoing mail server (Mail, addresses, calendars. Meta.Your email address is on the outgoing mail server (SMTP)

If you need to unblock the POP3 protocol for the mail service you can in the settings of your mailbox on the site

How to sign out of your iPhone mail?

To delete an account from iPhone, do the following:

Go to “Settings” and find the section “Mail, addresses, calendars.

In the “Accounts” block find the box you want to erase and click on it.

On the next screen, click “Delete account”.

Confirm your intention to delete the account. click on “Delete from iPhone.

When you delete the account from the mobile device will also lose all the information that was synchronized with the account. So before you wipe your account, make sure you transfer your valuable information to a secure storage medium.