How to set up NFC on Xiaomi Mi

How to use NFC on Android

How to turn on and connect Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to your phone for the first time?

The fitness tracker doesn’t require actual activation, but it does need to be “tethered” to your phone the first time you set it up. It’s not complicated. Only a little preparation will be required. You can activate Mi Band 4 in a few simple steps:

How to Activate NFC on Xiaomi Phone

Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone;

Install the Mi Fit app on your smartphone. You can find it in the Play Store or App Store, depending on your operating system;

In the Mi Fit app, sign in to the Mi Account. If you don’t have a Mi account, click “Create” and follow the on-screen instructions;

Follow the on-screen instructions. You may need to turn on Bluetooth, give access to Do Not Disturb mode, notifications, and so on;

Remove the charging cradle and fitness bracelet from the box, and put the capsule on charge. After a while (preferably after a couple of hours, but if you are really impatient. then after 10-15 minutes) eject the capsule. The bracelet will turn on and go into search mode automatically;

  • Go to “Profile” (bottom right button);
  • Click “Add device”;
  • Select “Bracelet.”
  • Wait a while for your phone to find the bracelet;
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

If the bracelet does not connect, make sure Bluetooth is turned on. In addition, it may help to reset your smartphone. Finally, if you have other wristbands tethered to the Mi Fit app, untether them.

Настройка NFC на Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro: почему не работает и как включить

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If none of this worked, then you may have purchased a fake fitness bracelet.

Xiaomi NFC (current list of where the module is, plus 2020 new products)

Looking for Xiaomi phones with NFC, but don’t know where the module is, and which phone doesn’t have the chip. Because not all Xiaomi smartphones are suitable for contactless payment. This tutorial will help you figure out which Xiaomi supports NFC.

Current list with NFC module on Xiaomi. All 2020 Xiaomi models are also added. Information why Xiaomi Redmi has no NFC. Nuances of using the function when the bootloader is unlocked.

How to turn on NFC on Xiaomi

From the box, the sensor is off. After all, when it is on, it constantly generates electromagnetic radiation, consuming charge. If you decide to use the sensor, you need to turn it on.

  • To do this, slide the top notification curtain in the quick settings with a swipe down.
  • Opens a list of switches, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
  • Look for the NFC button there and activate it to turn it blue.
  • Download the Google Pay app from Google Play. Turn on its autostart.

Can find the chip in the settings in the same place where you looked for its presence, under “Connectivity and sharing”. Follow the arrow and activate the slider to turn it blue. This method is convenient because on the same screen you can find the option “Location of security element”. It is needed to select the “SIM Wallet” (for Xiaomi smartphone version 10 and higher). For earlier change to “NSE Wallet”. After that set up contactless payment.

How to pay for the purchase correctly

To pay with your fitness bracelet, you only need to follow a couple of steps:

  • In the Mi Band menu, find the “Maps” section.
  • Choose a bank card from which the money will be deducted.
  • Press the only button on the fitness tracker. The timer 60 seconds is activated. During this time, put your wrist to the terminal at a distance of several centimeters. If you do not make it in one minute, you will have to do all of the above steps again.
  • You will hear a sound signal of successful payment (or text message on the terminal).
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To enable Near field communication, you need to follow a certain algorithm:

  • Start the settings in the smartphone;
  • Go to the “Advanced Features” section;
  • Next. “Wireless networks”;
  • Here select from the list “NFC”, activate the function by moving the slider located opposite. Additionally, you can activate Android Beam to exchange data between devices by simply touching each other.

Now the cell phone can make a payment, readout the data of an ID card, exchange information with the rest of the devices.


If the menu does not contain these options, then most likely your phone is not equipped with a transmitter. To check, you can see a list of supported phones or download a special program.

How to check if you have NFC

The presence of an NFC module in a smartphone greatly affects its cost, so on low-end and medium-class models this module is not installed. There are several ways to find out if your Xiaomi has this feature or not.

The first way is to check its presence in the phone settings.

Just use a quick search in the “Settings” menu at the top of the page, typing “NFC” there. If the system does not give you a result, it means that your Xiaomi lacks this function.

There is an option of checking with a special app, which can be downloaded from Play Market.

One of such free applications is called NFC Enabled. After installation and launching it will show one of the inscriptions: “NFC is supported”. if it is present, and “NFC is unsupported”. if there is no module in your Xiaomi.

The easiest way is to refer to the technical specifications described in your Xiaomi‘s datasheet, or search for them online.

How to enable NFC on Xiaomi

How to set up NFC? Before connecting the application Google Pay, it is necessary to change some standard settings. Otherwise the NFC module on Xiaomi will not work. It is necessary to enter the menu “Settings”, find the inscription “” in the item “Wireless communications”. It is necessary to activate the slider “NFC”. Contactless payment will not work unless you switch to “HCE Wallet” mode in the “item location secure” menu.

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In order for NFC to be available in the Google Pay app you must provide access to. Software has limited access to some features. To make payment work, you need to go to “Settings”, find the item “All apps. In the list that appears, you need to find the application, select the “Other permissions” section. If there is no tick mark near the inscription “NFC”, you have to put it on.

It is possible to distinguish the version of the Xiaomi fitness bracelet with NFC both by the box and by the bracelet itself. On the box, there should be an NFC icon in the bottom right corner. There should be a sticker on the back of the box, and the identifier (SKU) MGW4059RU should be on it. Not to be confused with the model code.

among the list, find the Mi Smart Band 4 NFC and tap on it; then scroll down the page until the line “Lab” appears and tap on it; in the line “Password” tap “Not set”; then activate the bracelet lock by entering any 4 digits.

“not just blue.

We got a device in the Not just Blue version the color of which really turned out to be “not just blue. On the back panel in the light there are reflections in the form of arched lines. They clasp or disappear in a whimsical way when the user tilts his or her gaze.

Xiaomi‘s new product looks modern and nice to take in your hands. Both sides use protective glass Gorilla Glass 5, oleophobic coating available. The device is not heavy, it is not perceived as bulky due to the rounded corners and narrow frames around the display.