How to set up the Internet on a laptop through a modem

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How to connect a modem to a laptop. Tips and instructions

Before choosing a modem, first you need to decide on the tasks that will be entrusted to the Internet. Many subsequent elections of specific models will depend on this.

Reception speed

The first criterion to consider is the speed of receiving and transmitting a signal by a modem. Here you should not be guided by the logic “more means better”. First of all, you need to find out the speed of the Internet connection that the provider provides. The value should approximately coincide with the speed of the signal in the modem. Since with a lower value of the device, the user will not use all the possibilities of the Internet connection, and more will be just superfluous.

internet, laptop, modem

It is worth paying attention to the following modem models in their speed category:

Modems with a speed of up to 3 megabits per second Devices that reach data transfer speed up to 7 megabits per second
Huawei E160G Novatel X950
Samsung Z810 Huawei E169G
Huawei E220 Bandluxe 120

Having decided on the high-speed framework of the purchased device, it is necessary to go to the second component of the modem-to take modems cheaper than the minimum threshold is not recommended due to the low quality of the product. Equipment is more expensive than the amount indicated, it may have such characteristics that are useful only to separate users, and not a mass consumer.

The remaining criteria, such as, for example, design or manufacturing material, all models of the modem are approximately the same and you should stop the choice only according to their own individual preferences

We transmit the Internet from a computer (USB modem) to a router

Disconnect the connection through the modem on the computer (disconnect from the Internet).

Using a network cable, connect a computer to a router. On a computer, or laptop, we connect a network cable into a network card connector, and on a router in WAN (Internet) port. I want to note that you may have another router. It’s OK. Here is a connection scheme:

Next, on the computer, click on the mouse button on the Internet connection icon, and select the network control center and total access. Next, select “Change of adapter parameters”.

Next, press the right button for the connection through which you connect to the Internet (via 3g/4g modem), and select the properties. The connection itself may have the name of your operator. Or just a “telephone connection” like mine.

In the new window, we go to the access tab. There, put a checkmark near the “allow other network users to use the connection of the Internet of this computer” in the drop.Down list, select “Connection via a local network” (in Windows 10. Ethernet). Click OK.

If you were connected to the Internet, then there will be a message that the changes will come into force after repeated connection to the Internet. Just disconnect from the Internet, and connect again. If the connection was torn, then connect to the Internet. Near your connection, the inscription “Generally” should appear “.

In the properties of “Connection on the local network” will be spelled out IP address and Modes mask. So it should be, do not change them.

Connect to the Internet via a modem, and the router will automatically receive the Internet from a computer (in my case from a laptop). If your router was at factory settings, then by default, there is a dynamic IP type there is a connection type. It should be so, because the router automatically receives IP from the computer.

You can already connect to the router via Wi-Fi, or by cable, and use the Internet. If the Internet does not work through the router, then first try to restart it. If this does not help, reboot the laptop and re.Join the Internet. Disconnect Antivirus on a computer (firewall).

Everything worked for me at once. I connected through the phone to the TP-Link router, went into its settings (to the tab, where the Internet connection settings are set), and there I saw that the router received an IP address from a laptop. And this means that everything works.

My router distributed the Internet that received from a laptop that was connected to the Internet via 3G USB modem from Intertelecom.

After the router receives and distributes the Internet, you can change other settings of the router. For example, configure a Wi-Fi network, put a password on Wi-Fi.

internet, laptop, modem

Setting up a high.Speed connection (PPPOE) in Windows 10

If you have an Internet provider in the house of a cable, and provided you with a login, password, and possibly some other data for connecting to the Internet that you need to set in the computer settings, or Wi-Fi router, then you need to configure the high-speed Windows 10 connection (pppoe). What we will do now. In fact, this is the same as Ethernet, just here the Internet will not work until we create connections.

If you have a connection to the Internet through a router, a connection is configured on it (PPPOE, L2TP, PPTP). Then you do not need to configure anything on the computer. It is enough to connect the network cable from the router to the computer. I talked above about setting up such a connection above.

If you connect the cable directly to the computer, and you have a login and password for connecting to the Internet, then you need to create a connection.

We open the networks of networks and total access:

Click on the point of creation and setting up a new connection or network. Then, select the connection point to the Internet, and click on the button further.

In the next window, select the item: High.Speed (with PPPOE).

Further, we set the user name and the password that the Internet provider should provide you. Also, you can set a name for connection, for example: “High.Speed Beeline connection”. And you can still install checks near the password saving points, display a password and permission to use this connection to other users. I advise you to install a checkmark near the item remember this password.

How to access the internet using a modem

Press the button to connect, and if everything is correctly connected, and the parameters are correctly set, the connection will be created and the connection is installed with the Internet.

See this connection and control it, you can press the Internet icon on the notifications panel.

By clicking on the connection, the menu sets the set of the number where you can connect, delete, or edit the connection settings.

Wi-Fi Internet connection

If you have a Wi-Fi router at your home, or you want to connect your laptop to the Internet for friends, in a cafe, etc. D., then you can use Wi-Fi business for this. If you have already installed a driver on a Wi-Fi adapter, and Windows 10 almost always installs it automatically, it remains only to open a list of networks available for connecting, select the necessary password (if the network is protected). And you are already connected to the Internet.

On this topic, I already wrote a detailed article: how to connect to Wi-Fi on Windows 10. I think that with connecting to a wireless network, problems should not arise.

We set up the Internet via 3g/4g modem in Windows 10

It remains only to consider the connection setting via USB 3G, or 4G modem. On a computer with Windows 10, setting up such a connection will practically not differ from the 3G Internet settings on Windows 7 (article on the example of the intertelecom provider).

First of all, we need to connect the modem to the computer and install the driver on our modem. The driver can be downloaded from the site of the manufacturer of the modem, from the website of the Internet provider, or just find it on the Internet. Look for the name and modem models. Also, the driver can be on the disk complete with the modem, or on the modem itself. If the drivers for your modem are not for the Windows 10 operating system, then try to find for Windows 8, or even Windows 7. Perhaps he will do.

After you installed the driver, connect the modem to the computer, and you can start setting up 3G connection on Windows 10. By the way, everything is almost the same as when setting up a high.Speed connection.

We open the networks of networks and total access.

We click on the creation and configuration of a new connection or network and select the Internet connection.

Next, choose the type of Commetered.

And set the parameters that the provider provides: number, user name and password. I showed on the example of the provider of Intertelecom. I recommend putting a checkmark near the item Remember this password. Connection name set an arbitrary. How to fill all the fields, click on the Create button.

If everything is OK, then the connection will be created, and the connection is installed with the Internet.

If it was not connected, then check all the parameters and connecting a USB modem. Maybe you also have a very bad cover of your provider. In such cases, the Internet may not connect at all, or work very slowly. How to see what is your signal level, and how to increase it, I wrote here. In some cases, if the network is very bad, you need to install the antenna for your modem.

Run the created connection, stop, delete, or edit by clicking on the Internet connection icon and selecting the created connection.

We go to the control panel

How to install a modem, we figured out. Now you need to pay attention to its settings. Usually set devices through a web-integer. The control panel contains all the necessary information about the device. Here you can check the connected functions, get acquainted with statistics. To get into the control panel, we open the browser on the computer. Then, in the address bar, it is necessary to prescribe the address of the device. This parameter will differ in different models. You can see the address in the instructions that are attached to the device. If after entering the address the page did not display, this means that the modem was connected incorrectly.

It is necessary to check whether the wire connectors are reliably installed. If everything is fine there, check the network fee. We need to get into the Windows control panel, and then select the category “Network Center”. Click on “Change the parameters of the adapter”. Your connection should be displayed in front of you. We press it with the right mouse key, click on the “properties” in the drop.Down menu. In the list we open the “Internet Protocol 4”. We prescribe here the data provided to you by the service provider: IP and DNS. To set up the network card, you will need to fill the fields with the mask of the subnet and the IP address. After preserving new parameters, we try to enter the control panel again. With a successful entrance, a window should be displayed with a proposal to undergo authorization. To do this, enter the login and password into the appropriate fields.

How to connect laptop to router with ethernet cable

Setting system for connecting

To connect from a laptop to a Wi-Fi network not protected by a password, you just need to click on a white icon with a monitor in the Start panel.

If the protection of the password is installed, then additional manipulations are needed. We go into the settings of network connections. Select the menu “Setting up the wireless network”, after which select “Next” item.

Indicate the name of the network connection. Next, select the Safety type “WPA2-Personal”. Now we collect the password and wait for the network connection.

Wending connection

Wired access is considered the most reliable and stable, while the most subtle. It is enough to stick the cable in the connector on the laptop and make simple settings. Several technologies are used: optical cable and ADSL, functioning through the phone.


There are also several types of Internet connection. Each of them is slightly characterized by settings.

Dynamic and static IP addresses

With a static IP, you need to enter the IP address, as well as the subnet mask, the gateway and the DNS server in the settings of the network card manually. With dynamic IP, all data is assigned by the operator, and you do not need to make additional settings.

At the bottom of the screen, when connecting the cable, a yellow sign should light up. Click on the right mouse button and go to the network control center. Changing the adapter parameters. You will see an icon with the inscription Ethernet or a local network. Double.Click icon. Internet version 4. Properties.

If the operator provides a dynamic address, indicate the automatic receipt of IP and DNS. When static. Enter all the data specified in the contract. Click OK. Now the Internet will work, and the yellow exclamation mark will disappear.

In this type, you need to know only the login and password. In the network control center, click on the creation and configuration of a new connection. Connecting to the Internet. High.Speed (with PPPOE). Imprint the user name and password from the service contract and come up with the name. If you enter all the data correctly, after a couple of seconds the connection will be established.

Subsequently, click at the bottom of the screen to connect and click “High.Speed connection”. When using Windows 10, you will be redirected to the menu of a set of numbers where you can connect, change or delete the connection.

Some providers, for example, Beeline, connect their subscribers using VPN technology using the L2TP or PPTP standard. In the menu of creating a new connection, select the connection to the workplace. Use my connection to the Internet. The address on the Internet, enter data from the contract. Come up with the name, for example, the name of the provider, and click “Create”.

Now go to the menu for changing the parameters of the adapter. By the right button, click on the name of your connection (the adapter will be called Wan Miniport). Properties. In “Type VPN” select the parameters recommended by the provider. We will connect from the net menu by clicking on the name. If you have Windows 10, you will redirect you to the connection menu.

ADSL modem

Adsl access is not so popular. The signal comes from the telephone line, while the phone itself continues to work, as usual. Connect the phone and modem to the splitter that distributes the signal from the line, the modem with the second connector. To the laptop, and then set up the connection on the computer. The procedure does not differ from cable Internet.

The service provider will indicate what connection it provides wired Internet. Most often it is a static IP or PPPOE. Use the previous point to configure the modem.

Connection of a USB modem

Attach it to a laptop through a USB port. Carefully study tariff plans, access speed and coating area, and then select which provider is better for the price/speed combination.

Instructions on how to connect a 3G model is easy to understand and includes the following steps:

  • Turn on the laptop and wait until it is completely booting.
  • Connect the mobile device, move the “On/OFF” button to the “ON” position.
  • In the presence of a installation CD, insert it into the drive, perform autoronal. Next, the installation master will tell you how to connect a USB modem to a computer. Agree with the terms of the license agreement, select the installation site of the program, or not a shortcut on the desktop. It may be that there is no installation disk in the kit, this means that everything you need is already downloaded, and the installation will happen automatically.
  • If after installation you saw a shortcut on the desktop, double.Click on it, enter the data provided by the provider (login and password). Run the browser, now you can use your connected USB modem. If there is no shortcut, take a few more steps:
  • Go to the device dispatcher, find a new device and start diagnostics.
  • Click the “Surrender” button. If the drivers were established successfully, then the diagnosis will be successful.

IMPORTANT. If the drivers installation failure, then near the name of the device you will see a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. Remove the installed software, reboot. If the installation was made from the disk, check it for scratches. With a second failure, contact a technical specialist, perhaps a defective USB port.

Next, we will analyze how using a laptop and a modem you can connect wired Internet.

How to configure Wi-Fi on a laptop and how to enable automatic receipt of IP addresses in Windows XP.

So we almost made out the question of how to configure Wi-Fi on a laptop. But now we need to enable the automatic receipt of the IP address. For this:

Open the “control panel”, the view is the classic.

We carry out the transition to “network connection”, click with the right button on the required connection, select “Properties”. The components will open there, we are interested in the TCP/IP protocol, click on properties again.

In the window that opens, set automatic receipt of the IP address, as well as receiving a DNS automatic, click OK.

What users need to know when connecting a modem to a laptop

It is necessary to turn on the laptop. Before connecting the modem, it is necessary to remove the protective cap from dust and connect to any free USB. Port. The port itself is located correctly and when connecting to it, the user does not experience difficulties, because it is impossible to connect to him not correctly, if the modem is not included, it is worth expanding it 180 degrees along the axis. It is also worth remembering users that excessive perseverance in the connection can damage the contacts of the modem.

It is worth remembering the presence of the ON/OFF button (turned on/off), which turns on and disables the modem, so you need to set the button in the ON position, that is, it is turned on.

After detecting the modem, drivers will begin to be installed, which will be completed by the inscription “The device is installed and ready to work”.

The modem has an indicator in the form of a light bulb, which tells the user about normal nutrition.

For the proper operation of the 3G. Modem, the user needs to install the disk in the disks tray and follow the instructions of the Automobile Statement. “Master of the installation of the program” will tell the user a place on the hard drive to install the modem driver or the user will install it in the folder he needs. After a positive installation of the driver in the USB.Port control panel, a record will appear on the successful installation of the program.

But there are situations when when installing the driver from the disk comes a message about the incorrect installation of the driver, at this time a yellow triangle appears in the corner. To avoid such a situation, the user must pull out the disk, remove the modem driver, restart the computer. And after all these events, it is worth re.Replacing the modem program. If a similar situation is repeated, then the user has faulty disk used by USB. The port is not working.

To connect to the network, the user must have a positive account on the SIM card

3G. Modem. Next, the user needs to press the fly twice by the “Megafon Internet” label. After that, you need to enter the login and password received from the provider. Further, the user can, using the Internet browser, visit the World Wide Web, that is, the Internet.

After traveling on the Internet, the modem shutdown occurs through the window in the tasks panels. To do this, the user needs to find the desired modem and turn off.

The driver must be successfully installed, so the program icon will be released in the corner. By the icon, the user can find out the speed of connection, transmitted megabytes and spent traffic spent.