How to set up the internet on your Samsung phone

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Internet on Samsung cell phones, as well as on any Android device, allows you to get the most out of the device, visiting social networks and using the various messengers. However, in order for the Internet connection to work properly, it must first be configured and connected. In this tutorial, we will explain in detail about this procedure.

How to activate modem mode on Samsung

Hi! Today I will show you how to turn on the modem on your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can very easily and quickly connect modem mode on your Samsung Galaxy. Your smartphone will be able to distribute the Internet to another phone, tablet or laptop. See the instructions below and write your Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have any questions. Let’s go!)

On the home screen, find the Settings button and click on it.

How to Connect to Wifi On ANY Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

In the settings, click on the Connections tab.

Next, click here on the Mobile hotspot and modem tab.

Next, this is where you need to turn on the mobile hotspot. Opposite the name, click on the switch. Note, you can also connect a Bluetooth and USB modem here.

How to set up your Galaxy phone

Start by choosing the language you want to use for the setup. you can change it later.

Connect to the Wi-Fi network. You can skip this step and use mobile data, but it is best to use Wi-Fi for the initial setup since it uses a lot of data.

Accept all of Samsung’s terms of service, but you don’t need to accept diagnostic data if you don’t want to.

After your phone checks for software updates, enter your email address and password for your Google account.

If your account is set up for two-factor authentication, you will be prompted to enter a code, and then provide it to log in to your account.

After you sign in, you can choose which data and apps to download from your Google Account.

If you have more than one phone with your account, you can choose which one to use.

Once you finish setting up the app and data will start downloading in the background. the download will last 10-30 minutes.

Set your preferred security method: a fingerprint is recommended, and you’ll also need to set a backup password or access code method like a PIN.

On modern Samsung phones, Smart Scan is also a good option that uses iris and face to unlock the phone, but it is not as secure as a fingerprint.

Accept Google’s terms of service, then review Samsung‘s “additional apps” to install them. you can always install them later if you want.

Logging in or creating a Samsung account is an optional step, so you can do it later.

Samsung account is used to download and update apps from Galaxy Apps, as well as to use Samsung cloud products.

After all these steps, you will get to the main screen of your phone. How you set up your new smartphone depends on your personal preferences. Install all your apps and configure them to your liking, customize your home screen and dive into the settings to find all the extra features you need.

Setting up the Internet via Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is by far the most affordable and accessible way to access the Internet via Samsung Galaxy and Note smartphones. While there are paid networks, free Wi-Fi can be found everywhere and in large numbers. It makes this kind of connection very convenient.

Everyone can get their own Fi-Wi, you just need to buy a router at specialized outlets. After buying the device, you will have to contact your provider so that the masters set up your device at a convenient time for you.

Wi-Fi networks are available for your Samsung Galaxy and Note in many public places: in shopping malls, cafes or train stations. This kind of Internet has undeniable advantages: it is completely free, with good speed and stability.

How to adjust the Internet, if the phone two SIM-cards

Duos device allows you to configure the connection on both cards. To perform the action, the user must go from the menu to “connect”, then. to “mobile networks”.

How to connect the Internet on your Samsung phone:

  • Adjusted roaming information. you can enable or disable data transfer on various occasions. The functionality does not work with all Russian service providers in the country. In some cases, the option should be turned off. in order to save on your bill. It is better to deactivate the international version of roaming completely.
  • VoLTE calls. enabling the function allows you to improve the quality of voice messages. The rule applies to 4G networks.
  • Network mode. it is possible to stay with the default scheme or use the LTE option. In many cases three standards are used for internet and calls. 2G works only with calls and SMS.
  • Access point. usually you do not make any changes here. Settings are sent and automatically installed by the service provider. In case of user errors, it is enough to use the default version.

The last step. network operators. Necessary connection can be selected both in automatic and manual mode. In most cases, installation is done without any intervention on the part of the device owner.

The debugging of 2 SIM cards

And what is the Internet?

The Internet is an electronic network for storing and transmitting information between computers, which was created in 1969. It is free and can be used by anyone who has a computer device (cell phone) for receiving-transferring data according to certain standards. protocols (the language used by computers to exchange data during network operation).

Mobile Internet has one indisputable advantage. you can connect to the Internet via cellular communication from virtually anywhere in the world where there is a cellular connection. But for Internet access operators charge according to the downloaded volume of information measured in megabytes (MB). And if your tariff plan does not include an “unlimited Internet” package, then watching movies or downloading large files requires constant monitoring of traffic consumption.

Home Wi-Fi networks, the network in cafes or on public transport, as a rule, have no limits on the amount of downloaded information, and the transmission speed is also high. But the action of such a network has a limited range, measured in a couple of tens of meters, which is its main disadvantage.

Instructions for connecting your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to the mobile Internet.

On any screen, swipe down with two (or three) fingers from the status bar at the very top of the screen to open the Quick settings panel.

alt=”Mobilnyj Internet 1″ /Screen. swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen.

Press “Mobile data” button.

After that the button will turn from gray to circle of blue color. connection to the network is established.

Screenshot. Click on the “Mobile Data” button. Screenshot. View of Quick Settings Panel with mobile Internet enabled.

If you press the “Mobile Data” button and hold it for 2-3 seconds, you will go to the “Data usage” section.

By opening the “Mobile data usage” item in this section you can examine the mobile traffic consumption for each application in more detail.

Under “Charging period and limit” you can enter your data plan to keep track of your mobile traffic usage and be alerted when it’s nearing the “depletion line.

alt=”Mobilnyj Internet 4″ /Screenshot. view of the “Data usage” page.

Access for the current user profile is limited

Connection to Internet on modern telephones assumes precise setting of profiles, for which the access is opened. There are some that are preset by operators. But you can always add your own.

  • In the menu go to the following items: “Settings”. “Network”. “Connections”. “Yes”.
  • Next, select the line that prompts to create a profile.
  • Set the parameters specific to this or that network connection. The MMC profile and its dimensions are set separately.
  • In the menu, go through the items again: “Settings”. “Network”. “Application profiles”. “Internet“.
  • Select a specific profile for the current connection. The main thing is to make sure that the signal is not bad, but strong.
  • Check WI-FI connection.
  • Reboot your router or PC.
  • Check other sites.
  • Check your balance.
  • Check the physical connection (“Network cable not connected” message or no WAN port indication on the router).
  • Check your network settings.

How to connect 3G and 4G on your smartphone: brief instructions

  • Go to the menu and press “Settings”.
  • Then click on “Wireless Networks,” then select “,” tap “Mobile Networks” and “Network Mode. Choose “3G service” and activate it.
  • Next, select your network.
  • Click “Network Mode” and select 3G.

The easiest and most common reason. Usually an inattentive or inexperienced user may accidentally click on the airplane icon when pulling back the notification curtain at the top of the screen. Pull out the curtain and see if you have offline mode (aka air mode) enabled. If it’s on, tap on the icon and turn it off. If that was the reason, you’re in luck.

Another common reason for mobile internet loss is the lack of funds on your account. Or a complete exhaustion of the internet package in the data plan you have connected. You can check your phone balance by sending a USSD-request from your phone to your operator. The core four have this:

operator Beeline megaphone MTS Tele2
request code 102# 100# 100# 105#

To check spent traffic go to Settings, find Mobile data or similar point. There you can see how many gigabytes you are entitled to and how much you have already spent.

If there is no money on the account or you are in deficit the only way out is to top up the balance by any possible way.

If you spent all gigabytes according to your tariff plan, all operators have an opportunity to buy an additional package.