How to set up the LG Life S Good TV

We set up digital, satellite, Internet channels on LG TV

After connecting television equipment, we switch to the last stage. Setting. It is important to correctly configure the channels on the LG TV to show everything that is available in good quality. This procedure is not particularly complicated and does not require any complex technical skills. However, some subtleties in this matter are. Now we will deal with all the nuances of the LG TV settings to receive channels.

Speaking of television, many represent only 20 free channels, but the spectrum of available television is much larger. It should be noted right away that analog channels are no longer supported, so setting up on them does not make much sense even on the old LG TV. Since 2019, they all have become digital.

  • Digital television is the same 20 free television channels. It is also called DTV (DTS). Everyone who has LG Smart TV gets access to this TV, just a TV with a tuner built-in DVB-T2 or digital console.
  • Cable TV depends on the provider, provides excellent signal quality and does not require the user connection to his own antenna. The digital signal is simply transmitted by cable. For example, Ufanet is popular.
  • Satellite television involves receiving a signal from a satellite, as a result. Access to a huge list of channels. There can be many hundreds and even thousands in different languages, etc. P. Requires the use of a special satellite receiver DVB-S2 or tuner on TV. Can only work when installing a satellite TV set from the provider.
  • Internet TV. The Internet is used to download and play channels. A similar service can be configured both independently and watch television through the IPTV players, and use the service from the provider, for example, TV tricolor, MTS TV, inter.Link, etc. P. The best Internet television providers you see here.

How to set up channels on LG TV in automatic mode

By turning on the TV, you need to select channels for viewing:

  • Using a remote control, it is required to open the main menu.
  • The settings are chosen in it and go to a point corresponding to the chosen type of broadcasting. This can be, for example, the use of an antenna or satellite channels.
  • The menu will be shown in which you need to choose the search for channels. It is recommended to specify Avtopoisk, then full setting.
  • It will be performed automatically. You need to wait at least five minutes before it is finished.

After leaving the menu settings, the channels will be configured and you can start viewing them.

Entrance to the service menu

It is also called engineering. Designed to return all equipment settings at the time of installation in the factory, in other words, by default. This service is in all modern TV and LG TVs are no exception. If the technique begins to work incorrectly and fails, then they turn to the service menu.

In all models of TV LG, the principle of connection to the service is practically no different, with the exception of some differences. For television equipment with the Smart-TV platform, they act according to the following plan:

  • Guided by the remote control, pressing the menu button, are included in the settings of the TV.
  • Next, they find and go to the Factory Settings section.
  • Choose the reset of parameters and bring TV equipment into default mode.

In this video, you will learn more about TV setting up:

Most models of LG TVs can be returned to the factory settings mode using a separate DPD. This is a special device for performing the return function in each LG service center. This remote control does not give.

There is a method that replaces a special remote control. It is enough to have a smartphone with infrared radiation based on the Android operating system at hand. The Smart Remote application is installed on it. By activating it and by directing the phone towards TV, you can freely use the engineering menu with the help of TV TV.

How To Use New LG Magic Remote

Channels for LG TV models are distinguished:

  • First of all, they visit the website of the operator to provide signal broadcasting services in this region;
  • Copy the parameters necessary for entering the “settings” TV;
  • Through the “menu” you need to find the line “channels” and go into it;
  • The type of signal is selected and the data copied from the provider’s website is being turned;
  • “Search” is turned on.
  • On modern TVs on the remote control there is a Home key, with which you can enter the mood mode. In old models, adjustment occurs through a “menu”.
  • Next, you need to go into the “option” mode and choose the country. Its name depends on the year of release TV. If the equipment was produced after 2011, one of the European countries is selected with earlier manufacturing.
  • The installation language is checked, it should be Russian.
  • The Settings section indicates “Avtopoisk”.
  • A request for a cadet should appear. It will not be only for two reasons: the country is incorrectly indicated or absent in the TV resort.
  • A request will appear to enter modulation data, speed, network and frequency.
  • “Search” is launched and digital and etheric channels are installed in automatic mode.

All LG models have the “Auto Refine” function, which can be turned off so as not to reconfigure the TV after each reset of parameters. To do this, you need to enter the “Settings”, find and choose the settings of the digital cable and block “Auto Refine”.

The choice of antenna for taking ether broadcasting

In general, for taking digital broadcasting, the “same” ordinary antenna as for analogue is suitable. In principle, it can also be made independently, for example, from some old aluminum cans (as in the diagram below).

An example of a homemade antenna from aluminum cans

If the usual room antenna does not accept the signal poorly, you must replace it with the outer (which is placed on the street, for example, on the roof of the house). With an active amplifier. Such antennas provide a significantly better quality of administration and allow you to watch the etheric TV being at a distance from the tower.

We use the adapter if there is no wi-fi

In some TV models there is no built-in Wi-Fi module. However, this does not interfere with connecting to a wireless network using an external USB adapter. Let’s figure out how to connect LG TV to Smart TV to Wi-Fi, but without a built-in wireless network module.

We purchase a Wi-Fi adapter compatible with your TV model. There are LG branded adapters. Their compatibility is guaranteed by the manufacturer. But if you buy a universal Chinese adapter. Be sure to specify whether he will work with your TV. Just in case, say the possibility of returning the goods if the adapter does not work.

Insert the adapter into the USB port of TV. Wait for a pop.Up notification about connecting the device on the screen. To enable Wi-Fi on LG TV, enter the TV settings and do exactly the same actions that are described above.

Possible problems

Like any other technique, the lg TV lg does not always function properly. The human factor also takes place, so it is important to be able to conduct diagnostics.

TV does not see wi-fi

Frequent malfunction. Typically, TV does not display more than one network, although in apartment buildings there are a lot of neighboring points. Try to reboot the TV, then restart the router. Make sure the login and password of Wi-Fi correspond to the installed.

As an alternative, try wired connection. So it will be possible to identify the problem by exclusion. If the wired connection is installed, check the Wi-Fi Wi-Fi settings. In extreme cases, a Wi-Fi receiver may be faulty on your MAMART MART, take the TV to the service center.

Wi-Fi communication loss or bad welcome

Pay attention to the location of the router and the Smart TV. Obstacles, for example, walls with reinforcement. Strong interference with radio waves. Because of this, the connection may disappear and the image. In such cases, it will help:

  • Connection of a repiter or amplifier for Wi-Fi.
  • Changing the position of the router closer to the TV.
  • Use LAN.Cable instead of a wireless connection.
  • Disconnect household appliances. Perhaps interference is created.
  • Disconnect Wi-Fi Direct in TV settings.
  • Turn off the miracat function, which consumes a lot of traffic and affects the quality of the connection.
  • Cut off the setting of the router, change the signal transmission frequency (the default costs 5 GHz).
  • Extreme measures. Resetting the settings of the LG TV to factory.

Replenishment of memory

TV have their own energy.Dependent memory. Smart TV LG may not work due to lack of memory cells. This effect occurs due to:

The problem is solved by manual deletion of unused files and applications. In addition, it is recommended to update the operating system automatically, as well as to deinstall unused media files.

We set up the LG TV (in a new way)

This article will talk about how to correctly configure the LG TV.

Let’s start with basic settings. We begin to configure the TV.

Step one will be the choice of language. And choose Russian.

Step 3 of us. This is the setting of the regime. Here we choose home viewing.

Then we set up the power indicator. Here we have to stand on.

After that, select a time zone. This is very important for LG TV. We choose Irkutsk.

Now we are convinced that we connected the antenna.

And here in Autopois, select cable tv.

Now we will choose the search mode “Network”. It is also very important.

So, here in the initial cleanliness we introduce 746000. And press the OK button to start searching.

The following window appears here. And here you and you put a box on only digital (cable TV). And click to fulfill.

And here we see how automatic search is performed. This is our channels set up.

After it has found 100 channels, the search can be stopped, since he will no longer find new channels. They will only be repeated.

Now let’s go to the menu and see how time we are tuned.

Here we see all the data, including the time zone, which can be changed here, if necessary.

LG TV Stuck on startup screen- Repair- LG Life’s Good

Why did we set up time? We did this for the correct display of information.

Now, for example, we switch to channel Russia 1. Click the info button. And here we see that there is a “special case” and when it began, and when it ends, and how much has passed. And below we can see a brief description of the series.

Here, in the upper right corner, we see switch. Progr. This means that we can watch that it goes on other channels without switching from this. To do this, you need to scroll up and down.

And if we will flip through left and right, then we can see how the programs will follow this series. For example, after the series they will lead. Here we see only 2 programs.

We have a guide button on our remote control. If we click on it, then here we can already leaf through. For example, we can see how much in two days there will be a specific film or transmission, etc.D.

That is, in this way we watched the program program. And we do not need to climb the newspapers or look on the Internet. Everything can be watched in the TV itself. And in principle, all television channels have a program. You just need to become on the desired television channel and load all the information

You read the article. A review on how to correctly configure the LG TV. We hope that all the information was understandable and affordable.

IPTV setup

Modern Smart TV LG allow you to watch television via the Internet. This will need to conclude a contract with the provider and set the TV. Previously, the device is connected to the Internet, wire or Wi-Fi-it does not matter. After that, the following should be done.

  • Through the remote control, you need to enter the store. “LG Smart World“.
  • If there is no account, then it is necessary to start it.
  • In the line of searching for applications, you need to enter the abbreviation IPTV.
  • From the proposed list, you should choose any program, the most convenient is Simple Smart IPTV most convenient.
  • After installation, a code will appear, which must be entered in the corresponding window (the utility will appear at the first opening of the utility).
  • Next, open the playlist editor and introduce the received playlist from the provider. You can find a free option on the Internet, but often they are non.Working, or not all channels are available. The playlist can be in the form of a file (it will have to be opened from a flash drive) or in the form of an Internet link, then the address is simply entered in the corresponding window in the editor.
  • After loading the playlist, a list of channels appears that it contains. We save it and click on “update”.

Possible problems

When setting digital channels, you may encounter some problems.

Does not find channels automatically

If TV with DVB-T2 support does not find a package of channels in automatic mode, try manual setting:

  • Open the TV menu and log in to the “channels” section (or “Setting”).
  • Select the string “manual setting”.

If the TV could not automatically find the necessary channels, then you should try to connect them manually

Does not find channels at all

You tried both automatic and manual setting of channels, but the TV stubbornly refuses to find them? There may be several reasons for the problem:

  • Cable malfunction. Check the cable (especially its plug) for integrity;
  • Freshness of TV firmware or external receiver. Make sure the firmware of the device is updated. If necessary, install a new version;
  • Antenna malfunction. If you have a knowingly working antenna at hand, which catches digital television, connect it and check whether it catches the TV channels. Perhaps the problem is the weakness or non.Working condition of the equipment.

The image crumbles into squares, freezes

If the channel was found, but the picture periodically falls apart into squares or hits one frame, then the reason for this is the poor quality of the signal. A reliable way to improve the situation is to replace the antenna. But if you do not have such an opportunity, try just to place it better:

  • The antenna should be directed towards the tower;
  • Ideally, there should not be serious physical obstacles (trees or houses) between the antenna and the tower). In reality, this is rarely achievable, but still try to place the antenna higher;
  • Think about a small rearrangement. Perhaps you can move the TV closer to the window, towards the tower. Sometimes even moving not 10-15 cm gives good results.

Drops the found channels

If you set up the channels, and after some time they disappeared or streamlined in a different way, then most likely the matter is in the function of auto-renewal. It is on the default in most Smart TV from LG. This function in automatic mode redistributes the channels and updates their list at the slightest change. Since in Russia digital broadcasting has not yet been finalized, auto.Renewal can serve the poor service, dropping previously configured broadcasting channels.

  • Go out in the main TV menu.
  • Go to the “Options” or “installation” section.
  • Find the line “Digital cable settings”.
  • Remove the checkpoint “Auto Refine”.

Digital television broadcasting is much better than analogue. Immediately after setting up new channels (which LG has very simple), you will notice the difference.