How to set up TP-Link router through the phone

Connection and configuration of the router TP-Link

Router. An ideal device for creating wi.Fi network. But many people have problems when setting it up. In this article, we will talk about how to set up the TP-Link router.

You brought the router home and have already opened the box. Fine. You should be in front of you, a passport, a disk with software, a network cable and a router itself. Let’s start setting up Wi-Fi router:

    Starts with the connection of the device. It is advisable to place it at close range to the computer, t.To. The manufacturer provides a small cable included. We connect the router to the power supply and insert it into the outlet.

  • We connect the router to the network. To do this, we are looking for a blue nest, under which there is an inscription “Wlan”. We stick into it a wire that is included. Ports Wan and LAN. Wan. Input Internet. LAN. Local network (connecting local devices)
  • Connect with the computer. We use another wire, sticking it into one of the yellow connectors on the router. The other part of the wire must be connected to the port on your PC, which is on its reverse side. Connect the patch cord to the LAN Router connector, the other end to the computer connector

Let’s look at the buttons and connectors that you can find at your router:

  • Start and shutdown button.
  • Power supply connector.
  • Wan. Blue port to which the network cable is connected.
  • Lan. Yellow port that is needed to connect to a computer.
  • Button to start the QSS function. It is used in order to connect your phone, tablet, TV or laptop to Wi-Fi without using a password without using a password.
  • Reset. Designed to fully return the device to factory settings.

Almost all ports and buttons on the router are signed, which will allow them to find them easily.

We figured out the router and connected.

Before further setting, it is recommended to reset the device to factory settings.

Take a thin needle, carefully insert it into Reset and hold on for 10 seconds.

We set up the router

So, you connected the device to PC. Now let’s go to the TP-Link router settings. For this:

  • We launch absolutely any browser. Looking for an address line and enter a special IP address into it. You can find it on the back of your device. Login/password on the rear panel of the router Address bar of the browser
  • After the previous paragraph, you are invited to enter a login and password. To find them enough, as, in that case, turn your router over. If you are too lazy to look, then enter the standard. Admin/admin.
    Login Password
    Admin Admin
    Admin 1234

Let’s update the firmware before moving on. Go to the site “TP-Linkru.Com “. This is the official site of the manufacturer of your equipment. Find the model of your device there and download the latest version of the firmware. Rubbing it. Return to the Web Inteete of your router. We are looking for the System Tools menu item and go on an upgrade of equipment. There, using Browse, indicate the installed file.

  • You need to install the login and password for wi.Fi network. To do this, find the System Tools item. In the drop.Down menu, click on Password. In the window that appears, it is necessary to fill out all the fields. In the lines of OLD we introduce admin/admin. Fill the rest of your own free will. We save.
  • Return to the left side of the web integrant. Click on the “Network” item, and then on “WAN”. Next, you need to set the type of network. It all depends on your provider, so it is better to check this moment with him. After setting, do not forget to save.
  • Now in Network we select the Mac Clone item. There just be pressed on the lower button, which closes the upper address. We save.
  • We are looking for Wireless. Open setting. Next, enter the SSID into the desired line. If desired, indicate your region.
  • We move to Wireless Security. In the Password field we enter the password. Be sure to remember it to use a Wi-Fi network.

Fine. You completely finished with setting. If you wish, you can restart your router.

Go through the computer a laptop directly

If you did everything as in the chapter above, and the Connect goes straight from the computer or laptop to the cable router, then it remains to just start the browser and enter the IP or DNS address into the address line. The entrance to the router settings from TP-Link takes place at the addresses:

  • 192.168.One.1. On newer models.
  • On old devices.
  • Http: // tplinkwifi.Net or http: // tplinklogin.NET are more common addresses for entering any TP-Link model.

Next, you will be asked to enter the login and password from the admin aircraft:

tp-link, router, phone
  • Login. Admin.
  • Password. Admin or empty field.
  • If you run it in the first, you will be asked to enter a new password for access, and then setting up will begin.
  • If this router was provided by the provider, then the name of the company of this provider can serve as a password. If this option does not work, then you need to call in technical support of the Internet supplier and ask for a password there.

TP-Link Archer Internet connection & Wireless network setup (Static / PPPoE)

The standard entry data is also on the label under the router.

The TP-Link router menu will differ depending on the firmware and the device model.

Routers managed from applications

Some manufacturers develop cross.Platform applications so that the setting process is as simple and fast as possible. This is much more convenient than entering the route of the router through a mobile browser.

How to Setup TP-Link Router by Mobile. Control Your Wi-Fi Router Using Your Smartphone (PPPoE)

Through the application, you can control the state of the Internet connection and the devices connected to it (by limiting the speed by setting the schedule and t.D.), configure notifications about events and much more. However, the functionality is very cut compared to the browser admin panel.

Today, ASUS, Xiaomi, TP-Link, D-Link, Zyxel/Keenetic, Tenda have their own applications. Despite the fact that they differ, everyone has an understandable intese, and the initial setting occurs using the built.In assistant. All manufacturers provide the possibility of remote management.

How to go to a router through a mobile application

After downloading and installing a specialized program, it is necessary to connect the router with a cable to the Internet, the power adapter to the mains and turn it on. Next, you need to perform simple actions:

  • On the phone, connect to the Wi-Fi network, which the router distributes by default. Enter the username and password (data for the Connect are indicated on the sticker glued to the lower part of the device). In this case, the mobile Internet must be disconnected.
  • Open the program. Read the capabilities and click on the “Start” button. Accept a license agreement.
  • If necessary, select the type of device. In this case, the router.
  • The scanning process will begin. The detection of an accessible device.
  • If the Internet is connected, the name of the model will be displayed in the list. Click on it. Using the username and password, enter the router integer.
  • Follow the tips of the setting master.

If the system does not automatically find the device, you need to click on the “Do not find your device button?”(Can be signed differently).

Important! The names of the parameters and the sequence of actions differ depending on the brand of the router.

What models are controlled from the application

ASUS Router supports the following models:

  • The entire line zenwifi, 802.11AX, ROG Rapture, Tuf Gaming.
  • Some equipment
  • Lyra/mini/trio/voice (there should be at least version).
  • 4G-AC53U/
  • Blue Cave.
  • RT-AC1200G/HP/G/E/GU.
  • RT-AC1300UHP/G.
  • RT-AC1200/AC1750/AC1900.
  • RT-AC1750 B1.
  • RT-AC1900P/U.
  • RT-AC2200/2400/2600/2900/3100/3200.
  • RT-AC51U/U.
  • RT-AC52U B1.
  • RT-AC56U/R/S.
  • RT-AC53/5300/55U/55uhp/57u/58u.
  • RT-AC65P/65U/66U-B1/66U.
  • RT-AC66U/R/W.
  • RT-AC68U/R/P/W/UF.
  • RT-AC85P/85U/86U/87U-R/88U.
  • RT-CRH13/17.
  • RT-N12 B1.
  • RT-N12E B1/C1.
  • RT-N12D1-N12HP B1.
  • RT-N12VP B1.
  • RT-N14UHP/18U/19.
  • RT-N66U/R/W/C1.

TP-Link Tether supports the following models:

  • AD7200 V1.
  • Archer C5400 V1/C3200 V1/C3150 V1/C2600 V1/C2300 V1/A2300 V1/C1900 V1/C1200 V1.
  • Archer C9 V1/C8 V1/C7 V2/C60 V1/C59 V1/C58 V1/C55 V1/C50 V1/C2 V1.
  • Archer C900 V1/C25 V1/C20 V1/C20I V1.
  • TL-WDR4300 V1/3600 V1/3500 V1.
  • TL-WR1045ND V2/1043ND V3/1043N V5/949N V5/945N V1/942N V1/941ND V6.
  • TL-WR940N V3/849N V4/845N V1/843N V4/842N V3/841ND V9/841N V9/.
  • TL-WR840N V2/749N V6/741ND V5/740N V5/941HP V1/841HP V2/.
  • Some DSL equipment and wireless signal amplifiers.

Important! New versions of these models are also compatible with TP-Link Tether.

D-Link Assistant supports the following models:

  • DIR-300S/300A/615S/615A/620S/822/853/878/879/882.
  • DIR-300/A/D.
  • DIR-615/t
  • DIR-615/GF.
  • DIR-615/A/N1.
  • DIR-806A/B1.
  • DIR-806A/C1.
  • DIR-815/AC.
  • DIR-815/R1.
  • DIR-815/S.
  • DIR-822/R1.
  • DIR-825/AC/E1.
  • DIR-825/AC/G1.
  • DIR-825/R1.
  • DIR-841/R1.
  • DIR-842/R1.
  • DWR-921/953/956/980.
  • DWM-321/321D.
  • DVG-N5402G/ACF.
  • DVG-N5402SP/1S.
  • DVG-N5402SP/2S1U.

Mi Wi-Fi supports the following models: Mini Wi-Fi, Mi Router 3, Mi Wi-Fi 3C, Mi Wi-Fi Router 3G, Mi Wi-Fi Router HD, Pro R3P, Mi Nano and most other modern routers.

My.Keenetic supports CENETICOS devices version 3.1 and above (all models with the KN-XXXX index, as well as Zyxel Keenetic Giga 3/Ultra 2/Air/Extra 2).

Tenda Wi-Fi supports the following models: Nova MW XX, 11AC X/11AC XX, F9, FH1206, 4GXX, G0G-POE, G0-5G.

Installation of parameters at the time of setting up the router

To configure access and protect Wi-Fi password, you need to change various parameters:

  • The most important data for changes are the login and password of the network.
  • After changing the name and password, saving data and rebooting the router, there are often problems with access to the network from the tablet or smartphone (the gadget from which the device is adjusted). But for this, it is enough to enter the already changed data (name and password) on the tablet manually.
  • If access to such actions does not open, then remove the existing network from the list and then connect to it again. Such actions help if notifications appear when connecting in the form. “failed to connect”. With the iPad, or iPhone, you can simply click on an inaccessible network and choose “forget this network”.

The phones working on Android will throw the menu with the “Delete network” offer after clicking on the selected network in the list.

With each change of name, password or other access parameters, the same changes must be made on other devices that will use the network to enter the Internet.

The adjustment of the router is the same light and standard process as setting up using a stationary computer.

Certified specialist in computer networks. Routing skills, creating complex network coverage schemes, including seamless Wi-Fi.

Setting Wi-Fi connection

Now let’s tell you how to set up on a router access to Wi-Fi via a phone or tablet:

  • Consider a bookmark called “Wireless”.
  • In the field “Wireless_network_name” you need to assign the name of our new network. You can use Latin and numbers for this.
  • In the field “Region” we choose the country of residence.
  • Next, click “Save”. Sometimes a window with a notification appears. We miss it by pressing the OK button.

Password installation on a wireless network

Wi-Fi setting on a router requires a password installation. This must be done in any case, through the phone you set up a connection or with PC.

  • In the Wireless bookmark, select “Wireless_Security”.
  • We put a tick on the “WPA/WPA-2” button-“Personal (Recommoded)”.
  • In the PSK_PASSWORD field, you need to enter the password. You came up with it yourself and you need to remember it, because you will have to enter it every time with a new connection. Password requirements are important to observe: more than 8 characters, use large and small letters of Latin and numbers. If the password is complex, then it is better to write it down. With his loss, you will have to discard all the equipment settings and start all over again.
tp-link, router, phone

Internet setting on a router via the phone

The above adjustment of the router was carried out in standard mode when using a dynamic IP address. For debugging communication via the phone on the TP-Link adapter, the following step-by-step algorithm is used:

  • A web browser launches on the cellular.
  • The IP address of the adapter is prescribed: or 192.168.One.One.
  • An authorization window will appear on the screen, in which the identification data is entered: admin.
  • At the first access, “fast settings” is used.
  • After clicking on “Next”, a window will appear on the display in which all points are registered or a mark is placed near the phrase “I have not found suitable information for adjustment”.
  • Following the connection option is selected. Information about the static address must be obtained in advance from the service provider or read in the contract, the data is also submitted by hotline employees.
  • In the free graphs, information from the provider fits.
  • If there is no binding on the MAC address, then the subparagraph “no, I’m not connected to the main computer”.
  • You need to click on the “next” and in the “wireless mode” unit, set the name, select your region and set the recommended type. More often the mixed version 11 BGN is selected.
  • The page piercing down, in the “Protection” subsection, preference is given to WPA2-PSK.
  • The new line identifier is recorded.

After clicking on the “Next” unit, automatic reloading of the equipment begins and the Internet is opened to all devices located within a radius of 10 meters from the router.

What parameters should be on the smartphone

Mobile devices should provide the ability to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Smartphones and tablets operating on the basis of iOS and Android operating systems have such parameters. It is recommended to be set up with a device with a large screen. It will be more convenient.

Before starting work, the router must be enabled. The power adapter is inserted into the outlet, the Internet cable is connected to the WAN connector, which has a blue color. After that, the settings of the device are dumped to factory.

If the device has already connected, parameters that are not suitable for the selected network could be set. To reset the installations, a button with the inscription Reset is intended in the housing. She is kept with a needle or other sharp object. After 10 seconds, indicators on the case begin to flash, the router is rebooted, returns to the factory settings.

Connecting the router to the device

To connect the phone to the Wi-Fi network, go to the smartphone menu. Find a section of Wi-Fi, transfer the slider to the “VKL” position. The desired network name is selected in the list. With the correct performance of the action in the upper part of the screen, the corresponding icon will appear.

Network identification

After resetting installations, access to the network becomes open. In the Smartphone settings section, they include Wi-Fi, in the list opened, they look at the name.

It may contain the name of the manufacturer of the device and have the strongest signal. If there is doubt, try to turn off the router. The network should be a gap from the list on the phone. After turning on, you need to connect to it.

With the correct performance of the action in the upper part of the screen, the corresponding icon will appear.

Configure of the connection

To configure a router without a computer, perform the following actions:

  • Open any browser on a mobile device. Introduced into the address line or 192.168.One.One. Go to the page. The address used for configuration is indicated on the router. On the site you need to go to the settings menu. The system requests a login and password. The word admin is introduced into both fields.
  • Set up a router to work with any provider. Thanks to this, when accessing the Internet, there will be no problems. To set the parameters, you need to know the criteria communicated by the provider. First of all, this is a connection technology. It can be performed according to static or dynamic IP, PPPOE, L2TP. Information can be clarified by contacting technical support.
  • Tie the port to the identifier of the router. The device of the device can be found on a sticker located in the lower part of the case. This is an important point of setting through a smartphone. If you miss it, the devices will be connected to the Internet, but it will not work to view the sites.
  • Open Wireless tab. A new network name is introduced into the Network_name line. You can use numbers and Latin characters.
  • In the Region section, set the country of residence. Confirm the changes made by pressing the “Save” button. Sometimes an information window opens to get rid of it, use the OK key.

Password management

To prevent entry into the router and connecting unauthorized persons to the network, a password is installed.

To do this, open the menu, perform the following actions:

  • In the Wireless tab, select Security parameter.
  • Put a checkmark near the WPA/WPA-2 point-Personal (Recommoded).
  • The key is entered in the Password field. It needs to be remembered. You will have to enter a password for each connection to Wi-Fi from a new device. It is allowed to use 8 digits or Latin letters. Complex passwords are recorded. With loss, you will have to discard the installations of a Wi-Fi-ruter, set up the device again.

How to connect a router to a smartphone

Usually after resetting the parameters to factory settings, the device does not request a password for access to the Wi-Fi network. Now take the mobile gadget in our hands, we go to connecting the router to the smartphone:

  • First of all, we go to settings, looking for the “Wireless Networks” tab, go to the “Wi-Fi” item.
  • We activate the wireless network with a simple tug of slider to the “BCL” position.
  • In the list of available networks (if not one) we find the right network by name, we connect to it. Usually, the default network is not parole, open for a new connection. But if a request, network name and password to access are requested, the data can be viewed on the rear cover of the router.
  • In the case of a password, in a special window we enter the code of security (password), click “Connect”.
tp-link, router, phone

After connection, the device should start distributing Wi-Fi. Please note that the network is available for all connections, even unauthorized. To protect home wireless distribution, you need to change the password and network name.

What errors can be made when connecting and setting up

May occur when connecting to the network, after setting up Wi-Fi. After introducing a new password, the smartphone may stop connecting to the network. Under its name will be written “Authentication Error” or “Saved”. To correct this situation, hold the name Wi-Fi network for several minutes. After that, the “Delete/Forget” command will appear, select the right.

Now you can re.Select the desired network in the list of available, and will connect again.

The error “Internet may not be available” / “There is no connection to the network”.

Users often face such a problem, there can be many reasons for its occurrence. To solve this problem on mobile devices, the following methods are suitable: